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BLDC Technology

Technology that’s both astounding and quiet is kinda our thing, and the A3 is the top of our line. This is the most powerful and the most quiet of all of our air purifiers. It’s a dream machine!

Noise Level Comparison

Noise level comparison
Noise level comparison

Brushless motors vs brushed motors

Brushed motors use brushes in order to move an electric current through the internal components. Although low in cost, the drawbacks include regular maintenance, potential overheating, and they can be quite noisy. To combat these problems, we use an advanced brushless direct current motor that uses coiled copper wires along the outside in order to move the electric current along. This allows the brushless direct current motor to run quietly without overheating, all without a need for regular maintenance.

Construction Differences

Brushed motor

The magnets and brushes are stationary, while the armature and commutator rotate together on the motor shaft within the magnets.

Carbon Brushes
An Armature
A Commutator

Brushless motor

A brushless motor replaces the brushes and commutator with a small circuit board that coordinates the energy delivery to its windings. The location of its magnets and windings are also reversed.

An Armature
An Electric Controller

Advantage of Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors provide greater efficiency and higher durability because:
  • More powerful The copper windings are on the outside of the motor configuration, with more room to make them larger and stronger.
  • Smarter They adjust resistance and draw current accordingly, while a brushed motor will always run as fast as it can while in use.
  • More efficient They don't have the friction and voltage drop that brushes create by dragging against the spinning commutator. This physical contact results in a continuous energy loss and wear out the brushes over time.

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