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Bird Air Purifier Customer Reviews

Bird Air Purifier Customer Reviews

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We think our air purifiers are great for bird owners, and removing bird dander. Although you don’t have to take our word for it, read below what our customers, and their birds, said about our air purifiers with advanced BioGS HEPA filtration technology.

Amazon Customer, Cranston, RI

I just adopted a Moluccan Cockatoo & the dander from him is horrible. I spray him down 3 times a week. I said to myself I must get an air purifier. it works great.

Susan G

Just a quick note to let you know that I got my rabbit artist series air purifier unit. I have the pet filter in it. I love the art work, and the purifier is working well. I have it in the room where my African Grey parrot stays. I have noticed that there is less dust in the room, and it just feels fresher. I have the unit set on automatic and I note that when I change the cage liner paper at the bottom of my birds cage the unit automatically starts to filter the room more, which makes sense because I am sure that moving the paper at the bottom of the cage stirs up more dust and dander.

And, can it be my imagination or is my bird really happier now that we have the air filter. Whatever, I am going to say my bird Lucy is happier with her rabbit air filter in the room.

Susan C

What a fabulous appliance! I began using mine immediately in my bird room, and at this time of year, with windows closed, it's a dire necessity...and it works beautifully! I love the quiet operation and the various settings and options!

It's really a product everyone will want...and SO impressive 'in person'!

Amazon Customer, Cranston, RI

i purchased this because i saw it in Bird Talk magazine. i checked into it. saw reviews, plus at the company web site, i saw it had a 5 year warranty. with that, it can't be junk. i just adopted a Moluccan Cockatoo & the dander from him is horrible. i spray him down 3 times a week. i said to myself i must get an air purifier. it works great. lots of features & options, but very easy to use. even has a remote! i noticed i don't have dander on my reading glasses anymore. to take some strain off the purifier, i bought a 20" box fan, and some filters used in ventilation systems 20x20x1 put it on the back of the fan. this will catch the larger particles.

C. Kelly

We use the Rabbit Air in our family room where we have a caged African Grey Parrot. We really appreciate the results when we clean the filters and see the amount of accumulated bird dander.

Bizrate Customer

I am owned by 12 Birds & I would recommend buying a Rabbit air even if you don't have Pets. The best money I've ever spent. Hands down the BEST!!! Air Filter ever.

Bizrate Customer

I can't believe it, within a day, the room with the birds smelled and felt cleaner. We have 8 parrots and it was so dusty in there. Now it is wonderful!

N. Tupper

I am delighted with my new air purifier. I did alot of research and comparison studies before my purchase. I have parrots with powder producing feathers. My aviary is part of the main living area in my home and I needed a unit that could serve a large area. I am happy with the performance. No more feather dust all over everything. My roommate is not coughing anymore. I have a cat; and the odor from the litterbox is no longer an issue. I have it set on automatic - how easy is that? I can barely hear it working. Add to that, long lasting filters and low-cost operation make this product a winner.

Charles A. C., West Branch, MI

I have problems with airborne allergens and with asthma. I have spent nearly two thousand dollars on different air cleaners over the past ten years. They all proved to be ineffective, noisy, ugly, and/or overpriced. [Rabbit Air] works for me. None of the others did.

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