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Asthma Allergy Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Dana R :

My kids came down with a very tough flu after going to a weekend birthday party where I later found out one of the guests was sick and contagious (the hostess' daughter became ill afterward as well and wasn't exactly happy about the mistake), so I set our filter to high and thankfully, neither my newborn or my husband or I have come down with the virus. Thanks Rabbit!


Alison G of CT :

I have been suffering with migraines (3-5 per week) and chronic sinus pain for well over 15 years. I've explored all of the natural alternatives I could find (diet adjustments, supplements, etc.) and medical treatments (migraine preventatives, allergy shots, acute treatments, etc.), but I still continue to suffer frequent migraines and chronic sinus pain. I reached a point of feeling essentially out of options until one rainy day, feeling my typical sinus pain which was progressing to a migraine, I sat in a Dr's office next to an air purifier for 45 minutes and felt BETTER! This launched my search into a new natural alternative that NOBODY told me about!

I spent days researching air purifiers and decided on Rabbit Air. No harmful Ozone, longer lasting filters (washable too!), quiet operation, excellent customer service, and 12% donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! It would be worth a try.

So far, I am FEELING results. I have had fewer migraines, less sinus pain, and I FEEL better! And, my youngest son has been sick all week with a virus going around his school and none of the rest of us have gotten sick- possibly a testament to the germicidal protection!

I have it in the main living room during the day on auto-mode and then carry it up to my bedroom at night and also run it on auto-mode. It is super quiet, easy to operate, and it does what it says! As soon as I can afford to, I will be buying a second one to leave in the living room so I don't have to keep carrying it downstairs from the bedroom each morning.


Kevin A L :

I get hit in the spring with allergies. Last year I purchased a Sharp from another online store. That one was clearly refurbished and didn't come with the remote. I used it for a few weeks to see if it would help me and then returned it. It did help but seemed like availability was limited and I got past the allergy season so I didn't repurchase. This spring comes around and I needed a filter and I found the Rabbit. It was a little more expensive but decided it seemed to be a better product.

I have had it for four days now. I set it up and put it on medium and have let it run continuous. I noticed significant improvement after the first night! I am very happy with this product. The panel is bright but doesn't bother me at night. The fan noise on medium is no louder than the AC fan when it comes on. I will eventually buy another for the downstairs area.


Monica S :

I did a LOT of research before I purchased this air purifier in the summer of 2008 from Amazon. For me, it was a significant cost and I wanted something really reliable and worth the money. I got a doctor's note for my allergies and actually used my employer's flexible spending account for it. I've had it for over a year now and have never had any problems with it. I typically run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the level 3 setting in my bedroom. The white noise is perfect for blocking out any street noise so my sleep isn't disturbed. I find that if the white noise starts getting a little choppy, its just because I need to clean it. The auto-clean light comes on regularly every 3 or 4 months and I clean it as directed. Its very simple to clean and I can tell you that it gets DIRTY. It pulls a ton of stuff out of the air. We are constantly doing renovation projects in our house and it pulls all kinds of dry wall dust, insulation debris, and power tool exhaust smells out of the air. I'd love to have one for every room in my house. I'm hoping to purchase a 2nd unit this year.


dbetz of Petaluma, CA :

We bought this air purifier as both my husband and I suffer from allergies and I often wake up with headaches. I noticed a difference in the air within a few hours of turning it on and I have not had a morning headache since. We also have 2 Boxer's (dogs) and notice huge improvement in dander as well as dust in our bedroom. The air smells so fresh. We also love the "auto" mode and that at night when we turn the lights out it automatically turns off the lights on the unit and the fan to silent mode - which is sincerely practically silent. We love this machine.


Susu of Shippensburg, PA :

I have only had the Rabbit Air BioGS 582A for a couple weeks. Very easy to set up, and get operating. I wish the instructions went into more detail about what the different functions are used for [for people like me who do not know the technical lingo]. It seems to be working very well. I have a lot of alergies. Some have said they don't know where to put the remote. There is a molded indention area for the remote on the top of the unit, to the right of the air vent, for this purpose. I am thinking about getting a 2nd one, when I can, for my outer rooms.


John E W of Franklin, OH :

So far been a woderful machine. My allergies have improved greatly and house smells great.


Robert J I of NJ :

I suffer from pollen to the point that I cannot breathe at night. Purchased the Rabbit Air BioGS 582A. A remarkable machine. It does all that manufacturer claims. What I like best is the automatic selector which monitors odors and airborne particles. The machine than adjusts the filtration speed of air flow until the air quality is back to normal. When I first installed the unit, it ran for a few days starting out on high and slowly ramped down as the air quality improved. Very satisfied with this unit. I am considering purchasing a second one for another area of the house. Live in New Jersey. Love it ,Robert I


designer2 :

We needed an air cleaner/purifier, and after lots of reading and research, landed on this one. It is absolutely terrific! My husband and I both suffer from seasonal allergies pretty badly, but we haven't had any problems at all since installing this unit. I'm saving my lunch money to buy another for the family room, and if I could, I would put one in every room of the house.


BeachBumJef of Bucks County, PA :

I have been through many so called air purifiers over the last 5 years.I have developed allergies about 7 years ago, all other brands either seemed to have no effect on my allergies or were to noisy. After reading and doing a lot of research I decided to give the rabbit a try. I am 100% satisfied and happy with my purchase, My nose is not as stuffed anymore even my eyes don't itch, even my wife who for years told me don't waste your money ALL air cleaners are a gimmicks or wont work says she feels better and sleeps better.I was so happy I bought a second unit for my living room, I don't keep it on automatic, which does work great, I just prefer to keep it on med speed in manual mode all the time. The only concern I did have was the ionizer, I know the rabbit company says it is 100% ozone free but I am not sure, when I turn on the ionizer, after about a hour I start to smell that faint smell of ozone,it gives off a slight bleach smell, BUT, unlike other brands I have the option to shut it off and run the purifier with no ionization.I do believe it does create small amounts of ozone, aside from that this unit gets 5 starts from me.I am a rabbit customer for good.Also I like the idea of having a web site where I can by accessories, like a replacement remote or a new front panel if you want to change the color,of course you can buy all the filters there to.


Robert of San Francisco, CA :

First I would just like to say that I love my Rabbit. On to my review. My Doctor recommended an air purifier so I started looking for one. I was looking around found a HoneyWell air purifier with great reviews but it was just plain ugly (donut shape 90's beige PC color) I couldn't picture that thing in my house let alone in my room where I would see it every night. So I started looking for a more visually appealing one which led me to Rabbit airs top of the line model which goes for $500 ouch. so I settled for this one In a pearl white.

Overall I would buy another one. My room has virtually no dust anymore It smells cleaner even on those hot days where there isn't any air circulating. My allergies improved over night. I do run it 24/7 at night the noise is almost silent and I'm one of those light sleepers that gets annoyed very easy by sounds. At its loudest it just sounds like the ac/heater is running. I also love the Auto settings the rabbit detects bad smells/ particles in the air. My dog loves to lay near the foot of the bed near the Rabbit sometimes while he lays there he farts and the Bunny gets mad it goes on full blast or he might shake and fur goes flying into the air which again he makes the bunny mad. So I tell him Stop making the bunny mad Crease lol.


Afshin S of NY :

This item really works. my kids have allergy and nothing would help till i bought this Air Purifier and now they are much better. I really recommend it specially if you have seasonal allegies due to Pollen.


Ramalingam R I of Colonia NJ :

I had other purifiers, but I found this Rabbit Air BioGs Model 421A the best. It has a display which shows everything. It is a very good product. I am satisfied


S. Dobbs of Yakima, WA :

my husband has really bad breathing problems and this has saved his life! Now he can breath better! it is quiet and the air it puts out makes you feel like you are in the mountains:) Plus it looks nice and you can pick colors to match your home.


Berry Blue of MN:

This purifier is great! I love the odor and dust indicators. They really work! I live in a city and as soon as I open my balcony door the indicators go up. The unit is very sleek looking too. I can really feel the difference when using this purifier so for me it's well worth the money.

It is quite a bit larger than I thought it was going to be but it's fairly light and easy to carry.

I would HIGHLY recommend this!


daytripper88 of IN :

Fully satisfied with all features. Have chronic asthma and Model 421A has made a significant difference in the quality of air in our house. Am able to get a better night sleep and am using inhalers less.


jmats of AR :

The Rabbit Air BioGS is a great air purifier. As I write this, it is sitting 5 feet away from my desk and set in the "auto" mode. I can't hear it unless it changes itself to the turbo mode, which it does if I open a dusty file or if the window is opened. The set-up was easy and the upkeep is inexpensive given that the filter is washable. At first I thought the item was too expensive, but now that I've gone a month without an asthma attack, I can tell that the Rabbit will pay for itself by saving me from medical expenses and lost work time. I can't wait to buy another for the bedroom and one for the kitchen/living room.


Melissa P of MD :

This product is worth every penny. I have had it for a few months and the musty odor in my house is gone!! I am buying another unit for the upstairs. I keep it running on high all the time just because I like the reassurance that it is cleaning the air. It is quiet even on high. I do not mind the bright display screen, it doubles as a night light. My daughter and I have asthma and allergies, actually we have felt an improvement in our allergies. I am totally satisfied with this product and would recommend this to anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or a musty smelling house.


R. Pollard of Alexandria, VA :

After suffering the worst spring allergy season yet (one month plus in duration), I started shopping air purifiers. My friend recommended the Blue Air for $700. I found this one and read the reviews and decided to try it. For less than half the price of the Blue Air, it covers a wider area for less maintenance costs. It was easy to set up, attractive to look at and it works! I had been using two Oreck table top purifiers that worked okay for lifting odors but didn't do a thing for my allergies. I have an older house and two dogs. Like clock work every night before bed, I would have a major sneezing fit (I blame old musty house dust). Since plugging in this unit, I have not had a sneezing fit or a coughing fit. I sleep better and the house just smells fresher. I move it from the den into my bedroom every evening. I no longer wake up with clogged sinuses or coughing. The other night I was watching TV and removing my finger nail polish (not even thinking about the purifier on the other side of the room). The unit revved up to turbo, lit up and cleared that smell out before the dogs could even snuff about it or wrinkle their noses. Last night the dogs were tearing helter skelter around the couch after each other and the particle lights revved up. It's quite animated and it's fun to watch it control the room's air. So far so good and I highly recommend it. In fact, I just ordered the larger unit for my main level.


Eileen Legnard of Waterford, NY :

My husband did some research and decided on this air purifier. It was the best purchase made this year! We put this in our bedroom and no longer wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose. We're going to purchase another one for the living room. I highly recommend the Rabbit Air BioGS. It is extremely quiet and works GREAT!
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N Yu :

I previously owned a Honeywell HFD-130 and an Ionic Pro, both of which I regret buying. This Rabbit Air BioGS 421A has the features that I was looking for. First of all, the unit is extremely quiet at low settings to the point that you'd think it is off. Second, is the airflow - I never thought an air purifier could push so much air. Third, would be cleaning - wash/change the filter, wipe a few parts, and you're done. Both the Honeywell and Ionic Pro I previously owned were very tedious to clean as there were areas in the unit that were unreachable. Fourth would be the auto-feature that works with the air quality and odor sensors. And lastly, no ozone. In my opinion, this product is well worth the price.


Lawrence C of Bahrain :

Our Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A) arrived very quickly and was easy to set up. Works very well, quiet and efficient. Highly recommend to all who are looking to clean up the air they breathe within their own home. Enjoy!


Golden Obsession :

This is a GREAT product. It works much better then I expected. I would highly this purifier. I am also very pleased with the service I received.


Tarun C Hillsborough, NJ:

We ordered this item this year due to the illness in our home that would not leave. I have 3 kids and they just keep carrying germs back home from school....we all got tired of being sick.
Step 1 - Humidify.
Step 2 - CLEAN the air.
Step 3 - Sleep Peacefully.

The item arrived promptly and setup was a breeze. The documentation was clear and concise and thus removing/installing filters and covers was a breeze. We were up and running in less then 10 minutes.

We have been using it for about a week.more or the AUTO mode setting. The unit runs silently 99% of the time...unless it detects dust and or a odor that it feels it must clean....whamo TURBO....

We cook spicy food and sometimes the smell can be overbearing...if not irritating. This thing really fires up when it detects anything out of the norm in the air.

When the heat kicks on and the dust is circulating...the Rabbit hops.

So far I am impressed...I will update the review once we have used it more and we see any improvements....

UPDATE: Still working great. We had family over the holidays and moved the unit in the family room so that it would keep the air feeling clean and fresh.... While you cant really hide the great aromas of a holiday can get rid of the musty smells. The rabbit touched turbo once or twice...but it didnt go crazy when it smelled ham or turkey. :-)


Lionel L of Los Angeles, CA :

The Rabbit is one great product. I did a few tests and it passed with flying colors. First test. I lit an enscent with the Rabbit off and when the enscent was finish my room was smelling very good from the scent. I turned the Rabbit on and put it on High and just in about one hour the smell was gone. Second test. I put the Rabbit on Auto and started to clean up my room and as soon as I started to wipe off my dresser, The Rabbit senced the dust and started to turn on higher. Third Test.. I put the Rabbit on sleep mode and when I woke up the next day, my nasol cavity was clear and I could breath. Before the Rabbit I would wake up with a stuffed up nose. This is a must have for anyone with allergies or sinus problems. I have had the Rabbit for about a month now and I could not be happier with it. Now my room does not get as dusty and my room always has a fresh scent of clean. The Rabbit was a GREAT INVESTMENT!!!!!! and Amazon got it to me in just a few days from my order date.. If I could I would give it more stars because the Rabbit is a BAD BOY!!!! What A great Machine!!!!!


Criss A M of Panama City Beach, Florida:

This air purifier has helped me so much!
We have two cats and I have an allergy to go with them.
It got to the point where I was wanting to get rid of them but it would have hurt my wife so much.
Since we got the Rabbit Air, my allergies are all but gone.
We ran it on high for the first two days and it really made the house smell fresh and clean.
We now run it on high during the day and on auto at night.
Our apartment is 820 sq ft but it keeps the whole house dust and dander free.
I've not had to dust since we got it!!!
However, I now wish that I hadn't been so cheap and would have bought the larger model.

We've had visitors who were so impressed with my Rabbit Air that they bought one for themselves.


Edward C B :

I have had congestion for the last thirty years or more. So much so that I used at least 1 box of tissue a day. Never tying it to something in the air as it didn't mater if it was winter or summer. I have had the unit about three weeks now and my congestion is almost gone. It is very quiet,in fact so much so that even with it beside my chair I rarely hear it.


Ted P :

I would have to say the product deliverd as advertised and that the air quality in my house has definatly improved seeing that I own two dogs and a cat and my wife suffers from ashma. The order was delivered within the time fram the shipper said and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I hope this review helps anyone who is thinking of puchasing this product.


J CHO of Irvine, CA :

My son had bad asthma problem. Ever since we moved to this small apartment, he couldn't sleep thru the nite. Coughing,vomitting. It was horrible. I've purchased this Rabbit few months ago. He never had coughing spout since. Highly recommended


Scott K S Sacramento, CA :

I bought the Rabbit air purifier because I was having allergy problems. While in my home, I was having headaches, nasal congestion and sneezing. After using the Rabbit, my allergy symptoms improved markedly. Although, I still have some of symptoms, they are greatly reduced. I would recommend this product to anyone with allergens in their house.

Not only did it reduce the allergens, it also helps with mitigating cooking odors and other smells in the house. Coupled with negative ion generator, the air in my house seems much fresher and cleaner.


Richard S F of Michigan :

Purchased the Rabbit air cleaner as a Christmas present. It is working flawlessly and have heard of no complaints about its function and air cleaning ability. The set up and operation was very easy and has been operating 24/7.


thunderbolt1976 of of Allegany, NY :

We've had this purifier for about a month now and it works great. My wife has severe allergies and Asthma and she feels this purifier is really helping. We also have 4 pets and it seems to keep the pet dander out of the air as well. Easy to use, just set on auto and it adjusts it's speed according to your air quality. Well worth the price, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a purifer.

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