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Air Purifier for Smoke Removal, Smokers, and Second Hand Smoke

Smoke from cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products can create air purification needs. We offer air purifiers that remove smoke and other smoke-related substances from the air while they eliminate smoke odors. Our Odor Remover carbon filter is specially designed to trap and eliminate odors from cigarette and cigar smoke, as well as pets, cooking and mildew.

Smoke released when exhaling, combined with the smoke released from burning cigars, pipes or cigarettes is collectively called Environmental Tobacco Smoke or ETS. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has warned about the dangers of ETS. A smoke air purifier is essential for rooms where smoking occurs and air does not circulate.

Our BioGS includes a HEPA Filter and charcoal-based activated Carbon Filter to remove tobacco smoke and other substances related to smoke from the air. The filter life span and replacement cost are excellent on this model.

Our MinusA2 Air Purifier features an energy-efficient Brushless Direct Current Motor that puts smoky air through a six-stage purification process. Energy Star certified, the Minus A2 comes in 2 models that can handle 4 air changes an hour.

Best Air Purifier for Smoke

All of our air purifiers are excellent for smoke removal, second-hand smoke, and smoke odors. Cigar Aficionado rated Rabbit Air a top air purifier for smokers. Read the article on our site. Choosing the best smoke air purifier for your home is a matter of many factors including room size, filtration needs, unit cost, filter replacement cost, etc. Learn more about the air purifier models we offer.

Have Questions About Our Air Purifiers for Smoke?

Our consultants can help you choose which of air purifier for smoke removal is right for your space. Please contact us via our website; or call us at 888.866.8862 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check our FAQs for answers to our most-asked questions.

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