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January 2011 Newsletter

Clean Air for the New Year

Happy New Year! It's no secret that New Year's Resolutions are often Last Year's Resolutions. Rabbit Air strives to provide cleaner, fresher air year after year, and we understand that our customers do, too.

For us, it's always, out with the old (air) in with the new (air)!

Home Is Where The Health Is (Or Should Be)

Ways to improve the air quality in your home in 2011:

  • When the weather permits, let air circulate! Don't be afraid to open windows and doors as long as you've got your Rabbit Air running to take care of all those sneaky allergens!
  • Be a more responsible Rabbit Air owner:
    1. Clean your filters frequently and replace them when necessary.
    2. Reset the air quality baseline occasionally to make sure your air purifier works at its maximum potential.
    3. Update the customized filter for your MinusA2 if the environment in your home or your air purifying needs have changed.
  • Make sure your air purifier is located in a logical place in your house for maximum purification. Home offices tend to harbor VOCs and other harmful chemicals. Fresh paint, hairspray, and cleaning products give off toxic fumes that can be largely reduced if you run your air purifier near the source.

Get Your AQI Report, Daily

Air quality depends on where you live. Some cities are more polluted than others and the level of pollutants changes daily. As air quality conscious citizens, you should all keep an eye on the air quality status in your area and limit your outdoor activities when the air is particularly dirty.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) keeps track of the Air Quality Index (AQI) for cities and regions all over the United States. On their Website, you can actually search for your location and check the current AQI rating, based on ozone levels and particle pollution. You can also check out the AQI forecast to plan for conditions ahead.

Click here to see for yourself: Keep an eye on the air quality in your city and know when it's safe to spend the day outside, or when it's better to stick indoors with your Rabbit Air.

Customer of the Month

One of our resolutions is to revive our Customer of the Month feature. Once a month we'll share the story of a Rabbit Air customer. Hey, it could be you!

January’s Customer of Month is Mansfield, TX resident Matthew and his pups! Matthew recycled the box from his purchase of our Minus A2 air purifier (customized with our Pet Allergy filter) to house the new additions to his family.


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback, please send any comments to

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