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April 2010 Newsletter

Spring Clean Your Home with Feng Shui

A comfortable home depends on various factors. The five senses play an important part in our experience of a place, and a house that smells bad, looks unpleasant, feels unwelcoming or dirty, serves   unsavory food, or harbors disturbing sounds or uncomfortable silences, can be off-putting. A calm house is a place where things seem to fit together—furniture compliments the house, people fit in comfortably, and even if there's some sort of chaos, it's calculated.

Bamboo and rocksSome people have an idea of what they want in a home, and where they want to put it. Others have too much stuff and no sense of order. For those overwhelmed by the responsibility of successfully decorating a house, it is sometimes good to have a guide; a philosophy to follow that will help create a healthy sense of place.

Some subscribe to an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics called Feng Shui. This popular philosophy is rooted in Chinese astronomy and was originally invented to help orient significant buildings or spiritual landmarks. Although it was suppressed in China during the 1960's, Feng Shui has had a sort of renaissance and many people look to it as a model of balance for their home. Feng means wind and Shui means water, two important symbols of health in Chinese culture. For avid followers, bad Feng Shui in a home can mean misfortune. For details on Feng Shui and how to apply it to your home.

How can Rabbit Air improve the Feng Shui in my home?

Without clean air, a home cannot achieve balance and calm. The air we breathe directly affects the way we feel, and in turn affects our impressions of a place and associations with the rooms and spaces we inhabit. The first step to a healthy, clean home is making sure the air is safe for you and you family.  Rabbit Air purifiers quietly filter contaminants out of the air, without disturbing the peace. 

Online Easter Egg Hunt Results

Thank you to all of our valued customers who took part in the 2nd Annual Online Easter Egg Hunt.  For those of you unaware of this promotion; during Easter weekend Rabbit Air placed 10 eggs throughout the website ( with coupon codes valued from $10 - $100.  Many of you were able to uncover the $100 egg for an incredible savings on a new Rabbit Air purifier.  Thank you to those who provided us with your feedback! We’ve already compiled several of your suggestions to improve the promotion and they will be implemented next year.

Easter Egg Hunt results

Survey Winners

MinusA2 Filter Replacement KitRabbit Air recently emailed an online survey to all MinusA2 customers asking for their feedback and suggestions for product improvements.  Many of you responded to the survey offering your opinions and, as a result, you were automatically entered to win a free Filter Replacement Kit ($75 value).  Below are the five (5) random winners of the filter replacement kit.  Thanks, and keep an eye out for future survey requests for your chance at winning free gifts courtesy of Rabbit Air.

Random Winners

  • Cyndi from Missouri
  • Yibo from New Jersey
  • Edward from Florida
  • Jonathan from Texas
  • Seunghyun from Texas


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback, please send your comments to

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