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April 2008 Newsletter


What's up Doc?

Bunny with a gun animationEaster Bunny, Bugs Bunny or Rabbit Air, Tis the Season! With spring allergies rushing in, it's time to give your lungs, eyes and nose some relief. Whether you suffer from dust mites, smoke, pollen, dander or mold, springtime can be the worst time of year for allergy sufferers. Besides treating the air inside your home, make sure you leave windows and doors open when possible to increase circulation. Washing your bedding and pets regularly is an easy way to reduce dust mites and dander.

...Tip of the Month

With Spring in full swing, the pollen laden air is often a nightmare for people with allergies and asthma. Besides running your Rabbit Air, here are a few ways to reduce the levels of dust, pollen and dander in your home to make the season more enjoyable.
  1. Love the Laundry: Sheets, blankets, throw rugs, curtains and furniture covers trap pet dander, pollen and dust very easily. Wash it all frequently in hot water to reduce allergens.
  2. Dust Proof Your Home: Reduce incoming dust with furnace and vent filters. Use dust mite proof cases on pillows and bedding.
  3. Keep Dander Out: Prevent pets from sleeping in your bedroom or lying on beds and couches. Wash them at least once a week to decrease dander.
  4. Minimize Moisture: Check humidity often and monitor levels as dust mites and mold spores thrive in a humid environment.
  5. Reduce Carpeting: Use throw rugs which can be washed frequently, or choose wood flooring instead of wall-to-wall carpeting to reduce allergen buildup.
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