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April 2011 Newsletter

Meet Breathin' Stephen

Rabbit Air is committed to helping improve the lives of people and communities in need. Our air purifiers can be found in schools, offices, and homes around the country, and the knowledge that our products are helping allergy and asthma sufferers around the world is what fuels us.

stephen in bed

A couple of months ago, we were introduced to Stephen, a San Francisco resident in his '50s who was born with severe refractory asthma. A former respiratory therapist, Steve was in and out of the hospital for his own health problems, and was forced to retire early on account of his breathing difficulties. Depressed by the fact of his poor health, Steve decided that he should follow his own advice (the advice he gave to his lung patients daily) and exercise. He found that swimming and running were too intense for his body, but that long distance walking could actually change his life.

stephen at the boston marathon

He has completed dozens of races since, and, in 2009,became the first person with end stage lung disease to finish the Boston Rabbit Air sent Steve a BioGS for his home, to keep the athlete's lungs healthy while he's at home. Steve reports that he breathes best when his Rabbit Air is on at home, and we're happy to be a part of his healthy life. For more on Steve, check out his blog: 

Introducing BioGS Filter Care Video

Want to know how to clean your filters? Ever wonder what that beeping red light is on your display? Learning about how to maintain a product may sometimes be a drag, but Rabbit Air has created a fun and friendly video to walk you through the simple steps of maintaining your BioGS air purifier. Please enjoy this new tool and we would love to hear your feedback!

BioGS maintenance tips video
Click here to view the video

Customer of the Month!

Greetings Everyone!
Every month, our Customer Care Team nominates a few customers who have displayed extreme loyalty to our company. This month we have selected Susan in Southern California! She is much appreciated by our Rabbit Air Team. Click here to check out our Facebook page and previous Customer of the Month winners! Maybe next month it will be you!


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback, please send any comments to

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