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July 2008 Newsletter


California Fires

In the wake of the fires raging through Big Sur and Goleta, we have had a large volume of calls from people whose homes and neighborhoods have been affected by the blaze. Fire victims are struggling with smoke laden air and ash and many people are looking for relief. The California fires have blazed through 1,100 square miles so far, and destroyed over 100 homes. In Santa Barbara County, it is expected it will be another month until the fires are contained.

While we wish we could put an end to the fires ourselves, the least we can do here at Rabbit Air is make sure that your home is a smoke-free zone, and a place to escape polluted air. For those living in close proximity of the fires, make sure that you clean your filters regularly to maximize efficiency and wash the filters that can be washed, particularly the Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter which is the main filter responsible for smoke and odor absorption (MinusA2 filters cannot be washed). For MinusA2 owners, make sure that you take off the front panel and check the filters every few weeks, to get an idea of how much debris your unit is picking up. In highly polluted areas, air purifiers are working much harder to filter out contaminants and therefore need to be cleaned more often.

Watch the new MinusA2 Smoke Chamber Video

Click here to watch the MinusA2 in action

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