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August 2011 Newsletter

Greeting friends,

A bit of news from the Rabbit Air headquarters...

Rabbit Air's FSA

Our products are now listed as eligible for purchase through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and

We're thrilled to offer this affordable alternative to our customers. Those seeking FSA reimbursement should get a doctor's prescription for the product along with their purchase.

How does FSA reimbursement work?

  • Obtain an air purifier prescription from your doctor.
  • Purchase your air purifier.
  • Send doctor's prescription and order invoice to your FSA provider.

Chicago’s ABC 7 News Features Rabbit Air in a Healthy Home Segment!

Jill Salisbury, founder and chief designer of el: Environmental Language Furniture, recommended Rabbit Air purifiers and provided air circulating tips for the window-shutting summertime on Chicago’s ABC 7 News:

MinusA2 featured on ABC

Customer of the Month!

Greetings Rabbit Air friends! Those of you who follow this monthly newsletter know about our Customer of the Month program, which honors a few customers who have displayed extreme loyalty to our company. This month we're giving a shout-out to Doug from San Diego, a loyal customer who is much appreciated by our Rabbit Air Team! Since this posting, Doug sent us this:

One of the big reasons why Rabbit Air continues to do so well is because of the customer care people. You can have the best product, but inevitably things will occasionally go wrong, and you need people who deal with that in a way that gives the customers confidence... I have four Rabbit Air filters in my smallish home of 750 sq. ft. Yes, I know, overkill, but I like them so much that I have them in almost every room. When one recently had a problem, Rabbit Air replaced it with a new one on my doorstep within two days. Exceptional service—really nice to know that Rabbit Air has your back, giving a small sense of stability and confidence in this somewhat tumultuous world :-) cheers Doug

Tell us your story! Check out our monthly picks on Facebook! Next month, it could be you.


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback, please send any comments to Please click here to join the Rabbit Air community on Facebook for the latest news and updates!

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