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September 2009 Newsletter

Just as we like to keep our loyal customers apprised of Rabbit Air’s new developments in air purifying technology, we also want to keep you up to date on our success as a maturing business in a very competitive market. This year, Rabbit Air placed 588 out of 5000 high profile businesses in Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Inc.’s annual list is a coveted mark of progress for growing businesses, charting the successes of prestigious companies such as Zappos, Under Armour, Jamba Juice, Microsoft, Oracle, Patagonia, Princeton Review and American Apparel. Just in the past year, Rabbit Air’s business has grown 463%, thanks to the continued support of our customers who validate the importance of our products. Thank you for helping Rabbit Air grow!

While many tend to think of Rabbit Air as an icon in the allergy and asthma industry, our MinusA2 has been making its way into Hollywood. Not only has our air purifier gained popularity amongst celebrities, but it has been recruited for TV and movie sets in recent months. While everyone knows the MinusA2 is a great office accessory, last year we were picked up by the most discerning office around, NBC’s The Office. While we have yet to see our product on an episode this season, we have heard Stanley keeps it by his desk to fend off offensive perfume. This year, Rabbit Air’s MinusA2 was recruited as an extra in Stephen Sommer’s action-packed film, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. For our curious customers, try to spot the MinusA2, quietly purifying the air in the hospital, when General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) is injured. (Hint: it’s wall-mounted.) Whether it’s as a reliable source of clean, fresh air, making health a reality, or posing glamorously as a high-tech medical device in a Blockbuster fantasy, the MinusA2 continues to pave the way as a leading figure in the air purification movement.

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