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Happy Thanksgiving From Rabbit Air!

This week, millions of people across America will come together to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families, and to recount all of the reasons they have to be thankful.  Rabbit Air has many reasons to be thankful too: We are thankful for our loyal customers, for our dedicated team, and for the amazing organizations that we are so proud to be affiliated with.  These organizations work tirelessly throughout the year, and we would like to take the time to thank some of them for all the good that they do.

Healthy Child, Healthy World
For 20 years, this organization has pursued its mission to protect children from dangerous chemicals and environmental toxins.  When the organization was founded, there was little research on the affect that these chemicals had on the health of children, or how they may have contributed to the increase in ailments, such as cancer in young children.  Since then, the group has been instrumental in promoting research in this area, and working with government agencies to put better protective measures in place.  Healthy Child Healthy World reaches out to parents across the globe to empower them to take action and work toward making the world a safer place for our children.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
When this foundation was first started, its aim was to reach out to allergy specialists to help create more effective allergy treatments.  As the foundation grew, its goals expanded with it, and today they have broadened their efforts to not only fund research, but to provide support and education to those who suffer from these conditions.  Just this year, the AAFA celebrated its 60th anniversary, and with every passing year, they are able to provide more exceptional services, from support groups and forums, to their important certification program that labels products, like our MinusA2 Asthma and Allergy Friendly™, that help sufferers to create healthier home environments.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
The most important goal of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to find a cure for Breast Cancer as soon as possible, and to develop new preventions and treatments for this serious disease which affects one out of eight women in the United States.  The BCRF was founded more than twenty years ago, and has awarded millions of dollars to researchers studying this illness.  Currently 91 cents of every dollar donated to the BCRF goes directly toward research or their awareness programs, and they have been an invaluable resource for scientists and patients alike.

We feel extremely lucky to be able to partner with such important organizations, and we thank them all for their unending hard work and determination to make the world a better place.

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Breathe Pure for the Cure!

MinusA2 BCRF Special EditionOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Rabbit Air wants you to Breathe Pure for the Cure!  All during this month we will be offering our MinusA2 BCRF Special Edition air purifier featuring our beautiful hollyhock design.  For every one of these air purifiers sold Rabbit Air will donate funding for 30 minutes of research carried out by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Since 2007 Rabbit Air has been a proud partner of the BCRF and in that time we have donated more than $75,000 to this important organization. We are dedicated to lending our support in spreading awareness of this terrible disease and working to help provide researchers with the funds they need to find a cure.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established in 1985 in the United States and has since spread around the globe blossoming into an international effort to raise awareness, fund research, and encourage all people to get appropriate screenings to increase early detection.  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was created eight years later, and was instrumental in the promotion of the pink ribbon design that has become the iconic symbol of the fight against breast cancer.  The BCRF currently supports the work of nearly two hundred researchers, and has been selected by the American Institute of Philanthropy as one of its Top-Rated Charities.  BCRF funded researchers have made a number of important advancements in both treatment and screening technologies.  As awareness grows and more people contribute to this important cause we hope to see even more exciting developments in the future.

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