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Customer Spotlight - Elaine

Congratulations to our April Customer Spotlight Winner - Elaine from New York!

An avid flower lover and gardener, Elaine has worked as a freelance garden writer. She loves to research and write about vintage and antiques as well.

Elaine went on a search for the best air purifier when in 2013 she had much of the flooring in her house replaced. The sheet vinyl that was used created such an odor that she had headaches and sinus problems. Elaine scoured the internet for the best and most cost efficient air purifier she could find. After reading the “stellar” Amazon reviews for Rabbit Air products, she finally purchased four MinusA2 air purifiers for her home.  

Elaine says that what attracted her to Rabbit Air, besides the best price for the quality, is the choice of filters you can get with the MinusA2. She couldn’t decide if odor or toxins were the cause behind her problem, and she knew that if the Odor Remover Customized Filter didn’t handle it, the Toxin Absorber Customized Filter would. Quietness, ease of upkeep, and low energy costs also tops her list of pluses for this model.

Now, Elaine’s home is odor free, and she still uses two of the MinusA2s she originally purchased. She expressed to us her love of the different settings for sensitivity, pollen, speed, etc and how super quiet it is. “When my son first saw the unit he asked me ‘why don't you turn it on?’ to which I replied ‘It IS on!’” One thing Elaine wishes from Rabbit Air is to see more of us. “I think you should advertise more!” she suggested, specifically for the baby market, adding how a MinusA2 would be perfect for a nursery. We agree, especially with the astute observation that “The option to wall-mount the unit is perfect because it could be placed out of reach of a curious crawling toddler, LOL.”

Thank you Elaine for being such a loyal and positive customer! We appreciate your kind feedback and ideas!
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