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The Best Indoor Plants for Air Quality


When it comes to keeping the air in your house fresh, sometimes going all-natural is a helpful option. Here are a few plants that use old-fashioned photosynthesis to keep you breathing clean air every day.

Anyone that’s ever had to step outside for some fresh air can tell you that the air in our buildings and homes aren’t always ideal. Whether it’s because of poor ventilation systems, pets, or even an excess of dirty laundry, it’s easy for these enclosed spaces to get a little stuffy.

Sure, scented candles and air fresheners are quick and easy ways to give your living space the illusion of freshness, but the goal should be truly clean air. Although there are a range of effective air-filtering products, sometimes all-natural solutions are the secret remedies.

The NASA Clean Air Study

Published in 1989, the NASA Clean Air Study was conducted to investigate how various types of plants can remove toxic agents from the air, according to Zone 10. The agents in focus were benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene — junk that can get caught in your house and even make you sick.

The experiments were conducted in a 100-square-foot enclosed area and yielded impressive results — of the 27 plants in the group, all of them were found to have an affect on at least one of the harmful agents.

The Natural Solution

Since the study was published, NASA’s findings have been universally accepted and adopted — plants are proven to improve air quality, not to mention that they’re also affordable, easy to maintain, and serve as a fun hobby to pick up.

Borrowing from NASA’s list and a few others from Rodale's Organic Life, here are a few of the most effective plants to help get you started on your fresh and foliage-friendly indoor setup.

palm trees

Palm Trees

Not only do palm trees bring a tropical vibe to your home, they also help to eliminate any remnants of formaldehyde that might be floating around. Indoor palms thrive in relatively cool temperatures (about 60-75 degrees), so they should be just fine regardless of where you live. Freshen up your home and keep the spirit of summer alive year-round with this attractive and low-maintenance plant.

Peace Lily

The lovely peace lily has a unique place on our list as one of the only plants that will still bloom bountifully indoors. In addition to fighting benzene and formaldehyde, the lily is particularly effective at removing the harsh chemicals emitted by various cleaning products. As a plant that prefers minimal light — and even humidifies your air — the peace lily is as useful as it is beautiful.

Golden Pothos

While the pothos may not be as effective when it comes to removing toxins, its durability caters to those without a green thumb. If you’re forgetful or simply a bit clueless when it comes to botany, the pothos is the perfect plant for you — it’s resilient, and requires practically no maintenance.

For someone who is curious about having an indoor plant, but is afraid of having dead greenery on their hands, this may be the plant for you.

Keep It Fresh With Rabbit Air

Now that you know some all-natural secrets to keeping your air as fresh as can be, it’s time to find out the methods — or combination thereof — that work for you. Next to the truly natural air-freshening power of plants, Rabbit Air is about as close to nature as you can get while still living with the smog of civilization. For example, Rabbit Air's MinusA2 can be specially configured to filter Volatile Organic Compounds like benzene.

With innovative designs and state-of-the-art products, Rabbit Air purifiers “take pollutants out and leave nothing but clean air in return.” For more information regarding Rabbit Air purifiers, click here to learn more.

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