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Using an Air Purifier to Get Rid of Pet Odors


While dogs and other pets are wonderful companions to have, no pet owner wants to come home to a place that smells like a kennel. Even if you are diligent about cleaning up behind your pets, there are bound to be areas in your home that have lingering pet odors. The best way to get rid of any pet odors is to use an air purifier.

Remove Obvious Sources of Pet Odor

dog on bed

Prior to using an air purifier, you need to identify the sources of any strong pet odors and remove them. Double check your carpet, furniture, upholstery, and other areas of the home where your dog likes to spend his time for traces of feces, urine, and dander. It is important for you to remove any droppings and do a thorough cleaning of any soiled areas as soon as possible. Pet dander is much harder to get rid of since it cannot always be seen.

Clean and Prepare the Home

stuffed animals
Clean all of your furniture and upholstery prior to turning on your air purifier. This will help to remove any stray pet dander and fur. Vacuum and shampoo your carpets and make sure that they are completely dry before replacing any furniture. Place a dryer sheet on the vents of your vacuum to prevent dander and other odor causing particles from becoming redistributed into the air from the vacuum.


Dealing with Accidents

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No matter how well trained your pet is, accident are going to happen. While it is not fun to clean up pet messes, the sooner you deal with them the less likely you are to have an issue with pet odors. Dogs are creatures of habit with a keen sense of smell, so you can try to stave off accidents by watching your pet’s behavior. Fido may be returning to the scene of the crime to do his business repeatedly without you being aware of it. Place paper towel over any urine and feces accidents to completely soak it up. Once your pet’s waste is removed, follow up by pouring a little club soda or water on the area to further dilute any remaining mess. Blot the area dry with paper towel and sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over it to neutralize any odors. Do not rub or scrub pet messes, as the motion will distribute the waste even further into the fibers and grains of your floors.

Choosing a Purifier

A3 air purifier with Peanuts

There are many kinds of air purifiers available. To help keep pet odors at bay, make sure you choose a model that is designed to remove pet odors. HEPA air purifiers can remove pet smells, allergens, pet dander, and other harmful substances from the air that can affect your health and the odor inside of your home. While there are many different sizes to choose from, it is best to research your choices and choose a unit that fits both your budget and the size of your home. A purifier that is too small for the area will have a hard time removing the odors efficiently.


Using Your Air Purifier
Place your unit near a ventilation duct or your pet’s favorite spot. There should be several feet of clear space around the ventilation grates and output vents on your air purifier to ensure optimal efficiency. Keep the windows and doors closed when the air purifier is on. To keep pet odors out of the home, consider using the air purifier at night and turning it off in the morning so you can open your windows during the day to let some fresh air inside.




With the right air purifier, good housekeeping, and pet hygiene, your pet does not have to live outdoors in order for your home to remain odor free.

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