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“Tsuru” by Nanami Cowdroy

Tsuru air purifier This month Rabbit Air is pleased to unveil an exciting new addition to our popular MinusA2 Artists Series.  “Tsuru” is a bold and dynamic work by Nanami Cowdroy that features origami cranes in an inked style reminiscent of sumi-e. Nanami Cowdroy is a talented artist from Sydney, Australia who is known for elaborately detailed artwork that weaves together dichotomous elements into complex and intricate compositions. Coming from a Japanese-European background, Cowdroy draws on her heritage to create art that takes inspiration from both cultures and blends them together to create something special and new. Using a monochromatic palate, she masterfully mixes oppositions such as urban and natural or east and west, and features every piece with her Japanese signature stamped in red.

tsuru air purifier

Paper cranes, like the ones in “Tsuru,” can be found in many of Cowdroy’s works. In Japanese culture, cranes are symbolically associated with longevity and peace, and origami cranes are often made as gifts for loved ones.  According to Japanese legends, anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. For Cowdroy, cranes represent more than just these traditional symbols.  In a 2012 interview she explained how paper cranes reminded her of her childhood and of her father and grandmother, both passed. Folding origami cranes in her studio gave her “a sense of peace, purpose and joy,” and she has tried to incorporate paper cranes into her art whenever she could.

With its gorgeous artwork and beautiful history, Tsuru is a remarkable piece that we are proud to have as a part of our Artists Series.

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