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Welcome, Rabbit Air friends!

Meet our new blog, the Clean Air Files. This is the new headquarters of Rabbit Air news. You can come here to check in on us, ask questions, get news, and share your thoughts. Think of it as a clean air forum. Talk sneezing and asthma with fellow allergy sufferers, discuss ways to reduce pesky particles and contaminants in the home, pose questions about the nature of air purification in America, wax poetic on particulate matter. We’re talking big issues and minor musings, great concerns and simple suggestions. We’ll be giving you updates on new products, point you towards notable news about air purifiers and air quality, allergies and respiratory health. It’s no secret that the quality of our products  is our priority at Rabbit Air, but you are too. We like to keep the communication open. Our Rabbit ears are open!

As many of you have probably heard, we recently updated our very popular MinusA2. The Rabbit Air Customer Service Team listens very closely to your comments and suggestions and we are constantly thinking about ways to improve our products. The MinusA2 now has improved pollen mode, an odor sensor, a more sensitive air quality sensor, an adjustable negative ion generator, and a filter replacement indicator. It’s still the same air purifier you know and love, but all grown up!

MinusA2 white unit with black background

Here are the new and improved features of everyone’s favorite MinusA2 (see for details):

New pollen mode operation

Fan speed operation is based on air quality as detected by the odor and particle sensor. This differs from the auto mode operation, which operates on the two sensors as well as the light sensor.

Odor sensor

Detects odors/smells
Used in Auto and Pollen mode

Air quality indicator

Changes colors (blue>purple>red) based on air quality. Now the air quality indicator color transition is based on both the particle and odor sensor

Negative ion generator control

You now have the option to turn the negative ion generator on/off, by pressing and holding mood light button. The unit will remember this option, so that the negative ion generator is on same mode as when turned off. (If you turn the negative ion generator off and then turn unit off, the next time you turn the unit on, the negative ion generator will be turned off.)

Filter replacement indicator

Illuminates after every one year of operation. Helps remind customer to replace filters.
To reset the filter replacement indicator just press and hold the mode button for three seconds.

MinusA2 Control Panel with description

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