Award Winning Design

        The BioGS's redesign is much more than a facelift. We dug deep to reconsider the fundamental facets of our product, including the air purifier's shape and form, user interface, and functionality. We also ruminated on its impact on the environment, which led us towards a more holistic approach, cutting back on light and sound pollution generated by the air purifier to ensure that while it takes pollutants from the environment, it leaves nothing but clean air in return.

        Industrial designer Guto Indio da Costa’s concept of "flow" resonates throughout the BioGS 2.0. The curvaceous body of the air purifier reflects its relatively simplistic but comprehensive functionality, and its clean, cool, and straightforward style. By reimagining the air purifier's structure and streamlining its bells and whistles, da Costa has steered the latest generation of Rabbit Air products towards growth and progress, with a new model that’s easy to use, less intrusive, and aesthetically pleasing.

        Holistic Approach

        Our BioGS 2.0 was carefully designed to blend in naturally with your home and complement its surroundings. The whisper quiet technology eludes the usual noise pollution and the smart display will dim its lights when it’s idle to reduce unnecessary light pollution. Created to provide a tranquil environment for your home, turn on your BioGS so that you can breathe in peace.

        Ultra Quiet
        The heart of our air purifier is the Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC), an innovative motor with inverter control that operates at five different speeds. At its lowest speed, the air purifier's motor barely makes a sound.

        Smart Display
        The user interface automatically lights up when you need it, and conserves energy when you don't.

        Smart Investment

        With filters lasting up to two years with 12 hour daily operation, and our Energy Star rated motor, the MinusA2 keeps costs annual costs low.

        Annual cost comparison†

        *Source of energy cost: US Energy Information Administration, Average Retail Price of Electricity, Quarterly - Q2 2013.
        †All energy and filter cost calculations are based on 24/7 usage on the highest fan setting. Information of each model is based on the official website of each company.
        ‡Calculations of savings are based on energy consumption and filter replacement costs of the BioGS SPA-550A versus the Honeywell 50250 with 24/7 usage.

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