MinusA2 Peanuts Edition Air Purifier



MinusA2 Peanuts Edition Air Purifier
MinusA2 Peanuts Edition Air Purifier
MinusA2 Peanuts Edition Air Purifier


MinusA2 Peanuts Edition Air Purifier



Created by Abby Milberg from the Noun Project


Choose a model

SPA-700A SPA-780A/N
Effective Coverage Area* Normal Residential Use:
700 sq. ft. (2 Air Changes Per Hour)

Allergy Sufferer :
350 sq. ft. (4 Air Changes Per Hour)

Normal Residential Use :
815 sq. ft. (2 Air Changes Per Hour)

Allergy Sufferer :
408 sq. ft. (4 Air Changes Per Hour)

Power Consumption 7 to 47 watts
7 to 61 watts
Noise Level 20.8 to 45.6 dBA 25.6 to 51.3 dBA
Color Available
Wireless Connectivity (iOS app required) No SPA-780N Only
Dimensions MinusA2 dimensions
20.25H x 21.4W x 7D (inches)
MinusA2 dimensions
20.25H x 21.4W x 7D (inches)
*Based on average ceiling height of 8 feet when the air purifier is operating on the highest fan speed

Choose a customized filter

Germ Defense Filter:
Effectively traps and reduces airborne bacteria, mold spores and particles that carry viruses.

Toxin Absorber Filter:
Traps and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals.

Pet Allergy Filter:
Traps and reduces pet dander and pet odors.

Odor Remover Filter:
Traps and reduces odors from pets, cigarettes and cigars, cooking and mildew.

What's in the box

MinusA2 HEPA Air Purifier Box
  • MinusA2 Air Purifier
  • Remote Control
  • Filter Case
  • Warranty Card
  • User's Manual
  • Pre-Filter
  • Medium Filter
  • BioGS HEPA Filter
  • Customized Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Wall Mount Kit

Why Rabbit Air

  • Free returns and shipping within the 48 contiguous states
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Five-year warranty
  • 24/7 technical support

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Jessica K.

Love it except.....

Great and easy to use. Cleans the air well but it doesn’t always go into sleep mode when the room is dark. Have had the unit for a week and it has only gone into sleep mode by itself 3 times.


Rabbit Air

Hello Jessica, Thank you for your purchase and your feedback! The MinusA2 air purifier goes to "Sleep" after the room is completely dark for a minimum of 3 minutes but can vary depending on the any light that may be coming into the room. Feel free to give us a call if you are experiencing any issues. Have a wonderful day! Kind Regards, The Rabbit Air Team

Robert N.

Very Pleased

Very happy with our MinusA2. It took no time to set up and start cleaning up the air in our living room. We have been pleasantly surprised on how quiet the unit is. The Peanuts themed face plate cheers up the room.

Severna Park, MD


This was my first time purchasing an air purifier, but based on reviews, I decided to go for the Gusto! The first unit I received did not turn on when plugged into the wall, so I contacted customer service and I was able to return that unit and within less than 48 hours, Rabbit Air sent me another one with no issues. We have a dog and a cat in our tiny town house and this purifier has helped all of us breathe better! No more sneezing lol. Excellent customer service, via phone or email! I will definitely be purchasing another :)

Jonathan J.
United States

So that's how you get rid of dog farts!

Great product! I bought for my open concept house and air sensor is blue most of the time. Easily manages the size of the room. Will test through allergy season for wife and dog.

Shannon C.
United States

Most Amazing Air Purifier!!!

The model I purchased is the Snoopy hugging Woodstock. First, I was thrilled to actually see this as an option for an air purifier, as my love for these two has spanned decades going back to my childhood, so yes...this was actually for me and not for a child’s room. That being said, it was a bit more expensive than I intended to spend on an air purifier. I currently use a GermGuardian that tops out at $200 for a 200 sqft room, which I have been pleased with. But I was now looking for a quality unit that would cover 500 sqft. without having to run it on the highest noisiest setting and compete with my tv. My search led me to a bunch of positive reviews for RabbitAir, a company I was not familiar with. My first impression of their website had me sold. And I know you get what you pay for with air purifiers (efficiency vs size vs cost), and once Peanuts characters were thrown in the mix, it was a done deal for me. I had to have it! Let me first say what a visual piece of art this is! It makes me so happy every day I look at it. But before even getting it out of the box, I noticed the packaging was amazing! So many little nice, clean details, from the welcoming messaging on the box, to the individual wrapping of the filters and the detailed instructions. To add to that, the shipping was quick, smooth and informative. I was impressed with this company before even turning the unit on. I even thought their logo was adorable, and since I never got the rabbit I always wanted, I figured the next best thing was a RabbitAir! I waited a while to write this review, and this is the ONLY review I have ever taken the time to write. But this product is just so amazing I had to share my feedback after giving it some time to do its magic. It is a cleanly designed and beautiful piece on its own. Add to that, it is quiet. I run it on the middle setting and the noise level is comfortable. The only downside was that I had hoped to run it on auto and let it self adjust. When it first turned on, the indicator light was red and the fan on high, but quickly it turned blue and went to silent. Being this is cleaning the air in a living room/kitchen combo with a total of about 500 sqft, I thought there was no way it should be running on the lowest setting (silent), and so soon after turning it on. After doing the calculations on the website, I realized it needed to run on the medium setting or higher in order to clear the air 4x an hour as recommended (being an allergy and asthma sufferer living with a kitty) So running it on auto is now not an option. I leave it on medium during the day and crank it up one notch overnight to make sure its doing its job. Also, the only disappointment as a side note to the above, is that not running it on auto prevents me from using the mood lighting as I had hoped to. This was a feature I was looking forward to, the changing hues of the mood light. But unfortunately with the design, the mood light stays on blue if the unit is run on manual. The only way for the multicolor mood light in beautiful hues of pink, purple and blue, is to run it on auto or pollen, both of which put my unit on the lowest setting and would not be efficient enough to clean the air. I guess if I could change one thing it would be an option for the multi colored changing mood light to be on regardless of the fan setting. As for efficiency, well it works great! And i know this because of that amazing indicator light feature! First night of cooking it turned purple, as expected. Another time filing my nails 4ft from unit, purple! Amazing! And another color change when I had sprayed an aerosol in a back hallway two rooms away from unit with a closed door at the top of hallway to block the scent…yet the unit knew! Best of all, a plumber used some potent smelling glue three levels down in the basement and the unit light turned dark purple, it was picking up the residual fumes through the vent system. But the funniest was when it turned red…from throwing around my kitty’s catnip toy!! So yes, it apparently works!!! My only disappointment is not being able to use auto mode and the changing mood lighting feature design. But I do love that the sensor with the mood light allows it to turn itself on and off based on the level of light/dark in room. It leaves me having a little fun saying “Goodnight” to Snoopy & Woodstock when the light goes out in the evening and “Good morning” when it comes on first thing in my day! Looking at this unit makes me so happy, and knowing how well its working makes it the total package! I am in love with this air purifier and will be purchasing only RabbitAir in the future, especially that I see they now offer Hello Kitty, my other childhood obsession! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you RabbitAir for an amazing product!! I am so impressed with your company all the way around! Keep up the good work!!!