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The A3
Timeless design and expert engineering with a 100% focus on clean air
Covers up to
1070 sq. ft.
A3 air purifier
Exploded view of A3 air purifier, featuring its 5 filters
Breathe life at
its cleanest
The A3 does it all so you can rest easy. Equipped with 6-stage filtration and deodorization, it includes the BioGS HEPA filter, which targets the smallest and dirtiest particles through the use of an advanced and proprietary fiber material. An Activated Carbon filter reduces VOCs and odors, and a custom filter option allows you to tailor the system to your specific environmental needs.
A3 air purifier sitting on a shelf
So much clean air in so little time!
The most powerful air purifier in the Rabbit Air family, this unit covers up to 1,070 sq. ft., filtering 8,560 cubic feet of air in 30 minutes.
Clean air
The A3 can get to work wherever and whenever you need it. Keep it close by on the floor near your desk or bed, or mount it high up on a wall, any way you like, out of reach of kids and pets.
Whisper quiet
The A3 is engineered to purify as quickly and quietly as possible. At its lowest speed, it's almost completely silent. You can enjoy a rejuvenating sleep while the air purifier works hard to keep the air clean all day and night.
Rear view of the A3 air purifier
Low maintenance
The A3 costs less to run than most of its peer air purifiers on the market (less than 50 cents a day!). Thanks to its energy efficient design, this machine can run 24/7 for an entire year at the price of a single filter replacement kit and minimal energy costs. And it comes with the support of our 5-year warranty!
Plug and play
The A3 is the newest and smartest addition to our Rabbit Air purifier family. With three-element sensing (particle, odors, and light), you can set it and forget it. Outfitted with wireless internet capabilities and Bluetooth-enabled remote control, this unit allows you to monitor air quality and control purification in your home whether you're lounging on the couch or away from the house. Prefer to control the purifier without the app? You can access all essential functions via the accessible touch interface on the unit.
Purification perfected
Winner of the world's most prestigious Red Dot Design Award and IF Design Award, the A3 was designed to shine. Every element, from efficiency to user friendliness and aesthetic, was the result of careful consideration and passionate research.
A3 air purifier front panel
Meet cute or meet fine (art)
At Rabbit Air, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort. We created our Artists Series featuring images by Katsushika Hokusai, Vincent van Gogh, Jan Davidsz. de Heem, and original designs by Rabbit Air's creative team, as well as, Special Editions featuring Peanuts characters to add a bit of flair to your source of clean air.
A3 air purifier sitting by the wall
Peace of mind
We promise you award-winning 24/7 customer service and tech support, an industry-leading 5-year warranty with free returns, and free shipping and returns within 90 days of purchase.

Rabbit Air won 2020 Bizrate Circle of Excellence Platinum award
A3 air purifier was verified Zero Ozone by Intertek, it does not emit more than 0.005ppm as tested per UL 867

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