FAQ for iOS

How to connect your device to your home wireless network?

  1. To begin, download the Rabbit Air app from the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can login using your Rabbit Air account username and password or create a new one here.
  3. If this is your first time pairing your device, tap on the next arrow. If you have an existing device installed, select "set up or find unit” in the menu screen.
  4. Enter your air purifier serial number located on the back of unit. You can also scan either the barcode or the QR code.
  5. Next, pair your air purifier to your home wireless network using the mobile setup or WPS method.

Mobile Setup (watch video)

  1. Press and hold the Speed/Wireless button on the air purifier until the wireless indicator starts blinking.
  2. Wait 15 seconds or until you can see that the wireless indicator has started to blink slower.
  3. Exit the Rabbit Air app and go into your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.
  4. Connect to your air purifier network by selecting rabbitair_xxxxxxxxx.
  5. Exit phone’s Wi- Fi settings and reopen the Rabbit Air app.
  6. Your app will try to establish a connection to your air purifier.
  7. Once established, you will be asked to provide your home Wi-Fi network name and password to the air purifier.
  8. To complete the mobile setup, provide a location and name for your air purifier and your air purifier will establish a connection to your home network

WPS Setup (watch video)

  1. Follow the direction in your app.
  2. Locate the WPS button on your home wireless router (Typically located on the side or back)
  3. Press on the WPS button on your router to activate your router’s WPS pairing process
  4. Press and hold the Speed/Wireless button on the air purifier
  5. Once connection is established, you will be asked to provide a location and name for the air purifier.

Please contact Rabbit Air support at 1.888.866.8862 or customerservice@rabbitair.com if you have any issues.

I can’t find my home wireless network during setup

The SPA-780N currently only supports 2.4Ghz signals. Also, if the router and air purifier are placed too far apart or blocked by thick walls, signal strength may be an issue. To avoid these issues, please setup the air purifier closer to the router.

How to set up Schedule?

You can have your air purifier run on a daily schedule by turning on and changing the individual hours to a specific fan speed under "Schedule.” Note your air purifier will turn off "Schedule” if any speed or mode is changed manually either on your app or on the physical device.

How the light control function work?

Using the Rabbit Air app, you can choose 3 different settings for your air purifier LEDs.

All Lights Off - This will turn off all LEDs on your air purifier.

Default - Your mood light and indicators will be controlled by the light sensor on your air purifier. If the room is bright, your LEDs will stay on, but if the room is dark for more than three minutes, they will turn off.

All Lights On - This will essentially bypass your light sensor and keep your indicator lights on even when the room is dark.

Air purifier is not responding to the app.

Please check to see if the Wireless indicator on the air purifier is on. If not, it means the air purifier is no longer connected to your home wireless network. You may need to reset your router to reconnect.

If your wireless indicator is on, please make sure your wireless network is connected to the internet as the air purifier needs to connect directly to the cloud for it to work with your app.