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Service Status and Known Issues

9/3/21 11:30 PM PT - Amazon Web Services (AWS) reset certain parameters to allow affected SPA-780Ns to reconnect to their service last night.  They are still investigating to find the root cause of the issue to ensure this do not recur.  At this time, everything should be back up and running.  Units that were previously "offline" are now back online.  Units that were deleted previously can now pair to account through unit setup.


8/31/21 12:30 PM PT - We are still working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to resolve an issue that starting on 8/27/21 is preventing some MinusA2 SPA-780N air purifiers, manufactured before June 2019, from connecting to or establishing connections with its service. Please DO NOT remove or delete the device from your account at this time as we investigate the root cause.

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