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5 stars
This Actually Works

I have a neighbor who smokes cigars that lives below my unit. The smell travels through the central air ducts and comes into my unit. This is so sensitive that I no longer smell the cigars. When I cook it will kick on for a short time and cleans the air in like 5 minutes. It covers a large space and you can set it to run on automatic. It has sensors that tell you what is going on with the air that you are breathing in. My allergies have also improved since using this. I just love it. A little pricey but worth every penny.

Michael D. Aldridge - August 2, 2013




5 stars
Love it

Meets and exceeds our expectations. Quiet, efficient, even love the mood, night light. It goes up on high when we've let in pollen, or cooking smells are taking over, or take it downstairs where the cat lives. Love it

Pam Stokes - July 30, 2013




5 stars
Super quite and efficient purifier

I recently moved to a loft in an industrial neighborhood. The air quality is particularly poor this summer, and I began to feel the effects. Since I bought this item (with the filter designed to remove toxins), the air inside my apartment has been noticeably improved and my lungs feel much better. The unit has a clean design, takes up little floor space, and runs so quietly you can hardly tell it's on. The space is approx 750 square feet, with 11-1/2 foot ceiling, so I needed a machine that could handle a significant volume of air. This was the only one I found under $1,000. I haven't had it long enough to notice the effect it might have on my electric bill, but I'm pretty sure my health is worth the cost!

zoe30w - July 26, 2013




5 stars
Like it so much I bought a second one.

Super quiet and cleans the air effectively, which is wonderful for people as negatively affected by dust mite poop and pollen as we are. The first one lives in the living/dining area and the second one in the basement. We also bought the slightly less expensive RabbitAir model for the bedroom! The filters are darned pricey, though.

probookie - July 19, 2013




5 stars
Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra

Easy to assemble and worked perfectly from the start. The only thing confusing is the ozone "on" and ""off". Still not sure why I should have it one way or the other.

tarheeldan - July 19, 2013




5 stars
Dogs and Parrots

We have two papillon dogs and two parrots, an Amazon and a Macaw. Needless to say we have alot of bird dander and an alarming amount of dog hair "dust bunnies"! The RabbitAir is absolutely amazing! We noticed a difference in our air quality immediately. Dispite the fact of running nearly constantly, we never notice it. It Is surprisingly quiet! While this unit is not "glamorous", it still is very attractive in its own way. Its positioned in my livingroom, on top of a cabinet, flanked my two large pen and ink drawings. I definitely reccomend the RabbitAir!

wolflower - July 14, 2013




5 stars
Breathing fresh air

This air purifier is a great addition for a seasonal allergy sufferer. Bought this along with another air purifier. This one by far takes the cake. Much more stylish, quieter while working in the background, and much more effective. This has helped tremendously in a home with seasonal allergy sufferers and a dog. It also helps to eliminate many cooking odors much faster. We use this in our family area where we spend most of the time. Don't really notice that its on except when it kicks into Turbo mode or when we leave the area beyond its reach. This past spring, the allergy season was much worse for us. We bought this to see if it would help with our stuffy noses and it was almost instant. As soon as we stepped outside or beyond its reach of air cleaning, you could definitely tell the difference. Our house also didn't smell like dog anymore either. Can't say enough good things about it, it just works. The other air purifier we bought, much noisier, not nearly as attractive, and not as effective. Looking to get a second one.

Maddog - July 9, 2013




5 stars
very responsive

Very responsive to changes in air quality. Although not as slim as shown in pictures, it's still far more attractive than any other purifier I've seen. Very happy so far.

itheus Seattle - July 9, 2013




5 stars
Filter does great job!

We bought this air filter for our finished basement that has our family room, two bedrooms, bar, and computer area. Or dog and cat pretty much live down there as well. Within two days of running the air filter, the pet/damp smell was pretty much gone! Our area is pretty big, probably around 800 square feet, so it is doing well. We have only had it about a month, so I can't attest to the longevity of the filter or if it will do anything substantial to the electric bill as it runs all the time.

Quickdraw - July 2, 2013




5 stars
Does what it says!

This item really does what it says and is so quiet you don't even know it is there. We have only had it a short time but are totally in love and planning to get another one for our second floor. The air is fresher, we have noticeably less dust and cat fur (we have 2 Ragdoll cats so there is plenty of fur) and it really is silent, you have to really listen to hear it in the auto mode. I just can't say enough positive about it and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. If you need an air purifier for a large space, we have an open concept main floor that is about 1000 sq ft, this guy will do the job for you with grace. Another added bonus it arrived about 3 days after ordering it! It is all good!

L. Stewart - June 28, 2013




5 stars
2 years going on NO PROBLEMS :)

Great product, so far so good been using it for 2 years. Works great , only problem is that the remote control has a very narrow angle/field of view for it to control the unit. But that is a very small issue , the unit is just fantastic , easy to clean the filter and fit back on . No hassles at all ...

roomba - June 26, 2013




5 stars
Very helpful if you have any allergies

This product is extremely easy to set up & care for. It can be put anywhere & cleans the air very effectively. It has 5 filters, easy to take apart to clean the filters & basically trouble free. My allergies have cleared dramatically.

Gail B. Clark - June 21, 2013




5 stars
Breathing Easy

After buying a much cheaper unit for my son's small bedroom and noticing a huge improvement in the amount of dust in his room and his allergies I decided to look for a more heavy duty unit for my master bedroom. It's very quiet. On the medium setting it is same noise level as my son's purifier at the lowest setting. It is nearly silent on the lowest setting. The air in my bedroom smells cleaner. My husband and my allergies improved nearly overnight. Even my cat seems to be less stuffed up (she sleeps with us at night). There is much less sneezing in my house these days. As an added bonus, this unit is as sexy as purifiers come. I am toying with the idea of buying the next model up for my open living area.

Christine McElwaney - June 20, 2013




5 stars
Arrived in just 4 days. Easy to set up. Easy instructions.

I have owned my Rabbit Air MINUSA2 for almost 4 years now and I love it! I purchased this one for my sister who suffers from pet allergies and sinus problems.She has been using it for a few weeks now, and says it is really helping her with her allergies. I use mine in our bedroom and it absolutely helps us sleep better! It is the quietest air purifier ever. Very easy to clean and maintain. I am thinking of purchasing another for our great room area.

Sharon - June 19, 2013




5 stars
Rabbit Air

Pleased beyond belief. Have had several air purifiers in the house. By far this one is the best. Great option features. Wanted a black front but am much happier with the white. Have it standing on the floor backed up to a pale off white painted wall, blends in nicely, not an visual distraction. Runs really quiet.

flora1 UK - June 13, 2013




5 stars
Great air purifier

This purifier got good reviews for being effective and quiet and even stylish. It's been great for our bedroom and silent. Great price too.

acesq Long Island NY - June 11, 2013




5 stars
My favorite purchase of the year!!

I bought this in Feb. of 2012. And I wanted to test it out until I replaced the filters before giving a review. I replaced the filters in April of 2013. Giving that myself and my partner smoke, I was amazed that the filters lasted 14 months. One of the main reasons I bought the Rabbit Air is because I wanted an air purfier that was good on smoke, didnt sit on the floor, and something that wasnt an eye soar to look at. This matched all 3 of my main shopping requirements. Everybody that come3s into our house for the first time always asks, "what is that"? I love it. I tell them its a speaker, lol. Just kidding. It is super quiet. It can run on medium while we are watching TV and we never have to turn up the sound. It works best on cooking odor, such as fish. But does a wonderful job on the cigarette smoke as well. Everybody I ask if they can smell smoke, all say no. Including the non-smokers. I highly recommend this item...I feel we got our monies worth for sure.

Bryan L. Brozek - June 9, 2013




5 stars
amazing amazing amazing

I have two of these in our house now. With two cats and my horrible allergies this is a life saver. I highly recommend to anyone with allergies.

David J. Ohme - June 7, 2013




4 stars
very quiet

Very quiet and nice, just too expensive. I had the older version of Rabbit air 2 year ago. It works very well and less expensive. I was trying to order the older version for my other bedroom,but I could not find from amazon. I was trying the other brand, but none is better than Rabbit air so far.

Owe - June 2, 2013




5 stars

much quieter than the kenmore I had. Am impressed by all the filters, and it does a great job of clearing the air.

Sam - May 22, 2013




5 stars
Quiet and Effective

Yes this is an expensive investment and it costs $75 to change the filter every year however it works. My hayfever and cat allegries in comparisson to last year without the Rabbit Air is like comparing night and day. I would recommend you bite the bullet and buy it. I don't hang mine up so I don't have the issue of paying an extra $10 for a hanger.

K. Young - May 22, 2013




5 stars

Not only silent but attractive and very effective. It works well with the remote controll and can be wall mounted or rested on furniture.

DDale - May 21, 2013




5 stars
Breathing better

We were looking for an air purifier for longtime allergy sufferers. With a new puppy in the apartment it was finally time to look into a unit that would help filter pet allergens as well as mold and pollen. After reading many reviews on many sites I decided on The Rabbit which received great feedback. Overstock offered a very fair price when compared to other sites. Since running this air purifier continuously in the master bedroom, allergies have been noticeably improved especially in the morning. Sleek and unobtrusive looking, it can be placed on the floor or wall much like a flat screen TV. Highly recommend.

Helping the kids Chicago - May 18, 2013




5 stars
Quiet, effective unit

Use for continuous pet and pollen control

Ton M - May 8, 2013



5 stars
A great air purifier at a great price

Our cat suffers from extreme allergies and asthma ~ in AZ that is not a good thing. After hours of research we bought this one and it is operating as advertised. It is so quiet that we plan on buying a second one, the smaller version, for our bedroom and leaving this one in the living room on automatic. Highly recommended from a very satisfied cat (hey - he sleeps in its air path)!

MTTechsector - April 8, 2014




2 stars
This filter is over-rated

This unit is rated for 800 sq/ft. I have it in a 400 sq ft apt. It is almost always on high in order to keep the light that indicates good air quality blue. I have another--much less expensive filter--Winix, that does just as good a job for a 1/3 of the price. That filter is a five stage filter. I am going to ask for a return. At over $600, it should work better than it is.

B. Stewart "hayden888" - April 1, 2014




5 stars
We can tell a difference!,

This is an expensive unit. It looks great hanging on the wall and does what it advertises it will do. When my cat walks by it the device comes on and removes the dander. I have also noticed if we cook something smelly the unit removes the odor. I would recommend this to anyone with asthma/allergies/pets.

Alabama Catlady "Alabama Catlady" - April 1, 2014




5 stars
Great features

I was hesitant about spending so much on this product but I must say it is well worth the price. It is very quite and easy to put together. You could tell the difference in the quality of air in no time. I plan on getting another in the not to distance future.

Pam91 - March 27, 2014




5 stars
clean, quite,

very happy with the product. bought 2 for the whole house

Cataldy11 - March 25, 2014




2 stars

I bought this product because we had some smelly carpet in our master bedroom. We couldn't afford to buy new carpet right away, and, since my fiance has asthma problems, we though an air filter would be nice to have long-term. We ran the Rabbit Air for about a week in the bedroom, and it smelled great for the first few days, but then the smell came back. We eventually removed the carpet, and I replaced the Rabbit Air's filters, but now, it seems like it has "retained" the old carpet's odor. Every time we turn it on, it blows out smelly "old carpet" smell. It's almost like the odor got trapped in the device somehow? Even with all new filters? Anyway, for the price we paid and to end up with this kind of result, I am pretty darn unhappy. We can't use the device now, and it's only been a few months!

Jonathan D. Vukovich - March 22, 2014




5 stars
Worth Every Buc

I'll start with the negative first: You have to place it 2 feet from the wall. When you're living in an 750 sq ft apartment, that puts a damper on your feng shui. But now that I see how much my boyfriend's allergies have improved, I don't even care one bit. My boyfriend is severely allergic to our sweet pup and we tried EVERYTHING except getting an air purifier. I was a little concerned about the price tag but I was ready to try anything after seeing him suffer so much. This thing quiet and sleek but most importantly, it is so effective. The filter replacement and cleaning are straight forward but I won't have to worry about that for a while. I can't say enough good things about it. Bottom line: if you are suffering from allergies, you NEED this.

Rachel - March 22, 2014




4 stars
So far so good

So far so good. Have only had it a month, but it seems good so far. Powerful and relatively quiet.

James D. Wilets - March 16, 2014




5 stars
I love it

This is a sleek design. It does the job very well. I have it in one room and it gets the cigar smoke and most of the odor out.

E. Kominowski - March 15, 2014




5 stars

Kicked the crap out of the smoke smell that drifts into my downstairs bathroom. Have it running non stop on the medium setting, though it has features to make it turn on/off whenever odors are present. This feature is light dependent I believe, so the dark fully enclosed bathroom it is in does not assist that situation. Well worth the purchase!

Jason Stewart - March 7, 2014




5 stars
Simply amazing

I have owned this model(purchased directly from rabbit air) for almost 4 years. I have horrible year round allergies. I am allergic to almost everything. From dander, dust, mold, & pollen to my food allergies, I was constantly fighting sickness. Well no joke within 24 hrs of plugging 1 in in my open living area & another in my bedroom my nasal passages started to clear. Over a week my sinuses cleared more each day. Slowly but surely things improved. I was no longer staying as sick.

dawn miller - March 1, 2014




4 stars
Stylish, Functional, Modern

I think it's time for an update after four years of continuous use. The machine itself has been running solid with no problems. My simple maintenance is an occasional vacuum of the filter to de-clog the dust that has accumulated in front of the screen. I also take the time to vacuum the outside and inside the machine including the vents and where the filter parts fit. I put the filter back and start it up again. Yearly maintenance is, of course, the set of filters. When I first wrote about this the cost of the filter is $75.00. Now these same filters cost $85.00. Disappointed that with it's popularity they have increased their cost as well rather than decrease. Like any manufacturer that sells consumable parts, they try to make more money on this aspect to grow their business. Which is a bit disappointing considering they feel their customers will stick with them regardless of price. What they don't realize is consumers will easily jump to the next big thing if they know the cost becomes unreasonable over time. I will maintain it's overall 4 star rating for now, but I would take caution in the fact that they need to find a way to lower the cost of their filters should they want to maintain their existing customers for the long term. But Rabbit Air needs to watch out for when Dyson comes out with an air purifier with a killer design that doesn't require replacement filters and still become Asthma certified. People like myself can easily jump ship.

R. Ocampo "Artisan" - February 22, 2014




5 stars
Simply the best air purifier

We have owned several brands of air purifiers over the years. Some of the problems related to noise, some to poor air circulation and some to the inability of the air purifier to 'cleanse' the air thoroughly. Not with Rabbit Air Bio GS 2.0. It is the complete package. It is the quietest air purifier we have owned. It senses the needs of the room it is in and the speed of the system automatically adjust to needs of the space you want to purify. I wouldn't trade this air purifier for one that cost twice the cost of this air purifier. Very happy with our purchase!

Ron - February 18, 2014




5 stars
BioGS 2.0

This new model is made of plastic where as the older model had a metal casing. That said, unit is lighter but still well made. Functions very quiet unless it's at high speed. We use it in bedroom at auto mode thru the night. My child has allergy and sleeps much better with this unit on. The unit came within a week with filters already in place. Just plug in and let it run. Very satisfied after waiting a year for this new model to come on market. We got the larger power unit since it's not a big price different. We still have the old Rabbit Air model unit for the living room into our fourth year and running great with three cats. Thanks.

jcdiamond - February 7, 2014




5 stars
Works great!

This works great! Love the fact it is mountable to the wall. Looks ok. Actually a bit funny because it protrudes but since we have a toddler like loves to push all the buttons and pull cords the fact it was mountable was the reason we got this unit. We have a couple of Coway units and we got this unit because he kept tilting them over which is very dangerous. As for functionality, the unit works wonderfully. Every month or so we just get a vacuum and vacuum the filter of all the dust. Seems to work wonders and keeps the living room area less dusty and smelling clean. Would buy again!

Dr. Daddy - February 4, 2014




5 stars
really works for me!

I love this. It was money very well-spent. I love cats, but most of my friends are allergic to cats so they hate coming over. Since I've gotten this, they were able to visit regularly. Even the ones with severe allergies were surprised. As long as I sit them right next to the Rabbit air, they didn't get itchy, sneezy, or watery eyes. I'm so happy with this :)

Tara - February 3, 2014




5 stars
Best air filter on the market!!!

have had this filter for 2 years now and love it. My filter has a mind of its own never have to mess with it, which is great when you are as busy as me! I only clean one of the filters in it every couple of months and change out all the filters once a year. The filters are very expensive but well worth the price. The Rabbit air "get's mad" when I clean out the litter boxes in the room which is 800 square feet, wow very sensitive! it goes into hard fan mode and turns colors. Most of the time I don't know its around, is very quite and looks great. If you take the leap to buy one you wont be disappointed.

Kathleen Ahrens - February 2, 2014




5 stars
Visible impact on air quality

We have three long-haired indoor cats. On our main floor our kitchen, dining nook, and living room are open to each other (about 1000 sq. ft. of space total). Our kitchen and dining nook have laminate floors, and before using this product there would be small clumps of cat hair drifting around like tumbleweed as early as a day or two after vacuuming. Additionally, during the winter months, sunbeams enter our kitchen at an angle that reveals every particle of dust or fur on our counters and in the air. It was disconcerting to say the least.

After spending several days comparing air purifiers, I decided on the SPA-700A. There were competing products that were more powerful, cheaper, or more powerful and cheaper, but the determining factor for me was the design. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 was the only one that didn't make me want to hide it in a corner, where it wouldn't be nearly as effective.

With the Rabbit Air standing on the floor against a wall in our dining nook we no longer see any cat fur drifting across the floor and when the sunbeams come through the window the air is empty!

We leave it running constantly on the "Normal" setting (midway between "Silent" and "Turbo"). At this level it is audible, but only barely. When we watch TV we sit no more than 15 feet from it without feeling at all like we need to turn up the volume to hear. "Silent" is nearly silent - you need to stand next to it to hear it. I rarely use this setting because it's not strong enough to pull dust and fur towards it. "High" and "Turbo" are quite a bit louder than "Normal". These levels were clearly designed to move air, and they do it well. I sometimes set it to "High" just before I go to bed to circulate more air, since I can barely hear it from my bedroom. I only use "Turbo" when I'm dusting and vacuuming.

Some tips I've come up with to maximize its effectiveness: * There's less air circulation near walls, so I move it a few feet into the room when possible. * When it's standing on the floor dust is more likely to get blown away from it by its exhaust than it is to be sucked into it - especially at higher fan speeds. I put it on a chair or on our dining room table if I know I'm going to be stirring up a lot of dust around it. * If you can move it away from a wall, use an Air Deflector (like this one to direct the exhaust behind it instead of blowing straight up.

Justin - February 1, 2014




1 stars
Does nothing to control odor

Very disappointing. The items is advertised to control tobacco smells from cigars and it is completely useless. Although it was returned easily, I still had to waste $40 in shipping to return. For this I blame amazon. Had I ordered this useless item on the rabbit website, I could have returned without cost. So much for relying on Amazon to protect me, especially since it cost the same if I ordered directly.

Bruce Simonetti - January 31, 2014




5 stars
Very quiet

I purchased two air purifiers. Another brand that is smaller for the bedroom and this one for the great room. This one is very quiet. It has a remote that is very easy to use or you can use the button on the top to select speed of fan and how strong you want the circulation to be. I have noticed an improvement in my allergies, so I am pleased with this purchase. The instructions say it has to be 2 feet from the wall, so I just turned it around and put the front against the wall so the back fan and filters are facing out to get plenty of air.

Carol Baker - January 26, 2014




5 stars
used in a basement apartment

I live in a basement apartment and my bedroom connects to a large somewhat mildewy storage room. When I first moved in, I was having a lot of sinus infections from my allergies. I did a lot of research and I have to say this air purifier has been a life saver!!!! I wish the filters were not so pricey, but it's worth every penny.

Angela Fristachi - January 22, 2014




5 stars
This is what I wanted

I tried the Austin Air Pet Machine HM410, hated it. I have a 400 sq. ft. 'office space' where 3 medium sized very active dogs and 2 young cats come and go freely. The Austin made everyone want to leave home, it was so loud. I'd rather suffocate in animal fur than listen to that noise! The Rabbit, how the heck did I choose the Austin over the Rabbit Air? It cost me $49 to send the Austin Air Pet Machine back, and it was money well spent. Okay, okay.. Why you ask.. It is so quiet. It has a sensor that actually works, not just 'oh wow a sensor', it detects air quality and adjusts filtration, and thus electricity use, and thus it's only running when it 'senses' it should.. And, it seems to work! I've had it for a since September 2013, four months, and I'm happy to be happy with this product. Great warranty, too.

Robert - January 19, 2014




5 stars
Very Quiet, low profile, attractive and efficient

I purchased two of these for different areas of my home. I love them. Already I'm sneezing less and feeling better. I just wish the filters weren't so expensive and I suppose only time will tell how energy efficient they are. I would highly recommend them if you have a very dusty home environment.

toriokyo - January 18, 2014




3 stars

This item I'm not really certan. It didn't initially seem to be that more effective than my Hepa Filter from ionic air. The area is medium size but, we have anywhere from 8-12 cigar smokers at a time 1 day a week. We initally had it in a cubby hole. But I had it moved to over the fireplace which seemed to make it more effective. In all I think I could have saved some money.

Yolie M. Turner - January 14, 2014




5 stars
does the job

I got this for a room in which I smoke a couple of cigars daily. It's plenty quiet, and very effective. It doesn't eliminate 100% of the odor, but honestly, I don't think much of anything short of a hurricane would. I'd buy it again.

Michael Zimmers - January 12, 2014




4 stars
expensive but works well

The unit is expensive. It seems to remove airborne dust well, permanent filter is easy to clean, but the replaceable ones are very expensive. Be prepared to pay a lot yearly to keep this unit working optimally. The unit can be hung nicely on the wall at a comfortable height away from a young child's hands. Unit was way too easy to be played with or knocked over when placed on the ground.

v - December 31, 2013




5 stars
An amazin Quite Air purifier

We bought the Consumer Reports top rated Whirlpool Air Purifier for my mother-in-law because of the horrible air in Tianjin, China. While it does its job exceptionally well, I did not think that it would be quiet enough for our bedroom back in Austin, Texas. After a fair amount of research, I found the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0. We have been using it for four days, now, and we love it. It really works well . . . and is so quiet that it is like a little white noise machine. We actually sleep better with it on.

John N. Doggett - January 7, 2014




4 stars
So far so Good

This one is not cheap, but it got good reviews. In Arizona the dust is never ending, so I am hoping that this delivers like they say it does. It is quiet and very sensitive to changes which I do like and it looks nice. One thing that I wish it had is a timer setting like my other unit has, so I do not forget to turn it off or on. I will have to post more, when I really have it tested out.

M. Winslow - December 27, 2013




5 stars
Utterly silent and effective

I give this product unqualified approval. It is effective with kitchen and cigar odor. It is silent I mean silent and cando an effective job on low settings. What more could you want.

Knowit - December 26, 2013




4 stars

The filter is quiet and seems to go into the quietest mode after a few minutes of working at high speed. It makes you wonder if it's doing anything sometimes. However, the air seems clearer and I believe it's helping my allergies

The filter is quiet and less bulky than other purifiers. - December 11, 2013




4 stars
All-around Purifier

I've got roommates that smoke and have allergies, and generally realized that I have poor air quality, so I decided to look into air purifiers. A heavy dose of research later, and I decided on this unit. Why? This unit meets the criteria I developed from research, which were essentially effectiveness, operating cost, noise, and appearance.

EFFECTIVENESS Obviously effectiveness is going to be the most important aspect since it is why you purchase an air purifier. This model's design shines to me because it has the bases covered - HEPA filtration (removes solid particles), chemical and carbon filtration (gases and super small solid particles like smoke), and ionization (adds electrons to air, makes filters more effective on next pass and much more). The pre, medium, and HEPA filter combo is efficient for filter life and effectiveness over that life. Particles that would otherwise get caught in the HEPA are caught earlier and extend its life. This part of the purifier does its job well and the dust level is way down. Carbon filtration and the toxin absorber (my choice) remove impurities because their molecular structure causes gases and tiny particles to stick as they pass by. The carbon filter is relatively thin and so it requires more than one pass and depending on the severity of the odor/smoke you have, you will need to underrate the purifier a bit if you want full effectiveness, which I cover further down. Ionization's value goes beyond improving the effectiveness of the purifier. It is worth a bit of research if you are interested. All I will say is that I definitely keep it turned on.. The ozone level at the output is nothing to worry about.

OPERATING COST In a get-it-now society, operating cost may not get as much thought since it is a long-term consideration. The truth is that it will cost less to operate a MinusA2 than many cheap models because of its low power draw. Where I live power is cheap and the annual stats for power use are twice the filter cost. It really is worth the up-front investment because it will cost less over time. It turns out that this unit is progressively more efficient in terms of CFM as you run it at lower speeds, so if you want to be economical, running two units (at two notches lower) will be half as loud and use less than half the power on average to clean the air by the same amount. You'll have some headroom available too if you need more power. The second one will pay for itself over a few years (covering the same area).

NOISE The MinusA2 is quiet enough for me on the medium and lower settings from a couple feet away for pretty much any task except for some audio work I do, in which case I turn to silent. However, I've been running it on turbo most of the time anyway because I have loud roommates and I can't even hear it over their noise. In fact, the noise is actually a pleasant "smooth" sound that is less of a hum. This is because the motor itself is very quiet and the noise is predominantly turbulence at the exhaust. Visual inspection tells me that the turbulence could be lowered (and the noise) at high CFM with some moderate re-design of the exhaust, although I will admit I am not an expert in fluid dynamics. There is some shaping, but I think more thought could be put into it.

APPEARANCE Out of all air purifiers I've seen so far, the MinusA2 is hands-down the most pleasing to my eye. I like the layout of the controls and the look of the mood light. If they could improve it at all, I'd say it would be with an extra button to allow multiple brightness levels.

TIPS A few quick tips to wrap up my review follow: Air Changes: Based on my experience with my unit, I recommend getting enough CFM to change the air over four times in an hour while chugging along quietly and then have the ability to ramp up to 15+ when needed. This is only appropriate for rooms that would require 4 or less units (up to 500 square feet) to achieve this because beyond that point airflow affects the results more. At that point I would place 4 units near the heaviest source of pollution and work to achieve airflow to those units. Of course, in industrial applications there are large-scale machines. This is a residential recommendation. 1 per 120 sqft up to 4 units. Airflow: Even in smaller rooms a purifier will work best when you ensure that the airflow of the room works with the purifier and not against it. Perhaps a cheap fan (low-noise) will be necessary in some cases.

LAST WORDS Quiet, effective, economical, elegant. If you're looking for an all-around purifier, this is the one. If you plan to run auto mode all the time, go 700A. If you plan to run turbo like I do, go 780A. May your clean air needs be met.

Arande - November 7, 2013




5 stars
LOVE this!

I didn't think I would ever have a strong opinion about an air filter. I can honestly say this thing changed my life. We moved to an area where I had horrible allergies and was going to have to eventually get weekly shots to help with my allergies. We bought this filter and it made it so at least in our room I could sleep, breathe etc without any issues. Luckily we ended up moving away so its not as apparent the difference that it makes but I always keep it in our room. When seasonal allergies kick up I get complete relief while in our room even without any medications which is great. Love the look of it, its settings can make it so that it is extremely quiet and I love the color light that tells you how clean the air is. This product is not cheap but is totally worth the price because it is ridiculously effective.

Jesse - November 6, 2013




5 stars
Breathe easier,

Both my husband and daughter who really suffer when there are pollutants such as dust, in the air really feel the difference with the rabbit air filter on. Tremendous difference in the air quality and the filter is quiet and unobtrusive in the space. Sarah

Sarah - November 4, 2013




5 stars
odor was so bad we put it in the room with door shut

The smell was so bad, it gave me a headache. I called mfg and we are working on figuring out what is producing the chemically, plastic smell that is so bad. It made the indoor air worse than it was. I put it in a bedroom to run for a couple of days to see if the smell goes away. Smells like cheap plastic outgassing or ????. Like I said, it gave me a headache. bad.

peat - November 4, 2013




5 stars
Works like a charm

I have a cigar room about 500 sq ft. Works great. Comes on automatically, just sit back in your cigar chair and enjoy.

AMRCON - October 27, 2013




5 stars


bww - October 9, 2013




5 stars
happy with the purchase

After intensive researches I decided to get Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet Air Purifier for our new home. It is clean looking unit and the glossy white finish looks good in our living room style.

galini - October 4, 2013




5 stars
The best gift I ever gave myself

This is an extremely quiet air purifier. It is also an attractive addition to any room. I appreciate the fact that the mood light turns itself off a short time after I turn out the lights. The remote is a great feature. My only problem is determining where I have set it sometimes. I have it on automatic nearly all the time but will sometimes set it on "turbo" to clear the air more rapidly. The most important thing is that it really improves my breathing tremendously. I sleep better and I am no longer all stuffy when I get up in the morning. It is worth every penny! I have had it for 8 - 9 months now and it has not told me the filter needs replacing yet. I have been using it in the bedroom only for now. I like it so much I am buying one for my daughter

fitzie2 - October 2, 2013




5 stars
My Second RabbitAir

Several years ago I purchased one of the RabbitAir BiosGS models and that worked well, but not well enough. I have had this about a month now and have no complaints. It works much better than the previous model I owned and it's two lowest settings are quiet enough for me to sleep.

Raymond Merriam - September 4, 2013




5 stars
Good Filter

I like how the unit is quiet most of the time. It's automatic power adjustment works well, so it will increase speed (and actually be audible) when more dust is in the air. I just replaced the filter after having the unit for a year. The filters were easy to replace.

R. Ray - August 30, 2013




5 stars

I bought one of these for my home because my husband has such bad allergies and we were remodeling our house. I chose this one because the reviews for all the others said how noisy they were. This one was super quiet until the end of the day when the contractors working on our house would start to clean up and there was a lot of dust in the air. It would power up, quickly clean the air, then go back to being quiet. I absolutely love this filter. It is attractive and can be put anywhere and my husband has basically stopped coughing and his allergies are markedly better. The air in our house is clean. I ended up buying a second one for the upstairs.

quiet hardworking air filter - August 27, 2013




1 stars
Save your money- Doesn't work as promised

Sadly, this product does not work as promised. I've had air purifiers/filters from Holmes and Oreck that cost significantly less and worked better. The suction is just not strong enough to make any real impact on dust/pet allergens.

Stacey NYC - August 22, 2013




5 stars

My wife has 2 cats. I am highly allergic. I was on a nebulizer 2 times a day. After using the rabbit air I only use the nebulizer once a month or so. My bronchial tubes no longer get clogged, and my eyes are not itchy every day. I still have to take a Zyrtec once a week or so but I used to take a Zyrtec every single day. I am buying a second and maybe a third one to run full time in my house. I have 2300 square feet and have thought about maybe putting one in the master bedroom, one upstairs and one in the living room.,currently I move mine from the living room to the bedroom when I am in those areas. It is also so quiet in the 2nd stage that I do not even hear it.

Wow Wow Wow - August 12, 2013




5 stars
Does exactly as advertised!

I buy A LOT of things on Amazon, but this is the first review I've written on here. I have mild allergies, which can get pretty bad at times. After endless mornings of waking up with a congested nose and sneeze fits, I've decided to finally shell out on an air purifier. I looked at a bunch of air filters before choosing this one. At first, I was going to go with another brand of air purifier, but it was twice the price of Rabbit Air. I figured that I might as well buy two Rabbit Air purifiers instead of only one of the more expensive one. My aunt, uncle, and cousin have seasonal allergies, and this air purifier will benefit them during allergy season. Instead of making one family happy, I was able to make two families happy, thanks to Rabbit Air. The product is economical, considering the level of performance you get. One of my frugal household members mentioned how great the purifier is, even though he was against me purchasing it at first. My other household member says it works great, and she has very high expectations. I hardly ever hear her say anything is good. Depending on the severity of your airborne allergies, I'm not sure how much it will benefit you. However, I will say that it has worked well for my mild airborne allergies. When I save up enough money, I will definitely buy more Rabbit Air purifiers for the rest of my family. The air you breathe is very important. Invest in your health now! It is worth every penny!

Li deng - August 10, 2013



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