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5 stars
Breathe easy

I've just finished writing a review for the replacement filters with the same title...and since they'll probably read almost the same, I apologize if you end up reading them both. Please note that I purchased the black unit, not the white.

I really love this unit. Yes, it was the equivalent of almost one month's rent for me. And the filters are pretty pricey since I replace them every 8 months (maybe less often now that I'm in a cleaner environment). But it's been SO worth it. Like I said in my filter review - I consider this to be a preventative healthcare investment, like the quote I've seen around: ""Organic food might be more expensive a lot of the time, but have you ever tried pricing cancer?""

Again, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to upload links, but I've created an imgur album with pictures of the old medium particle (2nd of 5) filter and HEPA (3rd of 5) filter next to the new replacements (4 and 5 are dark colored and come after the HEPA so the difference isn't really visible and I think it's just that their effectiveness diminishes over time). These were being replaced after the unit ran continuously on auto mode, in my ~150 sq ft bedroom that was located one building away from Ventura Blvd in the San Fernando Valley over an 8 month period. This was the 3rd set of filters that have been through this unit (I purchased it in 2010). The bedroom door was always kept closed, but the windows were drafty old jalousie style windows. The album is here: . Please note that I vacuumed the large particle (1st of 5) filter at least weekly, since it does a bang up job of collecting dust and pet hair. If they remove the link, and you'd like it, just let me know and I'd be happy to send it to you. I'm really, really glad it removed all that smog from the air! I kept it between the (blackout curtained) windows and my bed, as close to my bed as I could put it and let it still operate properly. My roommate was always hoarse with red, watery eyes, and a runny nose in the mornings, and he's not very sensitive. I hardly ever had problems and I've had severe allergies since middle school...they would only act up when I left the bedroom/went outside. My pets who slept in bed next to me in my room where I was almost 24/7 for several years (medical) also did not sneeze nearly as much as or wheeze like his pets did.

I'm in Phoenix now and not near a smoggy road (and it's not as smoggy here, anyway), so maybe next filter change, the filters will come up desert dust red instead of smog black? Now I'm in a one bedroom, and I keep it in the living room with me, next to my chair, then move it by my bed at night, so that my pets (who shadow me...they deserve clean air too!) and myself always have the freshest air.

Don't forget to clean the sensor every now and then...and don't be surprised if this kicks it into high for a few minutes when you do as you kick all the dust up around it. I would really get the (very lightly alcohol dampened) cotton swab all up behind in all the available holes near the sensor (if you get a unit, you'll see what I mean), at all angles you can get it in there, as deep as you can get it in there. I apologize for how dirty that sounded. I do this and I have pulled out sizeble pet hair dust bunnies since the dust accumulates behind and around the sensor area (it helps to spin the cotton swab as you do this to really grab the bunny and pull it out). Note: I'm sure RabbitAir would advise against doing this but I've always done it without shorting anything or electrocuting myself or damaging my unit, and I want to keep as much of that from getting deeper inside the unit where it could really potentially clog things up as I can. Just be you're cotton swabbing inside your ears after a shower. Don't blow out your unit's ear drum.

It is noisy on high but it is very rare that high kicks on for me. It only happens if A.) I spray a perfume in the room (so I imagine if you use scented room sprays, it would definitely set it off) B.) an e-cig is used in the room (it really doesn't like that vapor), C.) I kick up a lot of dust somehow, D.) there is a fire nearby and it smells smoky or I extinguish a candle (it's fine while scented soy candles burn, however). It's actually kind of cool because I'll know if something funky is going on with my air before I can smell it, because the unit will kick on full blast and the indicator light turns scary red instead of healthy blue. Otherwise, it operates on low, and I think it's very quiet. I suppose at first you might notice it, since it's a new noise, but I never even notice that it's on now. I think this is a quality, nice looking unit (people ask me what it is) that's going to last for many more years, and I'm very glad I made the investment. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and hopefully I'll be able to answer it for you.

Breathe easy - May 4, 2013




5 stars
Quiet and fast

Very quiet and remove all odors in room fast, Can be set on automatic and works at speed needed until air quality is good. Has light that shows the air quality. Easy to set up and very good instructions on how to put in filters, Only need chaining once a year if used 24/7. Price is worth what you get.. I could get 2-3 small units for same area and would end up costing more and filters need to be replace more often.

Quiet and fast  - May 4, 2013




4 stars
Great design, works well.,

I really like this air cleaner; its quiet, moves a lot of air, looks nice and has a lot of features for the money. Its been running 24 x 7 in my bedroom for more than a month and the difference in air quality is huge. I wish that there was a way to leave it on Auto and not have it enter sleep mode when the room gets dark. I doubt that this air cleaner is doing anything on the lowest fan setting which it defaults to during sleep mode.

PBJ - April 24, 2013




5 stars

Anyone with any level of seasonal allergies should invest in the RabbitAir! Amazing product!!! We all feel better & it runs 24-7 in our home. We mounted it downstairs (mounting bracket should come with the unit, by the way={... ) & we carry it upstairs at night or every few days durring high pollen season -- WHAT A DIFFERENCE THIS MAKES!!! Also, of note, it greatly reduces the amount of dusting needed in the house. 100% recommendation.

jerrushaw - April 22, 2013




3 stars

Rabbit ran fine for the first two weeks, the fan started squeaking. It eventually got louder but not super loud. I was not going to take any chances of it getting worse so back it went. Also we could see that dust was getting around the filters into the very back where the clean air is to flow out. There isn't any type of seal around the box of filters and that defeats the whole purpose of the purifier. That's a major problem if it is going to cost from $500.00 on up. Also the charco filter has small squares but some were partially filled if not half way. Not comfortable with that either.

southport - April 16, 2013




5 stars
Amazing air purifier plus more!

We got the Rabbit Air for our bedroom/nursery. The air purification is amazing, including two gaseous dogs who also sleep in out bedroom. Well worth the expense compared to other air purifiers we have tried. We will add more down the line!!!

Mr. Baginski - April 5, 2013




5 stars
Great Product!

I purchased two Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A's back in mid-February, and have given them a little ""house time"" before writing this evaluation. First, I love these things! By the first week in April my allergies are usually tearing me up! That isn't the case this year! I have virtually zero symptoms, and that's a first. Also, the DUST in my home has been drastically reduced.

I also want to respond to a few of the reviews that say this product ""doesn't do anything,"" or ""haven't noticed much change."" You know the ones I'm talking about! Well, I go back a few years with air purifiers, and my first suggestion is to forget the ""auto"" modes on these excellent machines. I run both of my machines (24/7) on high while I'm away from the house, and on medium when I'm home. At night it varies between medium and high. Using your product in this fashion will move and filter a lot of air!!! It isn't rocket science, folks. Go with the MANUAL SETTINGS until you achieve the desired result that you're after.

Lastly, several users have complained about the filter replacement cost, and even docked this product a star because of it. Really? The entire replacement filter set is only $75.00. If you replace the filters once a year (like I intend to) your cost is $6.25/month. If that's too expensive for creating a virtually dust and allergy free environment, then you can't afford the machine to begin with! Compare that cost to some of the items that we replace annually in our automobiles, for example, to keep them running at an optimum. Catch my drift? I think the filter replacement cost is inexpensive, relative to the what the end result yields.

Kevin - April 5, 2013




5 stars

I have two cats and found that I am allergic to them. If Air Purifier is not ON in my room, in the morning I won't be able to breath or will have ""sore"" throat. I would say, Air Purifier for pets allergy is my saver. Thank God I made a chose to buy it!

Almir86 from Chicago - April 2, 2013




5 stars
Healthy feeling

Although this rabbit is larger than anticipated, we love it! Our bedroom even smells better than the rest of our home -- clean & fresh. We are considering a second purchase from Amazon.

Steve Batory - March 21, 2013




2 stars
Nice, but off gassing

Quiet unit that is easy to use and not too heavy to move from room to room. Unfortunately, the plastic and the HEPA filter off-gas. It makes no sense to me to run a unit that pollutes the air when you are trying to clean the air. The customer service team at Rabbit is fantastic, but they have seriously flawed product.

Tugboat - March 16, 2013




5 stars
Great Product!

I did a lot of research online before I purchased this product. It works as advertised. Very quiet and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Tommy Miller - March 12, 2013




5 stars
effective at eliminating cigarette smell

although you buy this to actually clean the air, and it does not represent that it will eliminate secondhand smoke -- it is effective at removing cigarette smell. perhaps not completely, but if you or someone you love has that cigarette smell in their house reminiscent of a Nippon Air frequent flyer lounge in the 1980s, it will rapidly mitigate that smell. it runs rather quietly. I would be stretching to comment beyond that but I am satisfied so far. much better than Ionic Breeze for that sort of thing.

Jim C. - March 10, 2013




4 stars
unit in use for only 2 weeks.

Use in master bedroom. Like the quiet sleep mode. The mood light serves well as a night light, if desired. Have not had this unit long enough to judge longevity and other factors which are time dependent.

Buckaloo Lou - March 7, 2013




2 stars
Great Customer Service, Not so Great Air Purifier

I bought the SPA-780A in Black with the Odor Remover Filter. I received it in November 2012 and promptly put it to work. I was looking forward to smoking a cigar inside a room in my home without the doors and windows open. It just didn't do the trick (i.e., remove the odors). After having a friend over and leaving the unit on Turbo for 4 days, the ""next day smell of cigars"" was still present. Now I like that smell. A good hint of vanilla & coffee from a good cigar. However, my wife doesn't like it. I called Rabbit Air and told them I would like to return the unit. They couldn't have been more pleasant. They were said they were surprised but that it doesn't work for everyone. They did say that some cigar bars in NYC use it with good results. Customer service suggested I give it another shot and put the unit closer to me. Well, I did, but it wouldn't have mattered if it was in my lap. It just didn't work. While putting together the unit I did notice the charcoal filter is very thin. It didn't seem like there was much charcoal at all. Now there are a bunch of other filters that go along with that so I guess that is their design.

In the end, I bought a set of new filters for my 10 year old Sharp Plasma Cluster. That unit comes with a thick charcoal bag type filter. It cleaned the room up in about 8 hours.

I will say that the Rabbit Air is a really good looking unit. There was no problem with them taking the unit back and refunding my credit card. I did have to pay $35 to send the unit back. I gave it 2 stars because the unit was really just 1 star but they had 5 star customer service. In the end though, I am buying the unit not their customer service. I am very happy with my old Sharp Plasma Cluster and will buy another Sharp when this eventually dies.

Not my real Name from Pound Ridge, NY - February 25, 2013




5 stars
A great air purifer.

I looked extensively for an air purifier that would clean the air well and also take the dust out of the air. I also wanted one that was quiet, not loud and noisy. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 Cherry Blossom HEPA
Air Purifier (SPA-780A) - Germ Defense has met all those criteria as well as being cost effective for the size and air capacity. I have it in a living area that has a vaulted ceiling; it looks nice in the room with the Cherry Blossom design and white base color. Rabbit Air seems to be ahead of other companies in the look of their units, not just a big large square box as most are. Since this was in a room where there is more people traffic, I wanted a unit that looked nice. It has some nice features such as the mood light, the remote, odor sensor and air quality sensor. The remote is nice; you can adjust the unit without having to get up. It switches to a sleep mode at night and is quiet and doesn't disturb you. On the higher stages it definitely circulates the air quickly. It requires cleaning the pre-filter once a month which is good. The other filters are once every year or two depending on usage. It is also energy efficient which is important if you use it a lot. I looked at Blue Air, but they seemed expensive in comparison models.
I like the 5 stage filtration system, so far it has done very well. It provides clean air quality and I have noticed a reduction in dust in the area. Also the ability to be specific in the type of filtering you want was an added feature. It picks up the air quality and adjusts the air speed accordingly when is on auto. I have seen it change several times within an hour. The panel on the front removes easily and the filters go in and come out very easily. The 5 year warranty was an added bonus.
I am extremely pleased with the unit, it has exceeded my expectations.

hurdlerdad - February 20, 2013




4 stars

The Rabbit Air Purifier has made a large improvement in air quality.

Ruben from Scottsdale, AZ - February 19, 2013




4 stars
I like GS better

I recently purchased the A2 after having owned the GS for two years. The GS model that I have, that is no longer available, was highly sensitive when set on automatic. If my cat walked by it, the speed would change. If I made my bed from 8 feet away from the purifier it would sense it and change the speed. I was very impressed by this. The remote on the GS was wonderful as it had all the icon settings on the remote so that I could operate the purifier from my bed if I wanted to. I mention these things about the GS because the A2 is lacking these two features I loved best about the GS. The remote on the A2 has the buttons for Speed and Mode but in order to see what settings I want to set it on I have to walk up to the purifier, bend over, put my face within 2 feet of the face of the purifier so that I can read the settings by tiny LED lights. Why bother with the remote? The purifier had no sensitivity. I shook a blanket next to it and no speed change. I called Customer Service and they instructed me on how to set the sensitivity levels which involved a process. I have it set on the most sensitive setting and it still isn't as sensitive as the GS. I prefer the styling to be as inconspicuous as possible. I don't want the purifier to be a focal point of the room.The white A2 is too bright white and has the silly light bar thing across the front. I'd be happier if all the settings were on the remote and not on the front panel and if it were a more neutral, less extreme, color to blend with all color schemes. (Such as the gray GS). I believe the A2 is doing the job and it is very quiet but I don't see how it is an improvement over the GS. Perhaps there are features of this purifier that I don't understand and I'm open to correction. I would still recommend a RabbitAir for the quality and Customer Service was excellent. But I truly hope they get rid of the useless "remote" and keep the old design of the GS remote.

dtarking from California - February 19, 2013




5 stars
Chic looking, very quiet and powerful.

This is the second Rabbit Air Minus A2 I bought. The machine has 4-5 layers of filters, purifying the air effectively and efficiently. And it's super quiet--you don't hear any noise when it's on the "quiet" mode. Easy assembly and maintenance. Replacing the whole pack of filters (4-5 layers) costs 70-80 dollars. The cover is beatiful and polished. My only compaint is the machine is too heavy and too thick. Rabbit Air is much more expensive than other brands. But all in all, I think it's worth the money.

yc2013 - February 12, 2013




5 stars
Great Air Purifier

I have had this air purifier for 5 months and it is still working great. We moved into a new house that had the floors refinished so we had tons of particles in the air. We purchased the filters that reduce VOC's and I feel that the unit works great. I want to buy another one to put on our second level. It is quiet, easy to install and has a handle that makes it easy to move around to different locations if you want.

shopaholic212223 from Chicago - January 22, 2013




4 stars
Quality at a very high price

The saying get what you pay for...that is very true in with this machine. Yes, it is quiet and yes it pulls in a lot of air. What Im disappointed in is the poor removal of odors. When I cook I do not like the smells remaining in the house, and since it is too cold to open windows this time of year, I had hoped this would do a better job. It is however, excellent on removing dust from the air. So, because it is so expensive, I'm sort of on the fence on this one.

Konacoffee from Portland, Oregon - January 20, 2013




5 stars
Very happy with my Rabbit

I had been having terrible allergies to dust and molds and since the Rabbit came a month ago I have not had one episode. I sometimes run it on high when I am out of the apartment, so that when I come home the air is super clean. It gives you a clear indication of the quality of the air at any given time so you can change the setting if need be. It is quiet on the lower settings and not as quiet on high and 'turbo', but I am a fan of white noise, so it doesn't bother me at all.
It was worth every penny, and even though it was a big purchase for me, I have never regretted it. It was easy to set up, and so far easy to maintain. Also, customer service is 24/7, which is pretty amazing.

Car from NYC - January 19, 2013




5 stars

Our home was constantly dusty until our Rabbit MinusA2 arrived. It is working so well that we will be purchasing another unit for our second floor.

B. Gossett from Saint Peters Missouri - January 17, 2013




5 stars
Perfect for removing odors from smoking

I admit it--I smoke cigarrettes. It is a nasty habit. However, this product keeps the air around me clean and the nicotine off my walls and ceiling. I keep it right next to me when I smoke and it is not too loud.

dee - January 11, 2013




4 stars
Rabbit great with getting rid of cigar s

Easy to set up. Easy to use . Very efficient . Price worth every penny. Works greAt with cigar smoke . Will be buying more for other homes. I have recommended to many friends. The fact you can personized the filter system if fantastic. Bravo

Ellen the wife of a cigar smoker - January 10, 2013




4 stars
time will tell

Just received 2 days ago... I purchased the wall mount for **.** including shipping. The unit seems very well made and will be easy to do filter changes. I got the germ defense but will probably purchase the odor remover filter next time which cost about **.** from the manufacturer. The item by the way is shipped from them directly as is very well packaged. Its easy to put together just unwrap the filters and pop em in place. If you use the floor stand plug in and you're ready to go... if using the wall mount you'll need to unscrew he base and slide it off. Using the wall mount may prove more was for me. It is just a bracket you mound and slide the unit onto... it does not come with screws. I had a problem locating studs on two ends of the bracket length.. so screwed into the stud on one side and used those plastic drywall screw things otherwise. The unit is sleek and great looking for an air purifier. Oh by the way the unit needs 2 feet of space above and 8 inches on each side for wall mounting... Can't speak on how well the unit does have a mood light that can be turned off... the blue stripe remained blue the whole time so can't speak on the mood changing effects. The odor sensor seems to work.... I spray painted in the garage and some of the fumes got in the house and the sensor turned red for a while. Cons - I wish the unit had the option of plugging on either side vs only the right and wish the power cord was white vs black o the white unit so it would blend better with the wall.

sugarcakes from Maryland - January 9, 2013




4 stars
Allergy sufferer needs clean air

Easy set up, runs quite, cleans the air in the man-cave / laundry room / furnace area shared by two dogs and master.

Living in the dog house - January 9, 2013




4 stars
Quiet running air purifier

Quiet, attractive unit. Easy to move, room to room. I like the multiple special purpose filter set. Looks easy to inspect/replace.

Tony M. - January 9, 2013




5 stars
t's everything advertised

The reviews and research I did before I purchased this product are accurate and I am pleased to say it does exactly what I purchased it for, and that's clean the air.... good product!!!

nyomt from Long Island - January 9, 2013




5 stars
good product

I am using it in my bedroom. It is very quiet on low at night. I increase the speed during the day. I'll know more on how well it works when allergy season starts, but I expect it to be much better than previous Oreck units which were returned to Costco.

gene - January 9, 2013




5 stars
I highly recommend it

Attractive, quiet, efficient, oh so user-friendly, good for the money. It is exactly what the company states. I have recommended it to all my friends because since I got RabbitAir, I found out that an air purifier is essential to my health

liligauloise - January 9, 2013




5 stars

After reading several reviews on similar products, I purchased the Rabbit AirMinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. My wife was severely suffering from allergies and had to wear a mask in the house. Within an hour of arrival, she was breathing freely and slept great that night. We have had the unit three weeks and Cedar season has kicked into high gear in TX, but the Rabbit is working like a champ.
I like the air quality indicator light (blue-purple-red). Generally quite operation.

Kenton - January 8, 2013




4 stars
Very quiet, dust is less in bedroom

I gave this a good rating because of the lights on the machine. I've placed a piece of solid tape over the small blue light at the bottom, and I have another strip hanging down hiding the led lights that indicate speed and setting. At night these are too bright. I up the speed to med. if I'm home during the day, at night I place it one speed above silent. I could probably go to med. since I have a fan running for back ground noise. I've noticed in the past three weeks there is less dust. The true test will be summer, when I have the windows open. No central air, and my neighbor smokes, so I'm hoping this will help.

mriverdance2 from Long Beach - December 29, 2012




3 stars
MUCH much thicker than the photo

we are happy with our Rabbit Air. does it work well? hard to know. but it is quiet and well made. But if you are buying because you think that this is a thin elegant unit, or unobtrusive when hanging on the wall you are wrong. It is about 8 inches thick. I just find it annoying that on any site that sells them it looks wafer thin.

KwaiChang from SF, CA - December 25, 2012




4 stars

I purchased this product about a month ago and ran it continuously on the auto setting. Yesterday I put it on Turbo while I vacuumed and when I checked it when I was done it wasn't working. My husband and I tried several times to get it to turn back on, but it wouldn't. I called customer service and the lady was so helpful, but we still couldn't get it to turn on. We packaged it up and it will be picked up free of charge and will be receiving a new one within a couple of days. As far as the way it cleans the air, EXCELLENT. I have three cats and they hardly bother me now. I do have asthma and was getting stuffed up daily until we purchased this air purifier. My son also gets stuffed up when he visits and it didn't happen when he came over. I would have given this the top rating if it hadn't of quit working. Over all I would recommend this. The service is another plus.

Marsha from Michigan - December 25, 2012




5 stars
Very quite!

This works well so far, but I haven't had to wash the filter yet, so I hope that isn't a chore.

Jarrel S. Larew from Morgantown, WV - December 21, 2012




5 stars
Great Product

At first I thought this looked to fancy/stylish to be all that good, totally wrong. This is a high performance air cleaner, when you get it and put all the filters together you will see why. The air sensor is a terrific feature, I love it, it senses the air quality and adjusts the fan automatically, very quite on low, hardly noticeable.

I used to never write reviews, but I always appreciate reading others. So I decided to finally write one.

Robert Hayward - December 19, 2012




5 stars

With several family members with allergies to cats(we have one) I decided to look at air purifiers. This one works so well and is very quiet. I plan to get one for our cottage as well.

Gram from WI - December 14, 2012




5 stars

This is one of the best air purifiers I've ever owned. It handles the dog dander, dust and pollen quietly and efficiently!

Sandra J Strahan - December 9, 2012




3 stars
Overkill unless you live in a very dirty environment

I've owned this product for about 3 months and only the prefilter has gotten a little bit of dust on it despite running it on high/med 24/7. I think it's a very well designed filter but it's simply overkill unless you live in a very dirty environment. I purchased the filter to control my allergies which are related to dust. While I understand I can't blame the filter completely if my allergies don't go away, I still see dust on the table, floor, etc... The filter does a great job of working of cleaning the air that goes through it compared to other air filters, but I think you can't expect an air filter to remove all the dust in a room unless you live in a very dusty environment with pets and lots of indoor activities.

Lots of people have rated this product very highly possibly because they do live in these environments. But also 80% of what I see people write in the reviews here considers things aside from the main function, things such as aesthetics, noise, technologies used, #filters, air flow. If you have allergies and are very sensitive to dust/mites/etc.., all you care about is what is trapped on the filters themselves and I don't think this filter removes those minute traces of dust and particles in the air FAST ENOUGH before they go through your nose or fall to the ground and other surfaces.

So the 3 stars is because while it's a great filter (compared to other filters and considering all the miscellany features), it simply does not provide the service I expected for $600. Again, aside from the pre-filter, none of the other filters have any particles/discoloration/smell on them whatsoever and my allergy symptoms to dust while at home have not improved. I'm returning this to rabbitair within the 90 day guarantee. Too bad they don't refund the cost of the expensive filters ~$100 altogether.

So let me wrap this up with a simple equation:

Services Rendered - Cost of Purchase = Was it worth it???
A little bit of dust particles on the prefilter after 3 months - $600+ (after tax) = NOPE!

Oneday - December 2, 2012




5 stars
Great purchase

It does exactly what it says it does!!! I have 4 cats, and a dog, and I'm allergic to each and everyone of them. I would consistently wake up in the mornning stuffed up, and gagging on the post nasal drip associated with my pet allergies. This would lead me to "getting sick" at least 2-3 times a week. After purchasing the Rabbit, I have noticed an extreme difference, and have only "gotten sick" once in the past 2 months due to pet allergies.!!!!

John T.W. Kershner - November 27, 2012




5 stars
Dust Reducer, Allergen Reducer

Our apartment is a dust magnet. We think it's because we use a swamp cooler to cool our house, instead of central air. Tired of having to dust daily and replace the fans in our electronics every few months, we bought the Rabbit Air MinusA2 in the hopes that it would help filter out some of the air and crap from our house. We don't currently have a pet, but plan on getting a dog and maybe a cat in the future, so we opted for the Pet Allergy version, although there are 3 other versions to choose from. As a bonus, we were pleasantly surprised that this past summer, and well into the fall, we weren't plagued with allergies. Our family suffers relentlessly from allergies from about March thru October, and this has noticeably reduced the amount of symptoms we've had this year. It is easy to clean, just vacuum the filter off. The only downside is that you do need to replace the expensive filters every 6-12 months, depending on how often you use it. It is automatic and will adjust the air suction speed depending on what is going on in the house. For example, when I burned dinner once, instead of the house filling with smoke setting off the smoke detector and us having to scramble to open all the doors and windows in the house, it automatically adjusted to the highest level of suction and cleared the air out in just a few minutes. It is wall mountable or it can sit on a table (we've done both). It's not very loud, even when it is running at the highest speed. Our dust problem has greatly diminished, and our electronics are lasting a lot longer now that we have this. Plus, no allergies. It's a win-win for us, and we highly recommend this.

J. Peterson from Salem, UT - November 22, 2012




5 stars
Quiet and steady

In Silent mode it's definitely as advertised. In Turbo mode (highest setting) it's pretty loud but it's moving a lot of air then. Seems to be fine running continuously and it is definitely drawing dander and hair to itself (it's been running for about a week in the hallway just outside the room where our new cats have been sleeping). Hard to say how much difference it makes with my allergy but I do think it's helping.

M. Beckerman from Los Angeles, CA - November 21, 2012




5 stars
Quiet and Efficient

I am very pleased with the Minus a2. I bought it to help with dust and pollen allergies. Some of the key features I was looking for were quiet, sleek and cleans well at lower speeds as it is in the bedroom, as well as energy efficient, reliable and longer lasting filters. I started by reading a large number of reviews and opinions on various websites and settled on the rabbit air's for all of these reasons. I also like that it has an air quality indicator, though I run it mostly on low. So far it is cleaning well, as a basic test I can shine a flashlight at night and the beam highlights much less dust than before, I don't get as stuffed up, and I like the small amount of white noise.

In terms of downsides one is that I have to cover the indicator lights with cardboard at night as I like my room pitch black, there is a night mode in the automatic setting which turns off the air quality indicator at night but I prefer to have the airflow set at a higher level, in the manual mode you cannot turn off the settings indicators and air quality light. I see this as a minor annoyance but suggestion for product improvement. The second downside is cost, I feel like the unit has a lot of great features and the motor technology seems durable and efficient, so I chalk this up to getting what you pay for, also there are brands/units much more expensive than this.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Sleeps Better - November 9, 2012




5 stars

Bought our first Rabbit Air filter/purifier six months ago or so and immediately my young son started sleeping better. Asthma attacks went way down right away. Just bought a second model for the living room which is where the dog sleeps. My son is allergic to the dog, as well as to environmental allergens like oak & maple, the chemical steam that comes from the dishwasher, and smoke from frying. This filter helps with everything - you can hear it kick in when the dog walks by or something is frying in the kitchen, even when you can't see smoke.
This thing is worth every penny and no, I am not affiliated with the company in any way!

Maxi - November 6, 2012




4 stars
RabbitAir MinusA2 SPA-700a

I bought 2 of these for my house. I have a dylos small particle counter and my house has had issues with somewhat poor air quality. I also sometimes get dust inside my house from the garage workshop so I wanted to keep all that to a minimum because my wife has Asthma issues.

These purifiers are able to bring down my particle count very nicely. I don't have any exact numbers, but they basically reduced the count by half. I tested one in a closed room for a few hours and it almost made the air 100% clean, pretty amazing.

The Activated Charcoal filters DO work! In my case almost too well. I've only had the filters for around 6 months, but for the last few days my house had a slight bad smell like a college dorm room. Well after cleaning the house the smell didn't go away. I did some searching; Turned out all the smell was coming from the AC filters. This means the filters pulled out a ton of smell from my house and eventually saturated, releasing some smell back to the house. If I had known to watch for this I would've caught it right away. So check these right away if you smell something off!

I pulled the AC filters, reassembled the unit with all other filters back inside and the smell stopped right away. Frankly, I see no reason why you really NEED the AC filters. You can buy a complete new filter set for about 75 bucks, or you can buy just the AC filter for 20 bucks ea. That's pretty pricey for just an AC filter. I contacted RabbitAir and they are sending me 2 free AC replacements since they said it's abnormal for it to become full so quick. But the air quality in my house started bad and I have a kid and lots of pets, so I'm not going to ding this review much for it. If it wasn't for the potential smell-release issue, this thing would be 5 stars all the way. Had they not sent me the replacement AC's I would probably just wait until I needed to replace the reset of the filters, which is at least another 6 months from now.

Very silent on silent and low mode, and the airflow is surprisingly good on low. Looks great, great user interface... lots to like!

Ryan Brucks - October 22, 2012




5 stars
Very Nice Unit

I am very happy with my purchase of the Rabbit Air SPA 700A. It was very easy to set up. It is very quiet - it does not disturb my sleep (nor my wife's sleep). The "auto" setting is terrific, the unit runs itself. The Rabbit Air is a bit pricey, but I think it is worth it.

Mostly Bogies - October 19, 2012




5 stars
Can't imagine life without this

My wife was stunned when I told her that I'd spent this amount of money on an air filter. A year down the line we are both hooked on the thing. It is staggering how much dust and pet hair this removes from our bedroom. The whole unit is sleek and quiet and well made
I place it on the highest level and it creates a white noise that blocks out the outside world helping us sleep better
Once complaint...I just bought my first set of replacement filters. They cost $75 (no problem) but they charged $10 for shipping and still don't commit to getting them to you in a decent timeframe - that's lame

P. Jones from Orange County, CA - October 11, 2012




5 stars
Great Purchase

I love my new purifier! It came EXTREMELY well packaged with protection between every layer. Assembles very easily and all comes together to create a top quality product. Just one night with it in my bedroom and the air was fresher and I was not congested as usual when I woke. It kicks into power drive when the doggies shake their fur so I know its sensors are working! Super quiet. I love it!! Hope to get another for the living room. Get it while you can!

sharischroder - October 5, 2012




5 stars

I am keeping it on all the time. Not sure how long the filters will last but for now all is well. Keeps my room free from dust and air-born fibers. Nice night mode and remote control. Well designed.

Z2000 from Boston, MA - October 2, 2012




5 stars
Worth Every Penny

We bought one 5 years ago to try it because at the time, Rabbit Air was offering unconditional return for full refund so we had little to loose.

We put it in our living room and started breathing easier and better the same day and noticed a huge difference in not only breathing, but we don't have stuffy noses from allergens in the air or pet dander as a result.

After one week, we ordered a second one for the bedroom.

These are quiet and worth the money. Try one and you will see.

If I had any complaints, it would be that some of our AV remotes trigger the remote controls on the unit changing the settings. We figured out the settings we liked and covered the remote sensor to avoid this. Certainly not enough to loose a star for what it does.

5 years later, both our systems are still running like new with no problems and I can't imagine not having them in our home.

M. Dawson - September 26, 2012




5 stars
Ignore the daunting price... well worth it!!

I've had a string of moderately priced air purifiers over the years and all of them left me wanting. They would chug away, becoming noisier with time, and do a questionable job cleaning the air. The filters were often as expensive as the entire unit, which sucked. When I tried a more expensive, filterless unit, I really didn't notice a tangible difference in air quality. The one I had just seemed to run and run with no real indication it was doing anything but wasting electricity and costing me money. When I cleaned it, the amount of dust it removed from the air was kind of pathetic.

I wanted the performance of a unit with filters, but also the style and technology of some filterless air cleaners. After a lot of research, I found RabbitAir.

The reviews were overwhelmingly good, but I'd never dropped $500 on an air purifier and was a bit apprehensive to spend that much money. My wife had bad allergies, so in the end it came down to the reviews and the need for something better and I rolled the dice. Man, I'm glad I did.

This unit is quite simply fantastic. I ordered from RabbitAir online, and the purifier arrived quickly and in great shape. When I opened the box, I was extremely pleased. The purifier is sturdy, stylish, and it oozes with quality. Excellent customer service.

It was easy to assemble with clear instructions. It has like seven stages of filtration when assembled. The filters are independently wrapped to preserve them, so you have to unwrap them and insert them into the unit before you operate it. It only takes a few minutes, but it also gives you an appreciation for how much it actually cleans the air, as you insert filter after filter.

The wall mount was easy to install. Mounted on the wall, it looks more like a high-tech decoration than an air purifier. The ""mood lights"" are stylish and cool; they change color based on the quality of the air and power setting.

There are many modes of operation, but I choose the auto setting, which adjusts power based on detected air quality. This feature works like a champ. It even detects and eliminates odors (charcoal filter included). I regularly have an evening soak in the tub with eucalyptus bath salts, and the unit will cycle to a higher setting when it detects the ""scent"" of eucalyptus. Kind of funny...

I use it in my bedroom and haven't lost a wink of sleep. In fact, the barely audible hum kind of helps you sleep. It's whisper quiet -- soooo much better than the piece of crap air purifiers I had before that rattled and chugged along, constantly making noise. Also, don't worry about the lighting when you're trying to sleep. It automatically detects when the room is dark and goes into sleep mode, turning off the lights or dimming them so they don't distract you and/or keep you awake. It activates three minutes after the lights go out in the room, so don't freak out if it the unit's lights stay on for a bit. For the record, I'm an extremely light sleeper, and this unit has never woken me up.

The kit to replace all seven filters is like $70, and you're supposed to do it like every two years. To me, that's a reasonable maintenance cost.

Most importantly, it does its job! The air in our house is cleaner than ever. My wife breathes easier and her allergies aren't as bad. Mission accomplished.

RabbitAir is simply the best air purifier I've ever owned, or SEEN for that matter. I highly, highly recommend this great product.

W.Ballard - September 24, 2012




2 stars
Not really for cigars smokers

Thought I did enough reseach before pulling the trigger on this choice. I bought the 780 even though my office space was far below the claimed coverage of the smaller model. My expectations were too high I suppose but they do alot of marketing in the cigar trades and the reviews here and several other sites gave me hope it would be up to the task. Unfortunately I found just within the first 60 seconds of lighting up one of my stogies the unit was not up to the task. It took about a week to clear the air. this unit is sleek looking, it is not the noisiest brand out there but I would only use this as a general purpose air cleaner, a pricey general air cleaner

David Ben Gerson from Denver, CO - September 23, 2012




5 stars
RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier (700 sq

I am remodeling my house and got this because of the paint fumes. Air quality shows poor (red) when the fumes are bad but changes to good (blue), when I turn the speed up higher. It does what it is suppose to. I would recommend it.

gophergal from Mpls, Mn - September 19, 2012




4 stars
Cleans Quietly and Not an Eyesore,

Most air purifiers are ugly and look like they belong in the basement. They are also noisy as hell (like being in a wind tunnel), and that was true for my Honeywell Envirocare, which took up a huge amount of space in my small apartment.

Which is why I practically fell over when I found the Rabbit. It's cool-looking, has a small footprint, and it's quiet.

But it's also uber-expensive -- close to $600. I hesitated, then finally took the gamble and bought it.

Was it worth it? Yes. I have several birds, all of whom shed dander, crunch food, throw food, and poop every thirty minutes. Even if you make cleaning up a full-time job, you end up with a ""birdy"" smell. Once I turned on the Rabbit, it was gone. You would never know that I had even one bird. To me that alone is worth it. (Rabbit Air actually has a Web page devoted to birds and their air purifiers, although I found that after I purchased the unit.)

The fact that I could have a clean smelling apartment, listen to tv without having to turn up the volume full blast, and had an air purifier that looked decidedly upscale and didn't look like an air purifier justified the purchase. The customer service is first rate. The only reason the Rabbit gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because not all the lights turn off in the dark. If you want it for your bedroom, that's an issue. But overall, a very good investment.

TheConsumer - September 15, 2012




5 stars
Amazing Product

After doing extensive research on Air Purifiers I decided to spend the extra money and go with this product. I am so glad that I did. I have had the unit for a week now and it has made a vast difference in my bedroom. The unit is INCREDIBLY quiet -- even on "Turbo" while there is noise it is not as loud a a fan that I had running. Their customer service is fantastic and located in the United States. I found it also very helpful when going to their website directly it gives you the annual cost of replacing the filters. No other air purifer product sites detailed out their data like this. Added bonus is that you can select a personalized filter -- odor control.. allergy.. etc. Size is great and will mount it on the wall so less intrusive.

Cari Kalapis - August 27, 2012




5 stars

Purchased this unit for the master bedroom. The air quality improved dramatically and it is extremely quiet. Love the silent mode when the lights go out.

pdride - August 21, 2012




5 stars

I bought the Rabbit Air A2 for my son's room after he was diagnosed with dust mite and cat allergies, We have 3 cats. He shares his rather small room with his younger borther so we are space limited. I also needed high performance given the 3 cats which no one will part with. We also wanted a quiet unit so that it can run effectively at night while they are sleeping. The A2 is a perfect match. It has a narrow footprint so it doesn't take up much floor space and can be wall mounted if desired (kit required). On the lower settings, it is nearly silent. We run ours on medium and it is still very quiet. We keep our house fairly clean, as much as we can with 3 cats which we keep out of his room, but the A2 still finds and traps quite a bit of dust and cat hair. Thank goodness Rabbit Air was smart enough to include a prefilter to prevent clogging the finer filters. The prefilter can be vacuumed and shouldn't need replacing.

Stan from MD - August 21, 2012




5 stars

The Rabbit Air A2 is a little more expensive than some, less that many others; but it is well worth the the price considering the perfromance and convenien

Veronica from Norfolk, VA - August 15, 2012




4 stars
Though not Ultra Quiet. Has a high pitch hum.

Boutht two Rabbits this one and another model. I wanted features the other had but they both didn't have. This one would allow you to hang it on a wall if you get the bracket from their home site. Also this one allows you to set it via the unit and not depend on the included remote control. The other needs the remote. The nicest feature for me is having easy front access to the filters to vacuum frequently and inspect. I have yet to wash any of the washable ones. And have yet to replace them with a year plus use. We do have three air purifiers on our main floor...but it's a large house with 16-25 foot open beamed ceiling. Pet hair is our biggest problem with three long haired kits and one big shedder. Biggest dislike is the slight whine it has. It is more pronounced the higher the fan setting. But it is annoying enough you can hear when TV is on and the unit is behind us. We were happy with the other Rabbit until after 3 days of new use just breaking in it began to click/chatter loudly. That was worse so we changed these units around. I could recommend this one but not the other. But I'd warn them about the sound or invite them in to hear these units first. Otherwise Rabbit has a lot of nice features and their filters are the easiest and best to use. But the noises they need to address and fix.

toomuchnow from Extreme NW Rockies - August 3, 2012




5 stars

I purchased my first in January 2008 and it's still running strong, WITH it's original 3 filters! I do clean them regularly, but have not had to replace them. I'm an asthma suffer who's got 2 dogs and 2 cats and this cleaner is by far the best I've ever owned. In fact, now that I've moved it to my bedroom I don't even have to dust in that room and I use body powder every day which has always caused white dust to settle everywhere. NO dust any longer with the air cleaner in that room. I'm getting ready to purchase a second cleaner to put back in it's original spot in the family room. I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking for a cleaner that does the job.

fireangel - July 29, 2012




5 stars
Love it

What a great purchase. Totally feel the difference with this piece. Thinking about mounting for better air flow. We are very pleased.

Henry N. Azarian from Los Angeles, CA - July 4, 2012




5 stars
Throwing away my allergy meds,

The price made me hesitate a bit but I am very glad I made this purchase. My roommate and I had horrible seasonal allergies that Allegra and Zyrtec couldn't address, but in less than a week after using this purifier are sinuses were trouble free. It is very quiet and possibly makes the room smell a bit better, although that really wasn't our major concern. I've been recommending this Rabbit Air to all my congested, sneezing friends; life with this device is much better!

D. Martin from Sacramento, CA - June 4, 2012




5 stars

Highly recommend. I have extreme allergies and I had immediate relief, especially at night. Easy to use, light enough to move to other rooms, and very quiet.

surdo1 from California - May 29, 2012




5 stars
An Attractive Air-Filter with Relatively Low Annual Cost

First, let me say why I bought this over other Air Purifiers: I bought this for my mother (who is terrible with electronics) for allergy season. It has a remote, but if you lose or break the remote, you can still use the buttons on the console. Rabbit Air has a solid reputation for customer service, a 5 year warranty, a 24/7 help line (with a call center staffed with native English speakers).
Now onto the features.
Noise: This machine has 5 different Power settings (and two auto settings). The machine is more-or-less whisper quiet in silent mode. I used it in my bedroom a few nights, and I have no problem with the volume in low or silent modes. High and Turbo are really better for cleaning the air if you aren't around. Auto/Pollen (the two sensor modes) generally will keep the device in low or silent, unless you're running it for the first time.
Effectiveness: Unfortunately, the only other product I have to compare it to is a Honeywell device, but I believe the product works quite well. My mother has been sleeping better, and her bedroom's air smells fresher than it did previously.
Maintenance: The Purifier comes with one set of filters and a pre-filter. The pre-filter should be washed once every month or two, and the set of filters (must be purchased as a set) should be replaced every year or so. Fortunately, the filters are relatively cheap at ~$80.
There is a LED that lights up when the filter should be replaced.
There is also an air-quality sensor that the device uses for the automatic settings which needs to be cleaned with a Q-Tip every month or two.
Removing the pre-filter and front cover takes about 10 seconds. Replacing the filter set is a little complicated, but straight-forward with included instructions, and should take about 5-10 minutes.
Size and Appearance: The MinusA2 has a decent footprint. It isn't exactly portable at a little under 20 lbs, but it isn't very cumbersome either. It is about the size of one of a full-sized desktop tower. The air vent is on the top of the unit, and the air intake is all around the front panel of the unit. You can also purchase an optional wall-mount kit. It's a bit deeper than you probably imagine from the picture, but it's still a relatively attractive appliance rather than a box on wheels. The device has a set of blue LEDs while operational. They are less bright than the average cell-phone's screen.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

Paul Tai - April 26, 2012

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