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4 stars
Rabbit Air MinusA2

My wife thinks it is wonderful so what more can I ask.

It is definitely quiet, even at higher speeds, but especially at the lower speeds where it seems to spend most of it's time. I have had if for about a month and all is OK so far. It does seem to be sensitive to the humidifier. It seems to sense our ultrasonic humidifier and runs at max whenever it is on. This seems strange but not particularly a problem.

My only discomfort is that it runs at low speed most of the time when on the particle sensor and I wonder how it can be cleaning the air at that speed. This is a minor concern though since I can set the speed manually. This is similar to the night-time mode when it turns down to low when the lights are out. It's nice for sleeping but how can it be cleaning the air? Again, I can set the mode to change this by putting it in pollen mode or setting it manually. Neither of us is bothered by the noise when sleeping even with it running at high speed. It is odd they call the mode that turns off the light sensor ""pollen mode"".

I like the fact that it has pre-filters in front of the HEPA filter. Hopefully it will deliver on the promise of infrequent filter changes.

It is attractive. I do think the front panel light, I think they call it a mood light, is a little silly.

R. E. Seymour - April 24, 2012




5 stars
We love our Rabbit Air!,

We have had our Rabbit Air spa-700a for over a month now and we are very happy with it. We live in a basement with not one or two but three chihuahuas, one of which just had a litter so make that SEVEN chihuahuas ;). Since we got the Rabbit Air it no longer smells like basement down here nor does it smell like dog. We got the ""pet allergy"" filter in our Rabbit Air.

I really like the customizable filter option. I also really like that it has a 'pre filter' to trap contaminants from unnecessarily contaminating the more expensive filters. Since we got our Rabbit Air the air smells cleaner and needless to say, we are very happy with it!

I spent A LOT of time researching air purifiers before deciding upon the Rabbit Air spa-700a. I found the Rabbit Air spa-700a air purifier to be the best value for the price and was just what I was looking for. The Rabbit Air is quite small considering the amount of filters in it. It is capable of moving a ton of air on turbo mode and is pleasantly quiet in sleep mode.

Rabbit Air also did a geat job in taking air purifiers from bulky and unsightly to compact, stylish units. I proudly mounted mine to the wall.

I really wanted to comment on the price, at just below $500 I think it is a great value. No I'm not rich, $500 is a lot of money but think of it this way; how often do you breathe, and how important is breathing to you? For something that cleans the air you breathe in and out, all day, everyday, $500 is nothing. Air quality is very important and directly related to your health and $500 to me for clean air is a great deal.

I am very happy with my Rabbit Air spa-700a. I highly recommend it to anyone searching for an air purifier. I also recommend purchasing the wall mount for it, it looks great on the wall and keeps it up out of the way, saving space.

D. Hubert Jr. - April 24, 2012




3 stars
SPA-780A Black,

As the title says, I bought a SPA-780A in black. I've had the machine for about a month now and it seems to be doing an OK job. I bought the pet version because we just added a third cat to the house and I was afraid that the new addition may finally be enough to push my allergies over the edge.

I honestly don't know if it is helping. Before running the machine in the house I had been having some issues with build up in my throat, causing soreness. That really hasn't changed to a point where I want to say ""Wow, this thing really works!"". It may have lessened a little, but not a lot.

There are days where I question whether or not it was worth $550.

GhostTown - April 14, 2012




5 stars
Quiet and effective

This has had a great effect on the quality of air throughout my (1 bedroom) apartment. At its highest setting it is quieter than the lowest setting on another cheap air filter this replaced, and it moves quite a bit of air. It's not the cheapest air filter out there, and it would have been out of my range if not for tax refund - but it was money well spent.

Kevin - April 12, 2012




5 stars
Worth It

This is our 2nd one. The first has been working for >3 years. They have an impact on our sinuses, especially in the Spring.
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JAC - March 11, 2012




5 stars

I love this product. I did my research for days and this was far the best for the price. Easy to install, turned right on and its started doing its job. Love that you don't have to change filters but every 3 years, you can just vacum or wash them every 3 months to keep clean.
The air in my 985 square foot house stays clean & fresh!
Love it!!

Laurie from Texas - February 28, 2012




4 stars

This product looks great and works pretty well to filter out odors, even cigarette smoke. I had hoped, however that it would filter our more odors and I'm not sure if it filters as large of an area as it claims. I have no way of knowing whether or not it is actually filtering out the toxins, but I assume it is. When it detects smoke...or food smells, or whatever it will automatically come on high, which I like. You can also tell it to operate on high or low or silent. WHen it is on high it is very loud. When it is on silent, it doesn't seem to be working as well. When it is in auto mode, It goes into "sleep" or hibernate mode at night. I don't like this at all. The only way to make it work at night/when it is dark, is to set it on continuous speed (low-med-high), then it makes its fan noise continually. It really does work pretty good and those are the only bad things.

Cheri from Brighton, MI - February 21, 2012




5 stars
Great odor remover,

I bought this product approximately 1 year ago and it has functioned flawlessly. I am a smoker, but still have a great sense of smell and this device effectively reduces all odors. I especially like that the filters only have to be changed once a year. I've just done the quarterly cleaning as instructed in the owner's manual and everything has worked fine. Almost always use the auto feature that cleans as needed.

Apple - February 17, 2012




5 stars

I purchased the Rabbit Minus A2 purifier because I have asthma; my 15 yr old daughter wanted a kitten badly but I know I'm allergic to cats. Of course, I got the kitten anyhow but immediately started having breathing issues. Even an added inhaler wasn't relieving the problem, so I ordered the Rabbit in hopes of some relief. It worked and keeps on working daily. It even absorbs cooking odors quickly. This has been worth every cent I paid for it. It is a very quiet machine and sits near the tv, but we don't have a problem with the noise level on any setting. We have fun with the mood light but would like the Rabbit even if that feature wasn't present.

Donna from Massachusetts - February 14, 2012




4 stars

We've been using it for almost 2 months now and it's been great so far. We wanted to remove laundry odor and clear up the dust in the bedroom. Now, the bedroom smells CLEAN! Our bedroom is the vortex that seems to collect all dust from the house. While the RabbitAir has helped eliminate some of it, I was hoping for better. We may need to position it closer to the door.
When researching for a product, we were really concerned about noise level since it was going to be next to us while we slept. No worry here! The lowest setting is so quiet that my partner didn't realize it was even on. We keep it on all the time because of that. We also use the 3rd setting for white-noise if one of us has gone to bed and the other is still futzing around the house. A bit of a warning, changing any of the settings on the remote (I haven't used the button on the machine itself) will generate a beep. This might disturb someone who's already asleep. We've gotten used to it though.

Anna from California - February 7, 2012




5 stars

MollyMy five-year-old is allergic to our dog, dust, and mold. We used a cheap air filter and it was no help. He woke up coughing most nights. After two nights of using this one, he was sleeping all the way through the night. This thing cost a lot but it was worth it. The silent mode really is very quiet.

Molly - January 31, 2012




5 stars
Stylish, a little pricey, a lot of filter layers, thicker than it looks

We've used the Blue Air Purifier in our masterbedroom for years now. And while I don't change the filters every 6 months, I do every 12 months. We literally turned it on in the corner of the room and occasionally vacuum it, but we practically forget it's there. It runs quiet and moves a lot of air. And definitely cuts down on the dust in the room.
We're redoing our kid's rooms and the appeal of this unit was that it could be wall mounted, off the ground and away from little curious hands. So, it's a bit annoying you have to buy a $10 wall mount kit separately, but it's no biggie.
The unit comes well boxed, with your choice of personalized filters. When you unpack it, you have to open up and unwrap each filter layer. It's then that you appreciate how many ""filters"" are involved in the process. It's a well made item. I kinda ignore the ""mood light"" verbiage and view it as a night light. In Auto mode, it does a great job of sensing lights off and, overall, runs very quietly (occasionally ramping up the fan when it ""detects"" more stuff to filter).
It's an attractive unit. Now, it's deeper than photographed. So, wall mounting it, is not as sleek as the photos would have you believe. That said, it's nice to have the option to wall mount it, as many/most don't.
I think the Blue Air could learn a few things (they are reminiscent of the Beige computers of old) from Rabbit Air (which is more like an iMac). I think the Blue Air's do a lot more room air exchanges and the filters are thick bricks. But, they are definitely big, bulky, beige boxes. The Rabbit Air doesn't handle the same ""volume"" as effectively, but are comparably priced and ultimately a better looking unit with the option to wall mount. Though, the wall mounting isn't the most practical given it's size and then, there's handling the power cord.
I hesitated when I bought this, as I was curious about the Asthma and Allergy certified unit, that was more expensive, turns out, that's just an ""Odor removal"" filter on the same unit, with which you pay a premium to be certified's from their website:
What is the difference between the MinusA2 Asthma and Allergy Friendly(tm) Air Purifier and the standard MinusA2 air purifier?
There is no difference with the air purifier itself, although the MinusA2 Asthma and Allergy Friendly(tm) Air Purifier has been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Friendly(tm) Certification Program to show that it is both asthma and allergy friendly for our customers. The cost difference goes towards the Asthma and Allergy Friendly(tm) Certification Program, which is the oldest and largest not-for-profit, asthma and allergy patient advocacy organization in the world.
When you purchase a MinusA2 Asthma and Allergy Friendly(tm) Air Purifier, you will automatically receive the Odor Remover customized filter. This is the specific customized filter our Rabbit Air team chose to use while we conducted the testing with the Asthma and Allergy Friendly(tm) Certification Program. If you wish to choose another customized filter, please purchase our standard MinusA2 air purifier where you will have a choice of 4 customized filters to choose from.

A. Doss - January 20, 2012




4 stars
Well built, efficient air purifier - but noisier than its cheaper BioGS cousins

I have owned 3 BioGS and 1 MinusA2 for about a year now.

The MinusA2 has a higher level of quality than the BioGS, which I expect for the increase in price.

The filters are better sealed and easier to remove and install - much less dust gets around them compared to the BioGS.

The electronic controls are superior. It comes with pre-calibrated particle and odor sensors (which can be adjusted on a 1-5 sensitivity level), which is a huge improvement over the manual calibration of the BioGS. In addition, it has a light sensor which allows it to automatically go to Silent mode at night time - which is extremely convenient. This makes the MinusA2 almost complete hands-free.

The MinusA2 suffers from the same charcoal filter problem as the BioGS. With such a small amount of charcoal (compared to several pounds of charcoal in purifiers like IQAir), the filter quickly becomes useless and starts emitting a nasty odor - which, admittedly, some find more noticeable than others. I really wish Rabbit Air would admit the shortcomings and start offering cheaper replacements. A one year expected lifetime is unrealistic for these filters.

The MinusA2 is a bit noisier than the BioGS (which is virtually silent). The MinusA2 has a more restricted vent, which leads to a high pitched whine. Granted, it is barely audible on silent, but it's noticeable. On higher speeds, the whine is much more obvious. I've learned to live with it, but I imagine it could be a deal breaker for some people.

I prefer the BioGS look. The MinusA2 looks like a dishwasher. It's the same sort of white, glossy plastic and boxy feel. I imagine the black (not available on the 700A) or artist-styled panels would help in this regard.

J.S.R. - January 15, 2012




5 stars
MinusA2 700A vs. BioGS 421A vs. Winix 9500

I did a a lot of research before my purchases and I have dealth with three air cleaners and wanted to share with some of my new findings after a few weeks of use.

First, about electronic features

Sensors : I feel that Minus A2 sensor has most accurate sensor, then Winix 9500 and the last BioGS 421A. MinusA2 sensor seems to be very consistant all the time. BioGS 421A's sensor's baseline is determined when the machine is first turned on after plugged in. which didn't make much sense to me because we turn on the air cleaner when we think we have dusts in room. Manual recommend resetting baseline after turning machine on 20 min or so and restart the machine in order to increse sensitivity.
Winix 9500 sensor is decent but its calibration method is unknown but it works good, anyways.
Big plus with MinusA2 is that the machine let you adjust the sensitivity and saves the setting.

Light sensors : Winix 9500 -> sensitive to shadow as well, the machine thinks it's night and put it self on slowest mode if placed decent amount of shadow
MinusA2 -> more sensitive to darkness. does not get fooled with shadow like Winix. therefore it gets out of sleep mode and runs more time than Winix 9500 on average

Noise : Noise varies depending on fan speed. So, you will have to give up either one.
MinusA2 was the most quiet at its slowest speed at the expense of reduced air flow rate. BioGS 421 noise is more at its slowest mode but has more air flow rate, I think. Winix falls between somewhere between two models.
Also Rabittair's product's airflow spec for room size is somewhat misleading because it's based on 2 air changes whereas other unit (like Winix) is based on 6 air changes. So Rabittair product doesn't neceesarily cover much larger space than Winix.

Ionizer : I personally prefer not to use any ionizer or plasmawave due to ozone emission ( although it's very small like 1/25 times less than harful level). MinusA2 -> saves ionizer off setting and it stays off whenver I turn on and off. Winix 9500 -> I have to turn plasma wave off after turning on machine every time. BioGS -> it turns ionizer back on every time I change setting such as fan speed. so it's a little bothersome.

As for filters
BioGS 421A had thick filters ( 3 layers). MinusA2 (5 layers - HEPA and carbon filter being thinner than other two units but it has two other filters)
Winix (somewhat weak filter construction and quality)

MinusA2 is the winner without a question.. It addes a beauty to your room interior. Then Winix has clean and sturdy design. BioGS (gray) wasn't so pretty to me. Maybe other colors might be better.

Lastly, Rabbitair's customer support was great like other reviewers said. I had some issues first but was very good following up with my calls and a problem.

Bottomline : like other reviewer said, get MinusA2 if you can afford. If not, among 2 other units I reviewed, get BioGS series if you prefer better filter quality over functionality. If you prefer functionality and wants to set it and forget about it, get Winix 9500.

Also, know that Rabittair has 5 year warrantee over 1 year warrantee with Winix.
Some review websites mention that you may encounter quality control problem with Winix, I disagree. The unit seems to be built well and runs well. I believe that some of those reviews are biased anyways as they can get funding from manufacturers.

Update 10/29/2012
It's been a year since I used both Winix and Rabbit. Rabbit air is proven to be smarter in term of detecting dusts/odor. Also, the I can take out Rabbit's air's medium filter and clean it making my HEPA filter last long. Winix's light sensor is not sensitivy enough to detech whether it's under shadow or really in dark. but Rabbit air light sensor has never failed me.

J. Lee - January 14, 2012

5 stars
Hesitated, but wish I hadn't

I hesitated. The product is relatively new, the price tag high (although not as high as some long-time industry standards), and the maker....oblique (Mitsubishi? Making air purifiers?!). But the reviews convinced me that maybe it was worth trying, and the one machine could replace two that had become so obsolete I couldn't find new filters for them. I've been using air purifiers for over fifteen years, and still have not found it in me to spend $1k on a unit that wouldn't go obsolete. The product is very well engineered - the filters fit together perfectly - and the unit does a great job. Within two hours on the Turbo setting, I was breathing easier, and by the next day where I thought I was going to have to replace upholstered furniture for how badly I was itching and getting congested sitting on it, I'm now dealing again - yay! My only complaint is that I've become so used to the white noise of my purifiers through the years that I'm having trouble sleeping. This machine is incredibly quiet. "") Something, actually, others would love.

Please tell us about the quality of the product. High
How accurate was the on site description of the product? Accurate

angrm from Boston - October 16, 2011




4 stars
Great for pet allergies and asthma !!!,

We have had the 780A model in our bedroom for over a year and are very happy with it.

We got it because my wife has some serious cat dander allergy and asthma, and we had 5 cats in the house! Well, something had to be done, so after extensive research on air purifiers for cat dander allergies and asthma, I selected the Rabbit Air 780A.

We recommend Minus A2 780A highly, with two caveats.

We are still using the original filter after more than a year, and have cleaned the pre-filters exactly two times. We run it most nights, 8 to 12 hours while we are in the bedroom. We turn it off when we aren't in the bedroom or aren't home. It still seems to be working great, and I don't feel like we need to get a new filter yet. My wife has commented that it makes a huge difference in her comfort level and ability to sleep. She uses her inhaler a lot less.

There are several downsides: We have the unit in our bedroom several feet past the foot of the bed where we both sleep. But the problem is, and it is kind of a serious defect, the front of the thing is covered with Green LEDs and a large LED light that changes from blue to red and back, to indicate the level of cleaning that needs to be done to the air. It is not possible to turn these lights off. They are very bright in a dark bedroom, and interfere with sleep. I've had to cover them with several layers of tape, which helps, but isn't pretty. Also, it has the moronic mood light function in a wide band across 3/4 of the front panel. This ""feature"", actually it is a huge FLAW, is supposed to improve your mood by changing from blue to purple. Well, it doesn't work to improve my mood. Actually, it has the oposite effect. It makes me angry at how stupid and obnoxious it is every time I see it. Luckily, it can be turned off permanently. However, one of the main benefits of the Minus-A2 line is the option to get a designer panel for the unit. We have the super cool Mount Fuji Wave image, and love it, except that it is partly RUINED by the stupid and ugly translucent plastic bubble for the mood light right through the middle of it, and the less obnoxious, but still stupid and objectionable small black and silver accent ""tab"" or whatever it is on the left side that cuts into the image. I've deducted one star because of these two light issues. The designers should be more sensitive to those who want the unit in their bedrooms and want to sleep in the dark.

HELLO, Mr. Rabbit Air designer, please make the stupid, obnoxious and ugly mood light bubble in the middle of the front panel optional!!! That way, those of us that don't want it don't have to be annoyed by it every time we see it! Also, please put the LEDs on the front behind some sort of panel or door, or provide a dial or some rocker switch to dim them all the way to zero, so they don't disturb our sleep at night. That would make this unit close to perfect.

P. Blum - October 11, 2011




5 stars

The unit does a good job cleaning the air. The furniture and shelves don't get nearly as dusty as they used to and the air quaility seems better. The unit is quiet on automatice mode and even when It's on the highest setting it isn't obnoxious or loud. I recommend taking off the front cover every week or so and vacuuming off the accumulated dust, dog hair, etc.

Scott from Houston - October 11, 2011




Thank you for Rabbit Air.

We have a grandson who is allergic to so many different allergens. Your product now allows him to visit and stay in our home without any problems. It has made such a huge difference and our stress levels disappear.

Along with that I feel our home smells cleaner if that is possible. I have told so many about your product and hope they follow through and look in to it. We have one in each of our homes and recently purchased one for our son condo, who is going through chemo treatment. He thinks it has made a huge difference for him.

Thank you,

Jackie B. - October 6, 2011




5 stars

Very pleased with the way it cleans the air & pollutants in my office

bunnylover - October 4, 2011




5 stars

I was amazed on how quickly the air purifier removed the cooking odors. Within 10 minutes, all the odor was gone! I am astounished on how much the air quality improved. The air smells crisp and clean. I bought a second purifier for my grandmother. I know she'll love it just as much as I do. Its well worth the price. You can't put a price on your health! Don't be cheap...go out and get it!

Drew - September 22, 2011




I love my Biogs, I've had it for two years and it is amazing.

Michael - September 22, 2011




5 stars
Air Purifier

I recommend everyone to get for their bedroom. It amazes me how dirty the filter gets when I clean it out. You can smell the difference in the air. Great product for someone that has allergies.

1tblafford from NY - September 13, 2011




5 stars
Changed view on the air my family breathes

I recieved my product today and wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I have placed the unit in my living room and my entire family has seen significant improvement in our breathing clarity. We don't have asthma, and are healthy... but this air purifier still made a big difference in the air quality for my family. We are strongly considering placing more units in each room as well. I am going to happily suggest this to my friends and family, and as they visit my home.

YG - September 8, 2011




3 stars

Our family of four couldn't tell the difference, in terms of air quality. We live in apartment, cooking odor is an issue and it doesn't help one bit

ChelmsfordMA - September 7, 2011




4 stars

It seems to get the job done I havent had any complaints since I started using it

DESI22 from Miami, Fl. - September 7, 2011




Have been using for about 1 month. With windows open in the summer, I have been using it on low next to my chair (my at home office) to condition my local environment. I can sit down with a stuffed up nose and in 10 minutes I’m all cleared up. In the winter, when the windows are closed, I will use it to clear our bedroom.

Peter - September 3, 2011




5 stars

I love this air purifier. I had a terrible cough I could not get rid of and no kidding within two days of putting this purifier in my bedroom my cough was gone. I plan on buying one for my daughter's room at her school in hopes of avoiding some of the germs the kids love to "share".

AmyP from Destin, Florida - August 25, 2011




1 star

The styling on this air purifier is really cool, however it doesn't work. I bought it because my Alpine Air Breeze died and I had read that ozone is bad for you, so I decided to switch to a HEPA unit.
I wasn't necessarily as concerned about pollen, air quality, etc. but I did want cooking odors, husband odors and cat odors to be removed from the air. Not going to happen with this unit. We have a small condo and it just wasn't taking any odors out of the air at all.
I guess I'll have to get another ozone unit, which does take odors out of the air.
I am returning this item this week.

LauraJ from Connecticut - August 9, 2011




5 stars
Great Air Purifier

This is the second Rabbit Air purifier that I have purchased. I've really noticed that it helps my allergies. It is very quiet and works much better than the less expensive air purifiers I've purchased in the past.

jlk0925 from Abilene, TX - July 30, 2011




5 stars

I have smokers in the house and the machine specs said it would clear the air. Not completely for sure! I do sleep better when I put machine in bedroom, the white noise is fine. The light dimming card provided is woefully poor in sticking. Luckily, I set aside some of the packaging tape and use 4 pieces to lock it in place. Make SURE you ALWAYS put the remote in its holder on the machine. Lose it, you are toast!

Homer from ORANGE CITY, FL - July 23, 2011




5 stars

Detects odors great - a smoker entered the room right after having a cigarette - the indicators showed the detection of the odor - then eliminated it. Helping with my wife's breathing as well.

LeoinME from Maine - July 23, 2011




I love my second Rabbit Air , we have been sleeping very comfortably since it arrived last week! Thanks so much for making such a great air cleaner. In just one week there is sooooo much dust and dirt that it caught I couldn't believe it! I think I have one of the dustiest homes in the USA. With 2 dogs, a number of cats, 2 tortoises,(It's their straw bedding that is so dusty) and birds, I appreciate Rabbit Air air cleaner so much. Thanks again for such a fantastic product.

Tom and Judy from Timoldi, NJ - July 20, 2011




Thank you so much, Elaine. You guys have been awesome, from the online chat person to Olivia, to you as well. Frankly, I expect a hassle regarding any warranty situation, but you have all been so helpful and accommodating. I am in love with the product (I have recommended it to several friends of mine as the best air purifier I have ever had) and now I am in love with the service you provide. I promise you I am fully committed to your product and your company. Thank you again, Elaine, and thanks to everyone who has helped me so far.

Andrew from Clermont, FL - July 19, 2011




5 stars
Great Air Purifier

Quiet, and works wonders. ENTIRELY got the paint smell out of a poorly ventilated space within 3 days of painting 2 coats! Makes a huge difference in overall air quality. It is quiet, senses when it needs to work harder, and shuts off at night if you set it to sensor light in the room.

ladymizlina from CA - July 15, 2011




3 stars
Expensive but...,

I've had this for almost two years now.

The good:
It's quiet.
If you're cooking something it actually did make a noticeable difference with odor. Sometimes I actually lamented this (good odors) but not when the wife cooked fish. It's been about two years (24/7) and it's abilities seem diminished now (hence looking for replacement).
The filter collected quite a bit of dust at my old apartment and required frequent cleaning. I would normally assume this meant it was working.
It has a clean look and looking at other models it's definitely something that won't be completely hideous to look at.
The blue light can make a great night light (that's what I used it for)
It's been two years and it's still going.

The Bad:
That pretty blue bar is BRIGHT as are the other lights. My wife being sensitive we've duct-taped all lights that can't be turned off (keep in mind we don't have clocks either... so this likely won't bother most)
I had pretty bad allergies at my old apartment. This had zero effect on my allergies. I shower when I get home because they can be pretty bad. I vacuum to help reduce my issue... and I still didn't notice a huge difference between inside or outside.

Overall... bang for the buck, this isn't a filter I highly recommend. When I last reviewed this product there were a lot more negative reviews (the product has been removed and reposted since but it's the same model it just lost the old reviews. You can go through my past reviews to find the product as well as others commentary.).

If you like the look and have the money to take a chance that my situation is unique or the product has improved since early 2009, then go for it. It definitely did a great job removing odors for me, which left me dumbfounding as to why it didn't do a great job on the pollen. In fairness it may have been my older place was too contaminated and the vents were the biggest issue... although I would have expected a good air filter to reduce the irritation and despite showering and vacuuming (canister with hepa filter not bag) it never felt like this did.

Keep in mind replacements are $75 (at this moment when I'm looking at replacing 7/12/11) as well.

Duhkgeorge - July 12, 2011




5 stars

Wow what a difference in air quality ! Never believed that a unit could make the air "noticibly" different and clean !

Tbone - July 12, 2011




5 stars

This is an excellent product and I highly recommend.

amanda from FL - July 11, 2011




5 stars

This is truly the best machine out there. would be nice if it came with blk and wht front faces so as to make it easy to fit into any room in the house. This really looks good in any environment.

dz302 - July 9, 2011




5 stars
Well worth the money & super quiet too

This is the second unit I have purchased this time for my parents and they are sleeping much better now with one in their room. The previous Bionaire worked okay but it was always braking and I kept on needing to get replacements. After the 3rd replacement I decided to just go ahead and get this -A2. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a stylish and functional air purifier who lives in an area with major allergy problems.

boodahfinger from Wichita - July 3, 2011




4 stars

I have one of these already with the Toxin Absorber custom filter and it works great. I went to order a second one for another room and saw this one on sale and that it came with all 4 custom filters. But I only received the pet allergy filter. After waiting a week for the other 3 to be shipped, I returned it for a refund. Later I noticed there was 3 different 700A's with different initials after them. A 700AP, 700AG, & 700AT. Evidently they goofed when listing all 4 cusom filters for each one. I ordered the 700AP and got the Pet Allergy custom filter. I bet the 700AG comes with the Germ Defense and the 700AT with the Toxin Absorber filter. So order accordingly, instead of expecting all 4 custom filters as it says.

Star from TX - June 25, 2011




5 stars

I have been suffering from allergies to pollen and dust and a friend suggested I get an air purifier. After thorough research I bought the Rabbit. the air in my room smells clean and fresh and I have been sleeping better since then. I just bought another unit for my living room. The Rabbit is very quiet and so sensitive to odors and pollutants. I'm very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

amethyst555 from New York - June 21, 2011




5 stars
Quiet, effective air purifier

I've had this now for 4 months - running it 24/7. With a dog in the house and bad allergies we wanted something for our living/dining area that wasn't too ugly and was still very effective. We found it with the Rabbit Air Minus A2. It picks up so much dust and pollen - this is the first spring where I didn't need to turn on the air conditioner to help my allergies, the Rabbit took care of it! Ive had visitors mention that my house doesn't have a "dog smell" to it that most homes with pets have either. It covers my entire downstairs - roughly 600sq feet. The monthly cleaning of the top filer is quick and easy with a vacuum cleaner attachment, and you can really see all the dust, hair, etc it picks up! I'm very happy with it and recommend it to others.

jfarring - June 20, 2011




4 stars
Stylish and works but quite expensive

After a weekend of leaving it running my bedroom smells really fresh and clean (or it could be psychological.. lol). Anyways it's so good so far. Looks stylish and seems to work. I love that it's a wall mount so it doesn't take up floor space and being up higher it's better in the long run. It won't clog up with all the stuff on the floor which should be picked up by the vacuum more efficiently that your air purifier. It's also super quiet. I barely hear it running but I can feel the air coming out from the top.

T. Ngo - June 19, 2011




5 stars
Purcheser / User,

This is a great product! Was concerned about some of the reviews about bad smell, it was very low and only a couple hours. This product works very well and is self adjusting to your current air quality. The noise level is the best of any of the air purifers I have ever owned, most of the time you don't even hear it, when it goes to high it's only noticable but does not enter fear with TV and the unit is about 3 feet from where we sit. We did mount on the wall and it is very easy to do. I purchased 3 units and am going to purchase 2 more. 3 is enough for 2100 sq. foot home but we live on a ranch with lots of dust, the 3 work well but I want another for my son's room and one for my RV. This is truly a great product. Great price on Amazon and fast shipping.

AZ Bryan - June 16, 2011




5 stars
So far so good

I didn't buy this from amazon, but ordered directly from the Rabbit Air website. I got one with the tree of life artist cover. The cover is very attractive with a thick shiny finish and appears it will hold up to being wiped down without getting ruined over time.
I won't go into extreme detail as I agree with most of the comments, just wanted to add some extras.
I'm not sure if the ones in Amazon's stock are a bit older, but the one I got has all the features.
It has both the particle sensor on the side, and the odor detector on the front. I read some reviews saying the odor detector wasn't on their unit, but perhaps it is back due to popular demand. It also includes a feature to disable the negative ion emitter as well, although I like to keep it on. Not sure if it is just my imagination, but any dust in the air seems to fall very quickly now. The unit gets dusty pretty fast as it is sticking due to the ions I guess.
Despite what I read online, it also has an indicator light for when to change the filter. The instructions show how to reset the indicator light which probably means it is just programmed to turn on after a year, although I can't confirm that. It has enough other sensors maybe it checks for reduced airflow but that seems unlikely to me.
If I blow into the odor sensor the light turns from blue to purple. heh, uh oh. Also, I made some toast this morning and it went from blue to purple, so it definitely works. I patted a pillow in front of the particle sensor and the light turned purple as well and kicked up the fan until it was happy. This morning I pulled the cover off and there were chunks of dog hair and other stuff on the first filter. I have the unit on a counter top, had no idea that stuff floats that high in the air.
You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors low, medium and high. I changed it to high personally. They don't seem to be extremely sensitive, I tend to manually keep the fan on medium or higher, otherwise it will stay on silent or low mode if set to Auto. I guess my air quality is pretty good already, but I have the unit in a large room and I want it to keep pushing a lot of air around.
That would be my only con so far is that I don't think it will be very effective in a big open area if it stays on low. I noticed that when on silent mode, it is barely sucking any air. So the particle detector which is on the side will only kick the fan higher if the immediate surrounding air is dirty. I found the air quality indicator would be solid blue, but when I turned the fan to high or turbo, after a minute it turned purple as it moved much more air and started bringing some dustier air to the unit. That kind of irritated me but I'm sure it would do the job if I just left it alone rather then stand their and obsess over the sensors. (It turned bright red when I held a really stinky garbage bag in front of it, lol)
Having used a Austin Healthmate which is quite noisy, this thing in comparison is whisper quiet.
It is almost totally inaudible on silent mode and low mode. I don't have to turn up the TV at all on medium. Even on high it is amazingly quiet in comparison to the Austin. On turbo mode it is louder but about the same noise level as the Austin on medium. Granted, it doesn't push nearly as much air either, but it does a solid job, especially on high or turbo. You don't really hear the motor, just the whooshing sound of air.
The instruction manual now does not mention anything about 2 year filter. It instructs you to clean the permanent filter and replace the other ones every 12 months, and run it 24/7. To me that says the company is more interested in being upfront about the facts rather then try to trick you into thinking it is a 2 year replacement and then say in fine print only if you run it 12 hours a day. Could get expensive though.
About smoke. My girlfriend and I smoke in the garage, and it seeps into the house when we open the door to go in and out. The filter is doing a great job removing residual smoke smells in the house. For the custom filter I chose the charcoal one for this exact purpose, and it seems to really work well. Time will tell if it gets stinky before the year is up.

theghetto - May 19, 2011




4 stars
Expensive but really good

There has been more than one time where I forgot the air purifier was operating even though I was sitting only a few feet away (when on its lowest setting).

* Great at most odors (including strong kitchen odors)
* Good at removing allergens
* Auto setting is nice, and you can adjust how aggressive it is
* Easy to replace filters
* Relatively light weight
* Comes with remote control

* Not great at removing bathroom odors
* Expensive!

Other thoughts:
I removed a star because this thing is seriously expensive already, but the only way to buy one colored black is to buy a more expensive model.

Brandon M. Lyon - May 18, 2011




5 stars

I ordered the Rabbit for my bedroom to reduce the
pollens and clean the air, as I have allergies.
It is lightweight, easy to move about, and has many speeds. I was concerned about the sound being too loud, as I had experienced with other air purifiers, but this one is inaudible on the lowest speed, and is
just perfect in design, color and attractiveness.
I am very pleased and am considering buying one for my mother and another for myself for another part of my house.

Roxybeach from Houston, TX - May 16, 2011




5 stars

We love this purifier. Amazing how it has cut down on the dust! This machine is VERY quiet so for those that prefer quiet - this is the one for you. Our grandsons allergies prompted the purchase - has turned out to benefit all of us.

nanaof3 - May 14, 2011




5 stars

Great product. Works great. Quiet. Slot for holding remote is a nice touch. Only complaint is that you need the remote for full function. Don't lose it.

rbk39 from ohio - May 3, 2011




4 stars
Quiet and works well

It senses the least little change in the air quality in our house as signified by a warning light. Runs quietly and the air seems to be cleaner.

Chicky - April 30, 2011




5 stars

This air purifier has turned out to be a gem. It is so quiet, you don't even know that it is on. I had to keep checking it, to make sure it was turned on. It has made a significant difference in the odor of cigarette smoke that comes from a neighboring apartment (that is why I purchased it). The first 2 visitors to my apartment noticed the improved air quality immediately upon walking inside. It has also helped with my boyfriend's allergies. We are thinking of purchasing a second unit for the apartment, we are so pleased with it. I would highly recommend this product.

Xstitch55 from Burlington, VT - April 30, 2011




5 stars

The purifier does everything it says it is supposed to do.
Was glad HD substituted the white for the green I had ordered. At the time I placed my order the white was not available. Very quiet even when not using the sleep mode.

Monieb - April 30, 2011




Our Rabbit Air is great. Good to know harmfil pollutants and germs are being carried away

We're so glad we bought it and we recommend it to everyone.

Sharon and John from Waterbury Ctr, VT - April 18, 2011




I can only say AWESOME!!!!!!

I am the type of person that researches a great deal before buying. There are so many different air filter / cleaners that advertize to do everything. I had previously owned the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze II actually 3 of them, I had thought they did a wonderful job. Now I know what clean air really is. This one is in my bedroom, and

after having it almost a month now I can say when I get home from work the whole house smells fresh and the air quality is soooooooooo much better. I plan to buy the another soon.

I suffer from sever allergies, especially live oak pollen, until this year I had always had some kind of air cleaner. My allergies were so bad this year they turned into bronchial phenomena. Thus my waiting was over, I purchased the Rabbit Minus A2 for the bedroom as recommended by the rep I spoke too. Kudos for her.

Thank you Rabbit have a life time customer.

Brenna from Tampa, FL - April 18, 2011




Though it took a long time to get my Rabbit Air due to shipping from US to Canada it was worth the wait. This product is excellent. We are sleeping better, breathing clearer, and when we wake we don't have a nose and throat full of yech! We live in an older building and everyone is always sick. Since getting our Rabbit Air we feel better. We plan to save up and buy a bigger unit for the rest of our place (we use the current unit in our bedroom). Thanks for producing an excellent product that we can believe in.

Abe Schoenewolf - April 18, 2011




We are so pleased with our new air purifier !
Before we purchased the Rabbit-air we had so much dust on our furniture, and our cherry wood floors. Since turning on the purifier it has made the dust so much better.
Also the quality of the air in our living room and dining area are much cleaner.
My wife and I want to tell you what a great product you have! and would reccomend it to others.


Margaret & Anthony Capelli from New Jersey - April 15, 2011





Since I’ve been using the Rabbit Air BioGS for about 2 months the air in my home not only smells clean and fresh but has a soft feel as well and I have multiple house pets. Visitors have noticed it without me mentioning anything. Thanks for a great product!

Dave - April 15, 2011




I bought 2 of these Rabbitsairs & I love them !!

Garnet Justice - April 15, 2011




5 stars
Overall High Performer & Sleek

We have several pets and live in an older building (condo) with a lot of dust from age and remodeling. The Dyson was not enough. :)
On the high setting (which we keep it set at except for TV viewing), the unit sounds strong, not overly loud or high-pitched. Great white noise for light sleepers or to mask unwanted outside sounds. Turbo setting is a little louder, but not bad and it's good to have the option for more powerful air cleaning.
Sleek and shiny; manages not to collect a lot of dust on the casing. The narrow depth (about 7"") is helpful. While the unit is fairly wide, it doesn't impose in the room. The purifier fits within the rooms' styles and spaces easily. The mood light is initially cool but it's bright for bedrooms, even in sleep mode, and truthfully we haven't used it since the day we opened the box. The built-in handle/groove for carrying is solid.
We purchased one of these units in 2007 and have since bought another. They work very well with generally freshening the air and help a great deal during the heart of ragweed season. We are less stuffy and sneezy with these running and breathe more clearly in general. As far as pet hair and dust collection, we still have a lot floating around, but the purifiers are working hard, as evidenced when maintenance-cleaning the prefilter. Small odors it deals with pretty quickly. Regarding stronger odor removal (for cooking smells, neighbors' drifting cigarette smoke, etc.) it's not perfect (i.e., instantaneous) but after an hour or two of closing the door with the Minus A2 set on turbo, the affected room smells fresher. I haven't put two purifiers in one room at a time, but that would probably speed things up in a pinch if odors were really a nuisance.
The exterior is very easy to wipe down, though they don't really get dusty to begin with. We replace the filters at the one-year mark, and they are definitely ready by then! The filters fit exceptionally well together and in the housing and are easy to install/remove. The replacement kit is straightforward and eco-conscious: the cardboard delivery packages are slim and many of the filters replace just the mesh interiors and let the plastic frames be reused.
Simple and explains things clearly.
Rabbit Air MinusA2 (815 sq ft.) gives the best results for an air purifier that we've ever had and it is manufactured exceptionally well. Customer service has been excellent. The unit and new filters aren't cheap, but for us they've been worth the cost.
UPDATE: 12/14/11
We recently moved into another city high-rise in an industrial area and bought another of these. They (still) seem to keep the air smelling fresher than it would otherwise. The newest model came with an ionizer that can be kept on or off; we've tried it both ways, but I haven't noticed a difference when it's on (it's in our largest room, so maybe in a smaller room, the effect would be more noticeable). Still love the design and packaging and overall effectiveness.

QP - April 6, 2011




5 stars
VERY pleased

VERY pleased with this filter. Bought two (for COPD health reasons) and find them to be very sensitive to the slightest change in air quality. Also reduced the amount of dust that accumulates in the household (particularly visible on a shiny black surface).

The customer service at Rabbit Air could NOT be better. I have had NO problems but did have a couple questions. Got an email response in less than one hour.

D. W. Clayton - April 3, 2011




5 stars
Happy for over a year with this unit.

I have cats and a bird so this air filter was to keep the bird healthy as well as us. It has done a very good job keeping a fresh air smell where there was a lot of biomass and making my husband's eyes less itchy after vacuuming or dusting. Just changed the filter this month - had previously cleaned it a few times. Pet allergy filter.

In our new place, we are currently battling mildew smell - which the air filter handles okay once we shut off the source of smelly air. Yet, you kind of have to solve the ongoing source of moisture rather than expect this unit to simply remove the smell and have it stay gone (like in the case of reviewers who complained about smoking neighbors).

Lynn S. - March 28, 2011

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