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5 stars

I received the air purifier yesterday. Set up was very easy - the illustrated quick start guide was clear and the purifier is extremely well-made.

When first started, the purifier ran at high speed for fifteen minutes and then ramped down over the next 30 minutes. The indicator light went from red to pink to blue, indicating the air was clean. I was making the bed and as I shook the freshly laundered sheets, the purifier ramped up - reacting to the residual chemicals from the laundry, I am sure. Within five minutes it was back to the silent mode.

The air in the bedroom is significantly fresher than that in the rest of the house. I am now considering another unit for the livingroom.

Customer service was also extremely efficient. I originally ordered the purifier with the pet filter, but decided I wanted the germ defense instead. I sent an email to the vendor via Amazon, and received a reply that evening (a Sunday). The model change was noted and the unit shipped the next day.

I'll post a follow- up after I've used the unit for a few months.

S. Smith from Mid-Michigan - January 13, 2012




I just LOVE the Rabbit Air. I had other air purifiers that did not work very well. Your unit on a small table, is 10 inches away from the wall and on auto!!!! I smoke, when it detects the odor it goes on!! I did get the larger model for a 700 sq. ft. room. Even though I had a open 300 sq. ft room, ( 2 Levels). When I come home I DO NOT smell the 2 dogs I have, the smoke, or the things I cook!! I am sorry that I did purchase 1 other air purifiers, that sits on the floor and is clogged with dog hair that I have to vacuumed every other day and is always on! My daughter who has allergies from 1 of the dogs, because of the dander, breathes a little better!!! I am so glad that I went looking on the web.

Janet P. - January 12, 2012




5 stars

It arrived promptly, it is very sleek looking, gives off cold air, remote didn't work but had no problem with them sending me a new one. Customer service was excellent. I assume it is doing its job as my allergic son got thru Christmas sitting beside it as he is allergic to dogs and I have two.

Bonnie from Massachusetts - January 10, 2012




5 stars
For those with pet allergies...,

I have suffered a really, really long time with extreme dog allergies (I'm allergic to cats too, but my allergy to dogs is REALLY severe). Since the National Health Institute has found that 100% of households in America (even those without pets) have pet dander in their home, and I live in an apartment complex with two dogs next door and six dogs underneath me, I decided that I was just going to keep getting sicker and sicker. I was sneezing up to 50 times a day when I was at home and I would wake up every morning with swollen, runny eyes and had asthma attacks all of the time.

That's all gone, thanks to Rabbit Air. I actually initially bought the Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A - covers 600 sq. ft.) High Quality Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier - Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!. I didn't really see a reason to go for the MinusA2, except it looks nicer and has an extra customized filter and some other things. Everything you have ever read about Rabbit Air's awesome customer service is 100% true. They treat their customers like royalty and they honor their warranties and will go above and beyond to help you.

Well, sadly (sort of), my BioGS was defective. The auto mode stopped working completely. I called Rabbit Air and they were so apologetic that they sent someone to come pick it up for me and four days later this arrived as my upgrade, free of charge because of the hassle I went through. I was so impressed with how professional and helpful they were!

I liked the BioGS, with what little time it worked. When it was working, it was extremely sensitive to pollutants and I stopped sneezing within a day. I went without sneezing until it left me. The four days that I waited for this to come in? All of my allergies came back. I was sneezing non-stop and having asthma attacks all of the time. I set up the MinusA2, and within 24 hours I was feeling great again.

This thing is SO sensitive to odors and pollutants. You can literally have bad breath or open the door or walk by it smelling oddly (self-tanner!) and it picks it up. On auto mode it goes from blue (clean air) to red (dirty air). Even when the furnace comes on, it goes to red. I also opted for the pet allergy filter for the customized one, just to be safe.

I am a person that sometimes suffers from buyer's remorse, and I have NONE for this. This has absolutely changed my home life. I can now feel like a normal healthy person at home! Now, since I did have the BioGS and MinusA2 in my possession, you may want to know....


If you aren't really on a budget, by all means go for the MinusA2. You get the customized filter, it's quieter on all levels, you can mount it on the wall, and it covers more square footage. I also feel like it is more sensitive than the BioGS. But I'm not sure that my BioGS was ever quite working correctly, so I can't be 100% sure on that one. But the BioGS never started going on high when the furnace came on like the Minus does. In my opinion, the MinusA2 also looks nicer. They are both sleek and elegant and in my opinion the best looking air purifiers on the market, but the BioGS is a little too futuristic looking for me or something. I definitely prefer how the MinusA2 looks.

If you're on a budget, don't feel bad getting the BioGS at all. That's what I initially did, and I loved it before it broke. It still cured my allergies and I was in love with it! There is nothing wrong with either....they are both superb products with excellent customer service. Seriously. Customer service is really important when it comes to something like this. You don't want to pay $300-$600 on a product and then have the representatives treat you like garbage. Rabbit Air has the best customer service I have EVER dealt with in my life. You'll know what I mean when you buy one from them.

With the combination of this machine and the nifty Crane 2.3 Gallon COOL Mist humidifier, White and Blue, I feel healthier, happier, and more at ease at home and have a much higher quality of life.

Thank you, Rabbit Air!

Daniella Obraztsov - January 8, 2012




5 stars
Works great and is quiet,

We were skeptical that a 7 inch thick filter could be effective and quiet but it is amazing. We probably will purchase another one for the bedroom. The amount of dust settling on our furniture is way down in just a few days.

J. G. Harris - January 6, 2012




We love our Rabbit Air purifiers. They efficiently filter the air and are super quiet. So quiet in fact, we have one operating in our bedroom 24/7. We have cats, cockatiels, and pet rats. I’ve developed allergies to some of our pets for which I have prescribed medications. Medications help, but without Rabbit Air purifiers, I would not be able to comfortably live with our beloved pets nor effectively manage my allergies. Rabbit Air was a great find for us.
Thank you.

Alexa B. - January 4, 2012




I have had to move my 80 lb chocolate lab into my bedroom to sleep at night, since his beloved dog friend recently died. He has a degenerative disease of the spinal cord but still walks around. I am somewhat allergic person but keeping him clean and running the Rabbit Air makes all the difference. He tends to have sinus problems being an old dog but since running the Rabbit Air, his breathing is much better. So it works for us both.

I don't cough either being in the same room with him. During the day, I run the RA for my birds.

Margaret - January 3, 2012




5 stars
Fantastic buy,

Ended up spending the same amount on multiple units previously to attempt to "purify" the air in my home. Sadly not one of them actually did that aside from collect dust. This unit is quiet, easy to maintain, and actually not bad to look at. Cleans the air so well you can tell a noticeable difference for anyone with a functional nose. I have had horrible allergies all my life and since I have had this in my home any attacks are non-existent inside the home. I plan on buying more of these units in the foreseeable future now I know what a quality air purifier functions like.

Katas - December 29, 2011




5 stars
Worth the money

My reasons for investing in a purifier at this price were for asthma problems. My boyfriend has allergies to cats and I own one. He would, on a regular basis, clear his throat or have frequent episodes of wheezing. Last year he was hospitalized for respiratory complications from two cats that he took in that were strays in his back yard, this is how he found out how bad his allergies really were. I bought two of these units from the rabbit air website. I choose to purchase directly from them to take advantage of the the costumer service and have my order on their records, was a little skeptical about paying $500 but made the purchase because of the great reviews this brand has received from multiple sources. I bought two, one for my place and one for his. I have mine in my living room close to the air intake vent for my a/c unit and his we put in his room. We run them on turbo with the ceiling fan circulating air during the day when we are gone and then turn them down to low or medium when home.
It has been about 3 days and I am not exaggerating when I say that his wheezing is completely gone and I have not noticed him clearing his throat like he normally does. I am shocked at how fast we have seen results. I even kept the cardboard boxes in my living room for ease of repackaging for return. I just now set them out in the garage for trash pick up! These are a keeper for sure.
They are pretty entertaining as well. The second day I had mine running I did some heavy cleaning. Lots of dusting and vacuuming. The sensor went from blue to red! I also tested it with perfume and had the light change to purple. The other entertaining part is watching my boyfriend try to set off the sensor by squatting over it and passing gas! No color change there but still funny to watch.

hbwillms - December 29, 2011




5 stars
Larger than Expected

The product is much deeper than expected. The images provided are very misleading. A better profile would have been nice.
Performance is excellent. I have seen comments about mood lights. I was happily surprised to see this can be turned off. The Auto mode works great. I had stirred up a large amount of dust in the room and it picked up the fan speed until the dust level returned to normal. Quiet mode is nearly silent. The air exiting our air vents in the house make more noise, and that is not much.
Purchased the odor control filter version. Within 24 hours there has been significant reduction of smell in our basement. I did not tell my wife it was installed and running. She immediately commented that the basement smelled much fresher an asked if I haNerone something. It was just the air purifier.
I was worried the filters would be difficult to get in the right order. No problems, they are all uniquely sized and shaped to my fit in a specific order.
Over all, Very pleased with the results! Hope the filters last as long as listed. 6 months on high and 12 months on auto. I will keep the prefilter cleaned monthly.

Christopher J. Grossmeier - December 21, 2011




5 stars

I put my Air Purifier in the living room to help with my asthma. It has really made a difference in the overall air quality and is so quiet. I love the automatic sensors that turn it on when needed. A little expensive but worth the price if you have allergies. It seems to help with smoke from local fireplaces too.

CHnCA from Valley Springs, CA - December 20, 2011




5 stars

Have been using for about 2 weeks and is doing the job. Cools the warm down but is definitely cleaning the air. Room is about 300 square feet. Noise level is low even on the high fan and was easy to set up. Looks nice in the room also. I thought it was expensive but if it keeps up and doesnt break down it will be worth the money and the replacement filter is reasonable compared to others. Will definitly recommend to any one else that needs a air purifier for a larger room

mitten from Michigan - December 9, 2011




5 stars

I gave my doughter as a gift, she said its excellent she is enjoing .Thank you

Nina from Fort Lauderdale, FL - December 6, 2011




5 stars

This product works. We haven't had to dust the area where we have it since it was started two weeks ago. It's quiet and stylish. The only downside I see at this point is the inability to turn off the display light. They do provide a stick on cover but seems to be an afterthought.

MRD71 from midwest - December 2, 2011




3 stars
What is this odor??????????????????????

I purchased a Rabbit air filter about 8 months ago.
The unit was beginning to give off a foul odor recently,so I changed all the filters.
The odor went away temporarily.
Recently, the odor has returned when I run the unit for more than 10 consecutive hours.
What can I do to fix this problem?
I purchased a Rabbit air filter about 8 months ago.
The unit was beginning to give off a foul odor recently,so I changed all the filters.
The odor went away temporarily.
Recently, the odor has returned when I run the unit for more than 10 consecutive hours.
What can I do to fix this problem?

Ma L. Kim - December 1, 2011




4 stars
my new rabbit air purifier..,

I purchased this machine to help keep the room fresher after we have been smoking for a while. We don't smoke indoors any more however the air is good. I was surprised that it only took few minutes to get the blue light "clean air" to come on so the room was not too bad to start with. My other big concern was my seasonal allergies. I have not noticed feeling any better with that it did not make any difference for me. The filter kit that we have on should take care of allergens I don't think that a additional filter could be installed to take care of allergens. Overall it is a great machine and its very quiet at all setting except the turbo setting which is not too bad at all.

Mena Zlatevski - December 1, 2011




5 stars
Purchased this a year ago and still works great!

I have three dogs, a cat, and a fiance that likes to smoke inside on occasion...so you can imagine that with carpet in the house it can get pretty rank relatively quickly. Even cleaning the carpets weekly wasn't helping with the smell. I purchased this about a year ago and it has changed my life. I'm no longer embarrased to invite people over, the air smells crisp and clean and I feel like I'm living in a healthier environment. How does it smell crisp you ask? I have no idea, but that is the only way I can describe it! The odor in our house was gone in about two days, pretty miraculous. The system has been running non-stop for a year and it still runs like a charm. I initially didn't want to shell out the money but I'm glad I did. This product is durable, effective, smart, and quiet. I highly recommend! Filters last a long time also. Not too mention that it is nice looking, everyone always wants to know what it is, so good conversation starter also!

LaurenA05 - November 28, 2011




5 stars

I owned it for a month and I could not ask for a better air purifier. I have a Homedics and a Honeywell in each bedroom that work great to but no where near as good as the Rabbit air by Mitsubishi.

greatwhitexxv from Slidell, LA, USA - November 23, 2011




5 stars
All I expected

After researching various air purifiers, I decided for the money, this was an excellent buy and decided to try it. I have used other purifiers that were nothing special and were very large and clunky. I normally would choose black so it would blend with my other electronics but choose white so it would blend with the walls better since my walls are light cream. I'm so glad I did as it is non-obtrusive. It works well to remove the toxic smells of new carpet, paint and furniture in my new apartment. An added bonus is when I cook, it immediately switches into a higher speed to remove the odors. I'm even amazed how it senses the odors and toxins when I open new boxes of furniture and swiftly removes odors. My custom filter is for VOCs, I can only assume it removes the toxins. Even though this unit is rated for 750sf, it's so light and easy to move to another room if needed. I have recommended it to friends with allergies.

dmt333 from Va beach - November 13, 2011




5 stars

This is an investment piece - it's not cheap, but it does its job incredibly well. My fiance is mildly allergic to cats, but we adopted two kittens anyway. After a few weeks, he was sneezy and snotty on the weekends and we didn't know what to do, having already fallen in love with the furballs. A friend of mine recommended this Rabbit Air with the Pet Allergy filter so we bit the bullet and ordered it. IT IS AMAZING. My fiance has barely sneezed since we've had it, an we've even been able to allow the cats in our bedroom now while we sleep, since the Rabbit Air is so portable. We mostly keep it on the pollen mode and it kicks in to high at surprising times, but it really makes a difference. On high it's noticeably loud, but most of the time I wouldn't know it's there. I even have less dust around. If you have pet allergies, try this!

MW888 from New York, NY - November 12, 2011




5 stars
The only one to get rid of SKUNK odor this effectively,

My dogs wound up on the losing end of an encounter with a skunk. If you never had the smell brought into your home then I have to warn you it can make your house unlivable for days or much longer unless you work on it immediately. Bad news is it is an oil based pheromone and it moves, so unless you get rid of it or neutralize it then you will smell it for weeks. You can pay thousands for a service to come get rid of it and basically they will do what we did for much less. We cleaned all surfaces we could easily clean and mixed an enzymatic solution that attacks this particular pheromone (We got this from petsmart). We ordered this unit via over night delivery and ran it in every room of the house moving it from one room to another. Every room still stunk and it took about 2-4 hours to fully freshen up. You could smell the exhaust from this air cleaner in a room full of skunk smell and it was neutral is how I would describe it. From awful skunk smell to neutral, I would have to say that is a very good real life test! The smell has not gone away from the house entirely. I expect the odor is on the walls, celling and any other place we did not touch. Each time we move the cleaner around the smell gets better which is promising. The product description says it cleans ~800 sq ft and I feel that is realistic.

I purchased two ion type air cleaners from a local store because I read ozone will break down the smell. In fact if you put your nose right up to the unit it did smell much better, although the smell was NOT neutral it smelled of ozone. The amount of air coming through however was barely enough to move a feather. I also purchased two ionic ones from sharper image that have not come in yet, I might just return them and get another one of these units. I know this one unit costs as much as two ionic ones but I am really happy with this one and you won't have to clean the filters weekly like I read on sharper images own website's reviews. You have to clean the ionic ones in the dishwasher since the screen is so close together on the high end model. The plus on the ones from sharper image is that they have 4 little fans to assist air flow. I will give them a try and I will update this review for a comparison test.

This is my second rabbit air unit, I really wished I had purchased this one first. The filter pack is better and I like the features on this model better. I am pretty sure that I would not have spent this much money if it was not for the first purchase though. I originally purchased the first unit due to dust and allergy problems, which it does a great job at making me comfortable. I expect this one to do the same and better when spring comes around next year.

***Update, I have had the ionic Breeze from sharper image for over a week and I have to say I am disappointed with them. I bought 2 units from SI, the ones with little fans to boost the air flow. Unfortunately the fans are noisy even at Medium speed and the ionic part does little to get rid of odors. I am returning them and have already purchased another MinusA2 (it has already been delivered) and I am much happier using 3 Rabbit Airs in my home. We still have a little skunk odor hanging around even though we have washed everything in our closets and wiped down the walls in most of our rooms. I think after you get the full experience you get hyper sensitive to it and it bothers you more than it would others. 3 Rabbit Airs might sound overboard but we have a 3500 sq ft house and just want our bedrooms and living area clear of allergens and dust. We feel this should cover the areas we are in most of the time and give us relief in the spring. 5 units at $5 bills plus each is going a bit overboard.

***** 2nd update I have cleaned the units twice so far using a good HEPA vacuum and I must say the junk on the pre filter is down right scary. I cleaned the other filters too and they are appearing to darken which tells me I will have to replace them pretty soon. I really took the red light feature (Odor sensor) to be a gimmick but it seems to work very well I have walked by and noticed the light was red or partially red and wondered why then when I left the room it was obvious. Outside my room I could smell the dust from my daughter changing the sand in her lizard tank or that my wife had just cooked something. I farted next to it as a joke then the joke was on me when the red light came on and the fan ramped up.....

D. R. Gendreau - November 11, 2011




I received my new Minus2 SPA 780 yesterday and I'm very impressed! It is a highly efficient, beautiful, well-designed object which performs its function very well. We noticed an improvement in air quality within hours of setting it to work. We live in a relatively old, stuffy house, equipped with two long-haired, indoor cats, and my partner has asthma (whereas I'm prone to colds and allergies). For years I've been looking for a solution to our numerous enclosed-air problems. I didn't know Rabbit Air existed until very recently. I'm more than relieved to have come across their product - I'm thrilled!

Also...best of all because unexpected...we received a free upgrade, as the 700 Purifier was not in stock! What an amazing customer service - rather than make us wait, Rabbit Air have sent us their considerably more expensive model at no extra cost. And so the upgraded model arrived within a week of ordering it (we live in Canada). Thank you. I'm already thinking about buying another one for upstairs.

Everyone should have one of these beauties for their home - they will make your life better.

Sonia M. - November 8, 2011




4 stars
Better than expected

Okay, I do love this product. I love the control panel (except too bright of lights for sleeping) and overall style of this purifier. I originally bought this for my living room w/wall mount. The pictures are very deceiving - when mounted it looks like a rather big box (think air conditioner but smaller). It's not flat against the wall like a flat-screen TV (some reason I thought it would be). Thus, it no longer is in my living room but is in my bedroom on my dresser. It does look awesome and I couldn't be happier. My wife enjoys deeper sleep and I turn it up for white noise (very quiet on lower settings)- although I'm unsure at this point how much it's actually purifying. Will know more when I check out the filters.

W. Bevan - November 7, 2011