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4 stars
Much better than my previous air cleaner

This air cleaner is very quiet and seems to work well so far. I've only had it for a few weeks but my allergies already seem better. The manufacturer did include a sticker you can place over the display to dim the lights on the display.

jlk0925 - March 16, 2011




5 stars
Great unit, even Better Customer Service!

I love our new Rabbit Air & love their customer service even more (if that's possible). I rarely have a chance to say positive things about Customer service, but it is my pleasure to report how wonderful & quick they are.

Our Rabbit Air (which really helps my DH who has allergies) had a tech glitch. After putting it on "turbo" or using some other options, the unit would turn off and we could only turn it back on by unplugging it and replugging it in.
We contacted customer service and they immediately replaced our unit sight unseen, no questions asked except how they could help us better (Wha????, you don't get good CS like that anymore.) Very nice representative. We received a new one in 2 days. We are planning to buy another one for the bedroom. Great job!

BTW, my husband has allergies even bec of temp changes. He says he has not had to use his nose spray or any allergy pills in the past month. It's been years since that has happened. And, believe me, we do not have a dirty house, it is clean and I dust a lot - especially bec of his sensitivities. Also, I like the slimness of this unit. It is attractive, for such a thing and comes in nice, subtle colors. It's responsive, too, very satisfying that way. I'm smiling, wish I could give more stars. :)

McG from San Diego, California - March 14, 2011




4 stars
Good product

Comments about Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier SPA 700A Toxin Absorber, 1 ea:
I own two MinusA2 700 air purifiers for 2-6 weels so I can't comment on quality. They are sleek units and look very well built. I have been running them 24/7 since receipt and so far no problems.
This product works great in removing odors and help with my allergy. I notice a huge difference in air quality. I love it when I walk into my home and not smell last night's dinner for several days. I also sneeze less since owning the units.
The unit is extremely quiet. I can't hear it on silent with the TV or radio on. You can hear it if the room is silent.
The only drawback that this unit has is the auto mode is not really auto, especially in the dark. The sensor goes off after 3 minutes in darkness. If there is impurity in the room it doesn't change speed according to room conditions. If you want it to do a thorough job, you have to leave it on manual and this is not energy efficiency.
Rabbit Air customer service is great. I am considering a 3rd purifier for my study.

gardenia - March 13, 2011




4 stars
700A vs 780A model comparison

I have both the 700A and 780A series. The simplicity of the design is very attractive, and the electronic controls are top notch. The light sensor is great for the bedroom so it automatically goes into low speed sleep mode. For us, it looks better on the floor than on the wall because of the depth.

I couldn't tell any difference between my 700A and 780A. Out of curiosity I took some scientific measurements of the sound level and power usage between the two models (I work in aerospace, so this was easy).

Basically the ONLY difference between the two is that the 780A fan will blow more air in Turbo mode. The product specs state that the fan spins faster on the 780A in all modes; but in reality it's just in the Turbo mode. If you don't need the highest setting (which is pretty noisy anyway when it's cranked up so high), or the expanded color/artwork selection, then you could save $ going with the 700A.

I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the mood light and faux chrome accents, which remind me of the glitzy computer cases with a touch of bling-bling. This well designed air cleaner would be more classy without trying to attract attention to itself with such accents. Some people might like this, just like the chrome wheels that continue to spin when the car stops moving.

Sound SPL level at 6 inches from the vent:
700A 780A
55dbA 54dbA Level 1 Silent
58dbA 55dbA Level 2 Low
61dbA 61dbA Level 3 Medium
66dbA 68dbA Level 4 High
72dbA 75dbA Level 5 Turbo

(note: noise measurements depend on distance - manufacturers usually take it from several feet away for more impressive numbers)

Power usage:
700A 780A
4W 4W Level 1 Silent
6W 6W Level 2 Low
12W 12W Level 3 Medium
27W 26W Level 4 High
48W 62W Level 5 Turbo

For reference comparison here is the sound level I measured from my Honeywell model 17000 air cleaner:

67dbA Low
72dbA Medium
80dbA High

The Rabbit Air is much quieter than this basic Honeywell model, but all the manufacturers fudge with their sound level ratings because they don't tell you the distance they're measuring at.

FlyingPolarBear from Fullerton, CA - March 12, 2011




2 stars
just okay

Have had this for one year. No major improvement in air quality as promised. Have 2 dogs and 2 cats and it does seem to help some. I like that you can take out the filters to clean.

jmay - March 8, 2011




5 stars
Very Quiet

I bought this particular air purifier after doing extensive research and reading numerous reviews online. The RabbitAir Air Purifier is as quiet as it states. Have this unit in the our living room right next to our TV and even on high, it does not interfer with the sound on the TV which is at normal volume. My husband and I suffer from allergies and also have a dog and a cat in our house which contributes to our waterery eyes and sneezing. I noticed after a couple of days or running ths air purifier, the air quality has improved tremendously in this room. The air smells cleaner and we are no longer suffering as much as we used to. We run this unit 24/7 and you can actually smell the difference when walking into this room from another room in the house that does not have an air purifier. If you suffer from allergies or just want to have cleaner air in your house, I would highly recommend this product.

melleeray from Kissimmee, FL - February 27, 2011




5 stars
Great Air Filter, bit pricey

Well you get what you pay for, I've had lots of units over the years and I can definitely say that Rabbit Air makes a high quality air purifier. I have this downstairs in my living room and it does a very good job of keeping the room clean and fresh. I have a BioGS in my daughters bedroom and plan to buy another for my future twins bedroom. Good quality, good customer service, great unit all around. I wish it was cheaper, but then you probably wouldn't have the quality.

Paul E. H. - February 27, 2011




3 stars
Upgrade if $ is no object

I originally purchased the BigoGS 580 and found the sensors not reliable in my unit. The sensors went from green to red for no apparent reason if I moved it a foot. Instead of getting a replacement I switched to the MinusA2 Spa 700A (toxin remover) due to the 6 stage filtration. I live below two chain smokers and I want to ensure that I have the extra protection. I had the two units for about 2 days to 3 weeks so I can't comment on longevity.

It does a great job removing pollen and odor like the BioGS. It is pretty quiet. I don't even notice it on unless the room is completely silent. I noticed that the silent & quiet modes are more noticeable than the BioGS. I can hear the motor on the MinusA2 whereas on the BioGS I could not unless I was right next to it.

The only drawback that this unit has is if the room is dark, it automatically switches to sleep mode and turn off the sensor light. If you are living near smokers this does not work! Smoke could be drifting across my face and this unit does not adjust according to room condition. In order for it to do a thorough I have to leave it on low, med, high or turbo at night and this is not efficient use of energy.

Pros: Sleek, quiet, 6 stage filtration, option to turn off mood light, particle sensor, great customer service

Cons: lack of an odor sensor, black background make it tough to read the settings, auto mode not really 'auto' in the dark, cost of filters, bulky remote control

The only feature that this unit has that the BioGS doesn't is 2 extra stages of filtration. Is it worth the extra $60 to $140? The MinusA2 filters also cost more and need to be replaced more often. In my opinion, the BioGS is adequate if you are looking for a good air purifier.

Lexie - February 27, 2011




5 stars
Let me explain why this filter is an Outstanding unit

First I would mention that I am a filtration designer for another company. Being familiar with filtration I am able to evaluate the claims and performance of a consumer air filtration device. I have bought and thrown out many air filtration devices due to inefficiency. Let me simply outline why this air filter system is the real thing and not a gimmick.

1.The multi-stage filter system is logical and based on proven science. The first layer of filtration is a washable coarse screen. This catches the largest dust particles. It is the protector of the replaceable paper filter behind it. The next layer is a paper filter covered with a spun synthetic fabric. This filter is non-washable. The spun layer captures the larger dust, allowing finer particles to pass through and be captured by the paper layer. You can gently vacuum the spun material if it gets dusty. The final stage is the activated carbon filter. This filter captures chemicals and odors that are in the air.

2. The ionization unit works by sending out charged particles into the air. The charges attract dust and cause them to settle. In theory they get sucked into the filter and removed from the air.

3. The filter uses are particle sensor to monitor the dust level in the air. The fan in the filter pulls air into the sensor for analysis. If dust is detected the sensor turns the filter on high(er) until the dust level drops.

4. The "odor" sensor detects odors in the air. Honestly, it will detect bad breath and a fart. I am 100% serious and have tested it. When an odor is sensed, the fan ramps up until the odor level drops. The activated carbon filter is responsible for odor removal.

5. When the paper filter gets clogged, the air flow rate slows down. The unit detects this and send a visual warning to change the filter. You can vacuum the paper filter and get up to a year out of it if you like. I replace mine once every 15 months.

The unit is quiet and needs very little hand-holding. Just set the device to the level of filter activity you want and walk away. It is really very simple. Read the brief instructions and you will easily grasp what to do. This filter is the best I have ever used. I am completely satisfied.

J. Layton from East Coast - February 24, 2011




5 stars
works perfectly, totally worth the price.

It's larger than I expected - take time to measure footprint if at all concerned.

but it's fantastic:

the odor and particulate sensors work well.
the airflow/throughput is fantastic; inaudiably still flowing at 'baseline', and no louder than an open window breeze at max.
the remote & features are great (turbo mode to quick clean out odors & then back to automatic after 10 min - nice touch)

I was hesitant to spend the money - but i was able to trade in old textbooks; brought down cost.
Even if i paid full price I'd not be disappointed. this is a quality device.

Note i've only had it a few weeks - so i can't comment on longevity - but it's designed well & we can read other reviews & determine the total cost of ownership is quite low. It's more stylish than most units.

I liked the plasmacluster for it's 'active cleaning' & humidifier features - but ultimately it doesn't seem to cover the same sqft as this unit.

I'm glad i made the purchase.

Alexander Horn from Chicago - February 24, 2011




5 stars
Rabbit Air MinusA2

This air purifier is extremely quiet for sleeping when set on the "silent" mode. We have the toxin filter on our A2 and it has really helped us with our allergy symptoms. Customer service at Rabbit Air has been most helpful with answering our questions about the unit. Would highly recommend the Minus A2. However, I wish we had purchased the A2 780A instead of the 700A which seems a little underpowered for the size of our family room.

art lover from Palatine, IL - February 21, 2011




5 stars
SOOOO quiet/ great for people who live w/parrots

i bought this unit to help with the dust from my parrots as well as the other animals i live with. i wanted a VERY quiet air filter since i get migraines easily esp. from white noise but it is wonderful. love the color i got green and i did not find the display to be to bright!

frankie davis - February 20, 2011




5 stars
Clean Air

"We are very happy with our purchaseof this air purifer. My wife has allergies and both her and I have noticed the quality of air in our rooms. She wakes up without congestion I would fully recommend as the unit has many functions and operates very quietly"

paul347 from New Hampshire - February 19, 2011




5 stars
Love my Rabbit Air

I have owned this air purifier for over three years. If anything happened to it, I'd order a replacement immediately.

I leave it running 24-hours a day, usually right next to my bed. On the second highest speed, it is very, very quiet. Even the highest speed is quiet - it's quiet enough to not interrupt my sleep. I have a lot of allergies and the Rabbit Air has made a significant difference in keeping them under control.

The only drawback that I've ever found is that the light on the display is bright. There is no way to dim it. I get around this by draping a washcloth over the top of the machine to cover the panel. Other than this minor issue, (and it is a minor issue), I love this air purifier and have recommended it to friends and family.

Maintenance on it is very easy. I don't vacuum the filter nearly as often as I should, yet it still works great. I have also noticed that the amount of dust in my house is very minimal and I don't need to dust frequently.

As for the cost, it is worth every penny. I am just now replacing the Hepa filter for the first time. Also, I have not noticed any increase in my energy bill even though I use the air purifier 24/7.

I had a problem with the remote control soon after I purchased my Rabbit Air. I just emailed the company and they were friendly and helpful. They promptly sent me a replacement remote without any hassles. Excellent customer service is just one more reason why I'd buy a Rabbit Air again.

L11022 from Seattle - February 18, 2011




5 stars
I would definitely buy this product again

I liked how quickly it cleaned the air. It was great!

Tacks from Valley City, ND - February 18, 2011




1 star
Totally useless

It's sleek, it's attractive, it's quiet, and...it doesn't do anything.

I live in an apartment where the landlord smokes cigars and the odor leaks through the vents. My wife and I purchased this when the smell was driving us crazy (ever been dead asleep and had cigar smoke start drifting across your face like someone's standing over you and smoking?!?) In any case, I had very high hopes for the Rabbit Air purifier, but after giving it a try for some six weeks, I can't see an appreciable difference in our bedroom's air quality. You'd think it would kick into high gear on the "Auto" mode when the cigar smoke starts seeping through the vents, but it doesn't do anything - the light stays blue and would have you believe that all is right with the world. Total disappointment. This thing is headed back to the manufacturer and I want every single penny back....

Henry H. N. from San Francisco, CA - February 12, 2011




5 stars
RabbitAir quiet air purifier

Both my husband and I suffer from allergies. This unit is in our Living Room and it seems to be working perfectly. Although it was a little expensive, not having to purchase multiple replacement filters was a big attraction. I would recommend this unit.

max229 from New York - February 12, 2011




3 stars
First impression of unit after two hours of use

I'm starting to get paranoid and am wondering just how many of these reviews are genuine. One thing that put me over the edge when comparing this unit to the Blueair 203 was that this unit has a five year warranty. One reviewer of a Blueair unit said that the box for his unit (Blueair 403) said a ten year warranty but that the documentation inside said one year. That makes NO sense to me now that I think of it and now I'm wondering if that Blueair reviewer was reimbursed in some manner.

Only one other reviewer of the Rabbit Air model 421A mentioned the outgassing from the unit (plasic/ VOC) type smell when you first turn it on. That's out of dozens of reviews. (I'm hoping it will diminish over time on my unit) ....

This unit is made in China but it does not say so on the Box (sneaky). It does say so on the unit. The 203 and 250E Blueair units are also made in China. The more expensive units are assembled in Illinois I gather.

People who submit fake reviews deserve to be put at the 500 yard radius of an atomic bomb test.

Judith Hoppe from San Jose, CA - February 8, 2011




5 stars
Awesome Fresh Sent

"This product is great and I love it! Once it was running after a short while you can smell the difference. My husband suffers from asthma and he has been sleeping alot better now that we have this in our room. We were supprised that one morning we cooked bacon for breakfast and the smell went all thru out the house that the machine was kinda loud, when I went to check on it the signal light was red. I grabbed the manual to check it out and it was indicating that it was cleaning the air! this machine is great."

Rubi - February 5, 2011




5 stars
The best air purifier I've ever used

The Rabbit BioGS 582A air purifier was the first leap I've taken beyond your typical run-of-the-mill ionic air purifier that you can get at any hardware store or "Supercenter" for 100 bucks or less, and it took less than a week for it to prove its value.

While I tend to keep my place clean compared to typical "bachelor standards," the amount of dirt that the filter has sucked-up in the two months that I've owned this purifier is nothing short of incredible. It's made such a difference that I even sleep better at night now, finding it much easier to breathe, and my allergies are greatly reduced as well.

The odor sensor is quite sensitive. With my job I typically come home smelling like diesel exhaust, and the odor sensor can pick-up the scent from my uniform just from walking by it for a second.

The auto feature has its quirks, depending on how you're using the purifier. Since the sensors for the auto feature just sample the air in its immediate vicinity, it's a good feature if you're using it in a single room. However, since the advertised coverage area of the unit is not too much smaller than my apartment, I use it for my entire home, and therefore the auto function is rather useless.

I thought that it was a bit odd for the purified air to vent straight up, but I've capitalized on it simply by having it blow straight into my air conditioner return to maximize the spreading of clean air, which also has more than doubled the life of my air conditioner filter as a byproduct.

So all in all, how does it stack up to one of those old, cheap ionic air purifiers? I turned my old one on directly in the path of this Rabbit, and the Rabbit's auto mode kicked into full blast to clean the "bad air" coming from the ionic pro.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of this product and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Justin from Fort Worth, TX - February 2, 2011




5 stars

Great purchase,great product that does a excellent job and great look to it

poston - February 2, 2011




We have had our Rabbit Air for over a year. We purchased ours because our granddaughter has severe allergies. Our daughter purchased 2 to have at their house also. One is in our granddaughter's bedroom. We all operate them 24/7. Granddaughter is breathing better & the rest of us are having less illness since we all got Rabbit Air. Thank you so much!

February 1, 2011




2 stars
Scratch on the front cover; noisy at high speed

Bought this from drugstore.com. When it arrived, I found a short (less than an inch) but deep scratch on the front cover. Obviously this cover was scratched either during packaging or manufacturing. While this is just a cosmetic issue, but part of the reason I bought this is because it looks nice and we want to put it near our family room. The photo in Amazon just shows the front. This thing is actually very thick and it is not very appearing when you look it from its side. The odor sensor seems not to work well. I put it in our kitchen. Even if we cook something that really smells, the sensor doesn't show any signs of order. At other occasion, while I didn't notice any smell, it still shows high level of odor. It does work for removing odor though. If you left it on at your kitchen overnight, it will remove cooking odor. I don't know how it will perform for allergy. My wife has some kind of morning allergy: stuffing nose when getting up in the morning. This purifier does help to alleviate this symptom. Like the other reviewer said, the higher speed (say 3 and 4) is very noisy and so you can barely use it for your bedroom at high speed. If you mostly use it in your bedroom, model 482A should be good enough. Those two model are basically the same, except the 582A has higher speed and more noisy.

Ruichen J. - January 29, 2011




5 stars
Breath of fresh air. Helps with my allergies.

I have really bad allergies and I live in an area where there are a lot of cedar trees, I can sleep better since I started using this air filter. It is pretty quiet in AUTO mode but, from mid speed to TURBO it is very noisy, this is expected as it is moving huge volume of air. I run the machine for 4hrs before bedtime at TURBO and switch to AUTO mode when I sleep. The sensors are pretty good, in AUTO mode I can see it revving up when it senses dust or oder. I have not bothered with the lights etc. I want function and dont even care about the way it looks. But having said that it is pretty compact and black color hides it perfectly near furniture or bed. The price of the replacement filters are steep.

Manoj Iyer - January 28, 2011




5 stars
Rabbit MinusA2 Air Purifier

"This has got to be the best investment I have ever made! I brought this because I have three dogs. The dander and fine hairs were everywhere. Although i have whole house airconditioner with filter it did not do a good job keeping out the fine dust and dog hairs. The Rabbit MinusA2 has a air quality indicator letting you know the quality of the air. The reason I brought it was because of my new grandchild was on the way. This is a must buy! Also for the first time ever I got a bad cold during the season change and because of this air purifier the cold only lasted one day. Incredible! I have told all my friends and co-workers to go buy the Rabbit MinusA2 Air Purifier. Another best feature is, when I used to walk in my house, it smelled like pets feet. The smell is no longer there and my house smells fresh!"

eee523 from Miami, FL - January 26, 2011




5 stars
Love the Rabbit Air Air Purifier

This is my second Rabbit Air product. Both purchases were great decisions in that my allergies go away whenever they are on. I cannot ask for more! I have the other air purifier in my son's room.

Value Investor - January 26, 2011




5 stars
Best ever

"Most of my adult life, I've used various air filtering mechanisms, each one with some success in a particular area. But this is the first one I've owned that covers all the bases. It's beautifully designed, and has sophisticated but straightforward controls that allow you to tweak your own personal preferences in air quality. And those are nice qualities to have in an air purifier, for sure. But its performance and engineering are what make it truly outstanding. Filtration is broad-based, and completely reversed the air quality in my musty bedroom in less than a week. It truly is (when it's running on its lowest speed) whisper-quiet, and maintains constant vigil over the room's air quality. Even when I come to bed at night, it senses that my presence in the room has elevated the carbon dioxide and increased activity in microscopic matter, so it kicks up the processor a notch for a couple of minutes to clear the air (for real), and then settles back down to its normal quiet level.
Quite an amazing machine. I'm finally completely satisfied with the purification job my air purifier is doing, and how smoothly and elegantly it does so."

garrynyc from Pocono Lake, PA - January 22, 2011




5 stars
Great Product

I have 4 birds and a golden retriever. I am constantly changing the smaller filters in the bird cage area. In spite of that I have had dander and dust all over the first floor of my house. This new air purifier solved that problem. The air feels cleaner, and I have a lot less dust. It is also VERY quiet. When I turned the air purifier on it was so quiet that I was not sure it was working until I felt the air moving from the top.

spsimone from Colorado - January 20, 2011




5 stars
Could this be the one??

I purchased the Rabbit Air 582A air purifier because my neighbors above me are chain smokers and while they don't smoke inside I can't open my windows during the warm months. I also have pretty bad allergies. I have been using it for about two weeks now. I definitely notice that I sneeze less. I love that it removes odor. I rarely cook because I hate the smell that lingers around. The other night I made seafood and the smell was horrible. This air purifier removed it up within 2 hours. It has a sensor and the speed of the fan kicks on when it detectors odor. I have it 24/7 and we will see if it lives up to my expectation. I am going to see how it performs within the next 6 months before purchasing a second one for my living room. I will post updates if anything comes up. So far so good.

quiet operation (don't even notice it is on when set on low setting)
removes odor
less sneezing
sensor indicator
light weight
bright display lights serve as night light

Price of filters

Lexie - January 1, 2011




I am not a smoker, having a cigar smoker in the house can be a really stinky thing, because the residue can linger. I am happy to say that at our annual Christmas party, where most of the men like to join my husband for a cigar, the smoke was whisked away. Knowing that there would be more than one smoker, I put both purifiers in one room. They did the job!
In visiting Club Macanudo in the city, I noticed they had one on each window sill. Again, it seemed to whisk the smoke away.
I am very happy with the Rabbit Air Purifiers!

Cathy B. - January 19, 2011




I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the picture of the dog and the pups as "January customer of the month". My air purifier is working great, as usual. You will always have me as a customer.

January 19, 2011




5 stars
Quality product

I bought one of these 3+ years ago and I have had absolutely no problems with it. I leave it on auto and I often forget its on because its so quiet. I have seen the sensors catch odors or dust and this makes the fan speed up a little for a few minutes to clean the air more effectively. When I was researching air purifiers I really liked that one seemed to be quieter and had lower maintenance costs than many others. I've liked this so much that I've just bought a second one to get whole-house coverage. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again.

ldron from Utah - December 22, 2010




4 stars
Good so far

It's seems good so far. My son in law had the top of the line one and it worked well for their space. I wanted to have something that gets the cooking odors out quickly and it seem to be doing it's job. I am a little disappointed that it was so large but I did get the one for 780 sq. ft. and I did find an out of the way place for it.

laurang from New York, NY - December 21, 2010




4 stars

"Works great! Have two short-haired dogs that shed and can definitely tell a difference, especially overnight. Absolutely worth the price. Quiet too."

BreatheRightNC from Charlotte, North Carolina - December 13, 2010




5 stars
This Air Purifier Works. Simple and Amazing.

"While 3 African Greys have their own room along with a Sever Macaw, they all frequently spend time in the living room (700sf) with us along with a Shepherd/Rottie and a Boxer. Two years ago, my childhood allergies -- complete with linoleum floors and a barometer -- kicked back in, right about the same time we took in our first Grey.
With the full crew (particularly the Greys), once it's time to remove the window screens here in the Northeast, we're operating in a sea of dander. We needed to take our home back.
We've tried many types of HEPA filtration products which did not do the job. The next step was an industrial system.
I had read about Rabbit Air for a few years in the back of New York Magazine: Quiet. Could be wall-mounted with minimum footprint. Not bulky or intrusive-looking. Front plate can be replaced to complement interior style. Expensive compared to other mass-market filtration systems.
My take: Matches decor in both the urban hipster apartment and Fifth Ave townhouse regardless of performance.
Was I skeptical, especially in light of size as compared to other higher-end portable systems, and the proven weak performance of those systems in tackling our environment? Yes.
Considering the next leap in cost and time -- industrial, likely involving structural updates to our home -- I gave Rabbit Air a chance.
Three weeks later, here we are with one quiet box mounted on the living room wall. Did I mention that the treadmill is in the living room? No wheezing, no sneezing, no tightness of breath, no coughs. And I can run inside again, when the outside temp is below freezing.
Verdict: It works, it's quiet, and it's worth every penny if you want to live happily in a box with birds and dogs."

2dogs4parrots from New York, NY and Rhode Island - December 7, 2010




5 stars
Quiet and Efficient

We had owned a couple of different brands of air filters prior to purchasing this Rabbit Air model, which was recommended by our Allergist. These filters are far superior to anything we have had in our home before. Since we can't have alot of open windows due to allergies, our smallish bedroom often became stuffy during the night. Now, even with the filter in Sleep Mode most of the night, the air is no longer stuffy and is actually quite pleasant. After living with two of them for about a year, I would not want to do without them. They are both set on Auto Mode, and quietly go about their business all day and all night. Cleaning the filters every three months is a breeze (no pun intended), especially compared to the messy and tortuous tasks required by our previous brands. Replacing filters every year at $75 per set is a bit pricey, but it is a price we're willing to pay for the difference in our indoor air quality.

A couple of minor things. Rabbit Air claims their Mood Light "helps to normalize blood pressure, pulse, and facilitate deep breathing, which puts a person in a state of long-lasting calm and relaxation." It is just a colored light bulb -- I wish Rabbit Air would stick to marketing air filters and leave the New Age silliness to someone else. Secondly, this model does not include an odor sensor. Although not the primary reason for owning this filter, I don't understand why they would omit something so practical from this particular model. However, the absence of odor sensors has not created any problems for us, as we keep both filters on Auto Mode 24/7.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again, although I might look at the Coway AP1005-AH first. Coway manufactures both filters, but there are some slight differences in features offered (a purity level indicator instead of a mood light, for starters).

David from southern california - December 1, 2010




I would like you to know that I love the air purifier(BiosGS), It is very sensitive to air changes and responds immediately(on auto). We are smokers, and our living room was sometimes a cloud, this just makes it gone. I was nervous about the "quiet" claim. It also makes the air "crisp" like the mountains.But, it is extremely quiet. even at full it is quiet. We love it so much, I just purchased another. If your looking for clean air in a quiet way, this is the one for you. I have not had it long enough to comment on the life of the filters.

Ronald C. - December 26, 2010