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5 stars
Air Purifier

I bought two of these and have had them for a few months now. I love the air monitor that shows the level of the air quality for odors/chemicals, as well as particals/dust. Very easy to operate. Very quiet on low. I love the filter cleaning indicator too. Filters are easy to clean, I just vaccumed with a cleaning tool. They are more expensive than some air purifiers but you get what you pay for.

eviebug - November 30, 2010




4 stars
Stylish, Functional, Modern

Air purifiers have come a long way in terms of design and technology. I've gone thru the simple HEPA filters, charcoal filter, UV bulbs, electrostatic ionizers, washable collector cells, and controversial ozone emitting products.

Now I'm down to two in my home one of which is the RabbitAir MinusA2 air purifier. I love it's stylish design that doesn't look boring, kitschy, or even gimmicky. I can place it in any part of my home and it doesn't look like an eyesore.


1. Design - slim and modern

2. Controls - chrome-like buttons all laid out on one side

3. Remote - a small plastic remote emulating all the chrome buttons on the unit that is especially useful if you decide to hang the unit on a wall

4. Mood Light / Night Light - a horizontal strip of light in the front of the unit which contributes to the ambiance in the home.

5. Technology -

a. Silver Ion Pre-Filter - washable filter similar to A/C units with a fine mesh weave that capture large dust
particles. RabbitAir goes one step further by coating it with silver ions which have been proven to retard or even eliminate bacteria growth.

b. Anti-Bacterial Medium Filter - which appears to be a blue cotton filter and captures finer dust particles, pollen, mold and bacteria.

c. BioGS HEPA filter - (technology found on the previous BioGS models) and captures even more of the above plus fungus, dust mites, odours, smoke and greenhouse gases.

d. Customized Filter - another stage in filtration to specifically tailor to your choice of "Germ Defense", "Pet Allergy" and "Toxin Absorber".

e. Charcoal Based Activated Carbon Filter - the final stage in filtration in an old reliable charcoal filtration method that helps absorb more odours and toxins.

All of the above filters are housed in a relatively sturdy filter case which helps organize and arrange these for easy removal and replacement.

f. Negative Ion Generator - which further helps purify the air by clinging to suspended particles that haven't passed thru the filter and essentially making them fall to the floor rather than float around.

g. Brushless Motor - essentially produces a longer motor life and a quiet operation due to a friction-less design.

6. Filter Life / Cost - Less time consuming and relatively less expensive replacement method by being able to operate for a year in between changes. Of course, regular monthly maintenance is recommended by vacuuming and/or washing the pre-filter as well as cleaning the vents and odour analyzer.

7. Function -

a. Odour Sensor - a vent on the right side that detects changes in air quality and adjusts fan speed accordingly for faster air purification. Of course, effective placement of the air purifier matters for a more effective operation.

b. Light Sensor - detects available light and shuts down the mood light (if used) and air quality indicator.

c. Air Quality Indicator - gives a visual indication of present air quality by changing from blue (good) to purple, pink and then red (bad).

d. Easy front panel removal - no clumsy clips here. Elegant magnet on the bottom and a simple latch on top to facilitate easy pre-filter cleaning and filter replacement.


My gripe is the filter replacement cost. As of this writing the marketing of the filter can last "up to two years". If you further read the manual and manufacturer FAQ, this of course means operating the unit non-continuously at only 12 hours a day. But RabbitAir has stated this on their website FAQ:


Q: Why should I run my air purifier continuously?

A:To be truly effective, ALL air purifiers should be run continuously. Scientific researches confirm that indoor air pollution rapidly returns to pretreatment levels when an air purifier is turned off.


To truly benefit from the air purifier, then it is a no-brainer to operate it for 24 hours a day (unless it's on a vacation home that sees traffic a few times a year). Which means under "normal use" then filter life is really good for a year. Replacement cost then amounts to $75 a year plus shipping and taxes, where applicable. I would have preferred the manufacturers offer discounted filter service and free shipping KNOWING that loyal customers will be replacing their filters anyway at this predictable time frame.

Throw us a bone and make it more convenient so we won't go looking for other air purifiers down the road.


I would recommend this product with it's higher quality manufacturing and design that sets it apart from other air purifiers. Are the air filters with it's multi-stage redundant layers gimmicky? I don't know. Independent reviews and studies (not provided by the manufacturer) will prove in time. And it does beat simple one-layer filters of other machines, well, at a higher price to pay.

Of course, air purifier manufacturers will tell you that "there is no price to pay for your health". Well there certainly is a price to pay for buying these purifiers and if RabbitAir can improve their product filter replacement cost down the road and independent studies can prove the performance of their filters, then we definitely have a winner in the MinusA2 model.

As for which model to buy - SPA-780A or SPA-700A. I can only say that they are exactly the same on the outside as well as filter replacement parts. The only difference is a more powerful motor to help cover a wider space and essentially guarantee up to 815 sq feet of area as well as a choice of glossy black or glossy white. Choose well.

R. Ocampo from North America - November 29, 2010




3 stars
Okay, can be a bit loud on high

This seems to work okay, but when compared to a different "Holmes" purifier I have, may not be worth the money. It takes a while to clean, and does a decent job.

christidta from Oakland - November 23, 2010




4 stars
Great Purifier!

"I really love this purifier's features and within one day of operating it, we've noticed a big difference in the air quality of our home.
I just wish this model came in black. We have it in our livingroom and all of our other electronics are black and that would make this unit blend in better. Otherwise...no complaints and I would highly recommend!"

Anonymous from Kansas - November 20, 2010




5 stars
Does the job

This product works very well. Not only does it adapt well to the dust in the air, but it's nearly silent. We never notice it running but can always tell it is still on by the lights on the front. We turn it on turbo when running the vacuum and it goes back to low when we're through. My husband, who suffers from dust and dog allergies, seems to have shown an improvement. His condition is in no way GONE, but the air purifier has greatly helped.

snj719 from Akron, Ohio - November 20, 2010




5 stars
Great Purchase

I have been using the air cleaner for about 3 weeks and what a difference it makes. I am a smoker and we recently added heat to our 3 season porch, this is the only area in the house were I smoke. Before the air cleaner it was not a pleasant room to spend time in because of the lingering stale smell of smoke. It is so much nicer now as soon as I start smoking the air cleaner will automatically adjust itself to clear the air. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a dependable air cleaner at a decent price.

deenie60 - November 20, 2010




5 stars
quiet and efficient

This a very effective and quiet air purifier. It seems to be very well made and was easy to set up and start using. At nght, it's vitually silent. I definiely recomment this air purifier

shojon from St. Louis - November 19, 2010




5 stars
Very pleased!!!!

This air purifier has cut my sneezing down to almost non existent. It took about a week before we noticed a difference. Where I can tell the most difference is on my hardwood floors. There is not near as much dust on the floors, so I vaccum less. Now I just wish I could have one in my bedrooms.

julesrn - November 17, 2010




5 stars
This Air Purifier Is Great

"I bought this product a few weeks ago, so far it's great. It does a sufficient job eliminating odors, such as cooking smells and pet odors. It's very quiet and does not bother us when we are in the room. A nice design, sleek and looks pleasing to the eye in a silver color. Yes I would recommend this product, I wish I had purchased it sooner. A must have."

GolfChic from CT - November 14, 2010




I wrote a thank you note to one of your representatives a while ago, now, I'm sending this again WITH A PHOTO :)

Thank you for bringing this machine in our lives!
"Our" = me and my cat!
My cat just turned 18 years old last month. Yes, he is old and he suffers from allergy of dust and whatever dirt in the air for a while. I bought many, too many air filters to try to help him but his nose just wouldn't stop running and it hurts my heart. I bought BioGS for my cat's 18 years old birthday. In 2 weeks, his nose improved a lot! I also suffer from allergy of dust and cats and it helped my allergy a lot!!! This machine not only help human, but cat too! I did not take any allergy medicine for 4 weeks already! What I love the most is NOT just how effective it is but how quiet it is!! I used to have several air filter machines in my house and I am so used to those "factory-like" noise. When I turned on BioGS, I had to stick my head to the machine to hear it because it is just silent! AMAZING! Both me and my cat can sleep better with clean + fresh air but without the factory-like-machines around us now!! Thank you so much!! My cat wants to say thank you too, "MEOW"~~

Pamala from Canada - November 18, 2010




Good morning
I recently purchased the RabbitAire MinusA2 purifier for my brother. He is on overnight home dialysis and has a cat in his bedroom. I was concerned about the quality of air in his room, cat dander and odor. His procedure requires initially masking and using an alcohol bases hand sanitizer before he hooks up.

After hours of research I cam across RabbitAire. Although sceptical at first I quickly became comfortable as the Customer Care staff were exceptional. The process was simple and straight forward.

I was surprised at how attractive and silent the system was. It was very easy to set up and start. What I wasn't prepared for was the change in the air quality. It is truly amazing. For the first time in months my brother had a restful sleep. He was surprised that his chronic stuffy nose was no longer stuffy and this continues. He loved the light strip on the front, finding it similar to a snoezelen effect, which is a soothing effect. And we believe the cat enjoys it too!

I am looking forward to RabbitAire coming to Canada. I for one will be telling everyone how great your product is.

Thank you.

Mary N. from Canada - November 9, 2010




5 stars
It really works!

We now live in New York City and I suffer from rag weed allergies something terrible. No, this machine did not cure me, but the improvement has been truly dramatic. We did a lot of research before investing this much in an air filter, and we are not at all disappointed. It is very silent, and only occasionally when starting up do I hear it. We have run it all year long because of other allergies, and it really requires very little maintenance. I appreciate the fact that a light does come on when you need to do maintenance. I could not recommend it more highly. (I should add that its appearance sleek, stylish, and very tasteful. It is bigger than the photos lead you do believe, so look at the measurements.)

Ronald D. M. - November 8, 2010




5 stars

I have horrible allergies, and I've bought numerous air purifiers throughout the years. This one is completely different from anything I've ever purchased. It's like a "smart purifier." I absolutely love it! Yes, the price is a little high compared to other air purifiers, but this machine really is unbelievable. Even my husband (who calls everything like this hocus-pocus) thinks it makes a huge difference. Lately, due to weather, neither our air conditioner nor heater have cycled. Usually this makes the house smell kinda closed-up and musty. However, with the rabbit air running, it smells so fresh and pure.

rickig from San Angelo, TX - November 7, 2010




5 stars
Great Product

I had been reviewing air purifiers for 6 months before I decided on this one and I could not be any happier. I live in smog central, Los Angeles, and this product keeps the dust, smells and my allergens all to a minimal. Love it and buying another one for my bedroom.

Donadrian H. from Los Angeles - November 3, 2010




5 stars

I've been using the rabbit air purifier for a few weeks and it's great. The unit is fairly quiet and does a nice job. It was very easy to set up - there was almost nothing to do. I would definitely recommend buying this unit.

The two negatives (which others have written about) are that it is a bi larger than it appears in pictures and that the display is bright. When in my bedroom I have to tape an index card over the display. That said, I'm still rating it 5 stars because it's great!

Jared W. - November 2, 2010




4 stars
so far so good

I have only had it a couple of weeks, but it seems to work. Compared this machine with others and a great value

mpk from mnot, ND- October 31, 2010




5 stars
It works!

I actually bought this unit for my new pet rabbit! I have pretty extreme allergies to everything and had my doubts if I could keep a bunny inside my home. Well, I still have my bunny and I am doing great! This air purifier has virtually no sound, I have little of the usual pet rabbit odors and is controlling my hay allergy to a tolerable level. This is not a cure but it sure does help. I am using rabbitair air purifier in my 400 square foot basement and it allows me to have a pet I have wanted for a very long time, Thank you! I might also mention I do have an air cleaner/filter on my furnace and I think the two together really do a good job! Before purchasing this unit I was having extreme allergy and asthma attacks and thought I would have to rehome my pet bunny. I still take other precautions such as mask and gloves when cleaning the cage and filling up the hay for the day but this does help! I hope this review might help someone else keep their pet and improve the way they feel!

sparky0401 from Northeast Ohio - October 29, 2010




5 stars
Quiet effective air cleaner, tips for use of sensors!

I don't have much to add to all the other reviews, this air cleaner is the best of all those I have tried. It moves more air than the other brands I tried, while making a lot less noise. I leave it on the 2nd fan setting at night and I find the low noise a pleasant white noise. On night/silent mode I can barely hear it at all, and it is right beside the bed on my side.

I purchased this the same day I got a new mattress. I have allergies and asthma, mostly to pollen and outdoor allergens - however this has been an unbearable year for me with the worst pollen season ever. I have been meaning to buy a HEPA filter but could not bring myself to spend the money, but finally when we bought the new mattress I knew that the "new mattress smell" from off gassing chemicals would not only aggravate my allergies, but also be bad for our health.

So I bought the smallest model, since the main difference is the power of the fan, and I intend to set it on high when not in the room and a lower setting manually when I am sleeping. I read the manual and found out that when it is first plugged in, the unit sets its sensors to a "baseline" in your home. All readings in the future are relative to this baseline. Since we had just unpacked a brand new, smelly mattress beside it, the filter was setting its sensors to a very high baseline. Therefore I manually set the fan to max and left it running all day.

When we returned home the smell from the new mattress was much diminished. Obviously the air filter can only remove the VOCs as they enter the air, and over the next week or so the mattress continued to off-gas but the air filter kept the smell from accumulating in the room.

During that entire time, the chemical and dust sensors stayed at the bottom or rarely went up to "1". that did not surprise me since the baseline was set when the machine was set up in a very "dirty" air room.

After a week of running the filter on high when we were out and on the second setting at night, I unplugged the machine for 15 seconds and plugged it back in as advised in the manual to re-set the sensors to the new cleaner baseline. Now, the sensors are very sensitive, when I make the bed, the dust sensor kicks up and often the chemical sensor too, since the mattress is still only a month old there are whiffs of new mattress smells. When I sprayed some shower cleaner (a nontoxic cleaner but contains a scent) in the bathroom - in the next room, the chemical sensor picked up to max. When I cleaned the cat litter box, the dust sensor picked up even though the litter I use is the most expensive dust free kind.

It seems like a lot of the bad reviews are complaining that the machine does not sense their dirty air. If people would read the manual they would find out about this baseline setting and know that all they need to do is set the filter manually to max for a few days to clean the air, then unplug the machine for 15 seconds and plug it back in, the sensors will reset to the new cleaner air and from then on be more sensitive if you want to use the automatic settings.

The only CON I can find about this machine is that described by others - the display is way too bright and can't be turned off at night. Since most of us will use this in the bedroom for allergies, it is a huge oversight that they do not allow the display to be turned off. I hope that future models will implement this option. For now, I have to tape cardboard over the display.

me from CA - October 27, 2010




5 stars
Breathe right

I purchased the RabbitAir Purifer after reading about all purifers on the market. It is more expensive than some but well worth the money. I have had it going in my bedroom for about a month.. It has made a big difference in the air quality as I have a dog and cat. I also live with a smoker. I haven't smelled the smoke and it almost cleans my whole upstairs. I don't run the Auto mode as I keep it on the medium fan speed. It is so quiet therefore, it cleans the air faster. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I have had an Oreck and I find it a hassle to clean and much louder than the RabbitAir. The size is large but it looks nice plus you can change the front panel to a variety of colors if you choose.

joanjet from Cleveland, OH - October 26, 2010




2 stars
Maybe we have good air to begin with...

I've been very disappointed with this machine and could have returned it if I had saved the original packaging. It doesn't seem to do anything. I thought the would be noticeably fresher but it isn't. It's a pretty color. We have allergies in our home and this hasn't made a bit of difference.

D. E. Graham from Virginia- October 22, 2010




5 stars



Debra A. B. - October 19, 2010




5 stars
Over a Year and Still Very Pleased

I have owned and used this air cleaner for a little over a year and I am very happy with its performance. It is well-made, well-engineered and seems to do exactly what it was designed for: cleaning indoor air quietly and effectively.

I have owned cheaper air cleaners in the past and have always been disappointed with their noise level and shoddy construction. I gulped hard when spending this kind of money, but in the end, I am very satisfied that I did. As other reviewers have noted, this air cleaner is very quiet on the lower settings (and not excessively loud on the higher ones), it is easy to service and change filters, and it is effective at filtering odors and particles from the air.

As an aside, I also use this unit as a white noise generator in the master bedroom. My wife snores like a fog horn and in the colder months I use a Marpac Sound Conditioner (modified to make it less loud) to overcome her alarming snorts. In the warmer months, when we don't mind the drafts that a higher setting creates, I just turn the Rabbit Air on High and I don't need to use the Marpac to get some sleep.

M. Briner - October 17, 2010




5 stars

I have to admit that I was pretty darn sceptical about this purchase. This was a difficult purchase for me for a number of reasons, #1 the price, #2 wondering if this would fit my needs and cover my issues, #3 wondering how the company would handle warranty if something should go wrong after the purchase, #4 worrying if these reviews were true (seemed too good to be true).

The reason I purchased this unit was to help out my family as we pinpoint either what appears to be an allergy issue to mold spores, pollen, dust or a combination. My home is only 4-5 yrs old, but we've had some leaks...we believe our toddlers have become allergic to the mold spores..or "something" because they've been sick about every two weeks and it's all been upper respiratory issues (coughing, wheezing, throat infections, ear infections, etc)....same symptoms as mold spores. So, there's no doubt, they are allergic to "something" that causing irritation in their throats and I felt like this would help since it traps dust, mold spores, pollen, etc.....while we run some tests on both the house and some allergy tests on the kids. My three year old also has had asthmatic issues since she was born so I knew this would help her breathe easier. We will also remove the carpets in our bedrooms...since all of that crap could be trapped in their as well.

Customer Service - Prior to purchasing....First, I was so sceptical that I contacted the company personally to get a better feeling of how their customer service would go after I purchased it. And to tell you the truth, I was totally in disbelief when a live person was on the other end within 1-2 minutes. She answered all of my concerns, even told me if I had any questions I could call her back and ask for her personally. She reassured me that this unit does remove mold particles and that they had a five year warranty.

My decision - All in all, I decided to take the plunge...and it was the best decision I've ever made! Last night was the first night I ran it...not a single cough from either toddler...no snoring from anyone (not even my husband!), it was the most quiet, and restful night I've had in long time. You can "feel" the cleaness in the air...I didn't know what others were talking about but oh yeah, the air felt a heck of alot fresher! If it did this instantly, I can just imagine how well it's going to do over the next year.

About the unit - This unit is soooo quiet...I got up at 12am just to make sure it was working. With my air conditioner going, I couldn't hear it at all..even when my central air turned off, I couldn't hear it. It is sooo sleek until it puts everything else in my traditional bedroom to shame! I love the modern look, I can't wait to purchase one for the living and kitchen. Since they are expensive this isn't something that I can just run out an buy...:-)

I feel like this was the best purchase, I also feel like I've accomplished something...a cleaner home, healthier kids, and oh, I didn't wake up stuffy nosed that I have done for the past week...for me, this has turned my world "right side up!"

Don't hesitate...I think I've done enough hesitating for everyone. In the end, just let the products rating guide your decision and you can't go wrong! Good luck!

D. Butler from Memphis, TN - October 16, 2010




2 stars
There are better options

Why should you read this review? 'Cause I actually own the unit, and if you click 'Read all my reviews', you will see that this isn't the only product I have reviewed. So you know that I'm no jerk trying to promote another product, or promote this one.

I've had this 421-a for almost a year, and I have to say I'm disappointed. My bro and I would clean the unit about once every few weeks, but as of recently, we are quite busy. When I say quite busy, I mean we don't care and we play video games all day. Any who, we've been pretty consistent with cleaning the unit up until a few weeks ago, and it's air cleaning abilities are questionable.

With in the past year, it broke once, and the company had honored the warranty and repaired the unit and had it back to me in a timely manner [2-3 weeks]. It didn't work any better. It broke because of a power surge, and my crappy surge protector failed at its job, but nothing else connected to the surge protector was damaged. Go figure.

I've noticed I had to dust a LITTLE less, but I still need to dust. Although I'm an asthmatic, the 2-3 weeks I didn't have it, I didn't feel like it was gone. My breathing was the same, not worse, not better. Also, during the summer, when the windows are open, the operation of the purifier is pretty much useless... The air that comes in, whether dirty or clean, is just replacing the air that is being purified, or ionized.

The Purifier takes a mere 44 watts on high, whether the ionizer is on or off[Measured with a kill-a-watt]. Makes you wonder if there is an ionizer at all?

The past four weeks, we haven't been paying attention to it. I opened it, and lo' and behold, it is filthy as hell. I cleaned it out, and only a handful of dust was collected in the vacuum. ONLY A HANDFUL. My vacuum collects more dust if I vacuum my room weekly, and their isn't much carpet to vacuum either.

Overall, I would say it works, but it isn't worth the price. Buy a cheaper unit from a Japanese company which probably works just as effectively at a lower maintenance cost [darn those replacement filters], OR get a good ionizer and set it high like on a closet, and let all the filth settle to the floor, and vacuum it up weekly. Both of those should work as good, or maybe even better than this thing. I don't know any good units to compare too, I haven't tried anything else, but don't let the "cleaner air" tag get to you... It's only as clean as the air in the rest of your house if the windows are closed, or as clean as outside if the windows are open.

Also, a good point to make is that I live in NY, and although the air quality isn't the worst, it's still pretty bad. Clean the charcoal filter with a odorless detergent or soap... Anything odorless will do the job. If you decide to use something that smells like soap, you might as well throw it away. The charcoal will absorb the soap smell, and it will smell like crap forever after.

Mamoon B. from Queens, New York - October 11, 2010




5 stars
Delivers on its promises!

Ironically enough, I purchased this machine b/c my doc said I was allergic to my pet rabbits. Turns out I am not actually allergic to them, but I am so glad that owning the Rabbit Air came out of the assumption.

It really is ultra-quiet & low maintenance and I love how it kicks into gear when it needs to, sensing what is going through my air. I remember the first time I vacuumed near it and it kicked into turbo gear all by itself! It really let me know how much invisible dust and dander was actually circulating through my air due to a simple cleaning chore.

The only thing I sometimes turn it off for is cooking. You know that fresh baked pie smell that drifts through the house? Unfortunately, it cannot distinguish good smells from bad and just kicks in to remove any odors it senses. I just switch it off when I am doing some in the kitchen that is worth filling the house with a fragrance and then turn it back on later.

I would highly recommend this purifier to anyone looking & cannot say enough good things!

A. Guthinger from Cape Cod, MA - September 29, 2010




4 stars
very quiet

I bought this for my 4 & 6 yr old sons, who both seem to wake up with stuffy noses in the mornings. The 4 yr old also has infrequent asthma. I thought maybe it was allergies, so I got this rabbitair after all the positive reviews that I read. Luckily it was purchasable under a flex plan with a doctors note, and I bought it when O had a coupon. When it came I was very impressed with how well it was packaged up; each filter was wrapped and by taking it apart, you could see what the air is going to be filtered through. Overall, nice quality product, seems very sturdy and well made. Then I turned it on and geez it was quiet. Even the highest setting is not too noisy. I really like the light sensor, which will automatically go to silent mode (lowest fan) when its dark. And the air quality sensor has been a source of fun for the boys to see why it changed colors. I was surprised that the air quality in that room has so far been mostly on Blue (good) the whole week that I've had it....and so far the boys still seem to have stuffy noses...so maybe air quality wasn't the cause. However its sept now in southern calif and I know come spring time, sneezes will come flying, so I am curious how the next hay fever season will be.

chloemum from San Diego, CA - September 18, 2010




5 stars
RabbitAir A421

Have been using this product for the last 3 weeks, so far its as good as advertised. Breathing has improved with cleaner air, and asthma attacks are down. Excellent buy for the money, compared this product to several others and the decideing factor was the 5 year warranty vs 2-3 years for similar products.

gspatino - September 4, 2010




5 stars
Is it on?

"All I have to say about this product is...WOW! My other air purifier is quite loud, I have to keep checking to see if the power is still on with this one. Very quiet, easy to set up, very effective, overall a GREAT product! If you are having a problem with pet hair or dust, I recommend that you get this purifier! I was worried about forking out almost $500, but well worth it!"

BHF205 from Albaster, AL - August 27, 2010




5 stars

I purchased this air purifier because I was having trouble with sinus infections. I would wake up with serious headaches and congestion everyday. I have two dogs who sleep in our bedroom and was wondering if they were making me this way. I received the unit and set it up immediately in the master bedroom and it stated the air quality in the room was poor. I let it run throughout the night and I woke up refreshed and without a headache or congestion. It now says the room has excellent air in the bedroom. It even got rid of the dog smell that sometimes comes with pets. I am very pleased with this unit and plan on buying another one for the living room!

dher007 from San Antonio, TX - August 24, 2010




3 stars

My unit is in my bedroom. Since the doors and windows in the house are open during the day, that is when I have to turn it off. The auto fuction is good during the night. I sometimes use a different fan speed at other times. The light does not bother me, as my room is normally not that dark at night. I like the light blue color. I have model SPA-421A. There is no odor from the filters. I will not be washing the carbon filter. Washing anything does not work well for me.

hemetcat from Hemet, CA - August 11, 2010




5 stars
Running years later, no problems.

From the amount of stuff that I vacuum out of the removable filter every now and then, this thing works. Pretty silent, runs 24/7. Makes you feel healthier.

CapNHerb from Florida - August 10, 2010




1 star
I really wanted to love this...but

"The styling on this air purifier is really cool, however it doesn't work. I bought it because my Alpine Air Breeze died and I had read that ozone is bad for you, so I decided to switch to a HEPA unit.
I wasn't necessarily as concerned about pollen, air quality, etc. but I did want cooking odors, husband odors and cat odors to be removed from the air. Not going to happen with this unit. We have a small condo and it just wasn't taking any odors out of the air at all.
I guess I'll have to get another ozone unit, which does take odors out of the air.
I am returning this item this week."

LauraJ from Connecticut - August 9, 2010




5 stars
SO worth it!

We needed an air cleaner/purifier, and after lots of reading and research, landed on this one. It is absolutely terrific! My husband and I both suffer from seasonal allergies pretty badly, but we haven't had any problems at all since installing this unit. I'm saving my lunch money to buy another for the family room, and if I could, I would put one in every room of the house.

designer2 - August 6, 2010