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5 stars
Durable, High-Quality Product

I've been running the Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A - covers 600 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier pretty much non-stop since I bought it a couple of years ago, and I am quite pleased with its performance.

I have regularly cleaned the filters, and thought I was doing a good job, but I recently ordered replacements and realized that my old HEPA filter was in a sorry state. I guess I should have been changing it at least once a year or so. Of course, until recently I lived in a VERY dusty environment and ran it a lot, so your mileage will vary.

The coal filter is probably this product's least desirable feature. You have to be very careful when cleaning it. I accidentally popped open one of the compartments. Charcoal pellets escaped everywhere, and even after I finally got it closed, the plastic compartments never quite sealed right. I don't think it affected the machine's performance, but it was not an enjoyable experience.

Also, be aware that the filters are expensive. To replace both you'll spend about 100 dollars. You can only purchase them from Rabbit (through Amazon).

It seems like most electronic devices these day are built to scream out to the world that they are operating with lots of lights and beeps. The Rabbit is no exception. I don't usually have it in the bedroom, but when I do, I turn it to face the wall so that the display doesn't annoy me. It beeps every time you press the button, so make sure you have it all set up before you go to sleep!

I can barely hear it on the low setting. On the high setting, though, it makes a bit of noise. But, even at its most powerful, the machine is still less noisy than the low setting of a regular fan.

For me, the question would be: Is this product worth the money? Given its durability, I would say that it is.

Christopher Mayo from New Jersey - July 30, 2010




5 stars
It works.

Love this product. Cleans air fast, and it's quiet. Sent one to my oldest grandchild, who lives in an occasionally musty room in a wonderful historic house. Enter lime-green RabbitAir. No musty. Youngest grandchild in same house felt slighted because lime green is HER favorite color. The color works, but so does the product; it helps with her allergies as well. Cleaning the filters is a snap with a handheld vacuum cleaner and Q-tips (sorry, RabbitAir, they do work); no need to continually replace HEPA filters.

cecie s. - July 26, 2010




5 stars
So quiet

I spend over 2 months researching on the perfect air filter. I shopped the local hardware stores, specialty stores, and online merchants and was not content with what I found. I was looking for a quiet machine that was easy to fit in a corner without being an eyesore. In addition, costs of replacement filter fees was high on the list and the square footage of coverage. The RabbitAir is all of the above and more. I have it on the auto-setting and the air has never smelled so fresh. My condo does not have a sufficient fan when cooking so food smells linger past 24 hours. Not the case now. I ordered the front cover in Pearl White which is beautiful. You can also order the different colors and switch it out if you desire on the company's main website. The functions are straight forward. Although you have to use the remote to access all features. It is relatively lightweight so that I can move it to different areas of the room with ease. It is energy efficient although it did not qualify for energy-star, although extremely close. For more detailed information with video, go the the official website for rabbitair. So to make my review a little easier to read, it will be broken down as below: PROS: extremely quiet stylish- can swap out front case cover if desired light-weight easy to use function with auto-setting reduces dust/pollen/food odors effectively energy efficient covers large square footage for such a moderate size cheap filter replacement costs (every 1.5-3 years) 5 year warranty plug in and forget about it CONS: pricey (but worth it to me) must change out filters strictly as recommended or warranty is void cannot access all features unless use remote- so don't lose it! not energy star rated Oh, and you can see how effective the auto mode is . . . my boyfriend farts in the vicinity of the rabbitair and the turbo setting kicks in and the orange/red bar lights up. Makes for some giggles.

oanhp - July 20, 2010




5 stars
Awesome product

I am a smoker and always smoked in one room with my fan blowing out the window, not very energy efficient!
I bought this and WOW! Very quiet and very effective. Super easy to put together too!

Linda S. - July 15, 2010




5 stars
Absolutely Great

We purchased one Rabbit Air BioGS to try out. Within two weeks we purchased two more. These Air Purifiers are great. The first day we noticed no more sneezing for us and our two pets. Friends have noticed the difference in air quality in our home.

Linda S. from West Columbia, TX - July 7, 2010




5 stars
RabbitAir is great!

Love the RabbitAir!! It is quiet and has completely solved the dander problem with our pet cockatiel!!

tito74 - July 7, 2010

4 stars

Honestly we got this machine because our dog has allergies. He is much better although we are not sure if it is because of the air purifier or because we are vacuuming behind the couch every day. It does work relatively silently, and the automatic air purity measuring feature is very sensitive. The air quality goes from good to medium for five minutes when my husband takes off his shoes in the evening.

genabum from San Francisco - July 6, 2010




4 stars
An amazingly quiet, mid-power air purifier.

I wanted an air purifier for my living room where I have some electronics that need protection from smoke and dust. I also needed a unit that could realistically and reliably clean the air sufficiently in this 250 square foot area and help remove the odor and particulate matter from occasional cigarette smoke that may drift into the room. It's a large volume area because of the high cathedral ceiling and open design. While that may not sound too difficult to accomplish with many mid to large air purifiers, I also wanted a unit that was as silent as possible, and that's not so easy to find.

I spent several weeks researching air purifiers and came away with the conclusion that IQ Air, Austin Air and Blueair are probably the best that the industry has to offer as far as big and powerful air purifiers go these days (IQ Air has a carbon filter with 5 pounds of charcoal and Austin Air has 15 pounds of charcoal ... 15 pounds!). So why didn't I choose one of those? Price, noise level, size and looks were the determining factors (although Blueair has good noise ratings and they look attractive, but are a bit on the pricey side). Excluding any of those models wasn't easy. Nor was it easy to cross off less expensive mid-power sized units from Sharp and Winix. I also had a difficult time choosing between several models of Rabbit Air. Decisions ... decisions....

In order to educate myself in the murky waters of outrageous air purifier claims, I turned to the internet, but at first I found no real help (not many websites review air purifiers). I had recently purchased a small, one-room air purifier from Alen and didn't do enough research. Turned out that I wasn't exactly thrilled with that purchase (although it's really not a bad unit per se ... I rated it 3 stars). Fortunately, I eventually found a website that took reviewing and testing of these products very seriously, which gave me more confidence when I decided to go for a more powerful (and expensive) unit in the living room. I highly recommend Air-Purifier-Power as the one and ONLY source (at present) to help shed some light on this less than stellar industry. Personally, I wouldn't rely on Consumer Reports as far as air purifiers go. I found them to be of little help and their testing methods for air purifiers have been under fire for years, and I can see why. What they rated highly gave me a good chuckle.

So now that I have the Rabbit Air 700A, what do I think? As the title indicates, this is a very quiet air purifier, perhaps one of the top two or three in the industry (of the ones that have fans ... I won't go into what I think about those that don't have fans). This unit has five different fan speeds (silent, low, medium, high and turbo). To me, noise level was as critical as cleaning ability. What good is an air purifier if it interferes with your daily living? I didn't want to have to turn up the TV to drown out a fan. Of course at the two top speeds (high and turbo), one can easily hear the 700A throughout the house. Still, its high speed is quieter than many products at mid speeds. So do yourself a favor and check out fan output (CFM) and the associated noise level (dBA) on any model you may want to purchase. The Rabbit Air 700A is about 46 dBA on turbo speed (@ 187 CFM) and under 21 dBA on silent speed (@47 CFM)! BTW, some products are even quieter than this, but check the CFM to see if they are putting out as much air at that noise level.

I chose the 700A over the 780A for a couple of reasons, even though I would have preferred black over white (not too impressed with the looks of this white model). The two reasons were value and noise level. These two models are virtually identical except the fan is revved up a bit on the 780A, making it a tad louder, but has the ability to suck in and blow more air and cover a little larger area. The first three speeds on the 700A (silent, low, medium) are indeed quiet, and the silent speed is aptly named. I have to get within 4 or 5 feet to begin hearing it. The CADR (clean air delivery rate) rating on the 700A and 780A is the same (except the 780A has a slightly better Pollen rating). As far as square footage is concerned, divide any number that these manufacturers spew out by two (normal ceilings) or three (high ceilings) and you will get a closer idea of what is realistic. If you assume the manufacturer's claims are legit, you may be in for disappointment (I'm pretty sure they calculate all these numbers based upon normal ceiling height and maximum fan speed, which is unrealistic in the normal home environment). I'd like to see a CADR rating at each fan speed and the use of volume in addition to square footage as far as coverage specification, but fat chance that these will ever be implemented.

What separated the Rabbit Air products from each other (the 700A and 780A vs their other models), as well as other manufacturers models, is the ability to choose a custom filter (they have four to choose from at present: germ, toxin, pet allergy and odor). This is a great idea, and one can order a specific filter type depending upon one's needs. I find this makes perfect sense. And installing and changing filters is simple and painless (pealing off the cellophane wrapper on these filters is a bigger pain than installing them). It also has a permanent pre-filter one can vacuum and/or wash, which I find a very important feature. Pre-filters pick up the biggest particulate matter, and I will no longer buy an air purifier without a cleanable pre-filter. Live and learn.

The ad states that it is a six stage purification system: anti-microbial pre-filter (read silver), anti-bacterial medium filter (additional dust catcher, which is unusual in the industry and helps not to overtax the HEPA filter), BioGS HEPA filter (I guess it gets that name because they added some anti-viral agents ... yeah, whatever), custom filter (not many companies I know, if any, have this option) and carbon filter (although I doubt there is much more than a pound of charcoal in it, but I haven't measured the weight). I guess the mysterious sixth stage is a negative ion generator (the good kind, but who knows these days?). I like the fact that their filter kits, which include the four changeable filters, are reasonably priced and are one of the better values I have found.

This model comes with a decent set of electronics and lights for giving you information, plus it performs automatic cycling (changes fan speed depending upon the air quality that the particle sensor reads), but it doesn't come with an odor sensor. This probably isn't too big of a deal since these sensors are hardly reference quality to begin with. However, even knowing the limitations of these sensors, I like the idea of having them included and thought for the price I paid for the 700A an odor sensor should have come with this unit. At least the particle sensor gives me some feedback (accuracy not withstanding) and a baseline to go from.

Rating air purifiers may not be too accurate unless one has used their particular model for a full filter cycle (anywhere from 6 months to a year depending upon the environment it is in). I've only owned this product for a little over 2 months now, and during that time I found the quality and performance has been very good. If things change during the year, I'll report back. So, between 1 and 10, I rate the Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A (that's a mouthful) an 8, or a solid 4-star rating, but this is assuming it will give me years of untroubled service (it does come with a 5 year warrantee, which is a big plus). Other than thinking it should have included an odor sensor (one of their cheaper models include this), I wish it had a more hefty carbon filter, say 3 pounds of charcoal at minimum, but it is what it is. This marginal carbon filter is the reason I selected the custom odor filter option (although I may opt for a different custom filter later on and swap them whenever I choose). I also felt that they should have provided a wall mounting bracket since they advertise it being wall mountable. Now if this bracket was an expensive to make add-on, I'd understand. But it's a bracket they make for a buck and sell for 10, so I consider this wringing out every cent they can from the consumer. I also had to laugh at their ridiculous claim concerning their "mood" light. Still, I'm pretty happy with this unit, but for the life of me I don't know where I can put it so it will be unobtrusive (but that would be the case for any of these devices).

dsrussell from Corona, CA - July 5, 2010




5 stars
finally relief

I get hit in the spring with allergies. Last year I purchased a Sharp from another online store. That one was clearly refurbished and didn't come with the remote. I used it for a few weeks to see if it would help me and then returned it. It did help but seemed like availability was limited and I got past the allergy season so I didn't repurchase. This spring comes around and I needed a filter and I found the Rabbit. It was a little more expensive but decided it seemed to be a better product.

I have had it for four days now. I set it up and put it on medium and have let it run continuous. I noticed significant improvement after the first night! I am very happy with this product. The panel is bright but doesn't bother me at night. The fan noise on medium is no louder than the AC fan when it comes on. I will eventually buy another for the downstairs area.

Kevin A L. - July 2, 2010




5 stars
Worth the Money

I got this to replace the other air filter (not Rabbit Air) we were moving downstairs into the basement. I really like this one better because it has an Auto feature which senses the air and cylces the fan speed accordingly. It has a pollen setting which will run constantly. Filters are not expensive (comparatively) and the HEPA only has to be replaced every 18 months and the Carbon filter ever 3 years! Just vacuum to maintain!

On auto, the sensor senses chemicals or odors and kicks on accordingly. It has a NON-OZONE creating ion setting which freshens the air it circulates with no funny OZONE smell. Another nice feature is the Turbo Mode. You select Turbo and it runs the fan on high for 10 minutes and then it switches to Auto Mode.

Drawbacks are the bright LCD panel since we have it in the bedroom but I have just put some post it notes over top. If you aren't planning on having it a bedroom (it is a bit large for just one room anyway) this shouldn't be an issue. The other drawback is that if you have it on the pollen setting, you can't use the Auto setting. I had it on Auto (it wasn't running) and switched to Pollen and it started to run. I'm not sure I want it to run on a low speed all the time (which it what the other one did) because I rather liked the idea it kicked off when not needed but... I guess that's the purpose of the Pollen setting. The other drawback is several functions are not available without the remote control. To help not lose it there is a storage slot on the top of the machine.

I would recommend.

Deborah M. C. - July 2, 2010




5 stars
quiet and it works

bought this after the naturopath said to take out carpets and get an airpurifier. those looked too big, and too noisy. did a lot of research, and husband pushed for this one.

the first unit had a problem w/ it's sensors. had a bit of trouble w/ customer service @ first...they kept making us try different things to make it work...like poofing baby powder in front of it! this just made it dirty. after a stern email, the replacement came and we love it. i keep it in the bedroom, but sometimes in the short hall between 2 bedrooms and bathroom.


+ it does what it says. air seems cleaner in the room.
+ it's the lowest decibel level i could find in my research. it really is very quiet in automatic mode(but not silent,) and i have bionic 'mom' ears.
+ it detects farts within 3-7 seconds...even the ones from under the sheets. i don't know how it can smell them b4 i do. my nose is bionic too.
+ light enough for me to move short distances.
+ 'pollen mode' rocks. i use this mode on VOG-gy days. VOG is volcanic smog.
+ husband can clean the filters
+ has a place to store the remote


- it does get a little louder on the higher fan speeds, but it's bearable and at a frequency that is acceptable to my bionic mom ears.
- i still don't think it's dust sensor is accurate. sometimes it detects dust.
- it doesn't detect the cat's dander like i'd hoped.
- faintly rattles if floor is uneven. it needs some type of leveling mechanism.
- light on the front makes the room bright.
- my son doesn't think it works, so he refuses to try it in his dusty, stinky room.

if this thing doubled as a dehumidifier and had a uv light inside, it would be perfect.

C. Fernandez - July 2, 2010




3 stars
Not really for 600sq ft More like 300 sq ft

I purchased 3 units all at the same time this one being the most expensive. It is quite and does clean the air but not for more that 300 sq ft. After 6 weeks I opened the unit and found the filters to be very dusty so I cleaned the unit and reset the filters. The unit never indicated to me that the filters needed to be cleaned so I have to use common sense to monitor it on my own.

My allergies have been significantly controlled once I purchased the unit so overall I believe it does work at maintaining quality air in the room it is located.

Victoria Eastburn from Trumbull, CT - June 27, 2010




5 stars
Great Product, Great Customer Service

I have been through many so called air purifiers over the last 5 years.I have developed allergies about 7 years ago, all other brands either seemed to have no effect on my allergies or were to noisy. After reading and doing a lot of research I decided to give the rabbit a try. I am 100% satisfied and happy with my purchase, My nose is not as stuffed anymore even my eyes don't itch, even my wife who for years told me don't waste your money ALL air cleaners are a gimmicks or wont work says she feels better and sleeps better.I was so happy I bought a second unit for my living room, I don't keep it on automatic, which does work great, I just prefer to keep it on med speed in manual mode all the time. The only concern I did have was the ionizer, I know the rabbit company says it is 100% ozone free but I am not sure, when I turn on the ionizer, after about a hour I start to smell that faint smell of ozone,it gives off a slight bleach smell, BUT, unlike other brands I have the option to shut it off and run the purifier with no ionization.I do believe it does create small amounts of ozone, aside from that this unit gets 5 starts from me.I am a rabbit customer for good.Also I like the idea of having a web site where I can by accessories, like a replacement remote or a new front panel if you want to change the color,of course you can buy all the filters there to.

BeachBumJef from Bucks County, PA - June 26, 2010




5 stars
Almost a five

I know I bought too small -- I have a 850 sq feet apartment to cover so this is just to help out - not for total air quality control. I love the green color. Think iPod metallic green. You can measure, but you are never prepared for how big the unit is compared to the picture -- but it's light enough to move around. The noise: On full blast -- it is no worse than a "whisper quite" large fan or window air conditioner. You get used to it after a few days. Because I have a dog and a cat, I'll bet that I will have to wash the filters more often -- but they are super easy to access. These units are drop-shipped in two days by UPS directly from the factory and are not seconds. I looked at multiple sites to find a cheaper price -- and overstock lists the standard costs -- these units never go on sale. However, the shipping at overstock is cheaper than most!

doraf from Scottsdale AZ - June 24, 2010




5 stars
excellent for your health

This product saved me from serious health problems I was having from environmental allergies and toxins. I work in a very toxic printing mill and was beginning to feel the effects of it daily - getting vertigo from the toxins on a daily basis - so I recommended to my boss to replace our old air filter with the rabbitt 2, which I have at my home. Immediately I felt relief and my dark circles have gone from under my eyes. this feels healthy and is the best filter I have ever tried - by far! It is so good that it has an air quality indicator light which, when someone walks into the door (10 feet away from it) who has smoke smell on his clothes, the red light goes on immediately....but quickly turns to blue showing that it has cleared the air.

k8tie from Pasadena, CA - June 23, 2010




5 stars
Well designed and effective

I bought the RA 582A back in November 2007, so I have a few years experience with it. I am just getting ready to replace the HEPA filter on the unit. I soak the charcoal filter in a vinegar solution to freshen it, and I don't see a need to replace it now. The HEPA filter is more fragile, but I find that using a damp microfiber cloth, I can wipe many of the pollutants from the thin membrane that protects the HEPA filter. I am replacing the filter now because when I put it on, I notice a decrease in the air flow, probably due to blockage of the HEPA filter. However, it's been over 2 years, so that's not bad. The plastic (coarse) filter in front is easily rinsed and brushed clean. Wow, it captures a lot of dust, pollen, and this time even a large bug! The effectiveness of this coarse filter is probably why the HEPA can be maintained for a longer time.

The unit seems to perform well, but you must maintain the grill around the two sensors, by vacuuming or wiping away the dust that accumulates over time. The auto setting works, but I find it better to keep the fan running continuously on the low setting. It is very quiet and doesn't disturb us. The unit is in our family room near the kitchen. It effectively draws out most of the kitchen odors before they travel upstairs to the bedroom.

The controls are very well designed. I like the red warning light that comes on every 90 days or so, to warn you to clean the filters. The remote is also very nice, but stays tucked away in a 'pocket' at the top rear of the unit.

Sorry to see that some others have had some problems with their units, but so far we haven't experienced any. I highly recommend this model of the Rabbit Air purifiers.

P. Kalina from Midland, MI - June 22, 2010