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5 stars
Works really well, so far and it looks great

We ordered the BCRF edition. I figured why not, it doesn't look much different than the other colors. The color is a neutral white, not bright white and I like that about it. The only difference is the little emblem in the front is a pink ribbon. My husband and I love it and my 4 year old has also noticed a difference. She and I have been sneezing much less and I don't smell my 2 cat's odors like I did before we bought it. They peed in our hallway on the carpet and that's where I placed the filter and I've asked people if they smell anything and they can't. It's really helping until I can get the carpet cut out and replaced. I'm impressed. I will probably order another one for downstairs. Also, I remember reading a review that said there was a smell that was emitted from it...I have no idea what they were smelling, but it's not from the air purifier. There is absolutely no odor coming from it at all. I'm glad I ignored that review and a couple other ones. I'm very happy with my purchase and I think it was worth the price at 329 and free shipping. I ordered from Syvania and they shipped very fast.

Angela M. from Pennsylvania - June 7, 2010




4 stars
You're making the bunny mad

First I would just like to say that I love my Rabbit. On to my review. My Doctor recommended an air purifier so I started looking for one. I was looking around found a HoneyWell air purifier with great reviews but it was just plain ugly (donut shape 90's beige PC color) I couldn't picture that thing in my house let alone in my room where I would see it every night. So I started looking for a more visually appealing one which led me to Rabbit airs top of the line model which goes for $500 ouch. so I settled for this one In a pearl white.

Overall I would buy another one. My room has virtually no dust anymore It smells cleaner even on those hot days where there isn't any air circulating. My allergies improved over night. I do run it 24/7 at night the noise is almost silent and I'm one of those light sleepers that gets annoyed very easy by sounds. At its loudest it just sounds like the ac/heater is running. I also love the Auto settings the rabbit detects bad smells/ particles in the air. My dog loves to lay near the foot of the bed near the Rabbit sometimes while he lays there he farts and the Bunny gets mad it goes on full blast or he might shake and fur goes flying into the air which again he makes the bunny mad. So I tell him Stop making the bunny mad Crease lol.

The only problem that I have with this rabbit air is that the Led panel does not dim its too bright for me at night.

One last thing online the pearl white looks very white almost like my Macbook. After receiving it the pearl white has more yellow in it than I thought it did after looking at pictures online.

Robert from San Francisco, CA - June 3, 2010




4 stars
Expensive but worth it

This is a great product, and the aesthetics are worlds better than every other purifier on the market. These can be expensive though. They also require a bit of upkeep at regular intervals according to the manual beyond just replacing the filter.

Mike from NJ - June 2, 2010




5 stars
Great Purifier!

I am very pleased with this purifier. I was a little hesitant at first because of the price but I believe it is worth it.

Super quiet. I forget that it is even on. When it first starts up to detect the air qualit, it turns on full force and is loud. However, this only lasts a few seconds if the air in the room is not bad and then it turns ultra quiet. I have mine on all the time and I never hear it.
Easy to clean (just vacuum)
Looks like a quality product
Impressive customer service

While I have never owned an air purifier, I expected it to be much smaller. However, the size doesn't bother me anymore.
I do not recommend washing the charcoal filter. After I washed it, the purifier gave out an awful smell. It was so bad that I did not turn it on anymore. I contacted the company and they are sending me another one (the customer service department is great to deal with!). They also mentioned that the "new generation" charcoal filter needs only to be vacuumed.

In all, am a very pleased with this product. I even bought a second unit to go in another room.

Awaiting baby girl from Seatte, WA - June 1, 2010




5 stars

Great air purifier. Never had another one, but really like this one. Really quiet in normal operation. The sensor kicks up speed if bad air is senses (like a dust storm outside) - then it can get louder. Keeps the air really clean. A lot less dust is flying on the air and settling on furniture or TV screen.

maddin - May 24, 2010




5 stars
The best thing I ever bought !!

This item really works. my kids have allergy and nothing would help till i bought this Air Purifier and now they are much better. I really recommend it specially if you have seasonal allegies due to Pollen.

Afshin S. from NY - May 12, 2010




5 stars
Best air purifier

I'm asthmatic and I first purchased this air purifier 5 years ago to combat smoke from a downstairs neighbor. I had a cheaper air cleaner which wasn't cutting it, and I was hesitant to drop $400 on the Rabbit. I am so glad I made the purchase. It works like a dream, not too loud, and the air in my apartment smells so clean and fresh. I have a dog and it even traps dog hair in the pre-filter. Shortly after I purchased the air cleaner I was able to cut down on my asthma inhaler and I have been on a reduced dose ever since. I also have not had an asthma attack in nearly 5 years. It is easy to clean, and I just replaced the hepa filter for the first time since I purchased it. My only small complaint is that the smell detector isn't as sensitive as it once was. I usually use it on automatic mode, but now that it doesn't detect smells as well, I have to manually adjust it. But this is after 5 years so I can't really complain. It still cleans the air as well as it did when it was new. I just moved to a new, much larger apt, so I purchased another. It came fast and works like a dream, just like I expected it to. Don't waste your money on cheaper air cleaners, go with the rabbit.

mollyparker from New York, NY - May 3, 2010




4 stars
Pricey but you get what you pay for.

The Rabbit Air is by far the best air filter I ever owned. It is quiet and does a reasonably good job filtering air. Smell and dust sensor is a nice touch, but I don't expect the sensors to work well forever. I care about quiet operation and filter quality but not so much about gimmicks such as smell and dust sensors. I'd like to see a cheaper version without the sensors. It is quiet enough to leave on 24/7 in my bedroom. It also function of air circulation fan.

ss_ss from Houston, TX - April 26, 2010




5 stars
Works Perfectly All the Time

I had reservations about spending the price for this air purifier; however, after using it for a few days I have no regrets whatsoever. I placed it in the middle of a large room and let her rip. After it set itself for the air condition of the room it has been going 24/7 without a mere hiccup. This morning I removed the filters and each was a tad dirty but still working perfectly. My routine has been a bit goofy but that is just me. Each time I go by the unit I will take the remote and turn it up so that it is forced to clean a bit better than running on silent (and it is silent, too) and you can see it working from the increase in the flashing lights and the motor turning up the speed. I will save you all the details of the electronics and technical matters which not only are boring but beyond my humble abilities and say it works well and the air is cleaner than it was before I bought it.

John N. S. from Roanoke, Virginia - April 25, 2010




5 stars
Rabbit Air Minus A2 - Great product

I thought all the glowing reviews on the Rabbit Air Minus 2 were alot of bunk until I received my unit. I have an IQair Health Pro system, which is considered to be the best filter system out there, but it's pretty noisy even at low speeds. So I thought I'd check this unit out since it claims to be very quiet, but never dreamed it would be competitive to the IQ Air in particle removal. Much to my surprise, using my Dylos Laser Particle counter not only was the Rabbit nearly twice as quiet but the air purification rate (both large coarse and fine particles) was comparative. While my particulate test was certainly not a rigorous analysis, nor did I test for VOCs, it was a good enough estimate for me to conclude the Rabbit Air Minus A2 is comparable to the IQ air in particle removal but unlike the IQ Air, nearly silent even on high speed -- it looks very cool too.

This is a real good product, and all the glowing reviews are certainly consistent with my evaluation. Bravo Rabbit !

Kevin L. - April 23, 2010




5 stars
A very nice product

I use it in my bed room. I can feel the movement of the fresh air and can breathe much better. It is so quiet in sleep mode that you hear nothing about it. Even it seam expensive but if think about the long life filters and low energy consumption in the long run, it worths .So I'm buying another one for my livingroom.

pet lover from brooklyn,ny - April 21, 2010




2 stars
I feel ripped off

I ordered a 582BioGS model after being a very happy owner of the RabbitAir BioGS421. I wanted a unit with a higher CADR (clean air throughput) rating than the 421 for downstairs, so I paid the extra $80 or so dollars for a bigger unit. My new filter arrived today, and it works just like my 421. Which is the problem.
A quick check on the Rabbitair website seems to confirm my suspicion that the 582 and 421 are identical: the dimensions are the same, the weight is the same, and all three filters are the same. If this is supposedly a beefier unit, shouldn't it use a bigger air filter? Shouldn't it require a mode heavy duty motor? Most likely the only difference is that the turbine is programmed to run at a higher speed on the 582. This leads me to a lot of questions such as, how can the 582 and 421 have the same advertised filter life if the 582 pumps more air through the same filter? Won't the motor burn out quicker on the 582 since it is driven harder? Unless you are running the 582 at the "turbo" setting very often and want to risk potential reliability issues a couple of years down the line, save your money and buy the 421. I resent having paid an extra $80 for the ability to run the fan a little bit faster.

Melnorme from Boulder, CO - April 19, 2010




4 stars
great air purifier for the money

I'm not going to get too technical, but so far this air purifier has been a wonderful addition to my bedroom. My husband has developed allergies to our cats, and this years pollen season has been horrible, so when he had to start sleeping in the other room due to his snoring, I knew we had a problem. He is now able to sleep in our room again without taking any drugs and only occasionally having to use a breathe right strip to keep from snoring (due to sinus congestion). We were really concerned about loudness, and this unit is very quiet. It has a nightime setting and is super quiet. I also like that it has an allergy setting etc. The one downside is that it has a very bright display, and to change the setting you have to point the remote at that bright setting, so putting electrical tape over it to help with the brightness is out of the question. I fixed it by draping a black sock over the display at night. It's something I can live with and I just move it aside to change the setting. Its supposed to have an odor detection setting and kick on higher when it detects one, but I haven't really noticed this happening.

Lisa K. from Atlanta, GA - April 18, 2010




5 stars
Allergy relief, at last

Allergies have caused me years of nighttime misery. During allergy season I renew prescriptions for medications which are semi-effective, at best. I drag through life from day to day with little sleep and a lot of congestion. That is, until I put a Rabbit Air SPA-700A in my bedroom. It's so effective at removing pollen and improving the air quality that I now get a full night's sleep w/o medications and I wake up w/o itchy eyes and a plugged up nose. The Rabbit Air in auto mode just runs quietly and does its thing w/o need of adjustment or operator input. It's fully automated and it really does the job.

Skoro from Texas - April 15, 2010




5 stars
Works so well, I may buy another.

For a few years, I have been using a Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier in one bedroom. Although the Sharp purifier has functioned well, I wanted to try another brand in a second bedroom. The RabbitAir BioGS SPA-582A was my choice. It has functioned well during the four weeks that I have owned it, and is quiet on its lowest two speeds. I had an inquiry for RabbitAir customer support, and they responded quickly, and courteously. Thus far, I am completely satisfied with this product. My sister took delivery of one yesterday, and another friend of mind will likely order one as well.

Dr. James W. - April 5, 2010




5 stars

"I picked this model after taking a certification class on hospital facility construction. We covered identifying particle dangers and using hepa to control exposure to them.
Do not think you should simply add a better filter to your central air (hvac). You’re not even coming close to the extreme result of what a true HEPA (like this) can remove for you and you would be putting a damaging strain on your heating/cooling system's motor as well as reducing it's efficiency.
I chose this model because it has a built in particle sensor. In auto mode, it continuously samples the air and turns up the scrubbing fan when pollen, mold, dust etc. are detected.
I'm writing this review after one month (24/7) usage. Noticeable difference in my home’s smell, dust in the sunlight and accumulation on surfaces."

UBCJ from Evanston IL - April 4, 2010




5 stars
Rabbit air

I had other purifiers, but I found this Rabbit Air BioGs Model 421A the best. It has a display which shows everything. It is a very good product. I am satisfied.Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A - 600 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization - Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Chrome Silver

Ramalingam R. I. from Colonia, NJ - April 4, 2010




5 stars
Great High Quality Product

We love this Air Filter! The quality if the components is of an entirely class than any other we have tried which by comparison seemed like the difference between a cheap tricycle and a luxury car.

L. Buggiani from New York, NY - April 3, 2010




5 stars
Quiet and Effective!

"After reviewing various air purifier makes and models, I chose the BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. I love this purifier! It is quiet, has a great variety of settings, and does a great job of purifying the air! The air in my apartement smells much fresher, and it has definitely helped reduce/eliminate allergens."

Tyorva from Kirkland, WA - April 3, 2010




5 stars
Works Great!

I have it for about 10 months now and is working great! Quiet and never fail my expectation.

buyfromwa from Bellevue, WA, April 1, 2010




1  stars
I need an air cleaner for this air cleaner!

Wow, all those glowing reviews and not one comment about the stench this air cleaner gives off when used for the first week? I'm hoping the smell goes away because I will say it is quiet, attractive, and the sensors seem to be working. However, it is unacceptable to have this chemical smell coming from an air cleaner. There is something in the filters because the unit itself doesn't smell bad, it's only the air that is emitted which smells.
I had a Winix 9000 that didn't smell this bad. If it wasn't for the odd noises it started to make I would have kept it. I wanted a Sharp Plasmacluster but they seem to be discontinued. My Blueair 455EB has absolutely no smell at all and is quiet as a mouse but isn't very good with odors. I will keep the Blueair in my bedroom but really wanted the Rabbitair to be a good living room Unit. I guess I will have to stick with Blueair for the living room also and see if their smokestop filters work-they are expensive though.
The search continues.

jacksplat - March 30, 2010




1  stars
Lousy, and OVER PRICED

My wife and I purchased this usit at I am an avid cigar smoker and we have kids. I read all the great reviews on this usit and thought for sure this was going to be a winner.

I couldn't be more wrong.

This unit itself is large and bulky. The filters and a pain to remove and clean, and the unit is NOT quiet as stated by the manufacturer. Not to mention the timer went out and now we're hearing crackling coming from inside the unit. Customer service was unhelpful and now this 500 dollar machine is sitting in the closet taking up space.

We'll be switching back to Oreck soon. Stay away from this! Unless of course you like wasting money.

A. Donabed from Atascadero, CA - March 25, 2010




5 stars
Clean air is wonderful!!!

my husband has really bad breathing problems and this has saved his life! Now he can breath better! it is quiet and the air it puts out makes you feel like you are in the mountains:) Plus it looks nice and you can pick colors to match your home.

S. Dobbs from Yakima, WA - March 17, 2010




5 stars
Phenomenal product!

For over a week, I was looking for a "set and forget" item and now we've had this for 3 days. Initially, my wife was not happy with the purchase (cost!), but she is more important than money.

As soon as we removed all the packaging and powered it up, my wife noticed how clean the air smelled. My wife and I can sleep near it and not be bothered by the sound of the fan.

We set our auto mode on "Pollen" and the mood light changes blue to purple to blue (very relaxing!).

When we cook, the air quality sensor goes from blue to purple or red and immediately increases the fan speed and minutes later returns to blue reducing fan speed again.

She's very happy we have an air purifier that not only filters the air of contaminants, but looks great doing it or as she puts it, "State of the Art-looking".

Oh, also, shipping arrived in a timely manner!

Anthony-Mark D. from Pittsburg, California - March 17, 2010




5 stars
Exactly as described.

Product works exactly as described. Unit is quiet, easy to operate and well built. Still a lot to spend, but is a very good value when considering its features against competing products. I am very pleased and may consider buying a second unit for our other bedroom.

gt from Chicago, IL - 3/16/10