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5 stars
Great Purifier

"I'm very satisfied with my Rabit Air MinusA2 , it's a great product. I was hessitant about spending the money but did some research and it is higher rated than even the more expensive purifiers. Love the auto and remote features. Woth the price and if it's on sale even more reason to buy it. Free Shipping too"

rlvcjr from Ann Arbor MI - March 12, 2010




5 stars
No more pills!

I received this purifier about 5 months ago. After only 3 or 4 days I quit taking my allergy medication and haven't had to start again. I wake up without being stuffed up, and my head feels more clear than when I was on them. It seems like it costs plenty, but when you consider it was costing $90 a month for my prescription it pays for it self over time.

Todd L. from Lindsay, mt - March 9, 2010




5 stars
Very Happy with Rabbit Air Cleaner

This air cleaner has an Auto feature that you can't beat. It comes on when you need it and shuts off when it is finished unlike our older models that waste a lot of energy because they do not have they Auto shuttoff feature. [...]

Eleanor from Topeka, KS - March 4,10




5 stars
Style and functionality

I bought this purifier with hopes of minimizing my allergies without sacrificing space or style. I have had it for about 6 months now, and I have no complaints. Setting it up was simple: the instructions for inserting the filters are straightforward, and I had it up and running in less than 15 minutes. I run it continuously, and there are multiple aspects of the SPA-780A that I love: (1) it's small and compact, which is great for apartments; (2) it's very intuitive and easy to use; (3) it looks great, unlike some other clunky purifiers; (4) it's energy efficient.

It makes almost no noise unless it is functioning at its maximum input/output. I rarely ever notice it, especially if the TV or stereo is on or someone is talking. I generally only know that its working by looking at the air quality indicator, which emits light of a particular color depending on the quality of the air at the time.

The purifier is easy to move from room-to-room. I sometimes move it from the living room during the day to my bedroom at night. It's not very heavy, and it has a handle on the back that allows you to move it with one hand easily. Because it has a modern and stylish look, it can easily add more character to a room rather than detract from it. Although I rarely have the mood lighting on (supposedly it's mentally soothing, but I'm unconvinced), it does turn into an interesting conversation piece when guests come over. Several people have asked me what it is and commented on how quiet it is and how nice it looks. It's also great that it includes a light sensor, especially if you are keeping it in the bedroom where you sleep. After the lights go out, it becomes virtually unnoticeable (aside from a small green power light) after a few minutes. I haven't tried wall mounting it.

I purchased it with the pet filters because I have a cat. I can't say that it has cured my allergies, but I have multiple allergies (e.g., pet dander, pollen, dust mites), so I didn't expect a miracle. I think it has improved them though. After I wake up, my congestion clears more rapidly than it did before I got the purifier, and I sneeze less throughout the day. It also helps clear my place of pet, cooking, and other odors. After coming from outside, my place smells fresh and clean.

Brian from Washington, DC - March 1, 2010




5 stars
FINALLY! I can breathe!

Ok... ok... ok... I know there are lots of you (like me) that are skeptical about a ~$300 product that claims to make the air in your environment smell and feel cleaner but is it actually effective? I purchased the Rabbit Air 421A in Silver back in November 2009 direct from the manufacturer. The purchase was made solely off of the Amazon reviews I read and other external websites that seemed to have nothing but glowing impressions of this fancy little box. I have spent the last several years fighting off a continued sinus infection that had gotten so bad that when I would wake up in the morning I would find myself coughing up LITERALLY coughing up mucus and phlegm. When I came home from work in the dusk I could see millions of little particles floating around in the beams of light coming in from the windows. I knew it was time to find a solution.

Introducing - the Rabbit Air BioGS 421A - God's gift to the dirty air world. I felt like a kid at Christmas I was so giddy when the box arrived. Did I mention this box was giant? I really underestimated the size of this thing, but it's okay because the bigger the unit the more air it is able to clean. So I unpackaged the big boy and within 5 minutes I had the thing running. Installation was literally removing all of the bags from everything and then plugging in the charcoal filter, HEPA filter, and pre-filter, then replacing the plastic front cover and plugging it in. The unit is big but light enough to carry with one hand.

Night 1 - I swore it was the best sleep I had ever gotten and I woke up feeling clear and able to breathe, although my significant other swears that it's all subliminal. By the end of the first week I was no longer hacking up pieces of my own lung. The automatic sensor(s) are so smart that I can throw a chicken on the stovetop in the kitchen and ~60 seconds later the unit kicks into high gear. Sometimes when the cat walks by the Rabbit Air whirs into full speed and scares the heck out of him (not necessarily a pro for some people but for me it is!). I catch myself doing certain things in the apartment and then mindlessly staring at the front indicator lights on my Rabbit Air to see how it feels about my actions.

I was hesitant to post a positive review until I really knew if the unit worked. After 3 months of non-stop use (daytime - auto mode, nighttime - fan speed 3 mode) the unit finally beeped at me this morning to "clean filters." So I popped the front of the unit off (no screws, it just pops off!) and I didn't know whether or not to be excited or disgusted. The pre-filter was COVERED in dust, hair, big particles - it took me a solid 2 minutes to pull off of the dust off with the vacuum. Behind the pre-filter the HEPA filter also needed a quick pass and the charcoal filter was fine as is. After looking at all of the dust and dirt and pet hair (think if you opened your lint trap on your dryer) I knew the purchase was more than worth it to keep all that crap out of my air.

My only complaint? That I didn't buy two to keep myself from lugging it around the apartment from room-to-room.

D. Cunningham from Tulsa, OK - February 24, 2010




5 stars

This thing is pricey, but it really works. I keep it in my cat's litter box room and I can't smell a thing. I haven't had to clean the filter yet, but even if it is difficult it'll be worth it because it works so well.

Kelly E. H. from Texas - February 22, 2010




5 stars
Absolutely the best HEPA air filter.

"We looked a lot of different filters (actually own 2 from Whirlpool, one from Holmes, and 1 from 3M filtrate). None of the others have the multistage filtering that this does and it is QUIET!!!! Absolutely amazon performance and build quality. We are purchasing another one a the moment. Highly Recomended!!!"

RMBAlbuquerque from Albuquerque, NM - February 16, 2010




1  stars

Do not buy this product. My husband and I bought this going off what others reviews read. We dont feel that the odor sensor worked at all, nor did it clean the air. We kept it for two weeks thinking that it just needed more time to clean the air. Didnt work. The odor still stayed in the house, and it did no more than suck air in and blow the same air back out through the top. Very expensive to purchase, very expensive to return. Very dissappointed. Returned to company, and then purchased an Oreck. Couldn't be happier with our Oreck purchase.

Winnie W. from Iowa - February 15, 2010




4 stars
Work nicely... Slighty noisey.

Rabbit air purifier is very sleek and seems to work great. Whenever I smoke, the light sensor changes color to red (poor air quality) and starts working hard. After little while, the light changes and the fan slows down. Air quality improvement is undeniable. It is slgihtly bigger and noiser than I expected.

Highly recommended for smokers.

J. Cha from Allston, MA - February 8, 2010




5 stars
BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier, Chrome Silver

"Just started using the Air purifier and was not sure what to expect. First of all its light and very quiet. Using it in the bedroom and the room smells fresher and cleaner.
Have 2 dogs who sleep in the same room, must say it removed the dog odor from the room. The unit is very sensitive to smell and picks up smell before it gets to me, so this is good investment for me and has also help towards my allergies as the rooms remain closed due to the cold season.
The bedroom is big and over 600 sq ft. Must say the unit works great, should have bought this sooner.
Thumbs up for this purifier, oh and it is pretty sleek looking too."
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vikhome from Wallingford, CT - February 6, 2010




4 stars
So far, so good

I chose this air purifier on the basis of looks and innovation. It has a pleasant and interchangeable design to it which is important because, honestly, I have no room to hide it in my studio apartment. The power cord could stand to be a little longer and how about retractable? The only other feature I wish it had was a uv light just to add one more level of anti-mold protection. It has a nifty auto set which responds to what it senses in the air which means it runs silently most of the time- and I do mean super quiet. It will kick into gear for what sometimes appears (smells) like no apparent reason and for apparent (excuse me) reasons. I also like that the motor is quiet and has a kind of inconsistent whir to it which is actually more soothing to me than a white noise drone. The motor is unique and energy efficient and is designed to emit very little ozone effect. The unit also always emits negative ions and while I can't say that it is the main reason for my improved sense of well-being, it feels like a little cherry on top of the desire for cleaner air. Oh, and a portion of the price goes to breast cancer research which I didn't find offered by any other air purifier manufacturers and I love to support a good cause and myself at the same time.

E. McGivern from Seattle, WA - January 31, 2010




1  stars
Wholly ineffective, expensive to return

Given the reviews below, I purchased the Rabbit Air with great optimism but have been completely disappointed. The unit has delivered no change in air quality, and in fact often fails to notice a scent as strong as a match being light and extinguished directly in front of the sensor. With regard to observations by other users - I did not find the noise disturbing, and in fact it offered a good "white noise" background for sleeping. The display, however, is exceedingly bright and cannot be adjusted; I ended up taping a post card over it so as not to illuminate the room.

Obviously I wasn't looking for a $330 noise maker and nightlight, so I will be returning the item. What's particularly disappointing (and not disclosed elsewhere, as far as I can tell) is that Rabbit Air is charging me $35 for return shipping on this worthless device.

I would give 0 stars if Amazon offered that option; I would strongly encourage you to look elsewhere.

DBA from New York, NY - January 22, 2010




5 stars
Lives up to expectations for the price

Aside from some cosmetic issues -- the badge on the front face of the unit is a sticker that was loose (and somewhat folded and therefore will remain loose) -- this unit has been everything I expected. It is extremely quiet and sensitive -- When I walk past it after coming out of the bathroom in the morning, it senses my cologne and immediately kicks in.

The true test will be when my asthmatic girlfriend returns and can judge the air quality in our smallish apartment.

William J. T. - January 21, 2010




5 stars
Works well

At first I wasn't sure it was doing much as I don't have allergies or asthma and could not detect any significant difference in air quality. Bought it because I do have a cat. Hard to tell it's working when on auto but once during an infrequnt air quality alert I had the front door open for a brief period and the sensor picked up some pollutants as the unit kicked in and the indicator light moved to yellow. It also kicks in when there is some smoke from kitchen cooking. After about 2 months the "filter needs cleaning light" went on. I did not see any visible dust or dirt on the filter but vaccumed it anyway and the light turned off after cleaning and resetting . So the unit must be very sensitive and doing it's job. I think someone with allergies will notice a bigger difference in air quality but I like the fact it's there doing the job when needed.

Wisconsin Golfer from Madison Wi - January 15, 2010




3 stars
I'm on my third one already

I have 2 of these units and they seem to work well but I've had quite a few problems. I've already had 4 of them break down on me and Rabbit Air did replace them under warranty but they are very difficult to work with and I've spent about $100.00 on shipping to return their defective units. I guess my last straw with Rabbit Air was when the last time I sent defective units back they failed to mention that they were moving and told me to ship the units to their old address so Fedex Ground ended up charging extra to reroute the units. To sum it up, they work well when they work but if you have trouble good luck!
I see in some of these reviews that they paid return shipping. I asked them several times to pay for return shipping and they refused.

Alex C. - January 15, 2010




5 stars
Even better than expected

I loved the first one so much I bought two more. Need I say more?

I have one of these units in my home office, where laser toner dust, paper dust, cat and dog hair and other 'pollutants' make the air pretty nasty. Now that I have this unit in the office, those problems are GONE. I leave it running on Silent during office hours (and it really is virtually silent), and I set it to Turbo when I leave the office. The air stays fresh all day, and in the mornings the office smells like mountain air. I look forward to coming into the office now.

I've had other air cleaners in the past, electrostatic and HEPA, but they didn't come close to freshening the air like this one does.

Highly recommended.

S. Harrington - January 9, 2010




5 stars
Great Product!

"This product is perfect. It is very quiet and has easy to use settings. The filter system is outstanding.
Allergy and pollen suffers in the house have not sneezed once since I plugged it in! It doesn't blow out super cold air like some other units and I don't even know it is there.
Would highly recommend and well worth the price."
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AbbyD from Michigan - January 9, 2010




4 stars
Seems to do the job

We primarily run this during May/June when we seem to have the most problems with Allergies. By running it in our bedroom it seems to help and let us get a better night of rest. The mood lighting setup is a bit annoying, but hasn't bothered us too much. The nice feature is the automatic setting that let's the unit vary the running speed based on conditions in the room. Overall a very quiet unit which makes it great for the bedroom. I would recommend this to others and am considering getting a second unit.

Vivek G. - December 28, 2009




5 stars
Rabbit Air Cleaner

Within my household I have two long haired cats and one person whom is allergic to both of them.
The Rabbit has turned out to be the only thing that allows him to sleep through the night without
having breathing issues. Since both cats love him to be near him it was impossible to keep them
a part, now I don't have to.. We can all live in comfort..

jraison from East Windsor, NJ, December 23, 2009




5 stars
Excellent, quiet, good quality

In addition to doing a good job cleaning the air, I also was looking for a purifier that would be very quiet. This Rabbit Air is really quiet. I don't have a way to measure air quality, but the air sure smells cleaner. I noticed a few times when I broil something the air quality light will change indicating the air needs further cleaning; so I guess that is a good sign.

The unit looks very well made and is very stylish.

So far as cost, I would rank it very good. The initial cost of the unit and replacement filters is very reasonable.

I called their support line with some questions and they were very helpful. They answered the call right away (no holding).

The coverage is rated at 700 sq ft, but I have read that if you have allergies you should cut that number in half.

Coach Larry from Ohio, USA - December 21, 2009




5 stars

This purifier is great! I love the odor and dust indicators. They really work! I live in a city and as soon as I open my balcony door the indicators go up. The unit is very sleek looking too. I can really feel the difference when using this purifier so for me it's well worth the money.

It is quite a bit larger than I thought it was going to be but it's fairly light and easy to carry.

I would HIGHLY recommend this!

Berry Blue from MN - December 21, 2009