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5 stars
Excellent Product. One of the best!

This air filter from Rabbit Air is one of the best out there. I love that the unit can detect light and when the lights go out, it goes into a very quiet sleep mode. The unit itself works very quietly and is really attractive. I called Rabbit Air and the filter only needs to be changed once a year and costs about 37.00 current, which is much cheaper then filters from their competitors. A great purchase. I want to get a second one for the apartment.

James from Bay Area, California - December 21, 2009




5 stars

looks great (although the "mood light" is a stupid marketing gimmick in my judgement) and functions really well. in fact so well that i barely need to dust my apartment at all each week (and i have very high standards for that since i have severe allergies). only downside i can think of other than the price is that when it's dead quiet sometimes you can hear a very faint high pitched squeaking sound. maybe some wd-40 would fix that, but it hasn't bothered me enough to look into it...

Jonathan L. from Seattle, WA - December 20, 2009




5 stars
Really works. I wish I could afford more

I have tried several air cleaners throughout the years, Sharp, Oreck, Hunter, Honeywell, Delonghi and have never been too impressed. All that changed with my Rabbit Air. I love this machine.

When I bought this unit I was serious about getting a good air cleaner. I compared this and several others and came down to choosing between this and a blueAIR unit. After looking at filter costs for the blueAIR I decided to take a gamble on the slightly less widely known Rabbit Air. I have not been disappointed.

It is quiet and after a month or two of use, dust and odors have greatly improved. The design is smart, with minimal electrical use, and a clever pre-filter arrangement that extends the life and freshness of the main filters resulting in low filter costs. As others have mentioned, the dust/odor sensors are questionable. Sometimes it seems to react to dust or odor, but other times it seems to be reacting to ghosts!

I am actually up to three of these units now, but need another for another area. My only complaint is that these units are pricey, but like they say, you get what you pay for. When you add up the filter costs for other models this one comes out ahead within two years even against the cheap units you can find on the shelves at Wal-Mart.

Andrew D. from FL, USA - December 14, 2009




5 stars
SO Happy

I got this because my husband is allergic to my dog. At first it seemed to make a HUGE difference.
I've had it for six months so have gotten used to it, but still feel like it makes a difference.
I put it right by the bed on his side and it really makes a difference for his sleep.

hearts252 December 14, 2009




5 stars
excellent air cleaner

I have two bluair cleaners and though they are good and top rated, they are huge and not attractive so remain in basement, out of the way, locations. These Rabbit Air cleaners not only do an excellent job of keeping the air fresh, they increase the cleaning process when they detect allergens or contaminants in the air. This allows one to know what is coming in that needs to be cleaned so one can sometimes track down a source and eliminate or reduce that source. It is very easy to clean with the washable filters and one can see if one is getting a considerable amount of dust or certain other elements that might be in the air. Cleaning the sensor with vacuum is also easy. I do not know how long the sensor lasts, at some point this might need to be replaced and I have not found any indicator that lets one know how long that might be. However as an air cleaner it is quiet even in the highest setting, not silent but definitely not too noisy. In normal mode it is silent and it does have a night time mode, special mode in allergy seasons to specifically detect allergens, and a clean mountain air mode. If this is in a kitchen or area one knows has high debris or bad air to clean, set it to super mode and it works full force until the air is clean, then turns itself down to normal mode which is silent but still working.

I have used the Sharper Image Ionizer and others but this is far superior though must admit bigger so not invisible in place. Still it is superior. In winter I use this in combination with Venta air washers to humidify the air and have two air cleaners working. this and the Venta. In summer Venta puts too much humidity in the air for my region so only the Rabbit Air and the BioGS does seem to reduce the germs in the air. Often when I have guests with flu I tend to get it as well but with this, I do not get it. Additionally, during flu season when I come in having slight symptoms of flu and remain in the room with the BioGS, my symptoms are gone by morning so they do not just keep circulating in the air for me to continue to contaminate myself with the germs.

Best of breed for certain.

D. M. Smith from washington, dc - December 12, 2009




1  stars
RabbitAir BioGS NOT WORTH THE $$$

SAVE YOUR MONEY!! DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED! I bought this air purifier about 6 months ago because my son has asthma. Read many reviews all raving about the product. All the reviews made great claims- a lot of money but worth it because it improved air quality so much. Some reviewers said they had asthma and since getting this purifier their symptoms have greatly improved. Other people mentioned how many pets they had and how the air purifier was able to keep up with the hair, dust and odor. So I decided to spend the extra money and get what I thought was going to be an exceptional air purifier and I COULD NOT BE MORE DISAPPOINTED. I only have one dog and it can't keep up with that. WE HAVE HARDLY SEEN ANY IMPROVEMENT IN AIR QUALITY, DUST ETC. We probably could have bought an air purifier for less than half the price and gotten the same results. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Rabbit Air BioGS (model 582A - covers 780 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization - Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Chrome Silver

dpak from Phila, PA - November 30, 2009




4 stars

i've had many air purifiers before and I'm most satisfied with this one. I've heard about Rabbit Air many times before I knew I was going to get a good product. I got the 780 sq feet one and it does the job of 2 rooms really well. We have smokers in the house in a designated area and it does a fabulous job taking out the odor through the whole apartment. I take comfort in knowing that it will eliminate odor as well as allergens and bacteria in the air as we have an older cat so it's good for pets too. The only peeve I have is that it's pretty much on the big size, but due to its sleek design it's not too big a deal. It is not super thin as I expected but still, sexy and nice looking.

Jenny N. from New York NY - November 30, 2009




5 stars
Breathing easier and sleeping better

Fully satisfied with all features. Have chronic asthma and Model 421A has made a significant difference in the quality of air in our house. Am able to get a better night sleep and am using inhalers less.

daytripper88 from NW Indiana - November 19, 2009




5 stars
Outstanding Air Purifier

Extremely quiet; user friendly; affordable; makes a difference in air quality. Eliminated dust, pet dander, and pollen. Provides outstanding air quality to a chronic asthma sufferer. I would buy additional units for the house, but it covers such a large area, an additional unit not required.

Barb from Colorado Springs, CO - 11/17/09




5 stars
Wonderful for healthy air

I've loved this purifier since the day it arrived two years ago. It is fairly small considering we live in a New York apartment and easy to move around to multiple rooms. It has a great array of settings such as a silent night time setting and various levels of timed or constant filtering which seem to fit all of our needs. I'm asthmatic and my boyfriend is a smoker so it allows us to co-exist amongst clean air in the same tiny apartment. It is easy to clean with reminders every 3 or 4 months and it seems to catch a lot of air pollution. I leave it on all the time and couldn't be happier with it.

E. Trimarco from New york, NY - November 16, 2009




4 stars
Functional, Stylish and Modern Air Purifier

Air purifiers have come a long way in terms of design and technology. I've gone thru the simple HEPA filters, charcoal filter, UV bulbs, electrostatic ionizers, washable collector cells, and controversial ozone emitting products.

Now I'm down to two in my home one of which is the RabbitAir MinusA2 air purifier. I love it's stylish design that doesn't look boring, kitschy, or even gimmicky. I can place it in any part of my home and it doesn't look like an eyesore.


1. Design - slim and modern

2. Controls - chrome-like buttons all laid out on one side

3. Remote - a small plastic remote emulating all the chrome buttons on the unit that is especially useful if you decide to hang the unit on a wall

4. Mood Light / Night Light - a horizontal strip of light in the front of the unit which contributes to the ambiance in the home.

5. Technology -

a. Silver Ion Pre-Filter - washable filter similar to A/C units with a fine mesh weave that capture large dust
particles. RabbitAir goes one step further by coating it with silver ions which have been proven to retard or even eliminate bacteria growth.

b. Anti-Bacterial Medium Filter - which appears to be a blue cotton filter and captures finer dust particles, pollen, mold and bacteria.

c. BioGS HEPA filter - (technology found on the previous BioGS models) and captures even more of the above plus fungus, dust mites, odours, smoke and greenhouse gases.

d. Customized Filter - another stage in filtration to specifically tailor to your choice of "Germ Defense", "Pet Allergy" and "Toxin Absorber".

e. Charcoal Based Activated Carbon Filter - the final stage in filtration in an old reliable charcoal filtration method that helps absorb more odours and toxins.

All of the above filters are housed in a relatively sturdy filter case which helps organize and arrange these for easy removal and replacement.

f. Negative Ion Generator - which further helps purify the air by clinging to suspended particles that haven't passed thru the filter and essentially making them fall to the floor rather than float around.

g. Brushless Motor - essentially produces a longer motor life and a quiet operation due to a friction-less design.

6. Filter Life / Cost - Less time consuming and relatively less expensive replacement method by being able to operate for a year in between changes. Of course, regular monthly maintenance is recommended by vacuuming and/or washing the pre-filter as well as cleaning the vents and odour analyzer.

7. Function -

a. Odour Sensor - a vent on the right side that detects changes in air quality and adjusts fan speed accordingly for faster air purification. Of course, effective placement of the air purifier matters for a more effective operation.

b. Light Sensor - detects available light and shuts down the mood light (if used) and air quality indicator.

c. Air Quality Indicator - gives a visual indication of present air quality by changing from blue (good) to purple, pink and then red (bad).

d. Easy front panel removal - no clumsy clips here. Elegant magnet on the bottom and a simple latch on top to facilitate easy pre-filter cleaning and filter replacement.


My gripe is the filter replacement cost. As of this writing the marketing of the filter can last "up to two years". If you further read the manual and manufacturer FAQ, this of course means operating the unit non-continuously at only 12 hours a day. But RabbitAir has stated this on their website FAQ:


Q: Why should I run my air purifier continuously?

A:To be truly effective, ALL air purifiers should be run continuously. Scientific researches confirm that indoor air pollution rapidly returns to pretreatment levels when an air purifier is turned off.


To truly benefit from the air purifier, then it is a no-brainer to operate it for 24 hours a day (unless it's on a vacation home that sees traffic a few times a year). Which means under "normal use" then filter life is really good for a year. Replacement cost then amounts to $75 a year plus shipping and taxes, where applicable. I would have preferred the manufacturers offer discounted filter service and free shipping KNOWING that loyal customers will be replacing their filters anyway at this predictable time frame.

Throw us a bone and make it more convenient so we won't go looking for other air purifiers down the road.


I would recommend this product with it's higher quality manufacturing and design that sets it apart from other air purifiers. Are the air filters with it's multi-stage redundant layers gimmicky? I don't know. Independent reviews and studies (not provided by the manufacturer) will prove in time. And it does beat simple one-layer filters of other machines, well, at a higher price to pay.

Of course, air purifier manufacturers will tell you that "there is no price to pay for your health". Well there certainly is a price to pay for buying these purifiers and if RabbitAir can improve their product filter replacement cost down the road and independent studies can prove the performance of their filters, then we definitely have a winner in the MinusA2 model.

As for which model to buy - SPA-780A or SPA-700A. I can only say that they are exactly the same on the outside as well as filter replacement parts. The only difference is a more powerful motor to help cover a wider space and essentially guarantee up to 815 sq feet of area as well as a choice of glossy black or glossy white. Choose well.

R. Ocampo from North America - November 8, 2009




5 stars
A must-have for sinus sufferers

"I've had this air purifier for just over a week and wish I had purchased it a long time ago!! I suffer from serious sinus infections and nothing seemed to help. I also rescue Chow Chows and they have tons of fur. There was no way I was giving up my Chow Chows (I have 5 of them), so I searched for an air purifier that might help me. I found it! This thing worked from the get-go. I can't say enough good things about it. It's quiet when you want it to be and works like a champ. It really blends in to any decor too. I have mine in the bedroom, but plan on buying another one for the family room...maybe another for my office. With all the money I'm saving on doctor's visits and medication, I can afford it. I've told all my friends and co-workers about it and now they're all interested in buying one too."

fillyok from Natalia, Texas - November 1, 2009




5 stars

"My wife and I did a lot of research and checked out many purifiers for our basement. My wife who has allergies was complaining about the basement having a smell (combination of basement crossed with a cat and litter box) We decided to go with the BioGS and couldn't have made a better decision. Used turbo mode for 20 min and now it just runs on low in auto and absolutely no smell, no sneezing, and zero noise. Save your time researching this is the best!!!!!"

jckth from Iowa City, IA - October 31, 2009




3 stars
High-tech, but not fantastic

"This air purifier was purchased for my large music classroom to help with dust & odors. The kids take their shoes off in music class to do movement on the rug, so the air purifier was supposed to serve 2 purposes: clear the air of the "stinky feet" smell and help reduce the dust created from their socks rubbing on the carpet when they move. It's great for the odor, but not so fantastic for all the dust they create. I still have to have my overhead projector taken down, taken apart & blown-out with the air compressor to keep it from overheating. I really thought this air purifier would help, but it doesn't!"

Anonymous from Webster, NY - October 28, 2009




5 stars
Works great

It is quiet and effective. Great air cleaner.

Ukallaysaaq from Kotzebue, AK - October 24, 2009




5 stars
rabbit air

This is the one of best filter I had ever have, it filter out a lot of dust and recycle the air constantly, air is crisp and clean. it even filter my air even when I cook, love it. I highly recommended if your air is bad or that have a lingering odor.

Wai T. N. - October 19, 2009




3 stars
Great Customer Service

After researching countless website (including Amazon, air-purifier-power, and some Allergy website), I decided to go with the Rabbit Air. I got it within few days. To my surprise, this thing looks bigger than in picture and it is pretty much all plastid casing, so it is light to carry from room to room.

The first one I got from Rabbit air, the auto feature didnt work. It keeps shutting the machine down completely. I open a ticket with Rabbit Air and they told me to keep running manual for a day. I did as instructed, then switch to auto after 1 day. The auto shut down by itself after few hours again. So I try it with different room. In the manual, it does mention that this can happen if the room is polluted or the air wasnt clean. The other problem is that the odor sensor doesnt seem to work for me. I place soil diaper right in front and even fart (as mentioned by numerous Amazonian customer) right in front of it. The odor sensor doesnt seem to be picking it up. They shipped a 2nd unit for replacement and the same thing happen.

Since I give product 1 star (can't give 0) and customer service 5, it averages out a 3 star. It is very important to check return policy when buying product online. Most air purifier companies (reseller) will make u pay return shipping. Rabbit Air issue a UPS home pickup twice for free. Since the review were so positive on product, I hope my experience wasnt a norm.

I try to get a Sharp unit since it has extremely positive review like Rabbit air. It is pretty much sold out everywhere. I thought we are in the Great Recession. I guess not for air purifier customer. I got an Austin Air instead. It is actually better looking than in picture and very happy with the construction (All metal Casing).

Cisco Engineer from New York City, NY - October 12, 2009




1  stars

If I could return it, I would return it but there is a thirty day return policy. The Rabbit Air is a nice idea and looks okay. It blows air into the room and after a month of usage, the filters remain clean as a whistle. SO, it doesn't seem to really do anything. No improvement with allergies and dust level. Should have bought a Blue Air instead. : (

Artist at large from Northern California - October 7, 2009