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5 stars
I now have two!

I recently bought a second unit for my Baby daughter as we have smokers in adjacent apartments and their smoke gets into our own apartment.

These air filters are the best in their class that I have ever used and they really make a big difference to air quality, even adding negative ions to the air which make the air so much sweeter to breathe and also allows you to sleep better. They can be set to be ultra quiet at night, which is great for scrubbing the air whilst you sleep.

As for my smoke problem, these will scrub the air clean of smoke and other odors, also removing dust and allergens. I really wish they would pass a law making it illegal to smoke outdoors in apartment complexes but until that happens, this is the only way that I can get clean air back into my home.

Paul T. from Colorado Springs - October 1, 2009




5 stars
No complaints! Love this air purifier.

I did a LOT of research before I purchased this air purifier in the summer of 2008 from Amazon. For me, it was a significant cost and I wanted something really reliable and worth the money. I got a doctor's note for my allergies and actually used my employer's flexible spending account for it. I've had it for over a year now and have never had any problems with it. I typically run it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the level 3 setting in my bedroom. The white noise is perfect for blocking out any street noise so my sleep isn't disturbed. I find that if the white noise starts getting a little choppy, its just because I need to clean it. The auto-clean light comes on regularly every 3 or 4 months and I clean it as directed. Its very simple to clean and I can tell you that it gets DIRTY. It pulls a ton of stuff out of the air. We are constantly doing renovation projects in our house and it pulls all kinds of dry wall dust, insulation debris, and power tool exhaust smells out of the air. I'd love to have one for every room in my house. I'm hoping to purchase a 2nd unit this year.

Monica S. from MonicaS - September 29, 2009




5 stars

Ok....It works. I've had the Rabbit Air BioGS set on AUTO since the day it came into my living room. It works. I've been through a lot of these air purifiers but I have to say....this one works. It's doing a good job. It reacts to dog odors, food odors and smoking oders immediately. Gears up in response to odors and then gears down when it's done. It's been 30 days on Auto and - So far.... So very good.

Kathleen G. from Bethpage, NY - September 25, 2009




5 stars
Works Great

The product is great. I bought another one for the front room. Love it.

Kelvin G. H. from West Los Angeles, California - September 25, 2009




5 stars
This company knows what they're doing

This is a very high quality product, and working in manufacturing, just assembling it I can tell this has been designed to last. The washable filter is excellent, and even the refillable filter is very well made. It is QUIET!!! I second guessed it being on until I put my hand over the vent. The air is definitely cleaner and the best part, the dust reduced in my apartment which is great because I am allergic but have several fur shag and wool rugs. It is pricey but in my opinion very well worth the investment. Lastly, it does not emit the ozone fumes that can be harmful to the environment or just unpleasant to breathe in.

shanghaishaman from New York, NY - 9/22/09




5 stars
Best air cleaner!

The Rabbit Air BioGS is a great air purifier. As I write this, it is sitting 5 feet away from my desk and set in the "auto" mode. I can't hear it unless it changes itself to the turbo mode, which it does if I open a dusty file or if the window is opened. The set-up was easy and the upkeep is inexpensive given that the filter is washable. At first I thought the item was too expensive, but now that I've gone a month without an asthma attack, I can tell that the Rabbit will pay for itself by saving me from medical expenses and lost work time. I can't wait to buy another for the bedroom and one for the kitchen/living room.

jmats from Arkansas - September 17, 2009




4 stars
its ok, but better than majority out there currently.,

Some points:

I have this and the the austin air hm-400. I actually like the hm-400 better because: 1) its louder, but it has a white noise sound (like an HCAV unit makes). The rabbit has a motor sound. 2) I dont believe this actually filters much on low or quiet.

The major selling point for me on this was the claimed noise level. I wish I had a DB sensor, because i can still clearly hear it at night if its in our room (on quiet!). I can hear the motor spinning. Maybe its a problem with the unit, who knows, but i thought it was suppose to be inaudible on quiet.

I have a strong feeling that the cubic feet estimate is not realalistic unless its on high or turbo which is too loud for me. I didnt notice any difference in air quality with this.

The mood light is stupid, but at least you can turn it off.

The charcoal filter is also a bit silly. They say its washable, ha! Show me how washing it takes out the smell. Be prepared to buy a new one a few times a year (30 a pop)

Great looking
Energy star
fairly quiet

doesnt filter what it says it does unless its on a higher setting
charcoal filter will be expensive to replace frequently.

Pirc_defense_expert from New England USA - September 11, 2009




4 stars
Definitely Makes a Difference in Air Quality

When I first bought this air purifier I could feel the difference. The air seemed fresh and clean. Now that I've had it a few months, it stills makes a difference, but it doesn't seem to be quite as extreme. I did just clean the filter for the first time about 2.5 months after getting and it and boy, was there a lot of fine fine dust, pet hair and other junk. After reading the directions I noticed I was supposed to clean the 1st filter every month. I tend to put the fan on rather than use the auto function because it seems to clean better. I'm pleased with my purchase though, and overall I feel healthier because of it.

T. Norton from Huntington Beach, CA - September 3, 2009




5 stars
Quiet and Effective. Cheaper exterior

I'm pleased at how quiet the Rabbit Air runs. I'm always afraid I haven't set it correctly. I enjoy the remote control and the cycle options, particularly the pollen cycle and sleep cycle. The purifier itself has a bigger footprint than I was expecting. And for such an expensive item, the outer shell is surprisingly cheap plastic. But the mechanics are quality. I'll wait for peak allergy season if it improves my breathing.

cc from Atlanta - 8/30/09




4 stars
Great Unit Overall

I recently bought this unit because I moved to a new apartment and my neighbor is a smoker. I get the smell of cigarette smoke in my apartment quite often and it makes me feel sick and gives me a headache. The best solution would be to ask my neighbor not to smoke inside his unit, but I can't do that. I also get weird food smells from some international cooking that takes place downstairs, and they can be really strong and unpleasant. The unit does not prevent the smoke from entering my apartment, but it does take care of the smell quickly. Also, I have not noticed any of the odor from the cooking. The activated carbon filter is undoubtedly responsible for the clean up of the odors (maybe the hepa filter helps with smoke particulates some too). The only problem I have come across is that the chemical "nose" that detects odors for automatic fan setting is not effective at low fan speeds. That is, it does not move enough air past the sensor to detect some chemicals in the air when the fan is at the lowest speed. When I turn on the "turbo" mode, often the chemical sensor then picks up the smells and runs the auto feature from there. It cleans up the smells and then returns to the low fan setting in which it is not effective at picking up the odors again. However, any time I get bothered, I just turn on the turbo and let it clean up. If my neighbor decides to go "chimney" for a little while, I just put the fan on medium continuously and it doesn't bother me much. Other than the failure of the chemical sniffer at low fan speeds, this unit works wonderfully! If only I could use my remote to put out my neighbors cigarettes.

Dirk Van E. from Morgantown WV - August 25, 2009




5 stars
This is literally the best thing I've ever bought from Amazon.

My husband has had severe, lifelong allergies to cats, and I wanted to know if an air purifier would help him deal with the stray cat that we were in the process of adopting. Within one day of usage, we knew that the Rabbit Air was making a tremendous difference in his symptoms! Because of this air purifier, Kitty is now able to live happily ever after in our home, and my husband is able to breathe without gagging. In four days, he has not had to use his asthma inhaler once! It's nothing short of a miracle.

True to its reputation, the Rabbit Air 421A is completely silent when running on the "auto" speed, and even when we turn it up to a higher speed, it's not that loud. It also has a nice slim profile that doesn't take up a lot of floor space. I also love the ionizing feature on this model. It does not generate harmful ozone, and it really adds a special freshness to the air. Our apartment has always had a slightly musty smell, even from the day we moved in, and ever since we bought the air purifier, that smell is gone.

Kitty's mom from Portland, OR - August 23, 2009




5 stars
this really works

This really works. The auto mode is fantastic. Comes on as needed. To put it delicately....when I or my dogs pass gas within seconds the auto mode kicks in a goes to a higher speed. If I come up from my basement, it detects whatever I brought up with me and revs up. It is normally quiet and usually runs at low speed but I am amazed at the sensitivity to what is in the air and with three dogs it does the job. Filters are no problem to clean. I intend to buy another for my bed room since it sits over a crawl space.

P. Harding - August 6, 2009




5 stars
Love It!!!

This product is worth every penny. I have had it for a few months and the musty odor in my house is gone!! I am buying another unit for the upstairs. I keep it running on high all the time just because I like the reassurance that it is cleaning the air. It is quiet even on high. I do not mind the bright display screen, it doubles as a night light. My daughter and I have asthma and allergies, actually we have felt an improvement in our allergies. I am totally satisfied with this product and would recommend this to anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or a musty smelling house.

Melissa Price from Maryland - August 4, 2009




5 stars
great product

i purchased this because i saw it in Bird Talk magazine. i checked into it. saw reviews, plus at the company web site, i saw it had a 5 year warranty. with that, it can't be junk. i just adopted a Moluccan Cockatoo & the dander from him is horrible. i spray him down 3 times a week. i said to myself i must get an air purifier. it works great. lots of features & options, but very easy to use. even has a remote! i noticed i don't have dander on my reading glasses anymore. to take some strain off the purifier, i bought a 20" box fan, and some filters used in ventilation systems 20x20x1 put it on the back of the fan. this will catch the larger particles.

Robert J. K. from CRANSTON, RI - August 4, 2009

5 stars

I have only had the Rabbit Air BioGS 582A for a couple weeks. Very easy to set up, and get operating. I wish the instructions went into more detail about what the different functions are used for [for people like me who do not know the technical lingo]. It seems to be working very well. I have a lot of alergies. Some have said they don't know where to put the remote. There is a molded indention area for the remote on the top of the unit, to the right of the air vent, for this purpose. I am thinking about getting a 2nd one, when I can, for my outer rooms.

Susu from Shippensburg, PA - July 30, 2009




5 stars
Excellent value, great product

"Did a lot of research on air purifiers and settled on this one as it fit in our budget and had some good reviews. Compared to the more powerful, more expensive air purifiers out there, this one is much much lighter (about 17 pounds) and the filters last much longer (18 months) and are much cheaper to replace.
This model is super quiet on the lower settings and even on the high ones aren't deafening. The best thing about this one is the gas/smell sensor and the particle sensor. They really work and do a good job of maintaining clean air in the room. The remote is handy as well.
We live in apt next to a smoker and those smells seep through the old building but with this handy device we don't even notice it anymore. Also, the unit does a great job of keeping pet smells at bay, litter box odor is virtually nonexistent now.
We went for the more expensive BioGS model and the blue color. I think the only difference between the models is capacity and in an apartment the extra capacity is great. I will say the color is just ok, if I could have seen the unit up close, I would have just bought the silver one. Also the display is bright (can't turn it off) so if you have it in your bedroom just cover the display and you'll be fine.
From all the info out there about air purifiers in general, I was worried about spending hundreds of dollars on something that may not meet our needs, but I felt this one was worth every penny."

txtupjfan from Austin, TX - June 24, 2009




5 stars
The best HEPA filter ever!!!

"The MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier is THE BEST HEPA we have ever owned. We have owned over 20 different filters over the years (still own HEPA's from Honeywell, Whirlpool Whisper Quiet, 3M, Blueair and others) from HEPA's to the ionizing towers (different brands, all did not clean the air that well and make us choke from ozone, so got rid of them in favor of True HEPA filters). One thing we were always looking for was a filter that worked and was quiet (never found one, the Whirlpool Whisper Pure was the best so far, but still noisy).
Well, after doing a lot of research online, I stumbled on the Rabbit Air filters. Looked like great technology, so we decided to order one and try it (Home Depot had the best price, plus a free shipping offer so what could we loose). The filter arrived and it is very compact. Unpacking all the filters, you can see that each layer is of very high quality (it's the Only filter that has all these cleaning layers, toxin filters, and bactericidal properties). We put all the filters in place and then the final test - fire it up.
WOW, it is VERY QUIET when on sleep/low mode - you can barely hear it. And on the highest it is still quieter than our other filters on low. It cleans extremely well, filters out smells, and keeps the air very fresh and pollen free. We all have severe seasonal allergies and do our best to keep our house pollen free. This is the best so far at doing this.
I can recommend this filter without any reservations!!! Bottom line: very well built, great technology, true HEPA filtering, kills bacteria, filters out smells and is the QUIETEST filter on the planet with a true HEPA filtering ability."

RMBAlbuquerque from Albuquerque, NM - July 22, 2009




5 stars
Rabbit Air BioGS Model 582A is Very Effective & Well Supported

Prior to purchasing the Rabbit Air BioGS (model 582A - covers 780 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization - Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Metallic Blue, we had stuffy noses and headaches in the morning. This may have been related to installation of an attic and insulation as well as repair of water damage where black mold was growing. We removed the black mold using a bleach water mixture. We then tried an ozonator (Living Air) and electrostatic filters (Sharper Image) over a period of weeks but they did not help. However, the very same night that we put the Rabbit Air BioGS Model 582A in the bedroom, we saw an improvement in our symptoms.

I'm very happy with the product and this review doesn't stop here. I've comfortable that Rabbit Air will continue to support the product based on the experience we had with the first unit which arrived in a box that had been handled roughly. Upon inspecting the package, we found the product damaged and immediately called Rabbit Air. Their customer service answered on the second ring and without transferring me, they were able to ask a few questions and in less than 5 minutes, I was off the phone. A new unit showed up the very next day and the shipper picked up the damaged unit on the same visit! Now that's the definition of excellent customer service!

The product carries a five year warranty and when taking into account that Rabbit Air actually answers the phone with a live person, it really leaves me a confidence that they will be there if we do run into warranty related issues or questions.

Rabbit Air also offers a filter replacement reminder service. This is also a great feature since some of the filters require replacement in 18 months to 3 years. In this period of time, I know that a reminder will be nice although, there is a filter replacement indicator built into the unit.

We would strongly recommend the Rabbit Air BioGS Model 582A to anybody that has a need to reduce odors and dust/pollen/smoke from a room. We are completely satisfied with the company and the product at this point. Bottom line: The product works exactly as the product description implies and it is very well supported.

We've had the Rabbit Air BioGS Model 582A for two months and it performs very well. The unit is in the bedroom and we leave it in automatic mode all the time. The speed automatically changes depending on the amount of dust, pollen or odors in the air. This should lead to the lowest energy cost possible while still keeping the air clean.

While the price tag was a bit high, I think the unit will perform well over the next five or more years and should have the lowest cost of ownership. The pre-filter and the carbon filter can be cleaned (every one to two months for the pre-filter and every 18 to 36 months for the carbon filter). The carbon filter can be cleaned only once and then is supposed to be replaced after it becomes dirty again. The HEPA filter requires changing only once every 36 months. Timers for filter replacement and cleaning are built into the unit and automatic. We expect that it will be cheaper to operate than most others on the market with similar capabilities. Frankly, I'm expecting to get more life from all filters than the manual states because the air in our bedroom is not very dirty so the unit runs at extremely low speed (almost can't hear it!) most of the time.

I'm still baffled that Consumer Reports has not rated this excellent, efficient and very well supported product. I know it is supported well because the first unit was damaged in shipment (dropped hard by UPS). I called Rabbit Air and on the second ring, a live person picked up the phone and within less than 5 minutes arranged to have a new unit shipped. The new unit arrived the very next day and UPS simply picked up the damaged unit at the same time.

J. Mershon from Philly, PA - July 12, 2009




5 stars
MinusA2 Ultra Quiet = better * ( life + health )

I've bought MinusA2 Ultra Quiet becuse I would improve the air in my home. Old building has odor that more people don't like it. This filter is fast removed it.
It is very very quiet. I never turn off.
Now I feel better.
Negative Ion improve quality the air in my home. Now I sleep better and my blood press is going down.
I very happy.
It is not cheap because it is reliable, quiet, practical, healthy, and some more features that give you better life and health !!!! It is technology XXI century.
Conclusion in the future you can save more money because it is very economically.

Anonymous from Chicago, IL - July 9, 2009




5 stars
I don't have enough good words to say about this product.

I gave this BiosGS 582 a five-star rating because Amazon doesn't allow for 10-stars.

I'm a pipe and cigar smoker. I recently (following divorce) moved into a house of my own and turned one of the bedrooms into a "smoking room" where I could enjoy my pipes and cigars while reading. I ordered the BiosGS 582 as a way of keeping the air clear while I smoke. Lord! Does it ever work. I had hoped that the air cleaner would keep the smoke from "polluting" the rest of the house. It even keeps the smoke from polluting the smoking room. Nowhere in the house -- not even in the smoking room -- can anyone tell that there's a smoker in residence.

There've been comments about the unit's noise level. Yes, when I light up a cigar and it kicks into turbo mode, it's clearly audible. But not so overwhelming that I cannot carry on an easy conversation with any visitors. It's like a fan blowing in the background. OK, in truth is IS a fan blowing in the background, audible but not at all oppressive or disturbing.

If you're a smoker and want to spare others in the home from the odors or from secondhand smoke, this is the unit for you.

As an amusing antidote, I recently came home after driving on some of Oklahoma's particularly dusty dirt roads (I now live in Arkansas). I walked into the smoking room to put some things away and the unit kicked on because of the dust on my clothing. Now that's sensitive.

Again, I don't have enough good words to say about this BioSG 582; but I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a concern about clean air.

William J. from Van Buren, AR - July 4, 2009




5 stars
What can I say? Its the best of the lot.

Every other review says exactly what I would. I bought 2 because I had a smoker live underneath me and it has performed very well getting rid of the must smoke smell.

PLEASE NOTE, the only difference between the BioGS(tm) SPA-582A and the BioGS(tm) SPA-421A is the motor size. The filter sizes are exactly the same! Meaning, you can save some money and buy the cheaper one. I bought one 582A and one 421A and both work very well in even the largest room in my house. Looking back, I could have saved some money if I just bought the "smaller" one.

Lord Walter the III from Oakland, CA - July 3, 2009




2 stars
This produdt is highly hyped...

I bought this product by the overwhelming positive reviews. I hope these are honest reviews or my shipment does not function as well as those reviewers'. To me, this thing is a piece of good looking and quiet appliance, nothing more than that. I have had it for several weeks now and I opened to see the filters and they are still clean. I can't imagine how such a thing would clean air.

Yuefan Deng - June 27, 2009




5 stars
perfect air filter in home

I bought three others model/brand air filter in past years, eventually I returned all of them because big noise issue, can't really filter small peatchs. But Rabbit Air BioGS, I love it, my wife love it also.


Dong C. from Sunnyvale, CA - June 26, 2009




5 stars
MinusA2 with Germ Defense Filter

"I purchased (2) two; as this has got to be the very best air purifier/cleaner that I have ever purchased. It is so silent you hardly know it is running and when in the sleep mode (which is automatically started when lights go out) you do not hear it at all. I have suffered from allergies for years and have purchased several air cleaners but they are so loud I try to run them when I leave the house and I can not run them at all when I sleep. Excellant product, I am telling everyone I know."

BreathingEasy from Florida - June 22, 2009




5 stars
MinusA2 Ultra with Pet Allergy Filter

"This has got to be the very best air purifier/cleaner that I have ever purchased. It is so silent you hardly know it is running and when in the sleep mode (which is automatically started when lights go out) you do not hear it at all. I have suffered from allergies for years and have purchased several air cleaners but they are so loud I try to run them when I leave the house and I can not run them at all when I sleep. Excellant product, I am telling everyone I know."

BreathingEasy from Florida - June 22, 2009




4 stars
3.5 stars for this product

Not that quiet, but it has quiet mode. I sense that there's less dust around my room. 600 sq. ft. coverage for this appliance is awesome. Only had it for few months, so I'll write back for an update.

*** Update, 1 year later ***
Its been a year since I have this product. I finally cleaned the filters. I have nothing else to add, except that it's running like I just bought it yesterday.

N. Garcia from USA - June 20, 2009




4 stars
Good but not the best

I use my rabbit filtration thingy quite frequently however have come to conclusion that it does not pick up oders very well. I placed this unit in my husbands den for when he has his cigar smoking friends over however for some reason even when the room was filled with the cigar fumes the unit did not pick up any orders on the oder meter. I'm assuming that this unit works however the best thing to do is simply leave it on and use the remote control to adjust the settings rather expecting the unit to pick things up automatically. There are three filters in this unit - and even with that many filters im surprised that it can suck air through all three filters and still be so whisper quiet. The proof is in the amount of dust filtered through the first filter. This purchase could have been better however I'm still satisfied. Thanks O.

mrmomobond from Fox Hollows, New Jersey, Jun 15, 2009