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5 stars
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Rabbit Air BCRF Special Edition (model 421A - covers 600 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Pearl White, 5% donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
This Rabbit Air hepa purifier is the best air purifier I have ever owned - and I've had several different brands.
I like the design, the way the filters fit in, the ease of keeping it clean, the washable charcoal filter, the anti-bacterial filter to help cut down on flu-type diseases and the remote control. As you can tell, I've not found anything I do not like about this machine.
My bedroom is dust-free most of the time now. I am not sneezing from allergies. There are no odors in the air.
I moved my oxygen concentrator into my bedroom so it could take advantage of the cleaner air.

When I received my Rabbit Air purifier, the charcoal filter wouldn't stay closed and was spilling charcoal. I called Rabbit Air and immediately was shipped a new charcoal filter. Customer support is great!

I will only buy Rabbit Air purifiers. They have other sizes.
By buying the Special Edition breast cancer machine, I donated to support breast cancer, too. It's all good.

Updated approximately 8 months later... still going strong on all original filters. My air in the room is super clear and the dust is minimal. Easy upkeep and a workhorse!

Caroljane from Florida - June 13, 2009




5 stars
Wish I'd Bought This a Month Sooner

After suffering the worst spring allergy season yet (one month plus in duration), I started shopping air purifiers. My friend recommended the Blue Air for $700. I found this one and read the reviews and decided to try it. For less than half the price of the Blue Air, it covers a wider area for less maintenance costs. It was easy to set up, attractive to look at and it works! I had been using two Oreck table top purifiers that worked okay for lifting odors but didn't do a thing for my allergies. I have an older house and two dogs. Like clock work every night before bed, I would have a major sneezing fit (I blame old musty house dust). Since plugging in this unit, I have not had a sneezing fit or a coughing fit. I sleep better and the house just smells fresher. I move it from the den into my bedroom every evening. I no longer wake up with clogged sinuses or coughing. The other night I was watching TV and removing my finger nail polish (not even thinking about the purifier on the other side of the room). The unit revved up to turbo, lit up and cleared that smell out before the dogs could even snuff about it or wrinkle their noses. Last night the dogs were tearing helter skelter around the couch after each other and the particle lights revved up. It's quite animated and it's fun to watch it control the room's air. So far so good and I highly recommend it. In fact, I just ordered the larger unit for my main level.

R. Pollard from Alexandria, VA - June 2, 2009




5 stars
Super quiet

This product is great. It is very quiet and attractive although a bit pricy. It is very sensitive -- I put on cologne and walked past it and the red sensors came on indicating air pollution. I have asthma and have difficulty breathing at night; I am using it in my bedroom . I was using another air cleaner but it was noisy even on the low setting and two Ionic Breezes which I consider worthless. I plan on purchasing the larger model for my family room -- I would like the wall mountable SPA-780 in black . Overstock has it in white but that won't work. Overstock: please try to get this in black.

Glora from Maryland, May 27, 2009




5 stars

My husband did some research and decided on this air purifier. It was the best purchase made this year! We put this in our bedroom and no longer wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose. We're going to purchase another one for the living room. I highly recommend the Rabbit Air BioGS. It is extremely quiet and works GREAT!

Eileen L. from Waterford, NY - May 26, 2009




5 stars
Highly Recommended

I've had this for over a week now and it works great. I have 3 siberian huskies who kick up quite a bit of dog stank and this unit does a great job of keeping it under control. Auto mode works great. Seems like the fan kicks into high when the dogs are in the room for a few minutes. I currently have this unit in my bedroom and we can now sleep without being overwhlemed with dog odor. Looking to get another unit for the living room.

J. Lowe from Dallas, TX - May 26, 2009




5 stars
A Quiet Delight

I know there have been reviews that mentioned a surprise at the noise level. To be honest, I haven't run it in a quiet room - but even so, I don't know what sort of ambient noise people are used to. This machine is pretty quiet for the amount of air it moves. I bought this for the store I work in, at the business owners request, and have found it to pull smells, dust and random bits of plastic out of the air. I was delighted to find a filter that used silver as a filtration medium - as I believe in the power of silver as an anti-bacterial agent. Although it is meant for a much larger space than the area I have it in, it would probably do just as well in a larger space. It has indicators for odor and dust- although these seem arbitrary - how does a machine judge odor? It keeps the area it is in free from odor- so it must be doing something. I've found the quality to be what I expected. I would have been more impressed had the front panel been made from aluminum, but it isn't like it should be expected to stop bullets. All in all, the filter does the job I expect, and it does it to my expectations.

bigbillone from Milwaukee, WI, May 21, 2009




5 stars
A Breath of Fresh Air

"From the moment I opened the box of my BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier I was pleased with its appearance and size. The start up instructions were readily available and easy to follow. The unit was operational in less than 5 minutes. The instruction manual was easy to understand and follow explaining the features and operation. After using my BioGS for one night only I could see the results in my breathing and comfort. It is really quiet during normal operation and easily tolerable when run at maximum fan speeds. I would recommend this air purifier to anyone needing effective air purification with a limited budget. It's really the best of both worlds. Buy it!"

CharlesB from Young Harris, GA - May 12, 2009




5 stars
Worth the Money!

"Bought this because of my wife's asthma. She was coughing constantly and now she hardly coughs at all. The machine is quiet and even though it is in our living room we hardly notice it at all anymore. I can't think of anything that I dont like about this purifier."

relieved from kansas - May 11, 2009




5 stars
very good air cleaner

"this product has all my expectations. very quiet and i feel like i breath fresh air."

samh from charlotte, nc - May 11, 2009




5 stars
I'm in love with my Air Purifier!!!

After a couple of weeks of researching air purifiers I decided to purchase this one because the reviews were great, the cost wasn't too high compared to other units, and I liked the fact that it comes in different colors. I received my purifier much sooner than anticipated and was a little stunned by how big the unit is. I'm not sure why I had thought the unit would be smaller. It's definately not monsterous, but in my mind I pictured a smaller unit. I love the color and how easy it was to set up. I have to say, before purchasing this unit, I would wake up in the middle of the night with a scratchy, itchy throat, stuffy nose, and sneezing, and every morning would consist of sneezing up a storm and blowing my nose for the first half hour. From the very first night I started using this machine, all of that has stopped. I occasionally will wake up in the morning with an itchy nose, but definately nothing like what I used to go through before I purchased this unit. What's more, even though the unit is in my bedroom (I always keep the door open), I can tell that it's working in the rest of my house as well. My daughter doesn't sneeze as much and we have both stopped taking our allergy meds all together.

Not only is it great for allergens, dust, and the like, but my bedroom always smells clean, even if I have been cooking and the rest of the house smells like the food I have just made. I used to have a problem with odors living in my bedroom, but not anymore!

As far as the noise level is concerned, I can honestly say that at the lowest setting I can't even hear it, even though the unit is only a few feet from my bed. In the second setting, it's just like a low hum. In the third setting, which is what I set mine on when I am in the room sleeping, it's obviously louder, but it is not distracting and I have had no difficulty falling asleep with it on that high. I find it a great way to drown out outside noises. I have to admit that I don't use the fourth setting too much, but I have used it on occasion and haven't found it to be distracting either.

I was skeptical at first, even after reading all these reviews, but honestly, this unit works!! I am going to buy another one to put in the main part of my house. I only wish they made a smaller one to put in my daughter's room, who likes to sleep with the door shut (go figure!). I definately am recommending this unit to my friends and family!

C. Nava from Houston, Texas - May 10, 2009




4 stars
MinusA2 review

Shipping was super fast and customer service is wonderful at Rabbit Air. I can notice a little difference when I wake up as far as air purification goes but nothing dramatic for me anyway.

Julie M. P. from Ashland, MA - May 6, 2009




5 stars
Powerful purifier in elegant & compact style

This is my 2nd Rabbit Air MinusA2. My first Rabbit air runs at fan speed lvl 3 non stop for one year already and it's still running well just like new(of course I do change filter after 1 yr). Why I don't pick up other brand? Because it is Small, Powerful, Quiet, Beautiful, Reliable, Efficient and it does make the air in my room so clean, lots of my friends come to my place they can tell the difference; and already 3 of them pick up Rabbit Air MinusA2 after they saw it. A lot good purifier out there and I believe most of the high end purifier they all perform well, but they are all in HUGE size.
If you want a great purifier also care about the look in your room, you will be happy with Rabbit Air MinusA2, no matter you choose the black or white one.

P. CHEN - April 28, 2009




5 stars
April 26, 2009

I suffer severe allergies every spring, and it makes me feel miserable and irritable. Previously, my husband and I had purchased the Oreck air purifiers which were ineffective in helping reduce the allergens in the air in our house, and in fact turned out to be the worst air purifiers we ever bought [we had used the Honeywell many years ago which performed a lot better but had become worn from frequent use].

So, after doing some research, we decided to purchase the Rabbit Air BioGS Model 421A. In just a few days after using it, I noticed that I wasn't sneezing anymore, and the air just felt a lot better [prior to using this purifier, I felt the air quality was kind of stuffy and even stale]. The results are very noticeable, and I can tell that I'm sleeping a lot better [I used to have sneezing fits previously] and breathing a lot easier.

The benefits [besides those stated above]:
- the charcoal filters are washable [and these filters are supposed to remove odor in the air]
- the HEPA filter has an anitbacterial coat on it that prolongs use
- there are odor and particle sensors that function well

The drawbacks that I noticed is that this unit can only be turned on and off with a remote [so one will have to place the remote somewhere safe, cos' you can't afford to lose it! And it's a tiny little remote too]. The unit itself is not exactly tiny, but the dimensions are clearly stated on this site so we knew what we were getting. It's visible wherever you place it [unless you place it behind a piece of furniture or something], but what I love about this unit, besides it's effectiveness is that it's lightweight and portable [there's a little handle on the back for carrying it around], and so I can move it from room to room with ease.

Conclusion - if you suffer allergies like I do, or your home is dust-prone [even with frequent dusting and cleaning], then this Rabbit Air BioGS air purifier may be what you need. I certainly find my quality of life has improved immensely since using it!

z hayes from TX - April 26, 2009




5 stars
Great Product

I previously owned a Honeywell HFD-130 and an Ionic Pro, both of which I regret buying. This Rabbit Air BioGS 421A has the features that I was looking for. First of all, the unit is extremely quiet at low settings to the point that you'd think it is off. Second, is the airflow - I never thought an air purifier could push so much air. Third, would be cleaning - wash/change the filter, wipe a few parts, and you're done. Both the Honeywell and Ionic Pro I previously owned were very tedious to clean as there were areas in the unit that were unreachable. Fourth would be the auto-feature that works with the air quality and odor sensors. And lastly, no ozone. In my opinion, this product is well worth the price.

N. Yu from United States - April 16, 2009




5 stars
Excellent form and function

The automatic setting is sensitive to the ambient air quality and the unit adjusts the fan as needed to remove air particles. It usually runs in the silent mode, but if for example you light a match and extinguish it, the unit is quick to shift into one of several fan speeds to remove the smoke, before returning to silent mode.

KCosta from San Diego, CA - 4/12/09




5 stars
Geat Purchase

I must say I've done my research on all types of air purifiers, but nothing can come close as the Rabbit
air purifier it is one of the best . It is a great purchase. It was well worth the money.

blessings895 from New York, NY, Apr 9, 2009




5 stars
Clean Air is Good!

Our Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A) arrived very quickly and was easy to set up. Works very well, quiet and efficient. Highly recommend to all who are looking to clean up the air they breathe within their own home. Enjoy!

Lawrence C. from Bahrain - April 8, 2009




4 stars
Rabbit Air

Only had item for a few weeks..seems to be doing pretty good with keeping the air clean, and the living room less dusty.

Anonymous from Illinois, Apr 8, 2009




4 stars
Rabbit Air BioGS 421A - Quiet & effective

The Rabbit Air BioGS 421A removes odors & particualtes from the air effectively, generally, and also can do so quietly, if you set the fan to 1 or 2. It does not use a lot of power. I have used it for about a month.

It has a relatively small footprint, isn't very heavy, but is taller than some other units.

The air intake is in the sides of the front and the fan exhausts the air from a vent on the top of the unit.


CO_reviewer from Colorado, USA - April 6, 2009




5 stars
just as expected

This product arrived before I expected it and in perfect condition. It was slightly larger than I thought it would be. The air in our home does seem crisper in the room where it is placed. I have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of allergy medication I need to take since purchasing this purifier. The display is a little bright for use in a bedroom. To solve that problem, I taped a small piece of black paper over it and simply lift it when I want to change the settings with the remote.

kdq from Illinois - April 4, 2009




5 stars

My son is allergic to dust mites. About 2 weeks after we got MinusA2 SPA-780A we noticed that his nose congestion in the morning is no longer there. The only thing i do not like is that silent or auto mode.

Thomas from NY - March 26, 2009