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5 stars
Outstanding Air Filtration & ever So quiet!!!

Let me first say, I can't stand noise! This Air Filter works wonderfully, worth every penny and more, because not only does it work great, but unless it's on high you don't even know it's there. Let me also clarify, when it's on high, it's not loud enough to distract or even bother you while on a phone call. I love it, highly recommend it, and I bought two, and both are flawless.

Little warning to those that want to order more than one! Place individual orders, I had a small problem with the company only shipping me one, though my order was for two. They not only corrected my order, but gave me an extra filter free of charge. The company cares about its customers, however, I would still have preferred to receive my complete order on time.

Lastly, they look so cool! Really eye catching, and this combined with its quiet and extensive air filtration, leaves me a little lighter in the wallet, but hopefully my partner, two kitties, and I are healthier and happy for a long, long time.

I have no regrets.

Mark B. from Orlando, FL - March 25, 2009




5 stars
Love it

I've had one of these for 4 years. Still haven't needed to change the filter. It's an amazing product, you don't realize until you go to clean it! Mind blowing how much it traps, that's all stuff that was floating around in the air. If a room smells bad, I'll set this in there for a few hours and it's gone. Can't say enough about this product.

David from Atlanta - 3/24/09




4 stars
plus: odor; minus: bright lights in night mode

This was my first standalone air purifier purchase,
although I have been using HEPA filtering in forced-air HVAC sysems for about 20 years.
Rabbit Air units appear to offer lower-than-average long-term maintenance and supply costs,
and the BioGS models reportedly incorporate better odor sensors and filtering than MinusA2 models.
Odor sensor and filtering is important in my office building, which has mold problems.
After replacing office carpeting,
outgassing from Armstrong's recommended floor tile wax is problematic
for weeks after application, so I leave the BioGS on 24/7 to deal with both.

The first unit was DOA; a plastic strip to protect motor wiring was incorrectly installed, jamming the blower.
I bought a second BioGS to supplement HVAC HEPA filtering in my bedroom.
A MinusA2 would probably have been a better choice there,
since BioGS's bar graph rarely registers odors,
and control panel display lights are unaffected by selecting night mode.
Night lights are distracting and unhealthy;
the MinusA2 has a light sensor to set night mode and kill display lights.

March 21, 2009




5 stars
Great Product

This is a GREAT product. It works much better then I expected. I would highly this purifier. I am also very pleased with the service I received.

Golden Obsession from United States - March 19, 2009




5 stars
Quiet, comparatively stylish, fun even

In my escalating battle against a cat allergy, I purchased this item about three weeks ago after reading other reviews on Amazon. While I can't claim the same instantaneous "world of difference" results others have written about, I do feel the machine is doing what it's made for. I like the lighted display bars that show its detection level of both odors and air particles -- the sensor accuracy seems pretty good. Apparently there are also beneficial "negative ions" spewing out which may sound like a mystical sales pitch for Californians ;) but this does seem to be backed up with some writings findable on the internet like WebMD.

Regarding others' complaints of the brightness of the display at night, I find it to be about equivalent to my alarm clock (which has about 1.5 inch high numbers) so it's not really a problem for me -- I do live in a somewhat urban neighborhood and my bedroom never gets totally dark so maybe that makes a difference.

Erik S, from Minneapolis - March 18, 2009




5 stars
We love it. Great for smokers, pet owners. World of difference!

We researched and researched for over a year. Stores, catalogs, websites. We read every article we could find on air purification and safety, and finally decided on the Rabbit Air BioGS 421A.

We have a smoker in the house and two cats with two litter boxes. We wanted something that was powerful enough to clean the odors, yet quiet enough to not be noticed. We found everything we needed in this model.

We bought ours in January and loved it so much, we purchased a second one for the rear of the house.

It comes in different colored covers, (you can purchase these individually anytime to change the look), so you can match your decor.

We leave ours on the Auto setting and the sound is undetectable, but let it get a whiff of anything and it jumps into action. The lights are great to let you know what's going on, and even at its highest fan speed, it's still quieter than other models we looked at.

Their customer service is the best imaginable! Our first model arrived with a remote that didn't function properly. NO PROBLEM, they sent another immediately with a per-paid postage label to return the original remote.
When you call them, you get an actual people who are more than willing to answer your questions and address your concerns. They make you feel as if you the most important customer they have.

We are so happy with this product we are going to get one for each of our son's homes.

Great product, reasonable price, does exactly what it says it will do with a five year warranty!

Mrs. T. Teixeira from CA - March 13, 2009




5 stars
All it was billed to be

Looks good, runs quiety, easy to operate, makes a big difference in air quality. Happy I spent the extra money for something of higher quality.

Anonymous from Seattle, Feb 28, 2009




5 stars
rabbit air minus a2 (780)

The air purifier has worked really well so far -- I'm using it in an area with new carpet and paint and I feel that it has really helped clear that "new smell" out of the room.

Nancy C. from Belleville, NJ - February 26, 2009




5 stars
Great air purifier!

I purchased my first Rabbit Air BioGS two years ago to put near my cats' litter box. It works so well, few visitors know we have cats until they spot them. I have also moved it to the kitchen when I am preparing aromatic foods (like fried fish) and it works pretty well at taking this odor out of the air too. This takes a while and I usually have to let it run for about an hour to really get the scent out of the air. Because it worked so well, I purchased one for work. I work in a laboratory that has both chemicals and particulates in the air and it also does an excellent job at keeping the air very clean. I don't notice the noise but there is usually lots of activity in the rooms where the two units are placed so it might be noticeable in a bedroom where you are trying to sleep. The autodetection system seems to work very well too and I notice it goes on at home when I am doing laundry (spraying pretreatment solutions onto clothes) or when I change the kitty litter (dust).

C.L. Magoo from New Mexico - February 20, 2009




5 stars
Excellent Air Purifier - We Own TWO of them Now.....

We ordered this item this year due to the illness in our home that would not leave. I have 3 kids and they just keep carrying germs back home from school....we all got tired of being sick.
Step 1 - Humidify.
Step 2 - CLEAN the air.
Step 3 - Sleep Peacefully.

The item arrived promptly and setup was a breeze. The documentation was clear and concise and thus removing/installing filters and covers was a breeze. We were up and running in less then 10 minutes.

We have been using it for about 2 months.more or less...in the AUTO mode setting. The unit runs silently 99% of the time...unless it detects dust and or a odor that it feels it must clean....whamo TURBO....

We cook spicy food and sometimes the smell can be overbearing...if not irritating. This thing really fires up when it detects anything out of the norm in the air.

When the heat kicks on and the dust is circulating...the Rabbit hops.

Quick addition 02/20/09: We had family over and moved the unit in the family room so that it would keep the air feeling clean and fresh.... While you cant really hide the great aromas of a family dinner......you can get rid of the musty smells. The rabbit touched turbo once or twice...but it didnt go crazy when it smelled ham or turkey. :-)

Tarun Chachra from Hillsborough, NJ - February 20, 2009




5 stars
glad that I purchased this

Rabbit Air BioGS (model 421A - covers 600 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!
I could tell a difference in the amount of dust right away. After one month, I thought dust was accumulating at a greater rate than normal. We looked at the filter and sure enough it was totally dirty. Unbelievable how much dust had been collected. Easy to clean and we are ready to go again. I highly recommend this unit.

Judith R. M. - February 20, 2009




5 stars
Great product, with the one drawback

Same thing everyone else said, very quiet, works great on killing odor, built pretty solid, easy to use... the one drawback is the very bright screen at night. My solution was to just put a piece of foil draped over the top to cover it, works like a charm and simple to remove (don't need to tape it if you just mold it over the top middle). Worth every penny though.

T. Andrews from Plano, TX United States - February 17, 2009




5 stars
Great Air Purifier!

Hi Everyone! I've purchased three of these Black MinusA2 780A's and am very happy with their performance. Based on the research that I have done, this product offers the best blend of form and function available, with it's highly effective air purification and it's unparalleled aesthetics as well as it's extremely quiet operation. As far as I can see it is the best overall product on the market today.

I also like the high level of automation and the light sensor that automatically puts the air purifier into silent mode and turns the purifiers' lights off 3 minutes after I turn my lights off to go to bed.

Another noteworthy aspect of the 780A is it's low level of energy use, between 8 and 58 watts depending on fan speed. The product essentially pays for itself in energy savings vs it's competitors over time, and the Rabbit Air products are also the quietest purifiers on the market due to their brushless motors, with their largest and loudest being this 780A model which produces only 25.6 dBA - 51.3 dBA from silent to turbo fan speed.

Other good products worth looking into are the Alen A350 and T300, the Blueair 402, 501, and 601, the Austin Health Mate air purifiers, as well as IQ Air and so on. But I think you will find that, although a bit pricey, this product is indeed the total package. Also, if you live in an apartment without pets and don't have major allergies, I would recommend selecting the Toxin Air Filter, it's great for filtering out the chemicals in the air from fresh paint and new furniture. To sum it up, this is a great product and I highly recommended it! Best Regards, RH

IntelligentConstructiveReviews from CA - January 27, 2009




5 stars
Rabbit Air Take Me Away!

A 5-star review for a air purifier that has done the job for nearly 18 months now. I am the type of reviewer who waits and waits and waits before I review something (unless it is a meal). Why? I don't care how the product works for you in that first week or month, no, I want to know if it stands the test of time. I am happy to say that the Rabbit Air does just that. I thought long and hard about what purifier to order, but when I came across the Rabbit Air and the positive reviews (when I order, I thought I found the one.

The best thing about this is when I fart, Rabbit Air knows and kicks into gear to let me know that I do indeed stink. Seriously, there are two monitors on the machine. One is for particles in the air and the other is for odor. The sensor picks up what you (or whatever) is laying down and turns up the volume. The machine is pretty damn quiet in normal mode, but when it has to kick into turbo, you know it's on. That isn't a problem though because it clears the air and quiets down, letting you know all is clear. Yes, the display is bright, but it sits 5 feet from my bed and doesn't bother me. The remote is awesome. And the best part are the filters. I usually vacuum them before the light comes on to tell me to clean them, but unlike so many other machines there is no need to be replacing filters all the time. I run mine 24/7. 24/7 for the last 17 and 1/2 months. Beat that.

And yes, I am breathing easier. I live in Los Angeles, so I need all the help I can get. Rabbit Air delivered!

M. Murdock from Los Angeles, CA - January 26, 2009




4 stars
Excellent Air Purifier

Compared to most other air purifiers this one looks a lot better due to the modern design and the great looking LCD.
Has an odor and particle/dust sensor for those who use it on auto setting.
It is indeed extremely quiet on the lowest setting even enough to be called dead quiet. I am quite picky with noise level and demand everything to be near silent.
Silence was a key factor in my purchase! I could not stand that other companies advertise "super quiet" when they were still quite loud.
I know it has already been mentioned several times, but even I had to try it... Yes, farting at the air purifier makes the odor sensor go to red and kicks the fan to the max.
Do not intentionally blast a packet of smelly air at the sensor or it will be on red/orange for quite sometime. So do not fart at the sensor with your bare bottom... or it will be running on max for more than 20 minutes. Could be just an issue with my air purifier though.

Sometimes the sensor is too sensitive and goes up for no apparent reason such as right now... I have been in my room (closed door) for over a hour and the air purifier has sped up several times, on the auto setting, due to the hyperactive odor sensor.
Has a flimsy front cover (plastic, but not really a big deal.
Perhaps it is best to stay in a bedroom or a smaller room since it isn't as effective in larger room (living room for example).
Cannot turn off or dim the LCD brightness which makes it somewhat annoying if you sleep with it on. You would kind of expect an expensive air purifier to have this feature.
Remote has to be aimed directly at the unit and doesn't have long range.

An air purifier that is almost perfect for a bedroom (the only issue is with the inability to turn off / dim the LCD)!

Other thoughts:
One user mentioned the difficulty in taking out the remote's battery. The best way would be to study the manual again (look at the arrows) and once you know how to do it properly it is extremely easy. Basically you have to push the little clamp to the right and at the same time use your fingernail to pull the battery holder out.
Another user said the loudest fan setting is extremely quiet. Well I have to say at the max, it is quite loud and pretty much unbearable for longer periods. I am not sure if that user is somewhat deaf, but you will get hearing damage with prolonged periods at that volume...

Edited: Does have a 5 year, not a 1 year warranty! My apologizes.

W. Horng from Charlotte, NC - January 26, 2009




5 stars
Kudos to Rabbit Air

We are very pleased with this product, we are temporarily living/traveling in our RV with our 4 cat children. Our Rabbit Air runs quietly, we started using it the minute it was delivered (3 days ago), and we can already tell an improvement in the air quality. The silver color and sleek modern design are attractive. It will also be used in our home, when we are finished RVing. Definitely love it, and will recommend it to others. Although we were hesitant at first to spend the big bucks for it in these hard economic times, we are glad we did. You get what you pay for !!!!

Laurie from Atlanta, Ga - 1/18/09




4 stars
Works well so far

I have had the BiosGS for about one month. We keep it running all the time, and it is clearly keeping the air cleaner. I am glad we bought. Hopefully I'll feel the same in the long run. (I'd give the unit 5 stars, but I haven't had it long enough.)

Jeffrey R. S. from Cambridge, Ma - January 14, 2009




5 stars
I've turned into a meter reader!

I have spent money on air purifier's over the years. That does not include time spent researching product specifics. I decided to go big on this one and it was money well spent. When I first got this I set it up in less than 5 minutes and hit start. Red light! I though it was broken but then I realized it was red lighting the air in the room After a few minutes it became a green light and peace was in the air. This thing cracks me up at how it really does what it is supposed to. How often does a product actually exceed expectations? Change the babies stinky diaper within 5 feet of it and the red light for odor kicks in and there it goes. The dog comes into the living room and lays down with a plump and the red light for particulate kicks in. A friend who is a smoker came to visit, not smoking in the house of course, but when he sat in the chair by the air filter the light started creeping up to orange and I knew he was one polluted dude. The list goes on and on. I have to rate running the vacuum as my all time favorite though. I watch the lights to see if a circumstance will kick it into high gear.
It is really disheartening to see how the air quality fluctuates in my home. The flip side is we have a weapon now and all feel better for it. I want one for all my living spaces. I wish the company made one for a car. I think what sold me was the reviews and the fact it has a nano silver filter. I am a nurse in wound care and nano particle silver is the magic bullet for infected chronic wounds so it must work in an air filter. For all the people who talk about noise I can't see it. The noise is a quiet wisp and a little more for turbo. The noise is FRESH, clean air and that is a beautiful sound.

Autonomy from Texas baby - January 13, 2009




5 stars
Functional and beautiful

This air purifier is the third that I have purchased. The other two from a competitive manufacturer failed after two years of service. Perhaps I was lucky that they did because this is clearly a superior cleaner and worth every penny. It performs perfectly, is ultra quiet, energy efficient and on top of all that, sleek in design. There is a second unit in my future for another level of our home!

Linda SJ from Palo Alto, CA - January 11, 2009




4 stars
Not perfect but works well

-fairly effective at removing odor from the air
-entertaining to watch the odor meter go up when someone passes gas
-very quiet on automatic (until it picks up odor or dust and kicks on high)
-best looking unit out there

-I have a gloss black tv (samsung 52") and a matching TV stand, still covered with dust even after dusting it off and running the Rabbit Air on medium/high for several days. Its less dust than before, but still noteable.
-brings air in through slits in the front, when you remove the cover you can see only that part of the filter is actually dirty. Seems like kind of a waste. Proper air filters have multiple sides fully exposed to exchange as much air as possible. I could be wrong about this design though.
-remote operated only, and the remote has to be pointed straight at the sensor directly in front of it from no more than 2 feet in my experience.

overall I would say this unit is definitely better than a honeywell or other cheap brand, especially on filter life. I did notice however that the honeywell I used to have, though loud, did about the same at removing odor, yet removed more dust.

I intend to try out a BlueAir unit, which are bigger and uglier, but seem to be a proper air filter. I think the 5 star ratings for this product are just an online bandwagon effect. Much like top rated items on newegg. You buy what everyone rates as excellent because it makes you feel safe. Don't get me wrong, this is a great product, but I would spend the extra cash to get a blueair myself.

T. Abbott - January 9, 2009