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5 stars
Love this thing!

We have been searching for an air purifier for a few months now and something was always a turn off...the look, the price, the reviews. This Rabbit is so amazingly quiet and looks so nice. We love it and so far it seems to be helping my kitty allergies. Very well made product. I highly recommend it!

ronias from Seattle, WA, Jan 8, 2009




5 stars
SUPERIOR air purifier

"We have tried many air cleaners and purifiers. Our son deals with asthma and my husband and I deal with allergies - from the dogs and seasonal. We have been through a handful of inexpensive and expensive units and have finally found one that is worth every penny!!
Sound - it's extremely quiet!! Our fan in the bathroom runs louder than this on high. In low or silent mode you can't hear it at all. Turbo or High is still quiet although not totally silent - we've had other purifiers set on low is louder than this unit set on high.
Appearance - it's modern, high tech, and looks great in the house! It really fits with the decor and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.
Ease of use - it's extremely user friendly.
Replacement costs - low at approx. $37 a year. The carbon filter needs to be replaced about once every 3 years - the hepa about 1 1/2 years.
Most Importantly - it does what it says - clean AIR!! Within a few hours our house smelled fresher - the pollen and smoke indicators have gone down - the dust levels are dropping - allergies symptoms are dropping .. we aren't sneezing anymore.
This unit is alittle pricey upfront - but with the quietness and the quality - it's worth every penny and more!!"

Goldie4 from Virginia - January 6, 2009




5 stars
Pet Allergy Solution, Quiet & Efficient, Solid Air Purifier

I have bought almost a dozen air purifiers over the last decade to help with cat allergies that I have. They have ranged from those made from the Hunter, Honeywell, Bionaire, etc. These were all intermediate units, ranging in price from $150 - $250 with HEPA filter technology. I don't have any cats, but if someone comes into the house that has a cat, the dander irritation to my eyes is detectable in minutes and can last for days after that individual has left. All of the air purifiers that I have used have "worked" to some degree, but they have two major drawbacks -- noise and energy consumption. I was drawn to the Rabbit Air MinusA2 by the use of its Brushless Direct Current Motor, which does have the potential to be more frugal with power than a traditional AC motor. In addition, the marketing for the Rabbit Air promotes leaving the Air Purifiers on 24 hours, something I am reluctant to do with past systems because of the noise and electricity bills.

I bought the Rabbit Air MinusA2 hoping the extra cost could give me a final solution to the endless purchase of lesser systems. The Air Minus system is made of quality material and the design in which it draws air from the periphery of the front cover is quite attractive. (Not a typical radiator design) I chose the pet allergy custom filter for my specific needs and installation of the filter set and start of operation was a snap in about 15 minutes. The system was indeed quiet with the only the highest two settings making significant background noise. In normal operation I set the system to the middle (3) setting. The noise at this setting is barely noticeable. Since I did not want to wait months to see my utility bill or stand outside and watch my meter, I bought a power meter (P3 International P4460 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor) thru Amazon and made a check. At the lowest setting, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 used 7 Watts and at the middle setting used only 14 Watts; the highest turbo setting came in at 46 Watts. This electrical usage is as advertised and makes the Rabbit Air MinusA2 a system I can leave on 24 hrs and still use less electricity than my older systems. I have since bought a second system for the upstairs of the house. I have them set at the middle setting during the day and run them in sleep mode during the night. I clean the pre-filter about once a month with a hand vacuum. The mood light is bright and I usually leave it off. There is an air quality sensor that changes the speed of the purifier based on the particles it detects. At first, I thought this was a gimmick, but if you are dusting or vacuuming, and stirring up dust, the sensor detects that added particles and steps up the system to a higher mode to clear the air. This air sensor system is quite sensitive and is a very good gauge on the air quality in the house.

In summary, the low power consumption more than makes up for the higher initial cost. I save on average $20 - $25/month/system in electricity costs over the older systems, etc. The low noise operation allows me to keep the system on at night with no disturbance and provides better air as I sleep. As far as the systems ability to clear the air, if I have a significant intrusion of cat dander brought in by friends or family, it usually takes 24 - 48 hours to clear the air back to normal - which is what I would expect for a typical 3-4 bedroom house. The dust accumulation in the house has been reduced and the overall air quality in the house seems better. I have had the systems just over a year at this point and am planning to get new filter sets. There has been no noticeable reduction in system performance at 1 year and I hope that continues.

Energy Efficient (7- 14 Watts at settings of 1 and 3) Energy Star
Attractive Design, Easy to Move Around
Ultra Low Noise (particularly at settings of 1 - 3)
Air Quality Sensor (Automatically increases speed in response to added particles)
Good Air Clearance
Selectable Filters: Pet Allergy, Germ Defense, Toxin Absorber
Good Documentation

Higher acquisition cost
Filter Costs are high but comparable to the older HEPA systems

Service & Warranty Support(5 year parts/Labor), have not needed it

Paul Newton - December 31, 2008




5 stars
dog allergy relief

kept next to the allergy sufferers side of the bed, he no longer has issues with his SEVERE allergies around our dog. I would suggest this product to anyone with allergies and I would suggest it be placed close to the bed (where you spend the majority of your time at home).

Megnog from wisconsin - December 26, 2008




5 stars
So far, so good - Great Item

We ordered this item this year due to the illness in our home that would not leave. I have 3 kids and they just keep carrying germs back home from school....we all got tired of being sick.
Step 1 - Humidify.
Step 2 - CLEAN the air.
Step 3 - Sleep Peacefully.

The item arrived promptly and setup was a breeze. The documentation was clear and concise and thus removing/installing filters and covers was a breeze. We were up and running in less then 10 minutes.

We have been using it for about a week.more or less...in the AUTO mode setting. The unit runs silently 99% of the time...unless it detects dust and or a odor that it feels it must clean....whamo TURBO....

We cook spicy food and sometimes the smell can be overbearing...if not irritating. This thing really fires up when it detects anything out of the norm in the air.

When the heat kicks on and the dust is circulating...the Rabbit hops.

So far I am impressed...I will update the review once we have used it more and we see any improvements....

UPDATE: Still working great. We had family over the holidays and moved the unit in the family room so that it would keep the air feeling clean and fresh.... While you cant really hide the great aromas of a holiday dinner......you can get rid of the musty smells. The rabbit touched turbo once or twice...but it didnt go crazy when it smelled ham or turkey. :-)

Tarun Chachra from Hillsborough, NJ - December 23, 2008




5 stars
Excellent air purifier

Keeps it promises. Quiet, effective but expensive. I needed to lower pet allergy symptoms and it seems to be working quite well. Also, pet odors have been eliminated.
If it is economical regarding filter changes, then I will be 100% satisfied but as it is new, I don't know what the future financial obligations will be.

Joyce H. from New York, NY - December 22, 2008




4 stars
Air Cleaner Positioning.

Its important to consider placement of an air cleaner unit in relation to the architecture of the house. Generally speaking it is better to purchase an air cleaner that is rated for a much larger space than it will be used in, additionally, the paper listed below, is a study that models the fluid dynamics of an interior space for a particular home and indicates that the placement of the portable air cleaner can affect its performance anywhere from 2x upward.


Generally speaking, it is better to place an air cleaner in the center of the home, or in a smaller space such as an individual room, towards the center instead of off into a corner.

Ron Gonzalez from Boston - December 7, 2008




5 stars
Salvation has been found

My review is more of a personal story than a technical review as you can find all of the tech info about this product elsewhere. I am sure there our other folks out there who will be able to relate to what I relay below and I have not seen other reviews (of almost any air purifying product) like it, so I though that I would chime in...

My fiance has asthma and suffers from severe allergies - both seasonal and pet related. We have 3 dogs and she has suffered for years with asthma flair-ups because of them - to the point where she was constantly miserable, could not breath, and would need to take 2-3 doses of albuterol per day just to cope. Bedtime was especially difficult and it was extremely rare for her to not need the medication then.

We tried everything...doctor visits, allergy medications of all sorts, moving our bedroom to every room in the house...putting filters on our fans and A/C...leaving the windows closed or open...using a variety of (less expensive) air purifiers - both HEPA and Ionic. Nothing worked and she was in constant misery.

Enter the Minus A2. I was out of ideas and doing my Amazon homework about air purifiers, once again, when I came across this unit. It was expensive but I decided to spend the money and try it out. I could always return it.

It arrived quickly and well-packaged. In fact, everything about this product says "quality". I set it up and ran it (I opted for the Pet Allergy extra filter) for a few hours that night while she was at work. As soon as she entered the living room she noticed the improvement in the air quality. We moved it upstairs and, lo and behold, she did not need to use her medication for the fist night in months! For 2 weeks now we have moved it between downstairs during the day and upstairs at night and she has only had to use the pump 1 time - and that was after she cleaned the house for 4 hours one day. This product has been truly amazing. I really thought she would never find comfort in our house again but things are so much better now and it has made everything about our time in the house better.

We have yet to try it out in full allergy season but I will be buying another one before then so the whole house can be covered all the time. This was literally a saving grace type of product for us and I could not recommend it highly enough. I cannot guarantee it will work as well for others as it did for us, but we are highly satisfied.

Just as an aside...we tend to run the product on medium or higher speed. It makes a bit of noise but we like the white noise at night for sleeping so we leave it set there. I cannot vouch for how well it filters on the lower speed but the Low/silent speeds are very quiet indeed - if that is what you need. The lights on it are bright but we turn off the mood light and face the unit towards a wall to deflect the power light. I am a light sleeper but the added light does not bother me.

I hope this helps and we highly recommend this unit.

Toddias from Worcester, MA - December 7, 2008




5 stars
just great!!! silent, fresh, effective. must have item!!!

I've used two of sharper image air freshers, which were ok, but this item is much more effective. Very silent, and produces really fresh air.

the design is really cool. I love it!

Rhea Harvard - November 29, 2008




5 stars
This BAD BOY IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rabbit is one great product. I did a few tests and it passed with flying colors. First test. I lit an enscent with the Rabbit off and when the enscent was finish my room was smelling very good from the scent. I turned the Rabbit on and put it on High and just in about one hour the smell was gone. Second test. I put the Rabbit on Auto and started to clean up my room and as soon as I started to wipe off my dresser, The Rabbit senced the dust and started to turn on higher. Third Test.. I put the Rabbit on sleep mode and when I woke up the next day, my nasol cavity was clear and I could breath. Before the Rabbit I would wake up with a stuffed up nose. This is a must have for anyone with allergies or sinus problems. I have had the Rabbit for about a month now and I could not be happier with it. Now my room does not get as dusty and my room always has a fresh scent of clean. The Rabbit was a GREAT INVESTMENT!!!!!! and Amazon got it to me in just a few days from my order date.. If I could I would give it more stars because the Rabbit is a BAD BOY!!!! What A great Machine!!!!!

Lionel Leake from Los Angeles - November 17, 2008




2 stars
One year and it's acting up - but they are working to replace it

I finally chose this air purifier after much research and reading rave reviews. I've cleaned the filters just as soon as it tells me they need it. It's been in a very low-traffic area (master bedroom). So, imagine my surprise when, after 10 months of running, it began making odd and loud noises. At that point, it got turned off. I've just recently turned it back on and cleaned all filters, etc, hoping it would help. But alas, it is broken. Unfortunately I got it in late October 2007, so it is 13 months old and was ony warranteed for 12 months.

So if you want to pay $400 for something that may only last one year, buy this.

There was one other thing I didn't like about it. The display is very useful - but very bright! It lights up the master bedroom at night and there is no option to dim it. We had to affix a dark cloth over the display, in order to sleep.

UPDATE: 12/5/08 Apparently they do have a 5 year warranty, which is great! For about $25, I returned the unit and they are sending me a replacement unit in a few days. I would change my star rating from a 2 to a 4 based on this alone. But it's not letting me change my original rating. I'll continue trying.

H. Emery from Dallas, TX - November 16, 2008




5 stars
Works Great

I have been using this product for several weeks. I just opened to look at the filter and removed a hand full of dog hair. I had noticed the dust was less but I had no idea the dog hair it had kept from my home. We have rescue dogs and have 4 of our own so we battle dog hair all the time. It looks good and does not stand out. It is very quiet. I was not sure because of the price, it seemed a big price for something that I was not sure would work. I am now convinced it was well worth it. I will purchased another one for my bedroom soon.

Anonymous from Birmingham Al, Nov 9, 2008




5 stars
Well worth the money!

Wow. This is my first air purifier. I cannot believe I went all these years without one. Before when I would walk in my house after a long day I would feel that my house had an old, damp, & musty smell. Now when I walk in there is NO smell at all. I wish I could afford one for every room but this thing is so light that I put in in different rooms every few days & the fresh smell stays long after the unit is moved. I sleep so much better with this thing because its such a quiet noise that is not annoying like a regular ceiling fan.

Dietpill from Metairie, LA - November 7, 2008




5 stars
best air filter and looks good filtering

This is my second Rabbit air filter, and i'm loving it. I put one in the kids room and one in the living room. Does not take up much space cause you can hang it on the wall. My previous filter was a honneywell it's a good filter too but the noise level is higher and does not look as good.

VL from California - November 6, 2008




4 stars
Very Quiet

This unit is very nice looking and quiet. We have owned and used it for just about a month, but my wife is still not sure of its effectiveness. We do not have pets nor do we smoke, so the air quality in our home is relatively clean. My wife, however, does suffer with various types of allergies of which the BioGS does not seem to help alleviate much. We are still hoping.

A. Brown from Fort Myers, FL - November 2, 2008




5 stars
Excellent Product

I purchased the BioGS 582A about 9 months ago and so far I have been very pleased with it. There are several highlights:
- The auto feature works extremely well; I leave the BioGS on auto 24 hours a day and it takes care of any smells. I have two cats, and only a few seconds after you hear them digging around in the litter box the BioGS detects the scent and kicks up the fan speed.
- The overall performance is exceptional. I live in Phoenix which means my windows have to stay shut all summer. Despite the lack of outside air, the BioGS keeps the air smelling fresh all summer.
- The customer service is great. When it first arrived, part of the Carbon filter was broken. Rabbit Air sent me a brand new filter the next day absolutely free.

The only downside is that the fan can be noisy when it's on full blast. At the lowest setting you can't hear anything, but when it moves to a higher setting you definitely need to turn the TV up.

Overall I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for an air purifier system.

W - November 2, 2008