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5 stars
I can finally breathe!!!!!!

My husband and i purchased this item based upon it's reputation and the awesome reviews other customers gave on Overstock!!!! I have really bad allergies and asthma and my husband as well. Not to mention 2 dogs in our house to add to it!!! I threw away our old purifier and was suffering for a whole week straight until this Rabbitair QUIET purifier arrived at our house. I have been breathing so much better and not coughing since it has been turned on!!! We have been keeping it on automatic and has been running wonderful. Although the cost, we thought, was a bit pricey than what we were expecting to pay, it's well worth the money. Haven't had to clean out any of the filters yet, but the directions show you can use a vaccum cleaner. Would purchase this brand over and over again!!!

clanin from Elyria, ohio, Nov 1, 2008




5 stars
great product

My rabbitair biogs ultra quiet air purifier w/remote is the best air purifier in the market, try it you will love the purifier and the customer service is greeeeat.

recko from battlecreek mi., Oct 31, 2008




5 stars
Only filter out of 5 to remove dog smell

The product works really well, its very sensitive. It sense smell and particles. it has an area for smell and particles and it monitors the air and turns up and down as needed. I put on perfume by it and the smell sensor goes way up and it cranks up, the dogs run by it and the particle indicator goes up and it turns on. you can also set it on manual but its cool. the thingi really liked about it is the rest all have like $100 a year in filters you have to buy and this has washable filters even for the hepa.
I think it has helped a lot, i have 5 dogs inside and it has significantly improved the smell of my house

S. Smiegowski - October 30, 2008




4 stars
Great product!

We bought this purifier to help with a musty basement that has pet litter boxes in it as well. We noticed a difference in the air quality immediately. It even smells cleaner to us and our allergies seem to be better. We are very pleased with the look and performance of this unit. It is very solid and impressive-looking. One thing - note the dimensions closely. I thought it was a smaller, tabletop-type unit but it needs to be on the floor. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be.

beckyinillinois from Illinois, Oct 27, 2008




5 stars
Wonderful Product!

"My husband and I are very happy with the purchase of this product. We were looking for something that did a large area and were not disappointed in this air purifier! my husband has sinus issues and our son has asthma and it has helped tremendously with helping them breathe better and myself for that matter. We have 2 pets and we cannot be happier with our purchase! We were a little hesitant to buy due to the price and we didn't know if we wanted to deal with the hassle of returning it through the mail if we did not like it but we are glad we purchased this air purifier and you can get replacement filters on the Rabbitair website and they cost no more than any other air cleaner filters would be but have more benefits! Thanks!"

Ttzmm from Haslett, MI - October 24, 2008




4 stars
good product

Your online reviews of this product encouraged me to buy a product I had never heard of. I am pleased with its performance as well as its appearance. I like the lime green color - it is not an eye sore - and does not have to be in the middle of the room. I can carry it easily from room to room also. It has become like a quiet little sentry - constantly monitoring fumes, odors and particulates in my home. As others have noted - a minor complaint is the bright light at night. I tape a cloth napkin over the light panel which detracts from the product's good looks. Also - I cannot understand why it was designed to require the remote to work the menu - I also tape my remote to the unit as it is very small and would be easily misplaced. But these are small points compared to the performance. Hope it lasts!

Michelle R. White from Eureka, Ca - October 15, 2008




5 stars
great machine

So far been a woderful machine. My allergies have improved greatly and house smells great.

John E. W. from Franklin, Ohio - October 11, 2008




4 stars
Very beautiful, looks like a giant Desktop PC/iPhone

This is the most gorgeous looking air purifier I have ever bought. It looks like a shiny flatscreen tv from a distance, and up close it looks like a huge Desktop PC with all the lights. Its quite heavy, about 20 pounds, but its Thin flat profile allows for you to place it almost anywhere in the room, and even wall mountable (kit sold separately).

I just received mine today in black. Rabbit Air shipped it Wed, and it arrived Friday. Very cool.

When the machine first turned on, it automatically set the fan speed on high because it sensed my air was dirty, then about 5 minutes later, it went to silent room and gave me the blue light for ok air quality.

This thing is SILENT. I can barely hear it running when it is in "silent" mode, and even at "turbo" it is still quieter than my Honeywell 50502 on soft. It's energy star compliant which is a plus.

It has 5 different filters, and you will have to replace them in 12-24 months (depending on use) for a total of $75 a set.

I haven't done any "scientific" experiments to put its claim to the test, and will update this review in 12 months when the filters need replacement and will let you all know how it has gone. I gave it 4 stars based on looks and quietness.

I highly recommend you try it out and don't worry because there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

For those who want a quick tech specs, here are the details off rabbit air's website regarding the model SPA-780A


Size of Product (INCH) 20H x 21.4W x 7D

Weight 19.4 lbs.

Color Black and White

Power Consumption 8 to 53 watts

Sensor Air Quality (Adjustable Sensitivity) & Light

Mode of Operation Manual, Quiet, Auto, Pollen, and Sleep

Effective Coverage Area

Normal Residential Use 780 square feet

Allergy Sufferer 390 square feet

Air Flow (Cubic Feet per minute)

Speed 5 (Turbo) 224 CFM

Speed 4 (High) 165 CFM

Speed 3 (Med) 123 CFM

Speed 2 (Low) 99 CFM

Speed 1 (Silent) 62 CFM

Noise Level

Speed 5 (Turbo) 50.2 dB(A)

Speed 4 (High) 43.6 dB(A)

Speed 3 (Med) 35.6 dB(A)

Speed 2 (Low) 27.6 dB(A)

Speed 1 (Silent) 23.9 dB(A)

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Pollen 208

Dust 200

Smoke 193

Filter Life

Nano-Silver Electrostatic Pre-Filter Washable/Permanent

Medium Filter Up to 2 years

BioGS HEPA Filter Up to 2 years

Custom Filter Up to 2 years

Deodorization Activated Carbon Filter Up to 2 years


Parts Warranty 5 Years

Labor Warranty 5 Years

UPDATE 12/17/2009: This machine is still working and I have had no problems. I had to change my filters earlier than expected. It stays on 24/7 and if you leave it on 24/7 like me and have a large dog, expect to change the filters about every 6-9 months. I have a 90lb dog and his fur and dander gets everywhere.

This thing collects a lot of dust and I found it best to keep vacuuming the permanent filter every 2 weeks to keep it running optimally. It's a great machine, and I think my allergies might have improved after purchasing this.

D. Hong from Philla, Pa - October 10, 2008




5 stars
Amazing product

I have this machine on auto pilot in my living room. Normally it is almost inaudible, but when I play with my dogs, filling the air with flying fur, etc. the machine instantly goes into overdrive to clean up the "pollutants". That is impressive in my book.

Nancy C. R. from Portland, OR - October 9, 2008




4 stars
Quiet and does the job

The unit is solid and seems to be well-built. Very quiet even on high speed. My wife noticed a difference the first night we used it in the bedroom. It doesn't move a huge amount of air, but it moves enough to help keep her allergies in check. Filters are easy to access, though the front cover has a somewhat flimsy feel to it. My wife has told me to buy another one for the living room.

J. Broadhead from Decatur, AL - October 6, 2008




4 stars
Excellent Product

Although the Rabbit Air BIOGS 582A is a bit expensive, it is a well built product and seems to do an excellent job cleaning the air in our house. It is attractive looking, quiet to run, the filters are easy to clean and replace, and the replacement filters are reasonably priced. The manual is well written and the unit's panel easy to use. I now have two Rabbit Air purifiers and would buy both again if I had to replace them. If it hadn't been for the higher price, I would have rated it five stars.

Bargain Hunter - September 30, 2008




2 stars
Not as good as I thought

I bought this product about a year ago, And if you are a smoker or have animals forget this one. A friend let us borrow another brand Ecoquest, when we were selling our house and the realtors could not smell the smoke in our house. We actually have it on tape ! I have tried this one in the new house and the paper filter I had to dispose in the trash about 3 months after buying it because all it did was recycle the dead air. I would come up from the basement and just smell it, ugh! As a smoker not a good thing and none of our kids smoke and they were not happy either! Adult kids so not to affend anyone! Does not help with the litter box either and we also have a Guinne pig. As far as allergies, this machine has not helped our family at all. We have been more sick than with the ecoquest. I am glad that we donated to the cure but I am buying an ecoquest.

Moms Zoo from Indiana - September 28, 2008




5 stars
very happy

My husband always rolls his eyes when I buy a product he is unfamiliar with. Since my Rabbit arrived, he is the one that always jumps to put it on. We are two smokers and this has really cut down and the comments of visitors. What took us so long? It was very easy to setup and the directions are well writen, It is worth every penny.

Mary R. F. from New Orleans, LA - September 27, 2008




5 stars
magic rabbit

As other reviewers have said, it's very easy to set up. So easy, in fact, that I did it with a migraine and hay fever in a couple minutes, switched it on, and fell back into bed.
It definitely works on odors once you've demonstrated to it what clean air is like (it "learns" based on the last time you put the plug in the wall). I tried letting it loose on tea tree oil smell when I'd been doing some cleaning, and it got rid of the very strong smell quite quickly. It worked on my whole apartment, which is under 780 square feet but has some twists and turns in it.
It's harder to tell immediately about particulates (e.g. pollen), but my allergies are a lot better since I got it.
Minor gripes: it has a "pollen" setting that I somehow thought would specifically seek and destroy pollen, but it doesn't- that setting just regulates the fan speed in a way that's supposed to be helpful in allergy season. Not a problem, just not what I'd hoped for from looking at the control panel. And on the "auto" setting, mine is so sensitized to smells that it kicks up to high speed quite frequently when there's nothing different that I can detect, and I've got a very acute sense of smell. So on that one, I guess I'm complaining that it's too effective! I'll either try to desensitize it a bit or keep it on something other than "auto" when I'm sleeping.
As an added bonus, it's very cute, and the "auto" setting makes it seem like it has a personality. I'm tempted to get a smaller one (in green, perhaps...) for my office to get rid of the dust mites there and keep me company.

R. Baldwin - September 17, 2008




5 stars
Slleping better

We've been using the RabitAir now for 30 days and saw an immediate difference in the house. We have two dogs and no matter how clean they are or our house is, the house tends to smell a bit when I walk in from a day at the office. Now that we have been using the filter, there is no more dog smell! Cooking odors dissipate much faster as well. We take the unit into the bedroom at night and immediately, my wife has been able to breath thru her nose and is not "snoring" any longer. I tended to get up a lot in the middle of teh night and seem to be sleeping thru the night much better and we are no longer congested in the AM! I know this sounds crazy, but it is true. I have cleaned the filters once after 2 weeks of use and was amazed at how much dust and dog hair was captured. We are very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it.

djsrq from Florida, Sep 15, 2008




4 stars
Solid and quiet purifier

After getting a dog and with allergy sufferers in the house, we needed an air purifier ASAP for our bedroom. the BioGS 421A seemed to fit the bill nicely, and has gotten great reviews - although this purifier seems to be a little over-hyped for what it is. However, it has helped keep the bedroom and surrounding area relatively allergen free for 3 months so far.
- Super quiet on low setting
- Filters effectively, controls odor and pet dander well
- Washable and cheap filters (a big plus)
- stand-out design, neat LED screen & remote
- Sensor detects odor and particles (sometimes over-zealously)
- ionizer is nice, and does freshen the air

- does not move a whole lot of air, even on the noisy high setting - there are more powerful models available for a similar price.
- LED screen has no dimmer! very bright in the bedroom at night.
- Annoying procedure for setting up the sensor baseline, which can only be done in a "clean" room by and involving unplugging the unit multiple times until you get it right
- Sensor is often tripped erroneously, and starts blasting air for no reason
- ionizer smell is slight but noticeable, and does get tiring after while

Overall, I might have gone with a Sharp Plasmacluster purifier instead of this one if I knew about them beforehand, but this is a nice air filter at a good price.

N. Taft - September 15, 2008




5 stars
Great Air Purifier

This is a great air cleaner for any home, it has a sleek look as well as a very cool display. Great for those who want and only buy the best.

rrios from El Paso, TX, Sep 13, 2008




5 stars
Rabbit air takes on dead mouse

UGHHH!!! Dead mouse smell coming from somewhere!! What could be worse? Can't find it, can barely live in my house anymore. Enter the Rabbit Air. In a very short time, the house was livable again. The mouse will dry up eventually, wherever the little creep is, but in the meantime, I can live and breathe again. I like this unit so much, I bought a bigger one, and am giving this one to my Mom for her allergies. Eventually, I intend to buy a 2nd unit for my bedroom, where dogs rule, and smells are just unavoidable.... As advertised, this unit is very quiet. Wish the remote wasn't necessary, but there is a neat remote slot in the top.

My only negative is that I tried to open the battery casing of the remote (don't bother, the battery is in there) and found it IMPOSSIBLE. I can NOT get that thing open no matter what. When the battery runs down, I'll take it to a battery store and let them break their fingernails on it.

And of course, wish there were some reasonable colors. Lime green? Come on!! The Pearl white is decent, but wish they had black or tan or wood grain or something.

Unnamed - September 2, 2008




5 stars
Seriously great!

This is a very serious tool that does work! After about 20 min. when you first put it on in a room you will begin to notice a huge difference in the air quality. It is a little complicated to setup but if you read the directions which I first didn't do - you will be happy. Awesome, awesome awesome and great for city dwellers like myself.

Jorey from Boston, MA - September 1, 2008