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5 stars
Clean, Fresh Air

I've had the Rabbit Air for about a month now and find it to be exactly what I needed. The unit is very appealing and the controls are easy to read and understand. I have it in my living room area and it keeps the air fresh and clean and immediately pulls odors out of the room when there is any change. I also have 4 cats and fur flying all the time and still the air stays fresh and clean. Love this unit!

Lana Flack - August 30, 2008




5 stars
Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

This air purifier has helped me so much!
We have two cats and I have an allergy to go with them.
It got to the point where I was wanting to get rid of them but it would have hurt my wife so much.
Since we got the Rabbit Air, my allergies are all but gone.
We ran it on high for the first two days and it really made the house smell fresh and clean.
We now run it on high during the day and on auto at night.
Our apartment is 820 sq ft but it keeps the whole house dust and dander free.
I've not had to dust since we got it!!!
However, I now wish that I hadn't been so cheap and would have bought the larger model.

We've had visitors who were so impressed with my Rabbit Air that they bought one for themselves.

Criss A. M. from Panama City Beach, Florida - August 24, 2008




1  stars
performance one year later

We bought the Rabbit Air BioGS and the other model(cannot remember) about a year ago. The BioGS has been a problem; strange odor coming from it; already replaced filters; still having problems. I would NOT buy these products again. I was surprised at the review which showed lower effectiveness than other types of air purifiers. Whatever the effectiveness, this product has been really problematic. The customer support team is great BUT for a great product, you should not have to worry about customer support.Rabbit Air BioGS (model 582A - covers 780 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Sterilization- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Chrome Silver

B. Fleming from Washington, DC - August 23, 2008




4 stars
Still holding out on an opinion ...

Let me start by saying we purchased this product after many desperate days/nights suffering from allergies. I was quite doubtful - it is AWFULLY expensive for what I expected to be a large fan with filters. (ANY fan or electronic device will attract dust - just look at your TV after a while). After doing a lot of research and reading MANY reviews about different brands, (and despite my hesitation about "air purifiers" to begin with) we were desperate, and paid the price. It DOES look nice. There are quite a few filters (most you can vacuum or wash- a plus), with some neat little sensors and displays. Also, it pushes out a nice smell and is very quiet. After a month, we cleaned the front filter - finding some dust and hairs. Although my "better half" is happy with it, I'm still not convinced it was worth purchasing. Maybe it's better than the other brands (probably cheaper than purchasing filters frequently). Our allergies HAVE gotten slightly better, but that might just be the "season." Either way, daily / year-round prescriptions are still a MUST. I guess I can say it works, but as to "how well" and the value for the price, I'm still undecided.

mjp0414 from upstate NY, Aug 22, 2008




4 stars
supurb filteration, but not perfect

very quiet
filters very well
automatically adjusts when it senses odors or particulates
doesn't look ugly

led display is VERY bright (i taped some cardstock over it)
it complains to change the filter way more often than the specs state
whenever i reset the filter reminder, with it on auto, it would constantly think there was an odor and never go below the medium setting

Shaddy Zeineddine from California, USA - August 14, 2008




5 stars
Rabbit Air

I suffer from pollen to the point that I cannot breathe at night. Purchased the Rabbit Air BioGS 582A. A remarkable machine. It does all that manufacturer claims. What I like best is the automatic selector which monitors odors and airborne particles. The machine than adjusts the filtration speed of air flow until the air quality is back to normal. When I first installed the unit, it ran for a few days starting out on high and slowly ramped down as the air quality improved. Very satisfied with this unit. I am considering purchasing a second one for another area of the house. Live in New Jersey. Love it ,Robert I

Robert J. I. from New Jersey - August 12, 2008




4 stars
First impressions

It came on time, came out of the box alright and was a breeze to set up. I've never even seen one used before so this was a big experiment. I bought it for the kitchen (poorly ventilated but huge) to see if it helps. So far it's passed the onion / garlic / cooking prawns test with only minimal residual smell. Living in an asian household, the big test will be smelly fish, fried chilli and lemon grass and the inevitable fish sauce - I'll let you know how I get on but impressed for now.

N. Aulman from Abroad - August 11, 2008




2 stars
I should have returned it.

I purchased this about three months ago. My first impression out of the box was "oh hey, it's white!" I'm sure some, or most, of you will go "DUH!" but I had been looking at the other Rabbits and they were all silver so stupid me assumed this was silver. The mood light generally runs blue or you can switch the color, but the plain whiteness makes me not want to display this. Maybe I'm being picky but I really didn't/don't like the look.

It has the ability to mount to a wall or can rest on the floor. The mood light can actually be turned off (YES!!!) unless you want to use it as a night light.

Now to the important part... the filtering. I snagged the Toxin filter style because I assume that apartments always have toxins. According to the reading, they mine don't. (It has a light that is supposed to tell you when the air is polluted).

I have allergies and I didn't notice a BIT of difference with my allergies between having this and not. I was still sniffling and sneezing during my entire allergy setting. According to the air filter, there was nothing in the air. I took it off of automatic and put it on high manually and I still didn't notice a difference.

My purpose of purchase was to get out the allergies and this filter has not done a bit of good. Occasionally when I clean in the bathroom or cook something a little to well done, the sensor will turn red, but mostly it's a healthy blue (which means nothing in the air folks).

This device did not meet my expectations and for the price, I really can not see any value. I noticed no reduction of allergies even after showering and changing clothes. I believe I could have received the same quality by purchasing (2) cheap $[...] air purifiers at a wallmart or costco or something and still saved $[...]. If I'm paying out that much money, I expect some results.

Moving away from the product and to the company: I ordered and received the product within about three days and it came packaged well and in good condition. I just with the product had come close to my expectations.

Note... I accidentally hit two stars. Amazon isn't letting me edit it to one star. Obviously I see no value in this product so pretend it's a one star.

Duhkgeorge from Florida - July 25, 2008




4 stars
good purifier

I bought this after reading many reviews, and now i've had it for two weeks, I don't feel their is much difference in my air quality. Also I thought my house was dusty, but when I checked my pre filter there was no dust. Just hoping it's doing it's job. Maybe my house was in ok shape to begin with.

Anonymous from tx, Jul 23, 2008




5 stars
Quiet and effective

I bought the Rabbit Air BioGS to help clear the air in my office, which was dirty (or moldy?) enough to prevent me from recovering from a lung infection I had contracted two months prior. Within a half hour of turning the unit on, the air in my office was noticeably fresher and cleaner than the rest of the office. Within a couple of days it had cleaned several hundred square feet around my office, and I could tell because the multiple smells that had accumulated in our office dissipated noticeably in that area.

The unit is quiet, even on its highest setting, and I like the fact that you can turn the ionizer on and off. Even though it promises to be ozone-free, I was a little wary of it.

I would recommend that you turn this unit on and calibrate it BEFORE putting it in the room you want to clean, because it sets its baseline for clean air when you turn it on. I solved this by leaving it on high all the time and recalibrating the unit occasionally to set a cleaner baseline. You don't have to run it in sensing mode anyway, so this isn't essential; you can just leave it on high, but it's cool to see the sensor pick up on odors in the air. For the first few days, every time I opened my office door and let in outside air, the sensor would turn orange or red and then gradually move back down to green as the unit cleaned the air. Yikes! Great product, and much sleeker looking than the traditional units out there.

Laura K. C. from Whitmore Lake, MI - July 20, 2008




5 stars
Love it, wouldn't trade it!

After plenty of research and reading reviews of air purifiers I finally decided on the Rabbit Air BioGS. It's not as loud as other reviewers have written out to be. Just popped it out of the box, removed the plastic, returned the filters to the unit and pressed power. I love it, has automatic setting. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. You wouldn't know that I even had 1 animal. Fresh clean air throughout my house all day long. I'm thinking of getting another for my upstairs very shortly!!!

npk from TN - July 20, 2008




4 stars
Looks great but just okay on dust filtration

Purchased this unit a few weeks ago and it's been running 24-7 since. I have this in our office which is about 700sq.ft. Most of the day I have it on Rhythm mode and I put it on auto at night. Seems to work well for filtering out allergens as I've noticed a reduction in coughing and sneezing. As far as dust reduction, it's not as amazing as I'd expected. We have about 5 desktop computers here running 24-7 and my desk gets really dusty almost everyday. Since the Rabbit Air arrived, I'd say there's been about a 30-40% reduction in dust, I was hoping for at 70-80%. Overall, I'd recommend this device. One last thing to note, up until earlier today, the Rabbit Air has been on the floor in the middle of the room. I just mounted it onto the wall, not sure if that'll have any noticable effect on performance...

H. Chen from Seattle, WA - July 4, 2008




5 stars
Quiet and Efficient Air Cleaner

I purchased one of these, but the company shipped two (for the price of one) by mistake. I corrected the mistake and paid for the second unit, deciding to use the second one in another part of the house. These units are super quiet. They have reduced DUST in my house, and with two cats, I have noticed fewer problems with allergens from cat hair and cat dander. I'd recommend this air cleaner highly.

Charles E. Jeffries from Weston, WV - June 30, 2008




5 stars
My runny nose has improved greatly

I'm so glad I did my research on what purifier to buy. I have year round allergies and I noticed gradually that my nose began to run less and less overtime. It's not gone away completely since I can't carry it around with me but overall, the effects seem to carry over outside the house. The only thing I wish was different was that I could set the speed to high and still have the changing lights but that's only available in the silent/low speed mode. I usually set it to low when I go to bed but I don't want to be bothered by pulsing lights every few seconds when I'm trying to fall asleep. Overall, a great purifier and very glad I purchased it even though the price was a bit painful to swallow.

sam from Orange county, ca - 6/29/08




5 stars
A Smart machine

The machine will pickup chemical or smell then change the volume. Worked as needed and as promised. A great GREEN machine.

J. Hsu - June 25, 2008




5 stars
When I bought this about ...

When I bought this about a year ago, I was tentative about it because I couldn't find many reviews out there. After a year of using this unit to combat everyday allergies and the dust that builds up in a large, book-filled apartment, I can say it was well worth the investment. It's easily the best air purifying machine I've used. Pros: It's quiet and nice looking, has a great range of options, and cleans a large room quite effectively. Cons: not many - it's obviously pretty expensive, and needs to be cleaned every month or so, though it's not a very time-consuming job. Some of the cycles aren't accessible without the remote control. Overall an A+.

Len from Cambridge, MA - 6/17/08




5 stars
Great purchase

I'd read the reviews before purchasing the Rabbit, but I was still shocked by how quiet it is! It's also so slim that it doesn't take much space and fits just about anyplace you would want to put it. I just love it!

jules98148 from Tukwila, WA, Jun 16, 2008




5 stars
Does what the ad says.

I have had congestion for the last thirty years or more. So much so that I used at least 1 box of tissue a day. Never tying it to something in the air as it didn't mater if it was winter or summer. I have had the unit about three weeks now and my congestion is almost gone. It is very quiet,in fact so much so that even with it beside my chair I rarely hear it.

Edward C. B. - June 16, 2008




5 stars
I absolutely love this air filter!

I was hesitant to paythis much for an air filter; however, with the reviews, and having some extra flexable spending, I thought I would try it out. I had my allergy doctor write a prescription since my daughter has asthma and I have allergies. It has a dust particle and odor sensor on it and many settings. It also has bars that indicate the level of odor or dust. I think there are two green, two yellow, and two red. When the reading is all the way. I usually leave it on auto and it increases and decreases as needed. On the highest fan setting, you can barely hear it. It is very quite. I was sceptical of the odor sensor, so I took one of my daughters dirty diapers (and it STUNK!!) and put it next to the odor sensor; sure enough, it cranked up to red on the odor sensor and the fan kicked up on high.

I highly recommend this.

Bryon B. from Cincinnati, OH - June 16, 2008




5 stars
worth every penney - sleep better

I initially just bought this for cleaner air but found an added benefit.

I've suffered insomnia since I was a kid and this has definitely made a difference in sleeping. I sleep longer, deeper, and wake up easier - pretty amazing and hugely healthier and convenient then sleeping pills.

The settings allow for silent or pleasing white noise. No "smelly" ionized odor either even though it does generate negative ions - you can turn that function off too if you wish.

It has built in sensors for odors as well if you're uber-sensitive.

Totally worth the money and I'll be buying another one for my office.

MoonMan2007 - June 14, 2008




5 stars
Overall good product

I ordered this unit because my apartment can get slightly moldy and dusty, especially in the winter. I was hesitant to order the unit because it seemed somewhat "sketchy" outside of Amazon reviews.

The unit came packaged very well, was easy to set up and had very clear operating instructions. The unit functions very well and makes a noticeable difference when in operation.

Overall, this unit is highly recommended.

J. Malone from Seattle, WA - June 8, 2008




5 stars
Rabbit Air Pufifier

The first Rabbitt worked so well I bought a second for another room. Excellent product, stops snooring!

didupar1 from Chicago, Jun 6, 2008