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5 stars
Rabbit Air 421A WORKS GREAT!!

We purchased the Rabbit Air 421A one year ago. I had reviewed several other brands, and decided on the Rabbit Air, as a suprise for my wife. The first night we had it running in our bedroom, and we both noticed a difference in how we slept. The quality of air was definately improved. We allow one of our cats to sleep in the room ( yes, that is a no no ), and the dander gets to my wife. The Rabbit Air really makes a difference!! The air quality sensor reading seems quite accurate, and the fan is very quiet, even on high. This unit really moves the air too!
As far as looks, it is attractive, lightweight, very portable, and I like the panel lights and colors. When the filter needs cleaned, an alarm tells you. Cleaning the filter is a breeze. We run ours only when we are home, but are considering running it all the time. This will shorten the life of the filter, however.
We wish we had purchased the bigger unit, but are planning on buying two more soon. They now have new colors, and the prices are the same as they were a year ago. Three of these units should do our whole house, so we are not having to move them around.
They are priced well, when compared to many of the others out there, and they WORK!! Do not hesitate to buy one, because you will be happy!!

W. Kelly J. from Odessa, Mo - February 11, 2008




5 stars
Great product so far

The item works almost perfectly. If I have it near the litter box none of the smells can escape. I have a shared wall and a neighbor who smokes though, so if the unit is in another room it doesn't really filter out the other room. The item is too expensive to have a couple of them however.

I'm very surprised with how quietly it runs too.

R. Allen - February 8, 2008




4 stars
Product seems to be doing fine....

This air purifier seems to be working well. It is definitely dirty inside when we go to clean it regularly. It looks much nicer than most other purifiers I have seen. It is a bit more deep than I thought it would be, for some reason I thought I could possibly hang it on a wall, but that isn't the case. The remote works fine, but is flimsy. It's operation is definitely quiet, although it does rattle the cabinet I currently have it on top of, so it must vibrate slightly as it works. So far, so good.

SkyeNoir from Bay Area, CA - February 8, 2008




5 stars
Great product

I placed the unit in my bedroom and within a few days noticed that the air smelled fresher, I was breathing easier, and I have never slept as good as I have since getting the RabbitAir air purifier. It is a great product.

irbsandspices from Florida, Feb 6, 2008




5 stars
RabbitAir BioGS

My girlfriend was always sneezing and coughing when she came to visit my appartment . She finally found out she was alergic to my cat , so I bought the RabbitAir BioGS . It has done a great job of cleaning the air and it has helped my girlfriend with her breathing . She is not coughing so much any more . Its stylish and works great and is very quite on the night mode setting . I will probably get a smaller unit for the bedroom .

dutchy007 from Los Angeles, Jan 28, 2008




5 stars
Very Pleased

I'm thoroughly pleased with my rabbit air - which I deliberated over for 3 months. It does what it says and really makes a difference especially in winter when the house is all closed up. After reading the great reviews I was sold - so just thought I'd help any other person who is not fully decided.

iihh from Upstate NY, Jan 28, 2008




5 stars
A breath of fresh air...

With a number of pets and a large open area to contend with, we chose the Rabbit Air BioGS model 582A. As we are doing a lot of unpacking which kicks up dust, I was pleased to see that the machine has been excellent with detecting these particles and whisking them through the system. At this point, I have no complaints but am totally pleased with the system.

Kit Kat's Korner from Verona, PA - January 28, 2008




5 stars
does a great job

We are very pleased with the performance of this air cleaner. When our son visited us this time, he had no allergy problems at our home. After his vist, he purchased one for his home also. It clears cooking odors, fireplace smoke and just makes the air fresh in general. We like the way it senses odors or dust and reacts accordingling by increasing the airflow and then returns to normal operation. We have not yet had to change any filters, so don't truly know what cost will be incurred but we are very impressed with the product so far.

E. Boyle from OH - January 28, 2008




5 stars
Fewer Migraines, Less Sinus Pressure- Wish I Bought One YEARS

I have been suffering with migraines (3-5 per week) and chronic sinus pain for well over 15 years. I've explored all of the natural alternatives I could find (diet adjustments, supplements, etc.) and medical treatments (migraine preventatives, allergy shots, acute treatments, etc.), but I still continue to suffer frequent migraines and chronic sinus pain. I reached a point of feeling essentially out of options until one rainy day, feeling my typical sinus pain which was progressing to a migraine, I sat in a Dr's office next to an air purifier for 45 minutes and felt BETTER! This launched my search into a new natural alternative that NOBODY told me about!

I spent days researching air purifiers and decided on Rabbit Air. No harmful Ozone, longer lasting filters (washable too!), quiet operation, excellent customer service, and 12% donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation! It would be worth a try.

So far, I am FEELING results. I have had fewer migraines, less sinus pain, and I FEEL better! And, my youngest son has been sick all week with a virus going around his school and none of the rest of us have gotten sick- possibly a testament to the germicidal protection!

I have it in the main living room during the day on auto-mode and then carry it up to my bedroom at night and also run it on auto-mode. It is super quiet, easy to operate, and it does what it says! As soon as I can afford to, I will be buying a second one to leave in the living room so I don't have to keep carrying it downstairs from the bedroom each morning.

Alison G. from CT United States - January 24, 2008




4 stars
Rabbit Air BioGS

Our Rabbit Air looks great and is extremely quiet. I have definitely noticed less dust and I keep it on continuously. When set on auto it automatically adjusts air speed.

mountaintown from Georgia, Jan 23, 2008




5 stars
Quiet and efficient

We had an Oreck XL air cleaner which went out after 4-5 years of use so we decided to purchase this one after doing some research on the web. Pros: Quiet Automatic sensor circulates more air when it senses air impurities 5 year warranty Long lasting filters 3 ¿ 5 years on continuous use. Cons: Bigger than expected I¿ll probably purchase more when the other Oreck¿s go out, but may not wait for them to go out. These things are great.

mauiturtle from CT, Jan 23, 2008




5 stars
Great air purifier

The purifier is indeed ultra quiet. The only time we hear it is when we have stirred up some dust or something. Even then it is about the same as when the furnace or air conditioner kick on. Hard for us to measure its abilities except to say our grandson who has asthma breathes easier now that we have the unit.

Anonymous from St. Louis, MO, Jan 19, 2008




5 stars
Charles Baird

It is a bit early to give a good impression of this filter. It was received quickly but without a remote control. I went on-line with live-chat and remote arrived within one week. Have used the unit in a bedroom of approximately 400 square feet. Noise level is acceptable on level three setting. Have not noticed any smell from unit. I have not noticed any improvement in air quality but my wife thinks it is better. I checked the prefilter today and there is some accumulation of dust so perhaps it is doing more than I relize. Time will tell. So far, I approve of the unit and would buy again.

Charles A. B. - January 18, 2008




5 stars
Effective and unobtrusive

This unit moves and cleans lots of air and does it very quietly. The automatic mode senses gases and particulates and adjusts the fan level accordingly. It is quick to corral dust, while odors take a little longer. Once the room is clean, maybe 5-10 minutes, it reduces to the low fan maintenance level which is almost inaudible. Even on the max level, it does not interfere with conversation or TV listening. The unit is not exactly small, but it is lightweight and is easily moved with one hand, even up stairs. Plus, the ion generator doesn't have that weird smell some units do. There's not much we don't like about it. Great product. Recommended.

Steve C. from Seattle area - January 18, 2008




5 stars
Rating the Rabbit

Purchased the Rabbit air cleaner as a Christmas present. It is working flawlessly and have heard of no complaints about its function and air cleaning ability. The set up and operation was very easy and has been operating 24/7.

Richard S. F. from Michigan - January 17, 2008




5 stars
I'm getting old

You know you're getting old when you're excited about an air purifier. I have two cats, so i've wanted one for a while, but never wanted to invest in one. Now that i'm living in a one room studio I had no choice. I was going to get a cheap one, but after reading the reviews I made an impulse buy late one night and shelled out for this one. I've only had it for a week, so problems could arise in the future, but so far I'm glad I got it. It looks great, so you don't have to worry about having a big clunky purifier taking up space. It's about dead silent too. I have it on low right now about 3 feet from me and can't even hear it. Both sensors work. A few minutes after I turn the light off to go to sleep the light sensor sets the speed to low. I have a cat box about 10 feet from the purifier. Whenever I clean it out dust gets in the air. After a minute or two, if set to auto, the purifier increases it's speed to get rid of the bad air. No complaints so far, and hopefully it stays that way.

Nathan M. from Tennessee - January 15, 2008




5 stars
Air purifier

I am pleased as punch with this product. I moved to Albuquerque NM without a hint of allergies. Well, the air looks good here but it is full of allergens from the dust and intermittent winds. My coughing and drainage had become so bad I was concerned that I may be developing heart problems. After reading reviews I decided to give this a try. Within hours life became night from day. I am amazed how effective this has been. It does point out to me, though, how dirty the air is here coming from a climate with more humidity. (30May2010) I noticed a few lower rung reviews that were concerned with the odor elimination factor. Since my residence doesn't stink I wanted to devise a challenge to test the concern. What I did was sneak up on the leetle Rabbit and fart. The lights lit up like a pinball machine and the little rascal started sucking in all the air like a wind tunnel. I had to hold onto the fridge to prevent my being dragged in. Be careful; be very careful.

Michael B. C. - January 13, 2008




5 stars
So worth the money!

I purchased two for my house. We have six (yes - 6) cats and you'd never know it. I have a dear friend going through cancer treatment and bought one for her. She loves it. I most recently bought one for my parents. Just make sure you read the users manual for cleaning instructions (it is quite easy) to ensure maximum effectiveness. We have one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Highly recommend this unit. UPDATE: The unit had just arrived when my father had a mild heart attack and ended up in the cardiac unit for several days. My mother had the unit set up at home and she wrote me to say she loves it. "It works better than I expected and with Pop's health it is perfect" My Dad has a slight "tickle cough" and that has even lessened.

Rosaidh C. from midwest - January 12, 2008




5 stars

I bought this a month ago as a low-maintenance, energy-efficient way to tackle dust and smells in my old 900sqft apartment. It is well worth the cost and I highly recommend it. The purifier is easy to carry from one room to the next and it is so quiet in sleep mode that you can't even hear it when your ear is placed next to the unit. It's also entertaining to watch the smell sensor kick in when you stick dirty workout gear or smoke-filled clothing nearby. When I've been in a smoke-filled place and my clothes smell awful, I just place them by the purifier and the smell is gone when I wake up in the morning. Fabreeze has nothing on the Rabbit. :)

Keli from Madison, WI - January 1, 2008




4 stars
4 stages of filtration!!!!!!!!

I have had my BIO GP 582 for 5 months. We live on a dirt road, have three pets and an occasional "septic" leak that colors our air frequently enough to cause concern. The BIO AIR delivers as promised everytime. We run it on Turbo constantly and after 5 months, the "Filter cleaning light" came on. We soaked the nano and charcoal filters for a couple of minutes and vacuumed the Hepa filter. It is now running like new until time to clean again, we will not have to change the filter for another 13 long months. I also mention this because of some of the concerns about only 2 complete air changes per hour...After only 5 months it had caught enough dirt in our air to require cleaning of the filters.

I am here to testify that there is no need for any more than 2x per hour because the filtration is good enough NOT to need to clean the air more than that!

Let me say that again, the 4 stages of filtration cleans the air so thoroughly that it does not need to replace the air more often than 2X per hour. A less adequate filter system would need to move air more often. I do not find this a flaw.

The Nano filter is SILVER, NOT steel (as one of the reviewers was concerned) Silver is a natural germicidal, I use ionized silver as a sinus/cold reliever, 100% pure sprayed directly in my nose. It is a proven technology and is what sold me to this air purifier. Silver is a very strong germicidal and I appreciate that.

I love the negative ion feature. It delivers natural negative ions into the air and it smells awesome...like a rainforest. This was the second feature that sold me...negative ions without the dangerous ozone.

I can't say enough about this product, I can't wait to get another one so our whole house is covered.

Carolyn D. S. from INDEPENDENCE, KS - December 31, 2007