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5 stars

This is the only word to describe these air cleaners. Very quite and the best I have ever used. We bought 3 total we like them so much. Definately worth the money.

Anonymous from Louisiana, Dec 30, 2007




3 stars
Nice, but not sure if it's worth the money

It is a very smart machine, switching speeds as it senses the air. But the claim that it is very silent is misleading. It is almost undetectable when running at low speed, but when it kicks into high speed, you better have your TV remote handy so you can crank up the volume. We'll see in the spring if it has a positive effect on my allergies. If it does, and I expect it will, it's worth the noise.

Bradley D. L. Milwaukee WI - December 28, 2007




5 stars
I have 5 furry pets


I have 4 rabbits and a cat in a small 2-bedroom apartment. The rabbit-air purifier looks good in my modern decor and silently, or in extreme cases, almost silently keeps our air super fresh. The lady down stairs smokes like a chimney and we never smell it anymore. It's amazing, I can start sweeping across the room and it will immediately turn on and stay on while I sweep and after until the particulate matter in the air goes back down. I love it, it's super easy to clean and silent. I will probably never buy another brand air purifier again.

Michelle R. W. - December 25, 2007




5 stars
Rabbit Air Ultra quiet air purifier

Hooray! Finally a product that performs as advertised! We heat our home with a woodstove and The Rabbit makes the air dust free. Our sinus congestion has diminished signifacantly and we wake up in the morning headache free. The Rabbit is VERY quiet ( I sometimes check to see if it is actually working!) and portable. We put it in our bedroom at night and we can sleep allergy free! It has been running continually for almost a month without a problem. If you are like many in the US who are suffering from sinus discomfort and allergies you should buy this product. It REALLY works!

Steven S. from western new york - December 25, 2007




5 stars
Great Product!

I have allergies and asthma, and would wake up nearly every night with an itchy, runny nose. I often would not be able to get back to sleep. I bought this unit 4 months ago, and am SO grateful for the difference it has made! I put it on the "pollen" mode every night, where it kicks in every 15 minutes and runs for a few minutes. I leave it in "auto" mode during the day. I've only had to clean the filters once, and we have 2 cats. The light on the front of the unit is quite bright at night - that's my sole complaint. Now - can they make a small "travel" unit?

Charlotte from Southern California - December 24, 2007




4 stars
so far so good

Not sure how it compares to other products as we have not tired them but just having it we feel like maybe there is cleaner air.. we also at the same time got our ducts cleaned and carpets shampooed so maybe the whole house is just in better shape.. it is a bit larger then we would like.. the sharper image ones seem like a good size but i think this one is more effective.

customer service and the company itself is amazing and respond very quickly and positively to any of our requests. that make a big difference to us.

P. Patel from USA - December 23, 2007




5 stars
Excellent Customer Service, great product!

I bought the Rabbit Air BioGS 421A with the white face plate directly from Rabbit's website, and received it two days later. Unfortunately the unit vibrate at Maximum fan speed, called the customer service and the gentleman said it is not normal and they will overnight a replacement unit for me, and arrange UPS to come pick up the defective unit.

Thanks to Rabbit Air excellent customer service and super fast delivery the replacement unit arrived quickly, and it does not vibrate at Maximum fan speed! In the mean time, I also bought a Sharp FP-P60CX Plasmacluster from newegg so I'll do a brief comparison between them.

SHARP FP-P60CX Plasmacluster:
-pushes more air but slightly louder (maximum 233cfm @52dBA)
-only has one odor sensor
-carbon filter bag contain twice as much carbon, but replacement filter also cost more
-big remote, can't store it on the unit but you can access to all function from the unit without it
-HEPA filter is slightly bigger and thicker, suppose to last 5 year but replacement filter cost twice as much
-More advanced and effective Ionizer, it scrubs the air! (you can read about Plusmacuster technology on Sharp's website)
-Display light can be turn off
-Outside housing of the unit feel more rigid and slightly better construction, no vibration of any kind.
-1,4,8 hour timer
CADR rating: Dust 209 / Smoke 213 / Pollen 205

Rabbit Air 421A:
-Less powerful fan but quieter (maximum 159cfm @45dBA)
-both odor and dust sensors
-carbon filter catridge contain less carbon, cheaper to replace and easier to clean
-tiny remote, can be store at the back of the unit and you NEED the remote to access to most function
-HEPA filter is slightly smaller and thinner, only last 1.5yr, but cheaper to replace
-Display light cannot be dim or turn off
-1,2,4 hour Timer
CADR rating: Dust 145 / Smoke 144 / Pollen 163
-Excellent customer service

Honestly, it's very hard for me to pick between the two, so I decided to keep them both. I paid about the same for both units, and at the end of 5 year mark I believe the total cost of operation will be about the same too. If I have a tight budget and can only afford to buy one unit, I would probably get the Sharp FP-P60CX Plasmacluster because it pushes more air(higher CADR) which mean it can cover a bigger room, don't have to replace the filters for 5 years, and the timer is more useful(8hr instead of 4hr). Fortunately I can afford to keep both, so I'm using the more powerful unit (SHARP) in the living room, and put the quieter unit (Rabbit Air) in the bedroom. I leave them on full time (Auto mode)24/7, the sensors from both units are effective enough to adjust itself as necessary, and trust me....these sensors work as advertised, they are not a gimmick, my daughter farted around the air purifiers and both units kicked into high gear instantly, even before we can smell it!!

Ben W. from Northern VA, USA - December 23, 2007




5 stars
RabbitAir BioGS

Bought this for my granddaughter, age 5, who has a lot of allergies, and coughing. She has been doing very well since she has had this Rabbit Air. My daughter can see the difference in much less coughing, less dust accumulation, and reports that it is quick to pick up on any odors. It runs very quietly. I wish I had the money to spare for one for myself.

goodninny from Western PA, Dec 22, 2007




5 stars
sleek and quiet

We shopped around for air purifiers everywhere in stores and online. We are very happy with this RabbitAir BioGS! It looks good and is ultra quiet - I have to check to make sure it is running! The particle and odor sensors work really great, too. Overall, we would definitely buy another for other rooms in our house. A great value for a purifier of this quality!

nats111 from MD, Dec 21, 2007




5 stars
Liked the first so much that I bought another one

I live in the southwest and have four dogs. What a nightmare for air quality. I ordered one of the RabbitAir units and fell in love. I can't believe how much better my house smells and how much it has improved our problems with dust, etc. The unit looks great and is quiet. I highly recommend.

meanreds from Phoenix, AZ, Dec 18, 2007




5 stars
Rabbit Air Purifier

Works great, quiet on lowest setting, nice white noise effect on highest. Sensors for odor and dust work as advertised. Very easy to set up, two washable filters. Fantastic overall. Not the cheapest

qain from Frostburg Maryland, Dec 17, 2007




4 stars
Works well, runs best in pollen mode

I have had this air purifier for about 5 months now and it really does the job. When I moved to Austin TX, I didn't realize that it is considered the worst place in the US for allergies. I had never suffered from hay fever before - I am not allergic to ragweed or goldenrod, but it turns out I am allergic to cedar pollen, which is something Texas has an abundance of. I first went to my doctor with pain in my ears, thinking it was an ear infection. It turned to be allergies. My doctor wanted to medicate me, of course, but I wanted a non-drug related solution. I did a huge amount of research and finally settled on this unit because:

1) it had great technical reviews on allergy websites
2) it is very power efficient to run
3) its pre-filter and charcoal filters are washable (don't pay any attention to the reviewers who say they aren't)
4) it is very quiet
5) you only have to replace the hepa filter every 1.5 years or so
6) it is attractive, at least by the standard of most air purifiers
7) it covers quite a large square footage

I live in a house with three dogs, and the air in my bedroom where I have this unit is significantly cleaner. I was uncertain that it was really working until I had it unplugged one night while the filters were drying after a wash, and I woke in the morning all stuffed up and sniffling. I run it in pollen mode most of the time, due to the advice of another reviewer here, and I agree that that is the mode that works best.

Cons are the cost of course, and also, I think, some past shady behavior by the company that produces it, a least according to some (maybe biased, I don't know) information I have seen on the web. But I have been very satisfied with the unit, and if it lasts 2 years I will count it well worth the somewhat high cost.

sansu from Austin, TX - December 11, 2007




5 stars
The Best money I ever spent on my health.

The Rabbit Air model 421 is the best air purifier I have ever owned. Previously, I owned a TV advertised purifier which cost 100$ more and was harder to clean. The Rabbit Air not only was easy to clean the filters-a child could do it-but the amount of dirt it sucked out of the air in my house was amazing. No wonder I found it hard to breathe before I owned it. In addition, it is very quiet. As you can see, I am very happy that I tried this excellent product.

Patricia R. L. - December 11, 2007




5 stars
I very pleased with machine. Great customer service too

I was having a bad allergy problem, causing a deep cough and frequent sneezing for weeks. That ended up in giving me continuous bronchial spasms. I was on medication to control the coughing, and spasms, and I was given an emergency inhaler, allow me to stop asthmatic type attacks.

The problems had lasted for over a month. When I finally pinpointed that it was some kind of allergen, I ordered the BioGS. I received it quickly - within a few days. In just a couple of weeks the breathing problems were gone. I'm not coughing anymore, nor having any breathing problems. After over 2 months of feeling horrible, I'm finally well.

The purifier consumes only a tiny amount of energy. I have a watt meter. I plugged the purifier into it and I was really surprised at how it just sips energy, while performing better than any air cleaner I've had before.

The carbon and dust prefilter are both washable. The Hepa needs to be replaced but they say it should last at least a couple of years. That's so much cheaper than the filters I've had to buy for other less effective machines.

It's almost silent most of the time. It's sensors are always monitoring for a raise in particulate matter or odors. When detected, the Rabbit will go to a higher speed and stay there until the problem is gone. I'm very pleased with it's operation.

I also had a very nice customer service interaction. I bought it here at Amazon. I knew it came with other colored front panels, so immediately after ordering I called their customer service line - it was after 10pm, I think, on the West Coast. A person answered and I told him I preferred Green. He said he'd note it on the order. When I received the unit, it was a blue one. It was a shipping error, because right there on the shipping label, it said - Send green color per customer request. I called their customer service line and again got a live person right away (these were local people also, not some far off country). He apologized and offered to send out a replacement green panel immediately. He said I could keep the blue one and that allowed me to start using the cleaner immediately. He said it would probably arrive the next day or day after, since we are in the same general area. It got here the second morning after my call. No charge, no hassle.

Since they called it "lime green". I was concerned that it might be gaudy or too bright. I'd call it "Frosted Sage Green", a really attractive color that fits my apartment beautifully.

I'm very happy with my choice.

SFHandyman from San Francisco - December 3, 2007




3 stars
Doesn't live up to the five star ratings or $$$

I have owned and used the unit for approx. 4 months.

On the plus side, the unit is very quiet. On it's lowest setting you can hardly hear it. It has been consistently running during the entire 4 months.

The appearance of the unit is nicely designed. However, the chrome/silver unit appears in the picture to be metal but it's all plastic and the center sticker/label is falling off.

On the negative side, it has not reduced the amount of dust in a very dusty new construction residence with two furry pets.

I have to clean/replace the Air Conditioning filter in the residence every 30 days and it's always packed with dust. Every time I check the filters in this Rabbit Air unit, they are clean which is certainly not a good sign. In the entire 4 months time that I've had this unit the filters have accumulated about 1/4th of the dust/pollutants that the AC filter accumulates in just 30 days.

The units "Auto" feature is seemingly flawed in its design. When you turn it on it measures the air quality in the room and labels that as "normal". In theory with the unit running all the time you should slowly have an improving situation as each time you unplug it and plug it back in it will measure the air quality in the room as "normal". I'm really not finding that improvement to be the case. Unless the dust/pollutant level that you currently have is what you desire to have and want to label as "normal" - it's a bit of a problem.

I am currently trying, as much as I can stand it, to run the fan/unit on the higher settings. Thus far, I'm not seeing improvement in the air or any greater build up on the filter with that either.

As I was nearing the 30 day return deadline, I seriously considered returning it but instead decided that it must just need more time. In hindsight, I wish I had returned it. I consider the performance of this unit to be disappointing and average, at best, with a price that is far above average.

Ann from USA - December 3, 2007