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5 stars
amazing air purifier and one of the best

I had never written a review for any product before.

Tried all types of air purifiers / odor removers, and this has got to be the best system out there. Amazingly quiet while being able to push through and purify high volumes of air, even at the lowest setting, which is absolutely silent. In our apartment, normally we had problems with kitchen air after cooking, especially frying food; with this system, food / grease odor is reduced within 10-20 minutes, and eliminted COMPLETELY in the next hour or so. I could not detect a hint of food odor after 2 hours. Living in the city, we have air problems. Now, interior air is drastically improved along with my persistent sinus issues. I replaced every other air purifiers in my apartment with rabbit air minusA2's. The unit is very easy on the eye and non-obtrusive. And once again, when the unit is on one of the lower settings, it is completely inaudible.

I contacted Rabbit Air support for some billing issues and some technical issues, and was greeted very courteously and professionally. The support staffs were very knowledgeable and helpful. I am absolutely happy with this air purifier and highly recommend to anyone who is seriously looking for ways to improve air quality and odor removal.

pros: silent, very effective at odor removal and air purification, most aesthetically pleasing system out there, one of the thinnest profile out there, and it truely works

cons: a bit pricey, filter replacement cost

S. Chen - November 27, 2007




5 stars
Clean wonderful air

We are so pleased with our purchase. For people looking for a high quality air purifier, this is a very good choice. The purifier makes no noise on it's lowest setting, and I mean no noise. The air actually smells cleaner. Maybe it is just finally having clean air in the apartment, but the smell is wonderful! There is no ozone produced by this purifier, but it does have a negative ion generator. Also, while it is fairly large, it's about as big as a carry on bag, it is very light and easy to move from place to place with one hand.
The only negatives I can possibly give are the bright lights on the dial. It is really bright in a dark room and makes it hard to sleep. The only other thing is that it could use a little bit longer cord so I could move it easily from one room to another without unplugging it.

J. Sledge from Monterey - November 26, 2007




5 stars
Quiet, Light happy with my purchase

I've been using the unit for a few weeks, it came very quickly. Went together easily, and seems to work very well. I am happy with my purchase.

P. Schmidt from Metro NYC, NY - November 26, 2007




1  stars
Stopped working after 14 days

***Edited since 1 star review was published***

I had some issues with receiving a defective unit. I was at first upset but this company did everything possible to address my concerns and remedy the situation. I received a brand new, sealed replacement complete with new filters. They shipped my replacement via 2nd day air and also scheduled a UPS pickup for the defective item.

I am saddened that my item stopped working after only 2 weeks, but this company is first class and took care of the problems with lightening speed and no questions asked.

I highly recommend them, they are top-notch.

I give my original product a 1 star, but I give this company 10 stars!

Tracy from California - November 23, 2007




5 stars
Great Air Purifier

This is a great air purifier. We live in San Diego and just had wild fires go through our neighborhood. It has done a fantastic job of cleaning our air in our home. We have no smoke smell in our home. Others in our area are still dealing with alot of soot and smoke smell. I also have asthma and it really helps me breathe better. It cleans a 600 sq ft room, but I move it around the house to get other areas. It is very quiet, too.

muttib from San Diego, CA, Nov 23, 2007




2 stars
Not as effective as it should be...

I recently purchased this unit to supplement my Vornado AQS-15 because of ongoing allergy problems. I had some reputable mold inspectors in the other day and they did output readings on both machines. The Rabbit Air 421A let through more than twice as much particulate matter as did the simple and much less expensive Vornado ($119) which has only a hepa and a pre-filter. The discrepancy was so extreme that we all thought it must be a mistake and they repeated the readings with the same results.

I asked them what they would recommend for multi-filter multi-function purifier--they suggested BlueAir.

ericwal from New York, NY - November 22, 2007




5 stars

This product does exactly what it advertises. It's good looking, energy saving, quiet, and makes the air cleaner. What more could you ask for?

Glenn S. from Los Angeles, CA - November 19, 2007




5 stars
Wisper Quite

I didn't even know it was in the house until my girlfriend told me that it had arrived and was on. The next morning some of my allergies had already started to ease up. Cats and my body don't get along, yet I had2. I would probably die if it weren't for this thing, in fact a third kitten followeed my home the other day, and until we find a home for the little girl this filter will be whats kepping me alive and happy. The cost has to be from the lack of noise this thing makes. On low setting it makes NO noise, unless you ear is on it. Even on high it is no louder than a little desk fan. the clip on types. Good buy, but the hepa filter does need to be changed even though the add misleads a bit saying that this thing doesn't need filter changes.

matt13 Nov 18, 2007




5 stars
Puurrrfectly clean air!

Absolutely content with this product, filters air very well. We can feel the difference in odor and air filter when you simply step out and step back into the room. Shipping by Overstock is lightning fast, got it via 1 day shipping service for $1. A very happy purchase!

meocon from Huntington Beach, CA, Nov 17, 2007




3 stars
time will tell

The reviews read well, and the unit seems to detect and respond to different air quality levels. The fan had to be replaced after < a month operation. The original filter was disappointing when faced with outgassing from new cabinets so the company sent a new filter. So, with essentially a new unit, Time will tell whether it is a good purchase or not.

L. Zybura from Seattle, WA - November 16, 2007




5 stars
clean air

this was a great purchase.. quiet quiet quiet...love the remote control feature.

kikihale from las vegas, Nov 15, 2007




4 stars

I purchased two Rabbit Air model 421A and I am noticing a difference in my living room where the Rabbit is located. I have cats inside and when I washed the filter it had collected enough material to help.
I do recommed this product.

R. cress - November 15, 2007




4 stars
Attractive, yes. Effective?

Attractive, quiet unit. I have it running in my finished basement. Appears to be well constructed. Several layers of filters. It's interesting to watch the unit ramp up when I smoke around it; it apparently detects the cigarette smoke and increases filtering. How effective the unit is only time will tell. I guess I'll see what collects on the filters and decide. So far it appears to be doing something, at least.

Libertarian from Long Island New York - November 14, 2007




5 stars
Perfect, Sensors really work!

Man, this product its awesome, I just hit my bed many times to make dust, and the machine triggers to turbo mode by itself. That just made me write this review. The odor sensor also work, when the maid cleans in the morning, she use some stuff to clean, and the purifier instantly detects it.

Im very happy with this product, no more allergies!

Gabriel Torrijos - November 14, 2007




5 stars
Rabbit Air Model 421A

So VERY impressed with this air cleaner! The unit arrived about two or three days after we ordered it. Very easy set up, clear directions, easy to use. Within hours, it totally eliminated all litterbox odors. Runs very quietly, so that we rarely even notice that it is on. So far we are very pleased with it, and would highly recommend it to anyone with pets and/or allergies.

J. Downing from Sacramento - November 8, 2007




5 stars
More pets than people

In our household there are 4 cats (1 long & 3 short haired) and 3 dogs (1 long & 2 short haired). There are 5 adults living in the house all with allegry problems, go figure right? Additionally we live on a dirt road so have lots of dust. In order for us all to live in harmony I decided the humans had to find a way to live allergy-free. I looked at the option of having an all-over home purifier but the house cost was too high. Before I was wiling to put that kind of money into something I wanted to see if a purifier would work for our unique situation. I of course went to overstock first to see what they had and saw the Rabbit Air room air purifier. I went to several websites to compare purifiers on the market and everything confirmed that this would be a good buy. I ordered the purifier and it came within only a few days via UPS and the setup was easy. We have all noticed a difference in the air quality, within only a few hours. The dust and hair no longer floats in the air. The purifier is very quiet, no louder than the dishwasher in the kitchen (which you can't hear unless you are standing right next to it). I am very, very pleased with the purchase and now am considering the option of putting in an all over house purifier or buying additional units for the back part of the house and my sister's apartment.

mcleodsfan from Cortez, CO, Nov 6, 2007




5 stars
Amazing performance for the price!

Purchased this unit to replace a failed ionic air cleaner (Ionic Pro). It is whisper quiet unless the fan switches to high-speed (only when the sensors or you tell it to).

The remarkable thing about this device is its ability to monitor the air for impurities (particle and odor) and adjust the fan speed to compensate. The unit sits in our bedroom, a good 20 feet from the bathroom. My daughter applied baby powder while in the bathroom and in less than 5 minutes the Rabbit Air detected the particles in the air and increased the fan speed (and no, there wasn't a huge cloud of powder floating in the air - you could smell it but not see it). It also performed at the same distance when my wife applied perfume - the odor sensor detected the change and up went the fan speed (it can't determine good odors from bad - it only senses changes from a baseline sample it takes at power-on and subsequent samples after operating for some time).

The construction/design is high-quality, the filter media is high-quality, and the performance is high-quality. After having one for only a week, I ordered a second. My goal is to replace all of my ionic cleaners with these units before the end of the year.

If you are looking for a new air purifier - stop here. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

D. Preece from Indiana - November 5, 2007




5 stars
As advertised, it does what is promised

This filter is totally automatic and works as advertised. We do not have much of a problem for it to address in the living quarters so I brought it into the basement for a mildew smell to test it. With two dehumidifiers running full time we continued to have a smell and my wife's eyes watered when she had to go to the basement. After running this sucker for a couple of weeks (the basement is approximately 1000 sq. ft. which is beyond the machine's rating) the smell is gone and significantly, the wife can go into the basement for 15 minutes without an allergic reaction. The wife thought it "pretty" too.("Wimmin" :-)

Thomas R. from Potomac, MD - November 1, 2007




5 stars
Love this product.....no more house smells!

I bought this product hoping to eliminate the smells associated with my house. We have 3 cats that eat smelly liquid food. I do not notice the smells of my home anymore! This is one of the best products I have bought from Amazon. I would recommend it definately to others. Only drawback is that I love to burn candles and it sucks the scent of them from my house!

Beth Hann from Colona, IL - November 1, 2007




5 stars
a great product

I live in a small basement apartment with two cats one window (which isn't even in the living room) and a roommate with very bad asthma and allergies. The air quality was making me, my roommate and my girlfriend sick constantly, not to mention the two cats adding to the allergens and dander. I love my cats and could never part with them, so i bought this as a last resort. As soon as I plugged it in i felt a difference. I works amazing! within less than a day my roommate is completely fine and i can hardly believe it. its like having open windows in the living room, in which there are no windows whatsoever. A friend of mine has two of these in his larger apartment with two cats and a boxer, not to mention an apartment full of smokers and his place is fine too. This product is worth every penny. Its also very quiet, unless on full blast but even then its not like you can't think or watch tv with it on. buy this product. Easy to clean. remote control.

Alex B from Bronx, NY - October 26, 2007




5 stars
Great product

I am very happy with this product and it does all it says it can do.

D. Owens - October 20, 2007




5 stars
If you hate cigarette smoke, get the Rabbit!

I picked the unit up from UPS this morning. Turned it on around 9a.m. on high. We live in a condo, and our neighbor is an extreme chain smoker, who doesn't go out! I called my wife at 11a.m., unprompted, she said that the Rabbit was working really well. The common hallway smelled like smoke, but our unit no longer smelled of smoke. I will be buying another one soon.

iual88 from Chicago, Oct 19, 2007




5 stars
Wow ! Customer Service

I rec'd this bad boy and the box was sorta beat. I plugged it in and it died in a few minutes. I called Customer Service and they were AWESOME! We both assumed UPS had tossed it around, causing internal damage (bad UPS!). Anyway, I rec'd my replacement by second day air. So far it is working a heck of a lot better than I expected. It actually "smells" the air and reacts to it...amazing. In one day I noticed a difference.

Danno from Salem, NH - October 19, 2007




5 stars
Very nice and highly effective

We purchased this item because of the other high ratings we saw here on Amazon. Those other guys were right. It's very quiet and sucks up a lot of airborn dust. My wife's allergies seem to be much better since we set this unit up.

Richard B. from Richmond, VA - October 17, 2007




5 stars
Quiet as a Mouse

I purchased this item to refresh the air in my home and this machine is so quiet you barely know it's running. It seems to making a difference quite quickly. Not only is it quiet, it is very appealing to the eye. I would definitely recommend it.

danak7 from Newton, NJ, Oct 16, 2007




4 stars
Ordered one and it was so great, bought a second!

The title says it all... We both work at home quite often and our house, bless its almost 100 year old frame, is not the best at air circulation. In addition, our four children are of the four legged and furry variety who tend to leave fuzzy reminisce of themselves everywhere.

With allergy season approaching we bellied up to the air purifier bar and ordered up a nice Rabbit Air BioGS for our home office which shares an open space with the home theater room. The BioGS worked as advertised as we were breathing easier and the air just seemed to smell a bit better.

So we took the plunge again and purchased another for the bedroom. What a difference our nights sleep has had since! I finally wake up without the feeling as though someone stuffed cotton up my sinuses, amazing.

They both continue to work quite nicely, are easy to set up, and we are very happy with our purchase.

The only minor complaint I have is that the lights are a little bright and I wish they had some way to dim them when you hit the "night mode" but oh well, not even worth dropping a star.

Shake Well from Alta Loma, CA - October 16, 2007