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5 stars
love it

two of us smoke and people come in our home and do not smell the smoke. It also catches a lot of dust .

Ruth A. M. - January 4, 2007




5 stars
Get sinus relief without drugs

I've bought Rabbit Air BioGP air purifier after researching online and it completely meet my expectations. I put it in a bedroom and within a couple of days I started noticing a difference. I don't have to clean up my nose every morning as I've been doing for years.
I tend to sleep better (more deep sleep) now as well. The air in the room feels much fresher now. Also, the purifier makes absolutely no noise (it't called UltraQuiet for a reason) -- which was an important factor for me as well. I highly recommend this air purifier for anyone with small children who suffer the most from all the dirt that collects in the air.

A. Dorofeev from Sunnyvale, CA - December 11, 2006




5 stars
Great Air Purifier!!!

I looked at tons of reviews and tons of Air Purifiers. I decided on this one after searching for two weeks for an air purifier that could handle smoke and dust. I use it in a room that I have a wood burning fireplace. It cleaned up the air in not only the living room where I placed it. It also took care of all the rooms near it. I can breath easy and the air sensor on the unit works great. I was sceptical but when I load wood in the fireplace and some smoke enters the room the Rabbit Air BioGP kicks in great and almost instantly to clean the room. I love this thing. No more whinning from my girlfriend about the woodstove smell!!!!


David S. from Raleigh NC - December 11, 2006




5 stars
Possibly the best air filter out there for the price

I've been through a number of air purifiers over the years and this is the best.

Pros: The quietest fan based air filter I've heard (or not heard). In sleep mode I can actually sleep and it's still moving a good amount of air. The dust sensor is very effective and raises the air flow in automatic mode. Improves the air quality quickly.

Cons: Bulky for small apartments. I wish they had a smaller unit for 300 sq. ft spaces. Initially expensive but worth it in the long run.

W. Hohauser from NYC - December 9, 2006




5 stars
EXCELLENT Purifier at an EXCELLENT price!

We recently purchased the Rabbit Air BioGP. My husband has horrible allergies and asthma and we have a cat. We have two other air purifiers of a different brand (Hamilton Beach) that are smaller and much less expensive. However, the BioGP covers more square footage and also eliminates odors as well as dust and other allergens. Plus it is REMARKABLY quiet. My husband has noticed a marked difference in the air quality of our home since we got this purifier. My only complaint is that the control panel/screen emits quite a bit of light and it is in our bedroom so it really lights up the room at night. But everything else - what more could you want out of a home air purifier? It is perfect - it is even attractive looking (offered in both silver and white).

Mona Gracen from New York State, USA - November 29, 2006




5 stars
Excellent air filter for smokers,

I did heavy researches on air filters/purifiers and decide to buy this one. It does excellent job reducing cigarette smell in my apt. Great product...

Yudiono Santoso from West Chester, PA - November 28, 2006




5 stars
Great Product

I bought this for my wife who has severe allegies that was preventing her form sleeping at night because she would get congested and it would wake her up. Since buying the unit she has been sleeping much better.

Only complaint I have is the LED display is rather bright. We have to cover the display with a towel at night.

Other than that...great product!

Todd C. K. - November 22, 2006




5 stars
The best

I was a bit skeptical about this humidifier thinking nothing is this good. But, because of all the rave reviews I bought it. It has definitely lived up to all the great reviews. It's very "high-tech". It's both an air purifier and odor remover. There are several options, the pollen mode, ionizer on and off, night mode (virtually no sound), fan mode (1-4) and the auto mode. I bought the 788 sq ft capacity model and placed it upstairs (800 sq. ft) where I do all my cooking and where everybody hangs out. No cooking smell anymore. Dust has definitely been reduced. I really really like the auto mode because it doesn't waste electricity. It kicks in when it needs to (read the booklet on how to set it at baseline). When I move it to the kids' room, I turn the fan full blast for an hour until the air and odor indicator appears "clean" then I switch to auto mode. This is necessary to let the humidifier know what is clean and the auto mode is based on those readings. I'm buying another one for downstairs.

Larkmom from Larkspur, CO - November 13, 2006




5 stars

The delivery was extremely fast. I am a 62 year old grandmother and I was able to assemble it and get it going, very easy. After running it on auto for two hours I realized I was breathing in fresh air. I never knew I was missing fresh air. Very pleased with the product and the courteous service I received both from Amazon and Sparo.

M. Spevacek from California - November 9, 2006




5 stars
Look No Further

Hello Folks,

Let me tell you, if you are looking for a product the does what it says it does, then look no further. Wow, this product is awesome and let me tell you why. I received this product yesterday and couldn't wait to plug it in. Almost immediately you notice a difference in the quality of air.

My wife and I suffer from allergies. My wife always has a dry cough at night from our bedroom and we're both always good for a few sneezes. Incredibly, we have not sneezed at all since plugging in this machine. I can see my allergies disappearing for good with this machine and can't wait to see how we'll feel a week from now. Airborne allergens, say hello to the Bio Fresh, you're new worst enemy.

As for quietness, this machine takes the cake. At the lowest setting you can't even hear anything. At higher settings, still extremely quiet allowing for a peaceful night sleep.

In closing, I would just like to say that this machine works awesome and I strongly recommend it to anyone, but especially to allergy sufferers like myself.


Mo from New Jersey - November 4, 2006




5 stars
Quietest Unit on the Market

Clean air and great sleep - what a deal!

Several years ago I purchased a GE HEPA Air Purifier from Wal-Mart for about $100. I have some moderate dust mite allergies and, being a college student with roommates, I this was the best option to contol the dust (the house certainly wasn't going to be cleaned regularly!) The GE unit was very noisy. I simply assumed that all purifiers were noisy. I assumed that this was something I had to learn to deal with. I'm a light sleeper. After a few days of no sleep with the GE Purifier, I began only to run it when I was gone at class or work.

I've since graduated and decided to try an upgrade. The market has a ton of expensive unit. This one I'd say is "middle priced." But don't let that get you down. This unit has VALUE. You can drop a benjamin for a noisy unit from Wal-Mart. Or, you can bite the bullet and make a WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT. The HEPA filter that comes with the unit is hefty. The unit itself is very stylish. The remote is great (it can be stored on top of the unit too so you don't loose it).

I found the most frustrating part of shopping for an air purifier is a lack decibel ratings. I did the research for you - this is the quietest unit on the market. Silent mode really is silent! Low mode is almost inaudible. I would equate the medium mode to sounding like like air coming blowing from any AC vent in your home. High mode is noticeable, but hey, it's moving a lot of air on high mode.

The automatic function is great. It senses air quality and adjusts. It's one of those "set it and forget it" products. Today is the first day of using the unit so I can't comment on long-term efficacy. From the looks of it though, this is going to be a great product with low maintenance. I'm the king of buyer's remorse. I'm also fresh out of college and not loaded with cash. I feel no regret in purchasing this product. If you're skeptical of my strong recommmendaiton, don't be. I so emphatically support this product because it's one of the few products out there (besides an apple computer) that lives up to its promise. The biofresh is an awesome product.

Alfonso V. from Gainesville, FL - October 27, 2006




5 stars
throw away your Ionic Breeze

This unit really works for my allergy. I had been using Ionic Breeze which did not do much. The difference between the two is not even comparable. This unit is a must for the people with hay fever.
And it runs very quiet too.

Kisung Lee - October 27, 2006




5 stars
Excellent Product!

This air purifier is really, really quiet (you don't even notice that it's on). And it's very sensitive to odors (e.g. it goes into turbo mode if you sit next to it after a trip to the hibachi grill). In addition, I have 2 dogs and my place usually smells like them. Visitors have definitely noticed a difference in the room with the air purifier!

Sam from Dallas, TX - October 2, 2006




5 stars
Amazing unit

All I can say is I'm extremely pleased with this unit.
I got the Anti-Flu HEPA filter for it which is one of the largest HEPA filters I have ever seen.

Watching the sensors operate is educational. We learned a lot about air quality just by watching the sensors. We use it in a dance studio where a lot of people are doing a lot of breathing. A woman walking past with heavy perfume set off the odor filter.

Simply shaking a blanket near the thing set its particle sensor on overload for a good 10 minutes.

It's very sensitive and very good, the difference in air quality
is very noticeable and seems to help a bit with people who cat allergies...maybe the cat dander is getting sucked in?

As a funny little aside - my wife likes to light incense in the bedroom some nights and we forgot we had it running. The machine went on high alert, both sensors went up to red level and it successfully removed both the odor and the smoke of the incense...much to our chagrin.

This is a good machine to have.

Charles Guerin from Canada - September 8, 2006




4 stars
Great Air Purifier - Filter Change Can Jeopardize Warranty

The Biofresh is an excellent air cleaner and I think will become as popular as the Sharp Plasmacluster unit. I do not know if the Biofresh actually cleans a 600 sq ft area as claimed but in average sized rooms it is quite effective. Air quality smells cleaner and allergies have much improved. With 4 dogs and living off of a rural dirt (dust!!!) road this is unit excels in improving our air quality inside. Be sure to read the 5 year warranty. The warranty states that if you do not change the filter (Biofresh filter only) every 18 months (no, not every 3 years as filter life is advertised) then the warranty is null & void. I probably won't have to worry about this since there is so much dust and dog in our house we will need to change within the limitations stated in the warranty. I think this limitation is an important little piece of information left out of the product information specs for those of you thinking no filter expense for 3 years. With that in mind I gave this unit a 4 star rating .

blackcreek from Republic of Texas - September 3, 2006




5 stars
Well worth it

After dealing with asthma/allergy issues...both myself and one of my cats...we decided to purchase the Rabbit Air Purifier. I could not be happier. I could immediately tell the difference, both in myself and with my cat's asthma. The unit is extremely lightweight and easy to move between rooms (we move it from our downstairs living area to an upstairs bedroom at night); as well as being extremely quiet. I highly recommend this product to anybody suffereing from asthma or allergies.

Bridget Murphy from Atlanta, GA - July 14, 2006




5 stars

BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE! I recently moved into an upstairs apartment, a heavy smoker lives beneath me. My place constantly smelled of stale smoke and smelly cooking odors.\:( It was miserable to live with the overpowering odors; I tried everything to get rid of them. One day, my daughter said, "This place smells like a stinky motel." NOW, I enjoy very clean, fresh air in my apartment. The Bio Fresh is very quiet and easy to use. It arrived quickly and packed very securely.

S. Jacobson from Carmichael, CA - May 8, 2006




5 stars

My son who's been suffering from allergies and congestion for 3 years, simply does not suffer anymore. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but he hasn't been getting sick as much nor having sinus problems. I'm considering biting the bullet and purchasing another for my daughter's bedroom because she now has sinus problems as well. The unit emits a very fresh air almost like the air from a rainforest. It's completely silent running on low. When it detects impurities, it kicks into high gear but sounds just like a fan running. It's very easy to use, so portable (light in weight) and unobtrusive because of it's width. This was a great investment and we look forward to purchasing another.

Z from Brick, NJ - May 1, 2006




5 stars
Bio Fresh is the Bes

I have problems with airborne allergens and with asthma. I have spent nearly two thousand dollars on different air cleaners over the past ten years. They all proved to be ineffective, noisy, ugly, and/or overpriced. The Bio Fresh works for me. None of the others did. I enjoy the several different modes of cleaning available. It is an attractive machine that fits nicely against a wall. Everything about it is well thought-out. It is well worth the money. I just purchased my second Bio Fresh air cleaner and it was delivered earlier than expected. It has helped my breathing more than all the antihistamines, inhalers, and all the other machines combined.

Charles A. C. from West Branch, MI - April 12, 2006




5 stars

I just bought this product 2 days ago and I said I would write a review once I have tried it out for a week. It's been 2 days and I could not wait to write about this product. I suffer from severe allergies and they just seem to get worse every year. Once I got this air cleaner, my allergies magically diappeared.
I also own a Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra GP and this Bio fresh Ultra destroys the Sharper Image. The Sharper Image Ionic breeze will go into storage. Since owning this for 2 days my house is allergy free this air cleaner is by far the best air cleaner out for the price. Very easy to use and looks great. The air quality monitor is unbelievable!!

M. Penalosa from Vienna, VA - March 25, 2006




5 stars
Great Air Purifier!

If you are looking to an energy efficient, quiet, not too expensive and technically advanced air purifier then this is the one for you!

I have some bad allegories to juniper pollen. We had a small ionic filter system for the bedroom that just wasn't doing the job. Sure it would look like it was cleaning the air, but seemed like only a few feet away it did nothing. Bought one of these Bio-Fresh systems and it changed the room! It even tells you how bad/polluted your air is around unit. My wife can spray her perfume 15 feet away and it will peg the particle meter on the unit. The unit is very quiet compared to some of the other fan type units and with the brushless motor the energy usage is very low.

I would like to get one in every room of the house, but would be too expensive. Would recommend this one to everyone!

Bill B from NM, USA - March 14, 2006




5 stars
I love my Bio Fresh!!

I am delighted with my new air purifier. I did alot of research and comparison studies before my purchase. I have parrots with powder producing feathers. My aviary is part of the main living area in my home and I needed a unit that could serve a large area. I am happy with the performance. No more feather dust all over everything. My roommate is not coughing anymore. I have a cat; and the odor from the litterbox is no longer an issue. I have it set on automatic - how easy is that? I can barely hear it working. Add to that, long lasting filters and low-cost operation make this product a winner

N. Tupper - March 14, 2006




5 stars
You will be amazed by the difference

We recently purchased the Bio Fresh Air Purifier through Sparo products which we received within a few days. At t

he same time we purchased the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier at Radio Shack. We decided to put the Bio Fresh down in a room in the basement where it was most needed not to mention the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier was not recommended for the space. We put the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier in our bedroom. It wasn't two weeks before we started hearing a very annoying ticking sound in the LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier so we took it back to Radio Shack and exchanged it for a new one. In the mean time the Bio Fresh was working like a charm and the mildew smell was almost gone. Unfortunately we had since decided to move so we weren't down in the room as much. It took about two and a half weeks before we started hearing a humming sound in the new LifeWise Ultra Air Purifier, it went from low to louder to low again (hard to sleep with that). So we took it back to Radio Shack and got our money back. We put the Bio Fresh in our bedroom and it is so quiet. I love the remote control that came with it and it's so sleek looking. The Bio Fresh is so quiet that, I have a constant ringing in my ears and I actually had to turn up the fan to hear it in order to help drown out the ringing. Oh yah the Bio Fresh reads the particles and odor in a room when you first turn it on (it's really cool), that when we put it in our room, the same day we took the other one back, the reading wasn't the best. But it didn't take long before the Bio Fresh took care of it. And the best part we have two dogs and they sleep in the bedroom with us in a kennel and before my husband used to snore so loud and now he doesn't snore as much or as loud as he use to. I surfed the net for hours trying to find the best air purifier for the money and the Bio Fresh is soooo worth the price. I am so happy with the Bio Fresh and the service that when we get settled into our new place we will be purchasing another Bio Fresh from Sparo products.

Whiteman from Illinois, USA - February 7, 2006




5 stars
Asthma no more

I recently purchased one of these purifiers and can say they perform as promised. I did quite a bit of research on these units and I had been using an older unit from Holmes for a few years but needed something for a new nursery in our home. I had always been pleased with the Holmes unit and was always aware that it was doing its job. I was not expecting, therefore, to find a unit that was so superior and didn't cost an arm and a leg. The filtering system is much more efficient than the Holmes unit since it is not broken into separate filtering sections. There is also an airtight seal so there seems to be no "spillage" of un-purified air. IT senses changes in air and odor quality and the automatic function makes this a great deal and a joy to use. The only issue to keep in mind before buying is where you will put it in your home. It is smaller than some of the more expensive units but still takes up a significant amount of space. It is attractive so it's not an eyesore, but it should not be against the wall. If you have the space I highly recommend this product. When the time comes, I will buy another.

Richard St. Victor - February 7, 2006




5 stars
Bio Fresh Ionic Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier

I purchased Bio Fresh Ionic Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier after a long research. I was looking for HEPA purifier with low maintenance cost. I have this purifier for over 2 weeks now and I can say that it works exactly as advertised. I purchased my house 6 months ago. The previous owner was a heavy smoker. She even used to smoke in her bedroom. Anyway, I couldn't get rid of the smell, even though I painted and replaced the carped. Nothing helped. Now the smell is completely gone. The air is really clean.
The product has a very good design. Very easy to use control. Absolutely no noise when switched to sleep mode. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who wants to breath cleaner air and wants to sleep better.

Pavel Krastev from Chicago, IL - January 21, 2006




5 stars
Ionic Tower UV

We've had the Ionic Tower UV for over three weeks now, and we're keeping it. I'm not going to sit here and claim it works mircles, but can tell you the air quality is better. Ok, maybe I can't tell, but my girlfriend with asthma can. It took about a week before she really noticed a difference. Hasn't had an attack since week two -- she ususally has one every other day or so.

This purifier is rated to clean an 800 square foot area, or about the size of a small/medium two-bedroom apartment. Compare that to the 500 square foot area of the more expensive Sharper Image without UV and there is no comparison. The larger unit offered by Sharper Image with UV does compare, but it's price tag is well over twice the price as this one -- no wonder they'll give you half off a second purifier.

When viewing the Ionic Tower UV online, I thought it looked great. I was suprised when I received it -- it looks even better -- and no, I don't work for the company. It is of the highest quality, and looks like a work of art.

For the most part it is silent. During it's normal operation you can only barely hear it within five feet. If you're even closer, you can hear it running thru it's cycle, where it turns on for about 20 seconds and then turns off for 2 seconds (low buzzing sound).

When it gets dirty it does make a crackling sound similar to that of a bug zapper/egg frying, which is slightly irritating. That is easily rectified by a quick cleaning. It's very easy to clean and only takes about a minute -- take this from a person who hates to clean things. Just take out the filter consisting of three long metalic bars and wipe off the dust. It's recommened that you clean it every five days, but it usually starts crackling after three.

Overall, I'm very pleased and highly recommend this tower.

Chiro2007 from Davenport, IA - December 11, 2005




5 stars
Compare to Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image!!!

This is the same exact unit as Sharper Image sells, and $250 CHEAPER!

This thing is great, I use it at work in my office. The smell is wonderfully fresh and I can't even hear it run.

There is mold growing in our bulding at work, and it was casuing me to have asthma attacks (I am not diagnosed with asthma). I could feel immediate relief using this unit in my office. I haven't taken any of the medication for the asthma for a week.

I want to buy 2 more for my home.

Two thumbs up, I would recommend to everyone!

JennaOG from FL - October 27, 2005

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