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Actually traps cat and dog dander, which again is in the air floating around causing allergy misery.

Ditch the institutional look and breathe easy and cute.

Look like a W Hotel accessory.

Rabbit Air has married clean air with art.

Saw drastic improvement in her symptoms after just one night with a Rabbit Air running.

The (Nearly) Perfect Bedroom Air Purifier

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What our Customers say

"The purifier is sturdy, stylish, and it oozes with quality." - by Ballard

"The unit is INCREDIBLY quiet... " - by Cari

"...Allegra and Zyrtec couldn't address, but ... after using this purifier our sinuses were trouble free." - by Martin

"...best value for the price..." - by Hubert Jr.

"I am shocked at how fast we have seen results." - by Hbwillms

"The odor in our house was gone…pretty miraculous." - by Lauren

"It picks up so much dust and pollen..." - by Jfarring

"….over a year and I am very happy with its performance." - by Briner

"With all the money I'm saving on doctor's visits and medication, I can afford it." - by Fillyok

"...my dog has allergies... With the Rabbit Air, symptoms of his itchy skin were almost non-existent." - by Roger

"Awesome customer service..." - by Kim

"In four days, he has not had to use his asthma inhaler once!" - by Kitty's Mom

"... not even in the smoking room -- can anyone tell that there's a smoker in residence." - by Williams

"...removing/installing filters and covers was a breeze." - by Tarun

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Ignore the daunting price... well worth it!! - September 24, 2012

by Ballard

I've had a string of moderately priced air purifiers over the years and all of them left me wanting. They would chug away, becoming noisier with time, and do a questionable job cleaning the air. The filters were often as expensive as the entire unit, which sucked. When I tried a more expensive, filterless unit, I really didn't notice a tangible difference in air quality. The one I had just seemed to run and run with no real indication it was doing anything but wasting electricity and costing me money. When I cleaned it, the amount of dust it removed from the air was kind of pathetic.

I wanted the performance of a unit with filters, but also the style and technology of some filterless air cleaners. After a lot of research, I found RabbitAir.

The reviews were overwhelmingly good, but I'd never dropped $500 on an air purifier and was a bit apprehensive to spend that much money. My wife had bad allergies, so in the end it came down to the reviews and the need for something better and I rolled the dice. Man, I'm glad I did.

This unit is quite simply fantastic. I ordered from RabbitAir online, and the purifier arrived quickly and in great shape. When I opened the box, I was extremely pleased. The purifier is sturdy, stylish, and it oozes with quality. Excellent customer service.

It was easy to assemble with clear instructions. It has like seven stages of filtration when assembled. The filters are independently wrapped to preserve them, so you have to unwrap them and insert them into the unit before you operate it. It only takes a few minutes, but it also gives you an appreciation for how much it actually cleans the air, as you insert filter after filter.

The wall mount was easy to install. Mounted on the wall, it looks more like a high-tech decoration than an air purifier. The "mood lights" are stylish and cool; they change color based on the quality of the air and power setting.

There are many modes of operation, but I choose the auto setting, which adjusts power based on detected air quality. This feature works like a champ. It even detects and eliminates odors (charcoal filter included). I regularly have an evening soak in the tub with eucalyptus bath salts, and the unit will cycle to a higher setting when it detects the "scent" of eucalyptus. Kind of funny...

I use it in my bedroom and haven't lost a wink of sleep. In fact, the barely audible hum kind of helps you sleep. It's whisper quiet -- soooo much better than the piece of crap air purifiers I had before that rattled and chugged along, constantly making noise. Also, don't worry about the lighting when you're trying to sleep. It automatically detects when the room is dark and goes into sleep mode, turning off the lights or dimming them so they don't distract you and/or keep you awake. It activates three minutes after the lights go out in the room, so don't freak out if it the unit's lights stay on for a bit. For the record, I'm an extremely light sleeper, and this unit has never woken me up.

The kit to replace all seven filters is like $70, and you're supposed to do it like every two years. To me, that's a reasonable maintenance cost.

Most importantly, it does its job! The air in our house is cleaner than ever. My wife breathes easier and her allergies aren't as bad. Mission accomplished.

RabbitAir is simply the best air purifier I've ever owned, or SEEN for that matter. I highly, highly recommend this great product.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Amazing Product - August 27, 2012

by Cari

After doing extensive research on Air Purifiers I decided to spend the extra money and go with this product. I am so glad that I did. I have had the unit for a week now and it has made a vast difference in my bedroom. The unit is INCREDIBLY quiet -- even on "Turbo" while there is noise it is not as loud a a fan that I had running. Their customer service is fantastic and located in the United States. I found it also very helpful when going to their website directly it gives you the annual cost of replacing the filters. No other air purifer product sites detailed out their data like this. Added bonus is that you can select a personalized filter -- odor control.. allergy.. etc. Size is great and will mount it on the wall so less intrusive.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Throwing away my allergy meds - June 4, 2012

by Martin

The price made me hesitate a bit but I am very glad I made this purchase. My roommate and I had horrible seasonal allergies that Allegra and Zyrtec couldn't address, but in less than a week after using this purifier are sinuses were trouble free. It is very quiet and possibly makes the room smell a bit better, although that really wasn't our major concern. I've been recommending this Rabbit Air to all my congested, sneezing friends; life with this device is much better!

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

We love our Rabbit Air! - April 24, 2012

by Hubert Jr.

We have had our Rabbit Air spa-700a for over a month now and we are very happy with it. We live in a basement with not one or two but three chihuahuas, one of which just had a litter so make that SEVEN chihuahuas ;). Since we got the Rabbit Air it no longer smells like basement down here nor does it smell like dog. We got the "pet allergy" filter in our Rabbit Air.

I really like the customizable filter option. I also really like that it has a 'pre filter' to trap contaminants from unnecessarily contaminating the more expensive filters. Since we got our Rabbit Air the air smells cleaner and needless to say, we are very happy with it!

I spent A LOT of time researching air purifiers before deciding upon the Rabbit Air spa-700a. I found the Rabbit Air spa-700a air purifier to be the best value for the price and was just what I was looking for. The Rabbit Air is quite small considering the amount of filters in it. It is capable of moving a ton of air on turbo mode and is pleasantly quiet in sleep mode.

Rabbit Air also did a geat job in taking air purifiers from bulky and unsightly to compact, stylish units. I proudly mounted mine to the wall.

I really wanted to comment on the price, at just below $500 I think it is a great value. No I'm not rich, $500 is a lot of money but think of it this way; how often do you breathe, and how important is breathing to you? For something that cleans the air you breathe in and out, all day, everyday, $500 is nothing. Air quality is very important and directly related to your health and $500 to me for clean air is a great deal.

I am very happy with my Rabbit Air spa-700a. I highly recommend it to anyone searching for an air purifier. I also recommend purchasing the wall mount for it, it looks great on the wall and keeps it up out of the way, saving space.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Worth the money - December 29, 2011

by Hbwillms

My reasons for investing in a purifier at this price were for asthma problems. My boyfriend has allergies to cats and I own one. He would, on a regular basis, clear his throat or have frequent episodes of wheezing. Last year he was hospitalized for respiratory complications from two cats that he took in that were strays in his back yard, this is how he found out how bad his allergies really were. I bought two of these units from the rabbit air website. I choose to purchase directly from them to take advantage of the the costumer service and have my order on their records, was a little skeptical about paying $500 but made the purchase because of the great reviews this brand has received from multiple sources. I bought two, one for my place and one for his. I have mine in my living room close to the air intake vent for my a/c unit and his we put in his room. We run them on turbo with the ceiling fan circulating air during the day when we are gone and then turn them down to low or medium when home.

It has been about 3 days and I am not exaggerating when I say that his wheezing is completely gone and I have not noticed him clearing his throat like he normally does. I am shocked at how fast we have seen results. I even kept the cardboard boxes in my living room for ease of repackaging for return. I just now set them out in the garage for trash pick up! These are a keeper for sure.

They are pretty entertaining as well. The second day I had mine running I did some heavy cleaning. Lots of dusting and vacuuming. The sensor went from blue to red! I also tested it with perfume and had the light change to purple. The other entertaining part is watching my boyfriend try to set off the sensor by squatting over it and passing gas! No color change there but still funny to watch.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Purchased this a year ago and still works great! - November 28, 2011

by Lauren

I have three dogs, a cat, and a fiance that likes to smoke inside on occasion...so you can imagine that with carpet in the house it can get pretty rank relatively quickly. Even cleaning the carpets weekly wasn't helping with the smell. I purchased this about a year ago and it has changed my life. I'm no longer embarrased to invite people over, the air smells crisp and clean and I feel like I'm living in a healthier environment. How does it smell crisp you ask? I have no idea, but that is the only way I can describe it! The odor in our house was gone in about two days, pretty miraculous. The system has been running non-stop for a year and it still runs like a charm. I initially didn't want to shell out the money but I'm glad I did. This product is durable, effective, smart, and quiet. I highly recommend! Filters last a long time also. Not too mention that it is nice looking, everyone always wants to know what it is, so good conversation starter also!

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Quiet, effective air purifier - June 20, 2011

by Jfarring

I've had this now for 4 months - running it 24/7. With a dog in the house and bad allergies we wanted something for our living/dining area that wasn't too ugly and was still very effective. We found it with the Rabbit Air Minus A2. It picks up so much dust and pollen - this is the first spring where I didn't need to turn on the air conditioner to help my allergies, the Rabbit took care of it! Ive had visitors mention that my house doesn't have a "dog smell" to it that most homes with pets have either. It covers my entire downstairs - roughly 600sq feet. The monthly cleaning of the top filer is quick and easy with a vacuum cleaner attachment, and you can really see all the dust, hair, etc it picks up! I'm very happy with it and recommend it to others.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Over a Year and Still Very Pleased - October 17, 2011

by Briner

I have owned and used this air cleaner for a little over a year and I am very happy with its performance. It is well-made, well-engineered and seems to do exactly what it was designed for: cleaning indoor air quietly and effectively.

I have owned cheaper air cleaners in the past and have always been disappointed with their noise level and shoddy construction. I gulped hard when spending this kind of money, but in the end, I am very satisfied that I did. As other reviewers have noted, this air cleaner is very quiet on the lower settings (and not excessively loud on the higher ones), it is easy to service and change filters, and it is effective at filtering odors and particles from the air.

As an aside, I also use this unit as a white noise generator in the master bedroom. My wife snores like a fog horn and in the colder months I use a Marpac Sound Conditioner (modified to make it less loud) to overcome her alarming snorts. In the warmer months, when we don't mind the drafts that a higher setting creates, I just turn the Rabbit Air on High and I don't need to use the Marpac to get some sleep.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

A Must-have for Sinus Sufferers - November 1, 2009

by Fillyok

I've had this air purifier for just over a week and wish I had purchased it a long time ago!! I suffer from serious sinus infections and nothing seemed to help. I also rescue Chow Chows and they have tons of fur. There was no way I was giving up my Chow Chows (I have 5 of them), so I searched for an air purifier that might help me. I found it! This thing worked from the get-go. I can't say enough good things about it. It's quiet when you want it to be and works like a champ. It really blends in to any decor too. I have mine in the bedroom, but plan on buying another one for the family room...maybe another for my office. With all the money I'm saving on doctor's visits and medication, I can afford it. I've told all my friends and co-workers about it and now they're all interested in buying one too.

Source from HomeDepot.com. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

The dust is gone! - January 14, 2012

by Roger

I have used this for a year in my living room, which has open doors to the office, the kitchen and my bedroom ... for a total of 549 square feet. My healthy and active border collie mix (Rescue) has a dog door to the outside fenced yard, and he can really raise the dust on my carpet. In additon, I smoke cigarettes.

Prior to getting this, I usually had to dust nearly every day. After six hours, you could no longer see dust in the sunbeams through the windows. In addition, I've had HVAC service technicians who, after servicing the furnace, were surprised to see an ashtray on my end table. "You smoke?"

Best of all, my dog has allergies which cause him to suffer in September and October. With the Rabbit Air, symptoms of his itchy skin were almost non-existent. I also put this in the guest bedroom when a relative with allergies comes over, and he is also symptom-free.

Previously, I've tried several varieties of the common HEPA air purifiers. All of them did put a dent in my dust problem, but none of them solved the problem until I got Rabbit Air. I usually set it on "Auto" when I have visitors, set it on "2" without visitors during the day and set it on "4" at night so it acts as a white noise filter. At any setting, it's the quietest air purifier I've ever heard.

The best thing is that it works as advertised, but I also like that I can set it against the wall. Many HEPA air purifiers require 2-3 feet of space between the wall and the air purifier. Rabbit Air looks quite nice in the living room, and you can simply buy another front panel for it if you want to change the look.

The expense? Well, I was spending well over $150 for furnace filters and HEPA filters per year, and I still had dust problems. Now, I spend $80 a year on filters since the furnace filters last longer. Rabbit Air will pay for itself in less than 5 years.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Awesome customer support - October 15, 2007

by Kim

I bought this item for my dad as he has severe allergies all throughout the year. I was pondering between this unit and the IQair units, but this one seemed nicer as a gift and also sounded more automated than the IQair. My parent's are not that good with any kind of gadgets, so I wanted to make sure that they'll be able to use it. The unit seems to be working wonders for my dad. Whenever we talk, he thanks me for the gift. He wakes up with clear sinus and does not suffer allergy symptoms when he's in the house.

Also when I bought this unit, it was priced at over $500 and just a few days afterwards, they started their sales. To my surprise, Rabbitair credited back the difference to my credit card without even my asking for it. Awesome customer service and now that I have my own place, I'm thinking of getting one for my self.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

This is literally the best thing I've ever bought from Amazon - August 23, 2009

by Kitty's mom

My husband has had severe, lifelong allergies to cats, and I wanted to know if an air purifier would help him deal with the stray cat that we were in the process of adopting. Within one day of usage, we knew that the Rabbit Air was making a tremendous difference in his symptoms! Because of this air purifier, Kitty is now able to live happily ever after in our home, and my husband is able to breathe without gagging. In four days, he has not had to use his asthma inhaler once! It's nothing short of a miracle.

True to its reputation, the Rabbit Air 421A is completely silent when running on the "auto" speed, and even when we turn it up to a higher speed, it's not that loud. It also has a nice slim profile that doesn't take up a lot of floor space. I also love the ionizing feature on this model. It does not generate harmful ozone, and it really adds a special freshness to the air. Our apartment has always had a slightly musty smell, even from the day we moved in, and ever since we bought the air purifier, that smell is gone.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

I don't have enough good words to say about this product. - July 4, 2009

by William

I gave this BiosGS 582 a five-star rating because Amazon doesn't allow for 10-stars.

I'm a pipe and cigar smoker. I recently (following divorce) moved into a house of my own and turned one of the bedrooms into a "smoking room" where I could enjoy my pipes and cigars while reading. I ordered the BiosGS 582 as a way of keeping the air clear while I smoke. Lord! Does it ever work. I had hoped that the air cleaner would keep the smoke from "polluting" the rest of the house. It even keeps the smoke from polluting the smoking room. Nowhere in the house -- not even in the smoking room -- can anyone tell that there's a smoker in residence.

There've been comments about the unit's noise level. Yes, when I light up a cigar and it kicks into turbo mode, it's clearly audible. But not so overwhelming that I cannot carry on an easy conversation with any visitors. It's like a fan blowing in the background. OK, in truth is IS a fan blowing in the background, audible but not at all oppressive or disturbing.

If you're a smoker and want to spare others in the home from the odors or from secondhand smoke, this is the unit for you.

As an amusing antidote, I recently came home after driving on some of Oklahoma's particularly dusty dirt roads (I now live in Arkansas). I walked into the smoking room to put some things away and the unit kicked on because of the dust on my clothing. Now that's sensitive.

Again, I don't have enough good words to say about this BioSG 582; but I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a concern about clean air.

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.

Excellent Air Purifier - We Own TWO of them Now...... - December 23, 2008

by Tarun

We ordered this item this year due to the illness in our home that would not leave. I have 3 kids and they just keep carrying germs back home from school....we all got tired of being sick.
Step 1 - Humidify.
Step 2 - CLEAN the air.
Step 3 - Sleep Peacefully.

The item arrived promptly and setup was a breeze. The documentation was clear and concise and thus removing/installing filters and covers was a breeze. We were up and running in less then 10 minutes.

We have been using it for about a week.more or less...in the AUTO mode setting. The unit runs silently 99% of the time...unless it detects dust and or a odor that it feels it must clean....whamo TURBO....

We cook spicy food and sometimes the smell can be overbearing...if not irritating. This thing really fires up when it detects anything out of the norm in the air.

When the heat kicks on and the dust is circulating...the Rabbit hops.

So far I am impressed...I will update the review once we have used it more and we see any improvements....

UPDATE: Still working great. We had family over the holidays and moved the unit in the family room so that it would keep the air feeling clean and fresh.... While you cant really hide the great aromas of a holiday dinner......you can get rid of the musty smells. The rabbit touched turbo once or twice...but it didnt go crazy when it smelled ham or turkey. :-)

Source from Amazon. Highlights by Rabbit Air.